AAH #394 – Mazda’s Xtreme Engine

October 6th, 2017 at 10:00am

Audio-only version:

02:00 – TOPIC: Mazda’s SKYACTIV-X
GUEST: Robert Davis, Senior Vice President, Mazda North America

29:36 – Takata
37:10 – Doctor Data
40:50 – Ford’s Plan to Get Fit
47:05 – GM Going Electric
52:36 – Dodge Demon
55:55 – Buick Enclave Avenir
1:00:08 – Are EVs realistic?
1:07:06 – Sales: Is it All Harvey & Irma?
1:08:26 – How’s That Model 3, Elon?

PANEL: Gary Vasilash, AD&P; Mike Austin, Hagerty; Todd Lassa, Automobile

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