AD #2382 – VW Breaks Pikes Peak Record, Auto Shows Benefit Small Carmakers, Graphene Used to Heat and Cool Seats

June 25th, 2018 at 11:54am

Runtime: 8:00

0:31 Paris Ride-Sharing Companies in Jeopardy
1:19 Auto Shows Benefit Small Carmakers
1:57 Dana Becomes More Vertically Integrated
2:56 VW Breaks Pikes Peak Record
3:26 Weekend Racing Results
3:57 Ford Turns Train Station into Tech Hub
5:18 Graphene Used to Heat and Cool Seat

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18 Comments to “AD #2382 – VW Breaks Pikes Peak Record, Auto Shows Benefit Small Carmakers, Graphene Used to Heat and Cool Seats”

  1. Fred Schmidt Says:

    Ford rescuing the Detroit Train Station. Noble endeavor but is it good for the company and stock holders? Time will give the answer but in my opinion it will not benefit the company or stockholders. Ford’s financials have not been robust and Ford pairing down their vehicle selection, this seems a foolish waste of money. Just because something is old,huge,in a city and ornate doesn’t make it worth saving.

  2. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Good on Ford for fixing up the old train station; lots of good architecture being saved (recycled). I can see where that was one heck of a grand building in its time.

    I watched the Graphene AAH, and though it sounded very interesting and potentially ground-breaking, if it does catch traction I’m thinking ramp-up will be slow.

  3. Tim Beaumont Says:

    Kudos to Ford for saving the old train station!!!!

    Not everything should be judged by the corporate quarterly financial profit/loss statement.

  4. Buzzerd Says:

    Good on Ford for investing in some of Detroit’s history. I was just traveling in the UK and I am always impressed with all the historical buildings and statues they have.
    The graphene material sounds really interesting, wondering if it can be used in motorcycle and or snow machine world. Heated or cooled clothing or seats maybe??

  5. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Fred – On the most recent After Hours the panel talked about Ford buying the train station. They said it could be a good way to attract young tech employees, who might not normally consider a traditional automaker. They might feel like they’re helping to recycle an old building with cool architectural elements and would get to work downtown, instead of in Dearborn. Just another thought.

  6. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Buzzerd – You bet! The Thermavance guy said the first applications will be in the golf car world (I say golf car, not cart, because I recently learned the folks in that industry get super offended if you call them carts) and in motorsports (sounded like quads). They have also shown a concept for clothing as well. But I agree with Chuck (#2), if it does catch on, ramp-up will be slow.

  7. Steve W Says:

    If Fiat sold only 35.000 cars in the USA and more than 1 million people remember their displays at car shows means anything I fail to see it. I’d be impressed if 35,000 people remembered the displays and more than a million bought the car!

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m a Ford stock holder, and I’m fine with my stock losing a few cents of value, if that is a result of their preserving the train station.

  9. Fred Schmidt Says:

    Sean Maybe it will attract tech employees and maybe it won’t. If Ford offers good wages and benefits better than their competitors that will bring the skilled tech employees to the auto industry. At least the tax payer will not have to pay for this project. Detroit needs everything to survive. If it helps to bring the city back to a degree it might be worth it. I don’t see these employees living in the city due to the crime and corruption in Detroit. If it was a facility that would employ hundreds blue collar and city dwellers after the rehab of the building the benefit would be greater.

  10. Norm Crowe Says:

    2019 RDX was a DNF?

  11. Ed Says:

    The Pikes peak road was only partially hard paved to the top. The rest was gravel, it was completed with hard pavement to the top, oct 1 ,2011. So the VW time up the hill is a new kind of record , not the best since the beginning. When you change the parameters of the race it becomes a new race. The prior records are still more impressive to me. Would be fun to watch the VW on an uneven gravel road…

  12. MJB Says:

    Hey Sean, don’t forget about several scenes from the first Transformers movie that were shot at the train station (you can see in the first 20 seconds or so here):

    #9 – The main thing hurting Detroit right now is the lack of quality public schools. Government corruption is a total non-issue now. True, portions of the inner city are still slow to regroup, but the central business district is absolutely on fire right now with billions of real-estate and cultural investments starting as far back as 8 years ago and slated to continue for at least another decade. The area that young tech folk would live is the exact area where all the new housing and development is currently taking place.

    Detroit is not the bastion of crime, neglect and despair that the global media constantly portrays it to be.

  13. Victor West Says:

    Now, if they could just do something about Detroit winters and the potholes in the streets. Glad to live elsewhere.

  14. merv Says:

    new record for pikes peak but as its all paved vs the old loose surface doesn’t quite have the same clout.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Pikes Peak road has been paved for 6-7 years, so the new record certainly means something. I guess we’ll have to wait a year before anyone can try to beat it. Don’t they only run for time once a year?

  16. Bob Wilson Says:

    The link is to a 2016, Tesla model S going up the hill in 11 minutes. Wonder what the new Tesla roadster will do it in? Perhaps the Tesla truck?

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    They should run the roadster next year. I suspect it would do really well for a stock car, with the right driver.

  18. FSTFWRD Says:

    @2,@3, ++++++ I would like to see more of this building in the future when it is completely restored.