AD #2411 – Ford to Run Mustang in NASCAR, Mazda Diesel Has Disappointing MPGs, Chevy Silverado Goes Tow Crazy

August 10th, 2018 at 11:52am

Runtime: 7:30

0:28 Tesla’s Stock Falls Fast
0:52 Ford to Run Mustang in NASCAR
1:19 Mazda Diesel Has Disappointing MPGs
2:21 Chevrolet Silverado Goes Tow Crazy
3:21 China Blocks Mercedes With Non-Tariff Barriers
4:00 Hey, Where’d All the Cars Go?
5:11 Is There Life Left in The I.C.E.?

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28 Comments to “AD #2411 – Ford to Run Mustang in NASCAR, Mazda Diesel Has Disappointing MPGs, Chevy Silverado Goes Tow Crazy”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It’s too bad car companies, whether Tesla or traditional companies, can’t just build and sell cars, and not play games with their stock, and other money laundering activities.

  2. XA351GT Says:

    okay ,please explain how states or cities could ban certain types of vehicles(ICE) . Would that be just a ban on any new vehicle or would that include a used car as well? Say the ban goes into effect on 2025 would you then be married to that car until it dies ? If older vehicles are grandfathered would that be only to the current owner when the ban would go into effect ? I could see this seriously hurting a lot of people . It would also keep a lot of cars on the road well beyond their use by date. Do these legislators think everyone makes their kind of salaries? .

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    #2 I don’t really see a state banning ICE’s anytime soon but US cities have considered this. It would likely apply to all vehicles within the city limits with exceptions to delivery vehicles.
    This is not a whole lot different then cities like Singapore, London, Stockholm and Milan that already have congestion pricing where they charge to enter the city limits. Milan has a sliding scale that is based on how dirty your vehicle is. EVs I believe are exempt to the fee.

  4. Druff Says:

    I really don’t care what all the so called experts say, there will be more cars in the future and not less. The country had all mass transit in the form of trains over a century ago and the automobile killed it. I don’t understand how these people think that everyone is going to same place at the same time, they aren’t. Ride sharing is fine for single riders going to one place. Ask any young family to give up there cars and they will say you are nuts. If you have to shuttle kids to several places, all the time, ride services are not going to be cheaper.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The US, and the world are becoming increasingly urban, and private cars do not work well in big cities. This urbanization alone will somewhat reduce the number of cars.

  6. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Just imagine the impact on good paying jobs going away if the ICE get legislated out of existence. Add in expanded public/ride share options and there will be an impact. The existing cars grandfathered could be forced off the road by the cost of gasoline being taxed higher to make it unaffordable. Electric utilities are licking their chops for the future.

  7. Chuck Grenci Says:

    So the Mustang makes it debut in NASCAR; wow, new decal package.

    “Where’d all the cars go”…..well some of that may happen (but I’m not counting on the precipitous dip stated in the article).

    And there should be quite a lot of room for ICE for the foreseeable future as the cleanliness that currently exists, I believe, is still cleaning some of the air that have higher levels of pollutants not produced by the automotive industry (okay, maybe the trucks are still pretty dirty).

  8. Druff Says:

    I am taking into account that the population is going to keep increasing which will still mean more autos. There will be 100mil more people in 40 yrs. The city density will increase but so will the suburbs. In the middle of the country you are always going to need personal transportation.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    For now, there is no substitute for ICE’s for long highway trips, and won’t be for many years. As far as smog causing pollution, today’s gas cars are very clean, but diesels less so, especially with the cheating on NOx emissions.

  10. Lambo2015 Says:

    So why have we not seen a fair comparison of a new ICE vehicle and a comparable hybrid or EV? Because EV’s just displace the pollutants and in areas that use coal burning electric plants, Are we sure EV’s produce less GHG? I have not seen a proper study yet.
    I could see a decline in vehicles used in major cities. Having lived in LA and San Francisco where parking can be expensive and a hassle, ride sharing can make owning a car obsolete. However for the large majority of folks outside a major US city a vehicle will still be a necessity. So the question is does population growth get superseded by inner city ride share services? It could be a complete wash.


    I can believe that there may be fewer cars on the road if Autonomous driving becomes a reality. However, the replacement of stock will likely go up since they are driving non-stop. Thusly, cars sold per year will likely be about the same.

  12. Kit Says:

    10 Obviously, the overall emissions from an EV depend on the source of the power. If it’s hydro power, there would be no emissions from the actual operation of the car, but if the power is from burning coal, there would be quite a lot. I tried to find information about the overall conversion efficiency of a typical coal-fired power plant, but didn’t have much luck. If it’s 80%, running a plug-in car on coal might emit less GHG than a gas car, but I doubt if the efficiency of the power plant is that high. Then, there is the substantial loss in the transmission of the power.

    Here’s an article with some information on hybrids vs non-hybrids. It’s not from the most “authoritative” source, but it quotes some respected sources.

