AD #2368 – Lincoln to Drop Continental, Continental AG Bans Certain Social Media, Ride-Sharing Getting Vending Machines

June 5th, 2018 at 11:52am

Runtime: 6:31

0:31 Next-Gen Mustang Has 2022 Production Date
0:52 Transit Connect Moves to Flat Rock
1:14 Lincoln to Drop Continental in Just 2 Years
2:05 GM & Audi Make EV Push in China
2:38 Mazda & Subaru Hold Back on EVs
3:20 Hella Upgrades Matrix Headlamps
4:01 Apple CarPlay to Allow Google Maps & Waze
4:52 Continental Bans Certain Social Media
5:37 Vending Machines Headed to Ride-Sharing

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49 Comments to “AD #2368 – Lincoln to Drop Continental, Continental AG Bans Certain Social Media, Ride-Sharing Getting Vending Machines”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Lincoln needs to do something different. Being first to offer true wagons back to the US market would be a good idea.

    Do not put plastic around the wheel wells, do not raise the suspension or put big wheels on it.

    Heck, take a European Ford Wagon and gussy-it-up.

    The majority of American’s do not know what a real wagon is. So American’s can not hate wagons. The minivan is a tall wagon and a crossover is a lifted wagon.

  2. Dan Says:

    Unlike their competitors Ford was smart enough to avoid bankruptcy a decade ago when the financial collapse occurred.

    Fast forward ten years and Ford makes the boneheaded decision to eliminate all passenger cars except the Mustang which sells in middling numbers. They will be screwed when gas prices spike again and the fickle public starts buying more fuel efficient passenger cars.

  3. MJB Says:

    Oh, great… MORE high-powered LED beams to blind the daylights (pun intended) out of me on the road.

    I hope ride sharers who buy the snacks do better than my 8 and 10 year old’s as far as picking up after themselves when they’re done munching down on those granola bars in the back seat. Just saying…

    If the back seat of somebody’s ride-share car doesn’t resemble that of a filthy taxi cab yet, it may once snacks become available.

  4. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Maybe Ford will offer a crew cab Mustang so it fits in with their truck centered company. Lets have King Ranch Mustang GT. Over at put me to sleep Lincoln, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing to say about the Continental. Maybe lower the price will help with sales.

  5. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    MJB right about headlights….new cars with LED headlight are downright blinding. Put them on a pickup or semi which rides higher they are dangerous and deadly.

  6. Bob Wilson Says:

    No interest in a vending machine but put in a mini-bar and I’m there! Seriously, if someone is in a ride-sharing vehicle, other than ‘open container’, what if they are intoxicated?

    Hummm, other sin-tax ideas pop into mind. What is the autonomous version of ‘mile high’ club? How about a deck of cards and poker chips?

  7. Lisk Says:

    Shame about the Continental. I thought it a very good looking car, something that might be able to win some Cadillac customers. Heck, it even had a real name. But with only 4000 votes of confidence from customers, it’s a tough decision.

    It will be curious to see what the next Mustang will be. I hope it will still be a sporty coupe, but I thing the world is about done with that idea. Hopefully the idea of a naturally aspirated V8s will return. If Ford could just get the gas mileage out of the Coyote as GM has with the LSx/LTx series, this would be a killer combo.

  8. Sean McElroy Says:

    @MJB – I’m with you as well with most of these LED headlights. The aiming is terrible. But the great part about these Matrix lights is they’re able to turn off the individual LEDs that would normally blind other drivers, creating a black box around the car. The only problem is price. Previous versions without the laser were over $3,000 each. OUCH!

    And maybe the same company that sells these vending machines will start offering integrated vacuum cleaners. ;)

  9. Lisk Says:

    4) The Crew Cab Mustang thing would only work if the put the Raptor Suspension under it and raised it about 14 inches. Mr. Hackett sure has Ford moving in the right direction… :(

  10. Lex Says:

    I would hope that most of you agree that the Subaru Outback is really a AWD Wagon masquerading as an CUV? US Customers especially in the colder and snowier regions love their Subaru’s. I wonder how well the Buick Regal Wagon is selling? I do not see any on the road.

    I am waiting to drive the new 2019 Forester now that it will be offering Apple Carplay and Android Auto. I wish Subaru would put the same Outback roof rack system onto all of their models especially the Forester and Ascent!

