AD #2479 – Ford Bronco & Jeep Pickup Pics Leaked, DSRC Vs. 5G LTE, Great Car Audio Takes Time

November 15th, 2018 at 11:33am

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Runtime: 8:09

0:32 3D Printing Assembly Tools
1:20 Ford Bronco Pics Buck Out
1:52 Jeep Pickup Leaked
2:23 Kia Teases All-New Soul
3:13 DSRC VS. 5G LTE
4:14 Names of Automated Driving Systems Confusing
5:47 Great Audio Takes Time

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29 Comments to “AD #2479 – Ford Bronco & Jeep Pickup Pics Leaked, DSRC Vs. 5G LTE, Great Car Audio Takes Time”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    3D Ford: I will stay tuned to see if all this makes any difference in Ford’s next quarterly profits… or, more accurately, if it makes its significant losses any smaller. If it does not, it’s just details.

    Ford Bronco: I have no idea who will bother with this dinosaur. Hopefully the folks at Ford have DONE their Homework this time.

    Jeep Pickup, why not? The US pickup market is still huge and the number of serious players is still too small. Its really the “detroit 3″ plus Toyota, everybody else offering pickups, incl Honda and Nissan, are just footnotes.

    Why not? because they already have the very successful RAM at FCA. Hopefully the Jeep Pickup will not cannibalize Ram.

    Names of Auto systems confusing? Not confusing, Downright MISLEADING when you call something an “Autopilot” when in fact it is NOTHING of the kind. This is just the same principle with our unanimous condemnation of using misleading and wrong alphanumerics for BMW, Merc, Lexus and others.

    It’s great to have Peter back. I used to fully agree with his ‘rants’ when he first came out with his Autoextremist site, although later I did not fully agree with him. Next time, try to grab former C&D Editor Czaba Czere if you can. Really smart and well-informed guy.

  2. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I hope Ford’s new Bronco has great function because its forum is (to me) like a frumpy Range Rover; needs work, a lot of work IMO. Neo-retro doesn’t work for this one.

  3. ChuckGrenci Says:

    darn it, #2; change forum to form

  4. MJB Says:

    Hey Sean, I’m thinking either the exhaust note of that Bullitt was dubbed in, or that Mustang doesn’t use rubber engine mounts. Because I couldn’t detect a hair of engine torque as it was revved in that clip.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Jeep pickup should sell well, but to me, it would look much better as a real pickup, with only two doors. Those are so passe, though. No one sells them, except for lower trim levels of the big trucks.

  6. Brett Cammack Says:

    Bronco looks like somebody mated a Mini with an Explorer.

    Fondly remembering the CJ7 Scrambler and wondering if that new Gladiator will also be available as a two-door.

  7. Lambo2015 Says:

    3D printing of tools sounds enticing, I would be interested in the tolerances they can hold.

    Ford Bronco is cool but sadly will only satisfy a niche market and will probably sell well for a year or two. IMO.

    Jeep pickup is great news, I dont see it taking sales from Ram as the towing and hauling capabilities will not be even close. Should be a nice addition to the Wrangler line-up.

    Totally agree that levels of AV need to be standardized to allow buyers the ability to compare apples to apples. Not only does this confusion make it harder to compare systems when buying a car but it is misleading.

    I’ve always been a huge fan of the GM small blocks but that Mustang does have an amazing exhaust note. Seems a shame to put an expensive sound system in to cover up such a great sounding motor.

  8. Philip Says:

    Reality Check – The real reason that few people upgrade their vehicles audio system is because it nearly impossible these days. It used to be a simple matter of removing an audio head unit. Nowadays the audio / climate / navigation and vehicle controls are all integrated into a single unit.

  9. Drew Says:

    The exhaust sound of a V8 (Mustang, Camaro, Vette, Ram, Challenger) is wonderfully intoxicating. I fear future generations may not experience such joy.

