AD #2334 – China to Lift Foreign Ownership Cap, VW Could Buy Navistar, Lidar Prices Dropping Fast

April 17th, 2018 at 11:54am

Runtime: 8:48

0:30 China to Lift Foreign Ownership Cap
1:15 Tesla Pauses Model 3 Production
2:38 VW Could Buy Navistar
3:26 Toyota & Lexus to Add DSRC System
4:00 Lidar Prices Dropping Fast
4:41 BMW to Open 3D Printing Center
5:37 Paint Plays a Role in Autonomy

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21 Comments to “AD #2334 – China to Lift Foreign Ownership Cap, VW Could Buy Navistar, Lidar Prices Dropping Fast”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Tesla, Musk…………..Oh, never mind.

  2. phred Says:

    I still do not feel the AV will “detect or see” a lane splitting motorcycle on in traffic. And did I just hear that the AV has “vision problems” seeing or even detecting certain colors and paint coatings on another car?? Hello lawsuit in a crash for the OEM!

  3. Len Simpson Says:

    Our country isn’t our country any more, it has been sold, company by company.

  4. Ed Says:

    Reactive vs proactive. Well done President Trump! The Chinese blinked. You can spin all you want, China can see what they must change to deal with a proactive American President who has the USA as a priority. As it should be.

  5. Drew Says:

    @4 – But the damage is already done. GM and VW prostituted themselves to gain access to the Chinese market. In hindsight, EU and NA manufacturers should not have transferred so much expertise in such a one-way manner. It’s one thing if they were building a wholly owned operation; it’s a big red flag when you don’t have controlling interest per the Chinese government restrictions.

  6. Tim Beaumont Says:

    China-wary, as always …

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 Trump needs to be very careful. China clearly has the upper hand. If they quit buying, or decide to “cash in” the U.S. debt, exacerbated by the tax cuts, we will be in deep trouble.

  8. Tim Beaumont Says:

    Re: Autonomous Vehicle Detection
    Anybody thought that transponders may be legislated, analogous to those on commercial airlines?

  9. Wim van Acker Says:

    @ VW buying Navistar: of course, makes sense since heavy trucks = diesel engines!

  10. Tom in Ocracoke Says:

    I don’t get the DSRC vs LTE battle. Seems to me that the right answer is BOTH. DSRC for localized low latency stuff, LTE for longer range less latency critical stuff.

    I’m a big fan of the future of autonomy, but, there are some areas I don’t even hear discussed. I live on an island accessible only by car ferry. I want to see a level 5 vehicle load on and unload off the ferry following the random hand gestures of the ferrymen.

  11. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Although I know damn well that fully autonomous vehicles is our future. But it still ain’t ready for primetime. Not by a longshot. This deal on paint etc has me scared.

    And what Phred said about the motorcycles drives it home. It will involve anything on the road. Then the connectivity,pay to drive using your own data plan,or the other system that is “free”.

    Coating on sensors etc,wow. I say pick a city,or several,install whatever system they choose,and have at it. The lawyers WILL be waiting…

  12. Sunrack Says:

    I thought Navistar had a poison pill to stop takeovers – that being the legacy costs from International Harvester including debt, pensions, health costs etc. Could this also be a national security issue given the military vehicles Navistar manufactures?
    One thing they both have in common: Each has taken a huge hit due to diesel NOx emissions.

  13. GM Veteran Says:

    Not sure of the source of your market share numbers in the VW-Navistar story, but an American company currently commands over 30% of the American Heavy Truck Market. Its called Paccar Corp, and fields the well known Kenworth and Peterbilt brands in the US.

    Page 10 of this Investor Information Presentation shows US heavy duty market share of just over 30% in 2017. It also shows market share in four other key world markets for the Paccar Corporation and its brands.

    Also of interest in this presentation is page 8 that shows the volume size of the major world markets, and page 11 that shows the worldwide size of each truck maker. Navistar ranks 19th out of the top 20 heavy truck manufacturers. They seem to have a larger share of the medium duty truck market.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 I suspect different definitions of “heavy truck” are used for those sales numbers. Maybe Paccar has 30% of class 8, but no, or very few sales of “lighter” trucks.

    I checked out the Navistar site and found that they use both their own, and Cummins engines. Does anyone know the percentages of each?

  15. Earl Says:

    When VW takes over Navistar will they take care of the unfunded pension liability? That was the hang up with other potential buyers. Caterpillar got into the class 8 truck business a few years ago and I was told that they were built by Navistar….can someone enlighten me further on this.
    Finally…that Lonestar model has to be the best looking class 8 truck on the road. Every time I see one reminds me of my late fathers 1938 Ford. Great old car even if it didn’t have hydraulic brakes.

  16. Sunrack Says:

    Navistar’s value to VW has other potential. Not only is their dealer network helpful with heavy trucks but they could even develop and market an International-branded pickup (as no one wants a VW pickup). Let’s also not forget that Navistar still maintains the “Scout” SUV trademark. VW could use that to compete with Wranglers and Broncos.

  17. Bob Wilson Says:

    What time is this week’s Autoline After Hours?

    I’ve shared the announcement with the PriusChat community that it is Thursday. So far, no luck finding the start time.

    Bob Wilson

  18. John McElroy Says:

    16 Bob, thanks for your interest in After Hours! The show will be LIVE at 3 PM ET on our website. For future reference, every After Hours, unless we announce it ahead of time, starts at 3 PM ET.

  19. PHILIP Says:

    The news that VW may take over Navistar, and that foreign interests have majority ownership in the big rig industry saddens me. My father used to work at International Harvestor [now Navistar] as a design engineer in the 1970′s-1980′s.

  20. Bob Zigmanth Says:

    More trouble for Telsa?

  21. Todd T Says:

    #12 VW has a very clever solution to that annoying NOx issue.