  11. Lex Says:

    John and Gary,

    When will you invite Tom Doll onto AAH with both the 2019 Ascent and 2019 Forester in the studio? You could contrast and compare the two models side by side.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Instead of having a new Mustang in 2022, Ford will probably drop the Mustang to complete their transition to Trucks R Us.

    I kind of like the Continental, especially the interior. It’s kind of pricey, starting at $46K, for what is, basically, a stretched Fusion, but a 4 cylinder E-class with vinyl seats is about $10K more.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9) I like the Regal wagon except, like Subarus, and 3 series and E-class wagons in the U.S., it has mandatory 4wd.

  14. Bradley Says:


    I agree, but my wife thinks the Outback is still a SUV. She hates SUV, but has surrendered and our next car will probably be an Outback.

  15. Lex Says:

    Ford needs to kill off the Continental ASAP!
    The Ford Escape is really long in the tooth.
    That vehicles needs a major interior refresh to increase passenger space and comfort by reducing the huge size of the front dashboard and intrusive center console.

    Also any OEM offering Stop/Start technology better have an optional “on/off” switch available. Most drivers I speak with will not even consider a new or used vehicle with Stop/Start technology unless it has a kill switch. OEM’s are better off adding cylinder deactivation management to improve mpg’s in IMHO.

  16. Lex Says:

    I like the Subaru Outback because it has all that “Eyesight” safety features and comes in Dark Blue with Ivory Leather interior. That is a rich color combination that you mostly see on luxury vehicles. If more mainstream OEM’s like Subaru and Honda would offer that combination on all their CUV/SUV vehicles they would increase sales. Subaru better offer that color combination on the 2019 Forester (Dark Blue exterior / Ivory interior) or they will have just lost a sale!

  17. Lex Says:

    Vending Machines in Ride Sharing Vehicles? What’s next latrines in the truck! LOL

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14) The thing I don’t like about stop/start on cars like my MINI, is that it puts extra wear and tear on the starter. That is not a factor with the 48v mild hybrid systems. The starter/generator turns all the time, with no bendix engaging flywheel gears.

  19. Danny Turnpaugh Says:

    Bright headlights on motorcycles during daylight hours about blind a driver since there usually high and not always aimed well. Now I’m seeing people putting a LED light bar across the front bumper or someplace and there not aimed at all.

  20. ArtG. Says:

    They didn’t say there won’t be a replacement for the Continental. They could replace it with something using the new CD6 platform which can be RWD or AWD.

  21. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    8..Sounds good to me. I’d like the King Ranch interior package included. I’m afraid the Hackett direction is …well down.

  22. Roger Blose Says:

    Buddy Jim Hackett is just killing Ford off with each move. The Ford board of directors better fix the company before it hits the rocks. The all new Mustang will be an EV something which might as well be re-named the Probe 2. The Lincoln brand without a luxury sedan is doomed in this segment. Current Ford Q/C is gone off the rails with recalls, steering wheels popping off, and Mustang transmission failures everywhere. Anyone know where Alan M. is these days??

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9) I agree about the Outback. I like it, except for the lifted suspension, body cladding, awful looking roof rails on some trims, and mandatory AWD. They used to sell a Legacy wagon, without the trucky look, but it’s been years.

  24. Steve W Says:

    The Continental didn’t sell because it was overpriced and the interior looked like a fancy Ford. You can’t fool all people,only some.With all respect you need a car guy in charge of Ford not an office furniture executive. As soon as gas prices go up, and they’ve begun, Ford will be left with a lot of trucks!

  25. Ed Says:

    The Continental failure… “imagine if ford had a group of say people who did marketing stuff and research of potential customers and those buying and found out what to build before they made something!” Hmmm but then polls only show the opinion of those who answer. And not everyone does or they fake good or bad.

  26. Drew Says:

    Continental doesn’t sell because Ford doesn’t want to sell it. It has no customer cash, whereas the Cadillac XTS has $5k on the hood. Duh!

  27. Barry Says:

    RIP Continental……..

  28. Drew Says:

    @26 … and MKZ.