  13. Kit Says:

  14. rick Says:

    when will the ones people actually want be available achates powered f150, expedition, navigator. 37 mpg hwy gasoline, 42 mpg hwy diesel.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14. It’s looking increasingly like the Achates engine is a hoax. A year or two ago, Autoline After Hours had an Achates guy with a fake Achates powered F150. I still haven’t heard anything about an actual running one.

  16. Kit Says:

    15 Oops, I was wrong. The AAH show with the fake truck was only 5-6 months ago.

  17. XA351GT Says:

    Okay I maybe nitpicking ,but the Mustang is already in NASCAR in the Xfinity series(the Busch Grand Nationals for us old timers)It will make it’s Cup series debut next year. Mustangs have run in NASCAR in the past in NASCAR’s version of Trans-AM for ovals in the 60s I think they were called Baby Grands. So there is some more useless trivia for you.

  18. XA351GT Says:

    Correction It was the Grand Touring Series , that the Mustang and other Pony Cars were in. Baby Grands were for the 4 cyclinder cars like Pintos ,Vegas and Toyotas and Datsuns.

  19. Dan Says:

    That forecast is nonsense. Most Americans would be as likely to share a car as they would share their underwear with a stranger. With the continued population growth best you could hope for is a ‘slight’ decrease of vehicles on the roads.

  20. Bob Wilson Says:

    We drive two, plug-in hybrids. Around town 90% of our miles, they cost $2.50-2.90 to drive 100 miles. I also get 1/3d of my EV miles from free chargers at merchants who want my business. Anyone getting free gas?

    On the highway, we burn 1.9-2.6 gallons per 100 miles. But out of town trips are about 10% of our miles. Should we find a charger is occupied or broken, we can fire up the engine and continue our trip.

    One car was made in Europe and the other Asia so let them deal with their backyards. As for electricity, it also powers our home and businesses … and yours too. No one put them in just to power our EV cars so get over it.

  21. ARHPG Says:

    It’s ironic that Tesla makes technically advanced, capable, exciting and truly handsome automobiles, but the company is led by a bona-fide, modern-day P.T. Barnum huckster. If only the company were well-managed and properly operated, the cars would be the true leaders in this segment.

    Time is running out for the company, it seems, and Musk would like to take it private to avoid the time and effort needed to answer complaints and generate more excitement for the Tesla fans (a Jonestown-like group of folks supporting the firm no matter what lies ahead). Now that the stock has dropped again, it’s probably time for another new car announcement.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Musk is an understandably controversial character, but Tesla, and maybe even more so, SpaceX have done impressive things. The Tesla cars drive well, and the “superchargers” make BEV’s at least marginally capable of long distance highway travel. Then, with the rockets, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and the rest of the huge rocket contractors never landed and re-used boosters. It’s impressive that upstart SpaceX can do that.

  23. Bob Wilson Says:

    #21 – “. . . If only the company were well-managed and properly operated, the cars would be the true leaders in this segment.”

    So who would be the leader if NOT Tesla? The reason I ask is Tesla has three models of EV, luxury models in production. Who else has as many? Who else is beating pretty much every other production car drag racing?

    The “shorts” have been trash talking Tesla stock down making it a steal at $420/share. In effect, the “shorts” have been hoisted on their own petard because Elon figured it out in time.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 Tesla is the leader in BEV’s, not only because of the cars themselves, but because, with the charge station network, you can actually use them for road trips, if so inclined.

  25. Bob Wilson Says:


    “. . .
    At 3:07pm, Defendant Musk Tweeted: “Def no forced sales. Hope all shareholders remain. Will be way smoother & less disruptive as a private company. Ends negative propaganda from shorts.” This was in response to a Tweet from @MindFieldMusic stating that “At 1st I was upset bc I thought this would be a forced buyout. But if average folk like myself are allowed to reside with the garden walls along with you, then . . . Yes please.”
    . . .”

    I’m still reading it but this gem is worth it. The complaint condenses a lot of sparse tweets.

    Bob Wilson

  26. Stephen Says:

    Even if your EV is powered by Coal power stations (and no state/country gets all their power from Coal- even Saudi Arabia is adding solar-wind) your EV car is still more efficient than an ICE.
    If autonomous leads to more cars then we might have the same issue as NYC- so many taxi-uber drivers that nobody can get around.
    People now want to live-work in cities and unless we all want to wear masks everytime we step outside (like China) then cars have to be restricted or at least be emission free. It does not matter how more clean new cars are if most of the old ones are still in use and there are ever more cars on the roads. Like making roads wider = more cars on the roads=same traffic delays and the road build used your taxes with no result for you.

  27. Stephen Says:

    Is an EV car any better in a coal powered state?

  28. Stephen Says:

    Just to show you how electric power is made in the US today (IEA 2017). Coal-31%/natural gas-33%/Nuclear 20%/Renewables 15%