AD #2338 – Japan Needs AV Trucks for Driver Shortage, New Toyota Avalon Details, Tesla Model 3′s Advanced Electronics

April 23rd, 2018 at 11:45am

Runtime: 7:48

0:30 Japan Needs AV Trucks for Driver Shortage
1:06 Sales Forecast Sees AV Soaring
1:36 Weekend Motorsports Update
2:15 GM Korea Avoids Bankruptcy, For Now
2:45 New 2019 Toyota Avalon Details
4:14 Tesla Model 3′s Advanced Electronics

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22 Comments to “AD #2338 – Japan Needs AV Trucks for Driver Shortage, New Toyota Avalon Details, Tesla Model 3′s Advanced Electronics”

  1. Azcarnut Says:

    Toyota wins the ugly grill contest.

  2. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    #1….right on the mark…its terrible and will look worse as time goes on.

  3. XA351GT Says:

    Maybe Toyota should rename the Avalon the Whale Shark to match that grille.

  4. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    The interior center dash looks out of place, sort of like it was added on by aftermarket company. Different, edgy doesn’t always result in a nice design. But i’m sure some will like its looks.

  5. Tim Beaumont Says:

    Re: Autonomous Trucks
    Japan with its culture of personal and corporate responsibility for perfection, and continuous improvement by closed loop feedback, kaizen, seems most likely to succeed in making autonomy function properly.

    Isn’t it ironic that an American, Edward Demming, is credited as the father of this type of corporate behavior in Japan (

    Whereas, can you imagine the different levels of federal, state and local bureaucracies in the US having the same undivided focus? Can you imagine all the US liability attorneys not having their say?

  6. Tim Beaumont Says:

    Re Tesla Model 3

    How unfortunate that Tesla did not contract, at least in a consultant capacity, with Magna Steyr to address the ‘mechanical’ assembly issues, as elucidated by Munro & Associates. They might be profitable by now.

  7. Barry Rector Says:

    One can always pick out a Toyota or Lexus vehicle in a parking lot by finding the ugly front end of the cars.

  8. Lisk Says:

    Tesla should have worked out a deal with Toyota and maybe they could have helped them with setting up the assembly process. Ferrari did this with Honda and the late 80′s early 90′s and that turned them around. It might be too late to turn them around.
    At one point Toyota and Tesla had a good relationship, but maybe it’s not so good now…

  9. Drew Says:

    The taillamps of the new Avalon look very similar to the Hyundai Azera taillamps.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Avalon started life with the goal of being a “better Buick.” To me, a real Buick looks much better, and the LaCrosse is a very nice car.

  11. phred Says:

    For the new Toyota…the black “plastic egg crates” on the lower front are distracting from the design flow of the front end. Looks like an after thought by an “Executive” that need to have his “signature imput” on the vehicle.

  12. merv Says:

    I like the addition of the weekend race report

  13. Chuck Grenci Says:

    The big gulp grill, as in the Lexus, must be something corporate. In a lot of people’s minds it doesn’t work but the Toyota Corporation must think it does. Personally, never a fan of this design nuance. The Avalon’s have always been a little too frumpy for my eye but I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder (owner); solid mechanicals must make enough of a difference.

  14. Alexander Crabitses Says:

    I’m not sure if Toyota has a separate design studio for Lexus, but if they don’t it may be a good idea to establish one. The latest generation of Toyota sedans is starting to look a little too similar to their Lexus counterparts.

  15. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    The black egg crate grill will be in a few years not so black and a major pain to keep clean. Add in road rash/stones and debris, well have fun.

  16. FSTFWRD Says:

    Looks like the super ugly Lexus grill design team snuck out the back door and found their way to the Toyota Avalon. The grill and the dash should make it sale proof. Too bad, it’s probably a great car.

    @12 merv +++++ Good report but you should add Moto GP. (At least the US race)

  17. Bruce Melton Says:

    John: I believe that from a technical standpoint in quality, it is very difficult to beat Toyota. However, from a styling “effort”, in my opinion, the hideous front end of the Avalon makes Lexus’ spindle grill look GREAT – which also left something to be desired!! At least Honda did not screw-up the new Accord in style…cannot say the same for the Clarity rear wheel opening! However, it could be that I’m the one that doesn’t “get it!” WHATEVER!!

  18. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Just went to M/T and saw more pictures of the Avalon and it worse and I can’t decided which is worse the inside or outside. They really mucked this one up…reminds me of some the the late 50′s Chrysler designs.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Late 50′s Chryslers looked great! OK, maybe I’m biased, since my first car was a 1957 Chrysler, but I thought those cars actually did look good, compared to ’58 Buick and Olds.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I find it interesting that Toyota is staying with NiMH batteries for the Avalon hybrid. I suspect that means they last longer than the Li-ion batteries now used in most other hybrids, and for a non-plug in hybrid, the lower energy density of the NiMH batteries doesn’t matter much.

  21. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    19 the chryslers not to bad but the Dodge/Plymouths in 59 were tough to look at…but some people liked them as they sold lots of them. I think 1959 Detroit design kind of lost their minds.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    To me, the 1961 Chrysler products were the strange ones, especially Plymouth. The ’61 Plymouth inspired the Current Lexus front end.