    Ford’s founder said – “If you think you can or can’t, you are right.” Ford management doesn’t think they can sell sedans, and giving over 300,000 customers per year to their competition. Thermal nuclear stupid.

  29. MJB Says:

    #14 & #17 – Just got my wife that new Infiniti QX30. It’s got that annoying start-stop tech. She didn’t even know what it was called before she got the car, but she finds it very unsettling.

    Fortunately in this crossover it is switchable. Though it must be turned off every time the driver gets in the car, at least it is controllable.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    A Toyota Avalon starts at $12K less than both Continental and XTS, and the very well equipped Genesis G80 is about $5K less. The Lincoln and Cadillac names aren’t worth that much money any more.

  31. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Ford is chasing the pack and the pack is not being caught. This CEO Hackett is only part of the problem. If Hackett gets the boot before its to late and they find a true car/truck minded person, they will have a lot of firing to do and begin a fresh start look at what use to make Fords sell, maybe it can be saved. But making smaller with less choice isn’t the correct goal.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    28) With the MINI, when you turn off the stop/start, it stays off. With the Buick LaCrosse, you can’t turn it off at all, which cost them a sale that I know of personally.

  33. Drew Says:

    @30… and over saturating with overlapping CU /SUVs doesn’t grow the business. And doesn’t offset the loss of sedan business. Bone headed, for sure.

  34. Kevin Anderson Says:

    … are you sure the 2022 Mustang won’t also have a stretched version? I hear that the name Lincoln Continental will be available.

  35. Drew Says:

    With Mustang having much less volume than Fusion, Mondeo, MKZ, Chinese Taurus, and Continental… and being on a unique platform, there is no way Mustang is as profitable. But… there is no way WCF jr. will let the present loonies drop the Mustang.

  36. Lisk Says:

    34) This is the one of the key reasons the 4th Gen Camaro got whacked. The unique platform made it too expensive to build one it and the Firebird fell below the 100,000 combined units. The only main parts shared with other divisions was the engine and transmission.

  37. JWH Says:

    Question for those whining about LED headlights – Is LED an issue? Or aiming? Last time I checked all lighting needs to meet FMVSS108 when it leaves the vehicle manufacturer. I would be surprised if lights were blinding while meeting FMVSS108 regulations. Of course what the owner does to the vehicle once in their hands is the owners responsibility.

    Side not is that many years ago< I put Euro H4 headlights (7 inch round) in our 1972 240Z. Being Euro code they had a very sharp cutoff (great in fog), however, from a distance the low beam appeared to have two light sources. We were driving to Phoenix & we had many people coming the opposite way flashing their brights on the Oklahoma Turnpike. Given the sharp cutoff & the large median, I determined their issue was visual optics, & not glare. Finally turned the high beam on & received no more flashing of high beams from oncoming traffic.

  38. Kit Gerhart Says:

    36) I had lights like that in my ’74 Duster, and where the low beams could look really bright to oncoming traffic, was on “bouncy” roads. When the bounce put the cutoff above the horizon, they could look very bright. Overall, they were the best headlights I ever had.

  39. DonWagner1239 Says:

    Interesting discussions today. I like the higher CUV and SUV seating and viewing positions. Not so easy to get down and back up at my advanced age. My Eagle Talon gets driven very seldom.

    Jeeps can be purchased in 2WD for those in warm weather locations. Lower prices as well.

    My 2015 and 2019 Jeep Cherokees had/have stop/start. I find it nice that starting is really smooth and instantaneous, but there is a noticeable bump on shutoff. I like that I do get some relief from the rough idle of the 3.2L V-6. The 3.6L is so much smoother (one Jeep, one Chrysler, one Dodge). Thinking maybe I should have gone with the 2.0L turbo in the Cherokee, but a test drive showed a couple of quirks that I didn’t like.

    My new Cherokee has LED lights, front, rear and interior. Guess I need to see if they are good or not, but daylight saving time makes it 10:00 before total darkness for a real test. I have noticed that the DRLs are not as bright as the previous “Hawk Eyes”. And motorcycles, why is the phylosciphy to blind oncoming traffic, possible causing lane wandering TOWARD

    Comment about the FCA plans: The Chrysler brand needs that Wagoneer, not Jeep. Too many variations already! They had the Commander and dropped it despite the many I saw in the SE Michigan region. Saw one today. The Renegade is already too small, no need for a micro Jeep. I like the Compass, but it’s underpowered.

