AD #2299 – Ferrari to Add More Hybrids, GM is Going to Lose Pickup Sales, Denso Develops Better Night Vision

February 27th, 2018 at 11:34am

Runtime: 7:23

0:30 Ferrari to Electrify Entire Lineup
0:58 Buick Won’t Get Opel Adam Variant
1:16 GM to Lose Full-Size Pickup Sales in 2018
2:34 EV Noise Regulation Set
3:10 Toyota Makes Powertrain Improvements
4:21 Lexus Shows Production UX Crossover
5:30 Continental’s Self Adapting Tire Concept
6:23 Denso Develops New Vision Sensor

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21 Comments to “AD #2299 – Ferrari to Add More Hybrids, GM is Going to Lose Pickup Sales, Denso Develops Better Night Vision”

  1. GP Says:

    I have a suggestion for the noise EV’s will need make up to 18 mph. Remenber that cool noise the Jetson’s car used to make?

  2. MJB Says:

    Along the lines of that new Vision Sensor Denso is developing, what would be fantastic is a windshield that automatically creates areas of dark tint whenever the high beams (or even regular beams from one of these newer cars – Cadillac Escalades I’m calling you out!) of other cars shine.

    Since they’ve got all these sensors and cameras being planned for cars now, it should be pretty easy to triangulate between the position of the drivers eyes, the offending high-beam headlights and the spot on the windshield that needs to be tinted.

    Electronically controlled tinting has been available in the architectural glazing industry (for conference room glass and whatnot) for well over a decade now. It’d be great to see it come to automobiles. Heck, if for no better purpose than having ones windows tinted as dark or light as they feel like having them on any given day. Then, when it’s time to back into (or out of) a parking space or garage, they can be made clear at the touch of a button. Also handy for when the state trooper pulls you over for windows tinted beyond legal limits. “Ahhh, sorry officer. To exactly what window tint are you referring???” ;)

  3. GP Says:

    MJB, great idea, but the government says no. NHTSA says windshields have to have a light transmission of 70% or greator. You might have noticed a little thing on one sid eof the winshield that looks like AS-1. Below that mark the TL must meet the greater than 70%, so no tinting. On the plus side, with autonomous cars with no steering wheel, will the government change the rules?

  4. Don B. Says:

    It’s probably a good thing the Adam is not coming here. It looks like a Fiat 500, and we know they are not selling well.

  5. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Agree with Don B.; there just isn’t a big enough market for a small car, let alone, another small car. I don’t see how the Adam would bring a ‘game changer’ idea to the segment.

  6. Dan Says:

    When manufacturers put a speaker in the engine compartment of a EV, you know consumers will find the noise annoying and simply cut the wire to the speaker. I did that to the nag chime inside my car.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Adam is more “cute,” and less retro styled than the 500, but is about the same size as the basic 500. Yeah, I can’t imagine that it would sell well in truck-centric America. The only small car that sells reasonably well in the U.S. is MINI, and they keep getting bigger.

  8. Danny Turnpaugh Says:

    More 4 door pickups, now we’ll need some bigger parking spaces since over half the people bigger pickup trucks can barely maneuver them going forward down the road let alone try to park them, but I love my 4 dr crew cab Silverado

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    On GM truck production. The plants require all new body shops? Would GM be going to an aluminum body that they so hammered Ford on? Maybe they’ll go with aluminum body with a steel bed so they can still run their comparison commercials where they drop blocks and tool boxes into the bed.

  10. Lambo2015 Says:

    #1 I suggest that EV’s must have wire spoke wheels and under 18mph a playing card is inserted into the spokes. :-)

  11. MJB Says:

    #3 – Well, my windshield idea is only for the several seconds during which you’re being blinded by oncoming traffic. Hence the automatic electronic controls set to darken small portions of the windshield only when it’s dark outside and headlights are aimed at the driver.

    Or are you saying that NHTSA has an outright ban that wouldn’t even allow for such intermittent tinting of the slivers of a windshield?

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #8 I read somewhere that they are doing exactly what you said, more aluminum in the body, and steel, or maybe composite in the box. I’ll see if I can find it.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    #11 I’m not sure why they dont go with a composite bed or just go aluminum and make a liner standard equipment. They could make the bed design very simplistic and integrate the 2×4 notches and tie downs into where the liner attaches to the bed.

  14. Lisk Says:

    On new tires, most ICE cars can’t be heard when approaching from behind either. I’ve been startled in many a parking lot by a car I didn’t hear approaching.

    GM selling Opel to PSA and not being able to bring over the Opel Adam was a good move. Buick dealers wouldn’t warm up to the car because of the size. GM gave them the Verano (Cruze) which sold in decent numbers in the beginning but it didn’t last long.

    If they keep adding technology to parts and pieces of our cars, everybody is going to have to ride share. Tires with tread depth sensors? Are you kidding? This will be yet another reason for check engine lights that will never go off…

  15. Norm T Says:

    GM is going to lose more than Toyota Tundra sells in a year!

  16. Larry Says:

    Only the moving parts, hood, doors and tailgate will be aluminum. The rest will be steel.

  17. Chuck Grenci Says:

    A properly placed speaker (for the electric cars that are sans enough noise for pedestrians) wouldn’t/shouldn’t intrude on the occupants (inside the vehicle). I don’t remember the decibel requirements but I wouldn’t think the sound would be more than the tire noise already there. Disconnecting would/should be prohibited; being a safety feature.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 Thanks, Larry. That’s what I saw, but I don’t remember where. Autoline, maybe?

  19. john fortman Says:

    why did lexus copy that ugly grill from darth vador’s mouth piece.

  20. BobD Says:

    On automatic windshield tinting… A much simpler/cheaper approach would be to have V2V auto dimming so as cars approach each other, the on-coming vehicles will communicate and dim their high beams. Of course that assumes V2V will be adopted in the future.

  21. Poilu Says:

    I followed the links to the Toyota powertrain announcements, and to my surprise the batteries shown in the presentation for the Hybrids were labeled as “Nickel-metal Hydride batteries”. Is this true? Has Toyota discovered a way to increase energy density in Nickel-metal Hydride so they are moving back from Lithium?