AD #2410 – SEC Investigating Elon Musk for Fraud, GM’s New Fuel Management System, Parking Brakes Get Expanding Role

August 9th, 2018 at 11:45am

Runtime: 8:15

0:29 SEC Investigating Elon Musk for Fraud
1:25 How Ford Going Private Differs from Tesla
1:50 Audi Reveals More e-tron SUV Details
3:23 More Automakers Accused of Improper Tests
4:07 Ford to Build Baby Bronco
4:31 Ford Produces 10 Millionth Mustang
5:41 GM’s Dynamic Fuel Management System
6:41 Smart Parking Brake

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8 Comments to “AD #2410 – SEC Investigating Elon Musk for Fraud, GM’s New Fuel Management System, Parking Brakes Get Expanding Role”

  1. buzzerd Says:

    DFM sounds like a better option than a stop/start system. Shutdown as many cylinders that aren’t needed but still have power for AC, infotainment, power options…

  2. PHILIP Says:

    Ford’s 10 millionth Mustang – was that built for a customer or is Ford keeping it for their collection? If it is going to a customer it would be super cool if Ford gave it away for free as a tribute.

  3. Bob Wilson Says:

    My understanding is Tesla has to file with in three days. If not on Friday, then Monday. However, a claim of “funding secured” does not have to reveal the source until the board agrees to take Tesla private when full disclosure would be required. My understanding is the board is discussing and not yet agreed to a plan.

    When the funding source(s) is revealed only matters if Tesla decides to go private. We also need to understand ‘how private’ they will be. Those who bought the ‘borrowed’ shares will make out like bandits. In contrast, the hedge fund, ‘vulture capitalists’ have been caught flat-footed as Elon preempted their plans.

  4. BobD Says:

    Does anyone know how many Camaros have been produced?

  5. XA351GT Says:

    Bob D the numbers I have found are Camaro sales. 5,418,912 1967-2002 & 2010-2017 45 model years for a average of 120,420 cars per year. The mustangs sales that I was able to total were US sales of 9,606,754 1964.5-2017 so I guess there must be almost 400,00 cars that were sold over seas + what was sold in the US this model year to get to 10 million cars. So Mustang has averaged 179,566 cars over 53.5 years. Camaro didn’t out sell the Mustang until 1977. Camaros best sales year ever was 1978 selling 272,631 cars Mustang’s best was 1966 selling a staggering 607,568 cars in a single year. The Camaro’s worst year was 2001 selling only 29,009 cars the Mustang’s worst was 2009 selling only 66,623 cars . Mustang had sold at least 100,000 cars a year until 1991 . they have only had 10 years not selling at least 100K . every year since 2008 except for 2 years in 2015 & 2016 . Camaro has out sold the Mustang 12 times 1977-78, 1982-85, 2010-2014.

  6. Kit Gerhartk Says:

    5 Thanks for the interesting data. I recently read an article about the Pinto-derived Mustang II, and it sold well, for a couple years.

  7. XA351GT Says:

    Kit yes they did for as maligned they are now they sold extremely well something like 1.1 million in 5 years of production. Another not well known fact is how well the Maverick originally sold . Almost as well as the original Mustang in it’s 1st year of production and then dropped off from there quickly.

  8. BobD Says:

    Ah, the Maverick…forgot all about that Ford. That brought back memories of the Gapp & Roush 4-door Tijuana Taxi long-wheelbase Pro Stock circa 1976.