  40. DonWagner1239 Says:

    Motorcycle lights: TOWARD them!

  41. Kit Gerhart Says:

    @38, Don,
    Do you know why they even make the 3.2 V6? It it so the V6 Cherokee won’t be too much quicker than a much pricier V6 Grand Cherokee?

  42. Kit Gerhart Says:

    @38, continued
    It seem that many motorcyclists want to be “conspicuous,” thus riding with high beams, and removing the mufflers (mostly Harleys). What is accomplished, is making the general public dislike bikes, and bikers. Some riders, like myself, are also annoyed by the high beams and straight pipes crowd.

  43. Victor West Says:

    #1 is right. I was just in Europe and the “wagons” there are better looking than any of the CUVs here. The Ford Focus wagon is way better looking than the Escape. Saw a lot of Toyota Aris – Camry wagons.

  44. Kit Gerhart Says:

    42) I love the car mix in Europe, with zillions of Golf, Passat, and other wagons, most with small diesels and manual transmissions. Well, I guess there may be fewer diesels in the future, but still a lot of non-lifted car height wagons with no silly plastic body cladding.

  45. MJB Says:

    #36 – Both LED and aiming are at issue.

    I don’t care what standard these things are supposed to conform to when leaving the factory, there is not a single (late model) Cadillac Escalade I encounter at night whose lights don’t practically burn my retinas (gross exaggeration there). And in the region where I live, Escalades are a dime a dozen, so this is not an anomaly. And, trust me, the people buying these things (here) are not modifying a single thing about them.

    I’m just glad I have limo tint on my back window, otherwise I’d be catching it at stop lights too.

  46. XA351GT Says:

    Ford needs to bury the Hatchet before he buries the company. As Drew said so well Thermal Nuclear Stupid. Exactly defines his decisions. Instead of abandoning the segments , find out what your customers would want in a car and build it. I don’t want or need a SUV or CUV ,but if I want to stay in a Ford that is what they would force me to do. The Mustang would be my choice if I could remotely afford it and be happy not driving it all winter.

  47. Brett Cammack Says:

    To be honest, Ford has not had a compelling product (from my perspective) for over 20 years. I leased a 2001 Ranger XLT 4-door and it was okay, if anemic with the 3.0L. When the lease was up, there was the moribund Thunderbird roadster that was over-valued by the dealers and not terribly practical as a daily driver/touring vehicle. I settled for the 2003 Crown Vic LX Sport, which was gratifyingly old-school, but not compelling. I was hoping they’d have the 500 available, but it was late and turned out to be an underwhelming vehicle anyway.

    Since then, zip. I rolled out of the Vic reluctantly when the handwriting on the wall said I should get something with much better gas mileage and a smaller payment. That was Mitsubishi and we’ve been with them ever since.

    My favorite cars in my personal history were Fords. My 1964 Galaxie 500 XL triple-white convertible. My GT350. My 1969 Thunderbird.

    Now they’ve got nothing. More trucks. Woo hoo.

    If cost was not an issue, I’d walk past that Continental and buy a Genesis P90 Ultimate with the 5.0 V8 and AWD. Better value, better car. If Lincoln can’t do better than offer gussied-up Fords, they deserve what they get in the marketplace.

  48. Kit Gerhart Says:

    46 A friend has a zero option Genesis G80, and loves it. It has a naturally aspirated V6 with plenty of power, an attractive interior with leather, simple, intuitive controls, and all of the usual safety features, like auto emergency braking, etc. MSRP was a little over $40K. The Continental can come close to competing with that.

  49. Coolman99 Says:

    Sadly, Ford is in a complete mess since Mr. A.M. left the company.
    I have no idea how the rubber-stamp board selected an office furniture guy to lead the company (with all due respect to the man).
    If the continental, the Taurus, and the Fusion are not selling well, find out why, and make the needed corrections. I’m sure dealerships can provide tons of feedback (taken from customers and potential customers).
    Canceling these cars is a huge mistake that will haunt Ford, and the Ford family, down the road.
    Very short-sighted decisions they are making.
    Don’t give hundreds of thousands of customers freely to your competitors.