AD #2280 – Harman Shows Off Auto Technology, Hyundai Teases New Santa Fe, Global Sales Grow In 2017

January 31st, 2018 at 11:25am

Runtime: 7:47

0:27 Global Sales Grow In 2017
1:27 Harley Closes Plant, Confirms Electric Bike
2:38 Harman Shows Off Auto Technology
4:22 Hyundai Teases New Santa Fe
5:16 Tesla Model 3 Engineering Issues

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24 Comments to “AD #2280 – Harman Shows Off Auto Technology, Hyundai Teases New Santa Fe, Global Sales Grow In 2017”

  1. Danny Turnpaugh Says:

    Well at least electric Harley’s will be quieter than current bikes., people won’t set at traffic lights and rev the engine up for sound.

  2. XA351GT Says:

    An electric Harley , well they better have some kind of a noise generator on it. It’s been proven that loud pipes on bikes makes them more noticed by other vehicle operators. Many times you’ll hear the bike before you see it. If millenials don’t buy this bike they may well be screwed. Because the current buyers won’t buy them in any kind of large numbers . The Sound of the engine is a major reason why they buy these bikes.

  3. Bradley Says:

    Tagline change up again…. :P

    You guys are just having fun now.

    This is Autoline Daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Harley needs to find new buyers, since their customer base, “baby boomers,” are not buying many new bikes. If done well, the electric bikes might have some appeal to new customers.

    The current Harleys, most with the mufflers removed, are “noticed,” but are also a reason a lot of people generally dislike motorcycles.

  5. phred Says:

    While watching he “de-construct” of the Model 3 I am struck by how some of these items are positively “old car news” for what the consumer wants.Who did the Tesla car design and production engineering?

  6. Bishop Says:

    Has anyone ever studied whether enhanced lights (in lieu of 120db exhaust sound) would make bikes any more noticeable?

    Far too many bikes are way too loud IMHO and really do not identify a bike’s location/position in traffic. Oftentimes all one hears is the sound echoing off the environment – without any directional indication.

    With all the possibilities of modern LED lighting, I am surprised that no one has pursued this possibility. If I were to ever ride again, you can bet that I would have over the top running and marker lights.

    Most bikes do not have any more running lights than they did 50 years ago. As the population has doubled during that time, it would seem to be a prudent thing to do.

  7. Bruce Melton Says:

    I agree w/XA351GT regarding the HD bikes and noise, I personally regard the Harley “sound” as a “selling feature!” I always liked the biker shirt that said, “Loud pipes save lives!”

    As for the Tesla S3 door issues, how would one exit the vehicle quickly should the car plunge into the water, such as a canal, etc.? And to make it more interesting – SALT water – with extremely very good electrical conductivity!

    The issue here is for the vehicle to be able to “intelligently” disconnect power from the batteries and NOT short-circuit (crow-bar) the battery source, which could (very likely!) result in fire and/or explosion of the battery. You certainly do not want to spray water on a battery – especially high-voltage DC power systems, as used in most BEVs & hybrids.

  8. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    I would love to see a segment that would talk to some independent repair shops on how they are coping with all the electronic technology they are fixing now and in the years to come. Are the OEM’s making knowledge available to these shops so they can repair the technologies or are they keeping it to force customers to go to dealers for repairs. Could be a big fight if they try to keep it private and at dealers only.

  9. Barry T Says:

    Since “safe=LOUD” motorcycles often disturb an otherwise enjoyable convertible drive or outdoor restaurant patio experience for me, I have come to loathe them. (Some add disturbingly loud speakers to make it even worse) Maybe if HD spent some R&D dollars on high-tech quiet safety solutions I could embrace again. V to V anyone?

  10. DROMANSKI Says:

    People that ride motorcycles know the risks of riding. Loud or silet Harley Davidson needs to build a reliable, reasonablely priced bike to be in the game. Their name will no loner sell motorcycles, we now have other American manufacturers to choose from.

  11. Lisk Says:

    It’s incredible to me that the Asia marker is more than double North America. Curious what the accident rate is in Asia vs. the USA? From the videos I’ve seen it would seem to be astronomically higher. Any stats of this?

    Samsung’s navigation that projects the route in the nav screen could be trumped by ghosting it onto the windshield so the driver could always keep their eyes on the road.

  12. Albemarle Says:

    When I rode a bike, it was common to give an open hand acknowledgement to other riders you pass, regardless of the brand of bike. Harley riders never did this. I asked an old timer why and he told me “You can’t let go with one hand on a wheelbarrow either.”

