AD #2218 – Honda Zeros In On Hips and Ankles, VW Diesels Get a Thumbs Up, GM Earnings Drop Drastically

October 24th, 2017 at 12:01pm

Runtime: 7:56

0:31 VW Diesels Get a Thumbs Up
1:05 Toyota’s Traffic App for Taxis
2:17 Honda Zeros In On Hips and Ankles
3:24 Continental & Argus Tackle Cyber Security
5:10 GM Earnings Drop Drastically
6:37 FCA Sees Big Profit Jump

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12 Comments to “AD #2218 – Honda Zeros In On Hips and Ankles, VW Diesels Get a Thumbs Up, GM Earnings Drop Drastically”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    John, get back to us after you’ve driven the new Accord; one inch hip and 3/5′s inch heel doesn’t sound like much, but who knows, maybe it is a big deal. Just stirring the pot a little. :)

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    John have you heard any rumblings that GM may be looking to dissolve Buick in the next few years as well?

    Honda seating; its hard to believe that a change of 10mm from hip to heal (@ 3/8″) makes that much difference especially when drivers height vary allot and many seats have some height adjustability.

  3. RS Says:

    @2 – Lambo2015
    Interesting thought because Buick sales are pretty flat in North America.
    Initial reaction to GM dropping Pontiac during its flirtation with bankruptcy was that it would make way more sense to drop Buick. But the higher powers knew that the Chinese market loves David Buick’s products. GM could eliminate the brand in NA but definitely not in China.
    Also, the sales in NA just add more volume – and likely pure profit – to GM’s bottom line.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    re. Chuck Grenci, from yesterday:

    My trip was trouble-free, with a few slow-downs/stoppages, as usual. I drove the Mini; after the last few road trips in the ‘Vette, I decided something “different” would be fun. Both cars are comfortable for me, seat-wise. I’d kind of forgotten how slowly the Mini accelerates at high speed, as it seems reasonably quick in town, using the lower gears. Of course, compared to the ‘Vette, most cars are slow.

    I’ll miss having the ‘Vette here, but I’ve missed having the Mini here the last two winters.

    The difference in mpg for the 1100 mile trip is surprisingly small, about 29.5 for the ‘Vette, and 34.5 for the Mini. In short, low speed trips, the Mini gets almost twice the mileage of the Corvette.

  5. XA351GT Says:

    RS I said the same back when they were talking about eliminating Pontiac. Realistically GM only needs Chevy and Caddy. Buick products are either Opels or rebadged GMCs. Which is another redundant brand. Everything sold by GMC has a Caddy or Chevy version. So if you keep GMC make them the only place for trucks and SUVs ands let Caddy and Chevy have the car and CUV segments. All these multiple versions of the same vehicle is what helped get them in trouble in the 1st place. They are competing with themselves and diluting each brand.

  6. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Back when I was buying Chevrolets because the Oldsmobiles and Buicks were more expensive I was wondering the same (whether they were just rebadged Chevy’s). Well, after switching to Oldsmobile, I sure did see a difference in vehicles; the trim didn’t fade as fast, ride was quieter and the niceties were appreciated. When Pontiac yielded the performance market to Chevrolet, they became a redundant mark and probably needed to go. Agreed, that there were too many same type vehicles but I do think theat there still is room for Buick. Chevrolet moved up and made Oldsmobile redundant, and Buick, if Cadillac ever makes the final push to Luxury, will still fit the near luxury segment. Just some random thoughts from a GM guy for these many years.

  7. Lambo2015 Says:

    #5 I agree! and was really disappointed to see the closing of Pontiac. But when the dealers demanded to have a minivan in their line-up they diluted the brand. That was the brand for icons like GTO, firebird, Trans Am, Tempest, Lemans even Fiero had it lasted another year. Then in 97 they offered the Montana minivan and in 2000 something only a mother could love the Aztek. Even their sad attempt at bringing back the GTO which looked like a more rounded Chevy lumina. Made the loss easier to swallow. Pontiac lost its way and no doubt Buick is trying to fit between the Chevy and Caddy brand but that’s becoming a small gap to fill. Just don’t be surprised when another brand is axed. I wouldn’t be surprised if GM launches their own EV brand.

  8. Al Says:

    Should get rid of Cadillac – big $$ for a mediocre vehicle. I suffered with two of them – and no support from Cadillac. Bye Bye from me!

  9. Ziggy Says:

    Nice try Honda, but what us baby boomers want is to NOT have to lower ourselves into a vehicle or contort ourselves to fit your “sporty” mobile, but to be able to slide into the seat with minimum amount of bending of the legs and body. This also applies to vehicles that sit too high, us BBs don’t want to have to hike up running boards just to get to the seat. Work on making the seat at our standing butt level by maximizing adjustability of the vehicle ride height and you’ll sell plenty of vehicles to the BB generation.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    For 2018, Buick has something rare in the U.S. market, a wagon but, disgustingly, it has mandatory AWD.

  11. Lambo2015 Says:

    Kit what’s wrong with AWD? Yea that tourer X wagon looks like Volvo with a Chrysler grill.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    AWD adds weight and complexity, and hurts fuel economy. I didn’t need AWD, even when most of my driving was in the “snow belt,” and I certainly don’t need it now that I never drive in ice and snow.

    Yes, I know tbat AWD doesn’t hurt fuel economy a lot, but it’s the principle of the thing.