AD #2315 – Jeep Reveals Moab Concepts, Ford Updates the Fusion, Autonomous Uber Accident Unavoidable

March 21st, 2018 at 11:36am

Runtime: 7:37

0:30 Autonomous Uber Accident Unavoidable
1:03 Should Tesla Pay Musk $50 Billion?
1:31 China Cornering Cobalt Market
2:27 Ford Updates the Fusion
3:06 Reducing Time at the Dealership
3:42 Ford Offers Connectivity for Older Models
4:42 Jeep Reveals Moab Concepts

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35 Comments to “AD #2315 – Jeep Reveals Moab Concepts, Ford Updates the Fusion, Autonomous Uber Accident Unavoidable”

  1. Drew Says:

    $17/month. No thank you. Hey Jim, did you know people are cord cutting and OnStar has a low re-subscription rate?

    How about another data point – how many people pay the extra $200 to update their on-board navigation map data? Apple, Google, and Samsung don’t charge for map updates. Why should Ford or any other OEM charge more for a still inferior map system.

    Nevertheless, I do not want a rolling iPhone. I want a safe, efficient, high quality automobile.

    Rather than a subscription dongle, please give us a Sync 3 upgrade to replace older My Ford Touch atrocities.

  2. lambo2015 Says:

    Sean I don’t think China cornering the market on Cobolt will stop EV production in the rest of the world. It will just force makers to buy overly expensive batteries from China. Which may or may-not kill sales to the point that they stop production. Depends how greedy they get.
    Ford Fusion; Yeah why spend money refreshing something that you will probably kill off in another year or so.
    The $17 a month for those features is about the going rate for FCAs U-connect and GM’s on-star which basically does the same thing. I would suspect they will be right behind to offer that in their older vehicles too.

    As for the ready shop go app. Hey less time in the dealership is a plus for most everyone. Besides when you can sit in the comfort of your own home not being pressured to buy in-stock inventory people will probably be more likely to shop for exactly the car they want with the features they want and in-turn be happier with their purchase and not regret taking the vehicle that was on the lot but didn’t have exactly the color or features they wanted.

  3. Jim Haines Says:

    1 AV hit somebody blame doesn’t matter as head line already done and off front page
    2 Ford Fusions refresh wasting time as they are not good cars to begin with, we work on a few and they always have too many problems for customers to ever buy another one they have told me
    3 17.00 amonth might as well be 1 million dollars as Dr Evil would say plus lots of instruction and a salesman envolved to sell and explain. hashtag what a joke never will sell

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    $17/month? I don’t think so. I’ve had 3 or 4 cars with Onstar, and I never renewed it on any of them.

    I don’t know if Jeep is getting their money’s worth with those concepts, but they come up with some cool stuff.

  5. phred Says:

    For the Uber pedestrian accident…let’s just wait for the verdict from the court proceeding. Who is at fault, who is the :legal driver”, whose insurance is the payee, and the full timeline. So this show needs to follow their own advice.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Congo has the biggest cobalt reserves, and apparently China has “bought into” those reserves and production, but Australia and Canada have significant reserves.

    Hopefully, any trade wars won’t disrupt supplies from those countries.

  7. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Ford can keep their slimy vision to raid my wallet. Ford produced and sold thousands of defective cars with their Microstink system, and now they want to jamb in a dongle and charge me for another piece of junk? No way Ford. They are truly a company in trouble! And the new nose on an old Fusion? Nose jobs are for the birds. What’s next…a hair transplant? I believe there is a back story to all this fluff Ford is shoveling this year. Come on Ford, belly up to the bar and spill it already!

    As for the AV death, just because the person walked in front of the car doesn’t keep them from liability. In turth you had two operators failing to stop the car. The lawyer of the dead person’s family will have their side of the story.

  8. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    #5 correct.

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    The Jeep concepts look great and makes me wonder why Jeep hasn’t jumped on the premium off-road craze like Ford did with Raptor and Dodge with the Rebel. Sure Jeeps are already off-road capable but even the top of the line wrangler could use bigger tires and a lift kit after leaving the dealership. So why not offer something like the concepts shown on today’s show. FCA is missing out as most people purchase those add-ons from the aftermarket because dealer prices are stupid expensive. But if Ford can sell a 70K truck with more suspension travel and bigger tires why cant Jeep?

