AD #2197 – Faraday Future Cuts Ties with Nevada, JLR Interested In Buying a Luxury Brand, Used Cars Get Connected

September 25th, 2017 at 11:51am

Runtime: 7:23

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- September SAAR Expected To Rebound
- GM Cuts SUV Production
- JLR Interested In Buying a Luxury Brand
- Faraday Future Cuts Ties with Nevada
- Used Cars Get Connected
- Cost Issues with 48V Hybrids

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13 Comments to “AD #2197 – Faraday Future Cuts Ties with Nevada, JLR Interested In Buying a Luxury Brand, Used Cars Get Connected”

  1. MJB Says:

    Okay, Sean. You had me scratching my head with your wording on that intro line, “JLR interested in buying a ‘Luxury’ brand.” I thought they already WERE a luxury brand. :|

    But once you stated, later in the monologue that they want to “acquire another lux brand” that made more sense.

  2. wmb Says:

    JLR wants to purchase another luxury brand? Acura maybe? Or wouldn’t it be the biggest irony, for them to approach Ford to purchase Lincoln!?! The VW Group may have a few luxury brands they could relieve themselves of! FCA is always in the news, it seems, about merging to no avail. Maybe a sale off of luxury assets might get some traction? The one I like the most, though, is JLR buying Lincoln! Maybe They can return the fabled brand to glory!

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe Tata/JLR could buy Aston Martin, Lincoln, and Volvo, and re-establish Ford’s Premier Automotive Group.

  4. MJB Says:

    I feel it coming now… Another discussion about the distinction between Luxury brands (Bentley, RR, JLR, Aston, MB, BMW, etc) and Premium brands (Cadillac – should be lux, Lincoln, Buick, Acura – somewhat, etc.)

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    RR, Bentley, Aston-Martin, and Maybach, if it still exists, are lux.

  6. BobD Says:

    Sounds like Nevada got lucky in not forwarding too much cash to Faraday before it jumped ship. But I suspect Nevada invested a lot of time/money/effort into the deal on their side.

    Fast forward two to three years and we will see how Wisconsin fairs with FoxComm.

  7. BobD Says:

    Raven seems to have some neat features for the aftermarket, but I question the UI shown in video for interfacing with the dash module. Who thinks it is a good idea to take your hand off the wheel and your eyes off the road to interact with the unit? Hope it has lane detection and auto-braking to take over as you are waving your hand to change the display.

  8. Bob Wilson Says:

    When Rick Spina says “some customers are a lot more happy by a really green vehicle” after talking about manufacturing cost, he reveals that owner operating cost plays no part in their thinking. He calls owner costs “green” when it is really just buying an efficient car.

    The buyer has to pay for every mile and low efficiency cars lead to choosing between a car or insurance payment or taking a trip. Inefficient cars (aka., less green?) become driveway art instead of on the road.

    I suspect Rick and his fellow engineers are finding a 48V has a hard time make the car efficient in real life. A 48V system may make the car less bad but not competitive with Prius/Ioniq hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    #7 I had the opportunity to trial test the hand motion controls when I worked for one of the large manufacturers. Its very easy to use and isn’t any different than taking your hand off the wheel to adjust the radio or climate controls. (granted many cars have moved radio controls to the wheel). Once the motions are mastered it works pretty well similar to using the video game Wii.

  10. Lambo2015 Says:

    48V systems; So is that cost balancing act refer to the cost associated with changing all the lighting, sensors, relays, dash systems to 48V? Because at first I would imagine finding a 48V headlamp bulb will be as difficult as finding a 6V is now. Until many manufacturers go that route it will be expensive.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Don’t cars with 48v “mild hybrid” systems still use 12v bulbs, to the extent they use bulbs rather than LED’s?

    The positive I’ve heard about GM’s 36/48 volt mild hybrid system is that start/stop is very smooth and seamless, with the belt driven starter-generator.

  12. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Pretty sure the 48 volt systems use the ’48′ for the electric motors and step down the voltage for the other peripheries; as do the 12 volt systems (of today) that step down multiple voltages for today’s peripheries.

  13. BobD Says:

    Most 48V systems still have a complete and separate traditional 12v system… Thus the cost issue. All of the same plus a 48v parallel system for the powertrain.