  13. XA351GT Says:

    If most people driving cars and trucks paid attention . The need for loud pipes would go away. But as manufacturers keep putting more distractions in their vehicles You need something to warn that there is a bike near. True you may not where the bike is because of the noise ,.but you will know there is one there. Bikes have had the headlights permanently on since the 70s or 80s , but now that most vehicles have daytime running lights that no longer helps warn of a motorcycle’s presence. It is a shame that it takes loud pipes ,but what else is there? Because people just can’t live without their damn phones in their hands 24 hours a day. Yes, you know the risk to ride a bike ( the biggest reason I don’t ) is because of ignorsnt self centered drivers. It’s bad enough today driving a car let alone a bike.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The riders of loud pipe Harleys I see and hear aren’t very concerned about safety, as very few of them wear helmets.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 If bikes had decent horns, as few do, (most BMW’s excepted), riders wouldn’t need to annoy everyone within a quarter mile with full time loud exhaust. I put a better horn on my KLR650, to better “remind” drivers who don’t seem to know I’m there.

  16. JWH Says:

    Motorcycle invisibility – Not sure lights help as I had a bright full fairing red Ducati 900 SS with headlight on, & wearing bright red & white leathers, had a number of automobile drivers attempt to occupy the same space as me. As many have said, you need to ride paying attention to what others might do.

  17. Drew Says:

    I became a substantially better car driver when I became a bike rider. On a motorcycle, I learned to be much more defensive and to pay a lot more attention to everything… from road curve speed signs to road debris to observing/assessing/defending myself against distracted drivers.

    If everyone gave motorcycle riding experience, we would have a richer concentration of alert and attentive drivers. JMHO

  18. Dwagner1239 Says:

    Motorcycle comments: Harleys (my middle name is Harley after my Dad) are too loud. Mufflers removed seems the norm. Headlights on many of all makes too bright. Sometimes have to hold up my hand when one comes toward me to keep from being blinded. What’s the point there when I often have to shut my eyes? I’m talking daylight!

    And I too suspect Tesla doesn’t have a very knowledgeable engineering department. Way over their heads it seems. Cars, trucks, charging stations, solar panels, rockets. OMG!

  19. Len Simpson Says:

    The day of the 1/2 ton batt pack is drawing to a close & poor engineering is exacerbating the issue

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Too many people ride with their high beams on all the time. That is most of what you are seeing. It’s very inconsiderate, like removing the mufflers.

  21. Bob Wilson Says:

    After three reviews, it looks like Monroe has nothing good to say about the Model 3. I’m OK with this but then I’m not in the market for any pure EV. I prefer plugin hybrids.

  22. Lambo2015 Says:

    Electric Harley or any bike for that matter is a great idea in that most folks dont ride for more than a hundred miles in a day unless on a road trip. I call BS on the loud pipes as that is just a Harley owners justification for the obnoxious noise. People have ran into ambulances school busses and fire trucks and with blaring sirens flashing lights painted bright red or neon yellow. They just dont pay attention so the deafening racket of a Harley is just music to the owner and annoyance to everyone else. I ride as if no one can see me and anticipate that others will turn in front of me at anytime.
    I will say that the time I spent in L.A. the people were much more aware of motorcycles and maybe because they are allowed to split vehicles on the Hwy passing between lanes. Which I thought was crazy at first but after a few weeks realized its the only way to travel out there. The sports bikes are much more popular than Harleys in California. But they dont seem to care as much about American made like the midwest does, Evident of the large amount of imported vehicles too.
    If Harley can make an EV bike and be competitively priced they certainly could find a new generation of buyers. However they will be shunned by the hardcore HD riders just like Buell bikes.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    This is the current benchmark for electric motorcycles.

    I’ve never ridden one, but most of what I hear is that they work well, as long as the range is adequate for your purposes. The range, with home charging, would work for nearly all of my riding.

    I’m wondering if the Harley electric bikes will be “cruiser” style to look like current Harleys. If so, they may be going in the wrong direction, for younger riders. It will be interesting.

  24. Lambo2015 Says:

    #23 Kit I think that it may be hard for HD to attract the younger generation to bikes let alone a cruiser and I’m not sure making one electric can do that. If they were smart they would launch the EV under the Buell brand with a sporty look to it. Then design future bikes including cruisers to accept either powertrain. Offer their entire line up with the option for either IC or EV and design the EV system to fit within the constraints of the ICE. IMO