  10. Chris Del Rossi Says:

    Wait for facts before a social media rant?! Never! We can’t have facts or logic on social media, the internet would implode and create a black hole centered on Al Gore’s house.

  11. Lambo2015 Says:

    #5 I dont think a court hearing is necessarily the measure I would use in determining fault. In cases like this one lawyers can twist it to get a settlement even if it was unavoidable and possibly the fault of the woman that was struck. Its always easy to say what should have been done after the fact and would be no different if the car had not been AV. The fact that it is owned by Volvo and leased by Uber (I believe thats the situation) involves two companies with deep pockets. Which makes a lawsuit less about fault and more about money. IMO
    Accidents like this happen everyday and in most situations where someone quickly steps out into traffic at night not in the crosswalk would normally put the blame on the pedestrian. So even if that is the case the fact that you have a unproven technology involved with two big companies behind it and a chance at a large settlement, a suit will undoubtedly be filed. My experience with the law is that winning isnt always about justice or whats fair or right. Sometimes its a matter of who has better lawyers and sympathy on their side.

  12. Kevin Anderson Says:

    As a Canadian, I can assure you that the current US “negotiate while holding a big stick” approach will be repaid in full when cobalt supplies get tight. Trump has shown us that individual Americans might be our friends, but the US government treats everyone as an enemy.

  13. G.A.Branigan Says:

    There isn’t a device sensitive enough to measure my complete indifference to electric,or autonomous cars trucks whatever.

    I will stick to my ice powered vehicles and live my life as I choose. As for the 17 bucks a month crap,I don’t need it,don’t want it.

    I never have renewed my ‘trial’ subscription to either onstar,or sirius. I have a cell phone loaded with my MY music,and that’s what I listen too,or fm stereo stations that I like.

    @ #12: He wants the BEST deal for Americans,as he should. I could care less about any other countries problems or grievances with us.

  14. BobD Says:

    GM offers most of the features (except the HotSpot) on vehicles 2011 and newer via OnStar starting around $6/month. The basic package lets you unlock your car via your smartphone, and simple diagnostics/maintenance reminders, etc.

    Also on the Ford dongle, it would seem to be in the way getting in and out of the vehicle, bumping your knee on the ting. Also, I suspect the $17/month also does not include a data plan for the HotSpot.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 The Onstar phone app lock/unlock, and a few other functions kept working on my Corvette, without a subscription, but the ability to check the tires or fuel capacity stopped. The hardware for Onstar, and similar systems, must not cost much, because GM puts it in everything, including low end cars which would have very low subscription rates.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    The Ford Dongle will be as successful as On-star would be at $17 a month. So dont expect many takers Ford. Besides I would think an aftermarket supplier will jump on this bandwagon and offer a dongle that works in any car with an OBD II port. Certainly one of the manufacturers that make the error code readers could easily make an app based interface to do the same thing. I bet they can do it for less than $17 a month.

  17. Bishop Says:

    I think that we need to keep in mind that the connectivity offerings by OEMs is probably aimed more at a younger demographic than many posters here – for example, families with teenagers etc., where the benefits of same would be very desirable.

    The older demo, 54+ y.o., probably has much less need/desire for such an offering – and keep in mind, is a demo that is not really even kept track of by marketing and OEMs (in many industries). And yet, is a demo that thinks nothing of paying similar pricing for premium channels on their cable/satellite. Priorities, I guess.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the OEMs realize this (based on history) and price it accordingly. For instance, wasn’t Onstar originally in the $10/month range when originally released?

  18. Lambo2015 Says:

    Not sure why the automakers dont put together partnerships with the cell providers. Then you could offer a best in class interface and then have your cell provider include conductivity for hot-spot and app based interface using your already established data plan. Kind of like how all the providers offer to add a line for another $10.
    Being able to lock/unlock, start, check fuel level, or current location is a nice feature just not sure what people are willing to pay for that.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 The ability to check fuel level, tire pressure, etc., was cool, but not enough that I would pay any monthly amount to keep it going.

    I never quite understood having wireless hotspot function built into a car. My phone’s hotspot function works in a car, so why does the car need one?

