AD #2350 – Volvo Out Performs All Automakers, Uber Introduces Electric Passenger Drone, Toyota Reports Earnings

May 9th, 2018 at 11:57am

Runtime: 8:31

0:29 Toyota Reports Earnings
1:13 Volvo Out Performing All Automakers in U.S.
2:49 Consumers Warm Up to EVs
3:51 Uber Introduces Electric Passenger Drone
4:40 Uber & NASA Partner to Test Passenger Drones
5:33 Can Smells Help Prevent Motion Sickness in AVs?

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11 Comments to “AD #2350 – Volvo Out Performs All Automakers, Uber Introduces Electric Passenger Drone, Toyota Reports Earnings”

  1. XA351GT Says:

    I guess you guys use a different standard to measure performance of a company than I do. I would go by total units sold not percentage above previous time frames. If car company A sells 100,000 units and company B sells 25,000 I would say A out performed B . When you base on % Say A sold 10 % more to arrive at that 100,000 unit mark. Where B previously sold 5,000 and now they look like they sold 400% more ,but are still only at 1/4 of what A sold.

  2. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    The use of air drones sounds like “Wow” won’t that be great. Its a nice pipe dream for the near future. Its not like flying in general or commercial aviation. These drones will live in very low level altitudes where the effect of weather conditions are more dramatic then say above 3000 feet and higher. Planes climb beyond these conditions. If they will be a true drone with no driver/pilot on board, passenger confidence will be difficult to earn and if or when one falls out of the sky for any reason, that would be difficult to reverse. Many commercial airliners could now takeoff,fly and land without the pilot having any input but will the public accept it? Right now the real world conditions aren’t there for this concept. The fact that VTOL technology seems to be part of the concept, brings it closer use in cities, but many more buildings would have to be modified for use by these drones.

  3. Chuck Grenci Says:

    I would certainly like to know the exact questions that were asked in order to glean AAA’s research findings. I read the transcript and went to the article and some of the presented findings sound a bit nebulous. I’m not saying the number of potential buyers is not rising but I don’t think the article is telling the whole story or the correct story.

  4. DonWagner1239 Says:

    When your video came on showing a Tesla Model 3, I thought I would mention that I saw one driving along on GM’s north/south Milford Proving Ground straightaway this morning while my wife and I were on our way to a late breakfast (west side of their PG along Kensington Road). Looks like competitive testing. Shouldn’t they just buy a copy of Sandy Munro’s report? LOL!

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The AAA seems to combine hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and pure EV’s, but there is no comparison. The report makes little sense.

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    If I was asked if I would consider buying an EV for my next car. I may answer yes. But reality is an EV would most likely not work for me unless huge progress was made in battery technology and available charging stations. So although many people like myself may say they would consider it i know today’s EVs won’t work for me. I did however visit a completely EV gocart track last week and they were really fast and fun to drive. They did however pipe engine noise from the headrest to keep the exciting sounds. Nice advantage is tho under yellow flag all the carts were cut to a slow speed from the control room.

  7. Lambo2015 Says:

    #1 I’m with you. Volvo didn’t out perform all US automakers. Volvo had largest increase from previous years performance. Which if they had a really bad year last year they could easily have a huge percentage increase but still only sell a fraction of ford or GM.
    It’s like saying wow GM has doubled sales from 10 years ago. Yea but 2008 was a recession year for all automakers. So it means nothing.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’d consider an EV for one of my cars, if I had a place to charge it. Hybrids are no-compromise, though, except for some price premium. You just put gas in and drive, but get exceptional mpg. The hybrid Mustang will be interesting, if Ford doesn’t cancel it, along with the rest of their cars.

  9. Mac Says:

    I agree with Lambo. A major trade association economist opined back in 2010 that it’s very easy to show double digit growth, when you start with a number very close to zero!

  10. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    I’ll consider an EV/Hybrid…2018 Ram Crew Cab AWD with a Hellcat/Hybrid V8…please build it…just joking…they would never build something that much fun!! Oh…don’t care if I used the battery portion of the drive train. Time for another beer!

  11. Bob Wilson Says:

    Over at PriusChat, we’ve been following hybrids, plug-ins and diesels for a long time but we’re not seeing a big uptake in the numbers. Begin shipping 200 mi range, BEVs for under $20k and that will change but new, BEVs are still too expensive although the used EV market is doing very nice.

    Retired, we own a BMW i3-REx and Prius Prime, free and clear, so we only pay the consumables. We don’t care about gas prices because we barely burn any. Our EV miles, ~15% per year, are half the price of gas and both cars easily go 1,000 miles in a day.

    We are seeing modest growth in plug-in hybrids but Tesla Model 3 are leading the way. Not quite the market leader like the Prius was a year ago, the Model 3 deliveries are impressive.