  20. Lambo2015 Says:

    19 Yea the wifes Grand Cherokee had U-connect for free for a year and expires next month. She decided to let it laps and see if she really misses it. Like you said Kit most features are niceties but not must haves especially since it does have a factory car starter. She just wont be able to start it from her phone from anywhere she will need to be within the Fob range. If she really misses it she’ll renew the U-connect but my guess is it wont happen.
    Gets crazy when you add up all the monthly charges for cable and cell, XM radio and apps like spotify, netflix etc. I’ve cut ties with all the services above and just gone with an unlimited data plan on my cell which can be used as a hot-spot too. Replaced about $180 worth of fees with an extra $20 on my cell plan.

  21. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    113 just saw 12′s remarks. I’m with you. Our country for too long has been the worlds doormat. There is a bucket of sand in my garage for any of those non citizens can pound if they don’t like our country having a better deal in world affairs.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Historically, tariffs don’t make a “better deal in world affairs,” nor does deporting immigrants that contribute to our society. I guess we’ll see if things are different this time.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    SiriusXM doesn’t seem to give up on trying to get people to renew. I still get direct mail trying to get me to sign up, for a car whose trial expired almost 3 years ago.

  24. Ctech Says:

    @ #23 Kit, I got a renewal notice from SiriusXM for my 2005 Dodge Magnum, 13 years and 2 radios ago. You can look forward to many of these in your future.

  25. Barry Says:

    WOW! More great vehicles from the Moab Experience. Keep up the great work Jeep guys!

  26. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    A video has just been released showing two views of the Uber car in the deadly accident. It seems the car never reacted and the person/monitor/distracted driver looked up only at the last moment. Bad business

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    In the video, you don’t see the woman and bike until almost the moment of impact, but unless the vehicle had really bad headlights, I’d think the “driver” should have seen her several seconds earlier, in time to brake and/or steer behind her, if the lane was clear. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #24, Ctech, they must spend more on “marketing” than they do for the satellites. I’d think most people who renew would do so so early on, not years after their “trial” expired.

  29. Lambo2015 Says:

    Yeah surprised they released the video already but it appears it was the pedestrians fault. She appeared out of nowhere wearing a black hoodie.
    I thought part of the autonomous cameras involved heat sensitive definition. Guess maybe they should adding adding that. I’m sure a deer collision could happen just as easy and could cause the car to loose control.

  30. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    A new report this AM on the UBER/AV incident. It seems UBER may have more issues to deal with, the quality of the driver they hired. If the report is true about the person, future customers better hope they do not get one like this person.

  31. Lambo2015 Says:

    30 after reading that article that so called expert Smith sounds like an idiot and jockeying for a position to support the lawyers that will be filing suit. Saying the person did NOT appear out of no where? Did he watch the video? Smith said that from what he observed on the video, the Uber driver appears to be relying too much on the self-driving system by not looking up at the road. Uhh what would be considered not relying too much on the system?
    To your comment Fredrick I dont see the driver being an ex-con having anything to do with it or a problem. I pretty much expect Uber drivers to have a record as it is very difficult for felons to get a job and as long as it was not a sexual assault or violent crime I dont see a problem with an ex felon being my Uber driver. Has absolutely nothing to do with this accident.

  32. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    31 your can have your opinion on felons and I will have mine. There is something called trust. I wouldn’t trust Uber or that person with driving me. Attempted armed robbery is serious stuff. It shows lack of judgement and integrity. Driving people is not the place for a person with that type of history. Uber should have higher standards for a service that puts other people in their care.

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve only seen the video on a small screen, but if I were the “backup” driver, and saw only what you see in the video, I doubt that I could have avoided her, even if paying complete attention. I’ll look at the video on a bigger screen, and see if things seem much different.

  34. Dave Parrish Says:

    The sensors didn’t work as advertised.
    Very disappointed fan of autonomous driving.

  35. BobD Says:

    19 – Having a hot-spot in your car is not for everyone. It is mostly geared towards people with kids that have many internet-enabled tablets, etc. It can also be useful for people like me that have a basic smartphone data plan where you have very little data (1 Gb/month) so using navigation in a car directly can be expensive, so using the the hot-spot data may be an advantage. Plus in poor cell reception areas, you may get better phone/data connectivity using the vehicles external antenna verses your phone. With that all said, for me, I can not justify the cost of OnStar’s two data plan options of 10 Gb/month or 150 Gb/year. Now if they offered a basic 10 Gb/year option, I’d probably buy.