  10. Buzzerd Says:

    New Bronco- I don’t think it look that much like the jeep other than round head lights.
    3D printing- is one of the major benefits not that you would be able to produce most parts forever? So 70yrs from now your children want to refurbish your corvette or maybe something much more rare, they can always find parts.
    Automated driving- adding further to the confusion is the manufactures advertising. I have noticed a Nissan add that implies the auto features can somehow get you through traffic jams faster.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Mustang window alignment tool is an ideal application for 3D printing, a fairly intricate item, that you need very few of. You can easily make any shape you have the CAD files for. An early 3D printing demonstration item was a working adjustable wrench, with no removable parts. The plastic wrenches I’ve seen are not strong enough to be very useful, though.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 There will always be V-8s. There just won’t be tens of millions of them on the road, like there are now. In 50 years, you might need to go to a car show to see and hear a V-8, like you now need to go to an air show to see and hear a Merlin V-12, or a 14 cylinder radial engine.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    #8 Dead on Phillip; Its not that the OE stereo is always all that great. They are not replaced because of them being very integrated into the car. Yes they have become a lot better than an AM/FM radio with a just a center dash speaker but I’m not sure many aftermarket radios would work with your touch screen or steering wheel controls. Not to mention be the proper shape to fit your dash.
    Plus the OE’s have realized that their upgraded sound system can be put in at the factory for an extra $100 to them and they can charge 6 to 10 times that much.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8, 13. I worked at Delco Electronics during the transition from car radios being a separate item, to the radio being combined with HVAC cortrols, and more. As I remember, this started at GM with Beretta/Corsica, and soon followed to other models. The aftermarket audio installers were not happy.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 I think I was wrong on that. At least the early Berettas and Corsicas still had separate radios. By the mid-late ’90s, though, things were a lot more complicated for aftermarket sound systems.

  16. Jim Bielecki Says:

    That is not the Ford Bronco. That is the small Bronco, what some are calling the Maverick. Look at the middle picture. The large “shadow” behind the Maverick is the real Bronco.

  17. ChuckGrenci Says:

    To a certain amount a stero can be made to sound somewhat like an upgraded unit by putting in upscale speakers. While that won’t upgrade sound to a unit with premium tuning and more speakers a significant improvement can be had.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 The picture is the first Bronco. The O.J. monster Broncos, with multiple generations were next, and then the Bronco II somewhere in the middle. The Expedition basically replaced the big Bronco.

  19. Todd J. Says:

    So… really do like the Bronco, but damn… I was really hoping for a 2-door.

    By the way, you sound EXACTLY like your dad. I thought I was listening to John McElroy.

  20. Bryan Says:

    I would have expected more research from Autoline in regards to the Bronco. Hello, that’s the baby Bronco! Look at the shadow image behind it. That’s the bigger Bronco. One look at Ford’s teaser would confirm this.

  21. Terry Quinn Says:

    Everything I’ve read in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the U.S. manufacturers are pushing for 5G for V2V, not DSRC. In support of that, the U.S. government blocked a takeover attempt of Qualcomm by Broadcomm, because the former is a U.S. company working at the leading edge of 5G, and Broadcomm at the time was a Chinese company. The U.S. and according to the articles, the U.S. auto companies, are all rallying about 5G for V2V. The U.S blocked the takeover on the fear that a China company holding Qualcomm might reduce the security of 5G.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18. Disregard that comment. I was seeing something else, a photo of a light blue 1st gen Bronco.

  23. sunrack Says:

    Bryan is correct. That is the baby (focus-based?) Bronco – not the Ranger-based one as seen the shadow behind it. The real Bronco will have a removable top (perhaps panels), tailgate-mounted spare; and even a 7-speed manual to properly compete with the Wrangler. Also Ford has just re-registered the “Maverick” trademark and bets are that is what the baby Bronc will be called (to go up against the Renegade & Cherokee). Can a micro Fiesta-based Bronco be next?!. If so, is it too early to call it a Pinto?

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Pinto would be a good name for a Ford trucklet. It fits the brand, being horse related, though, I think, just color patterning of horses.

  25. I.M. Buell Says:

    Personally I don’t think different levels of Steering Wheel autonomy is a good idea. Sure maybe brake and steering interaction for crash avoidance but not just driving down the road. Even on a short ride, Drivers (like the Uber driver) just cannot remain attentive enough to override a road issue fast enough if they are not already fully engaged. Level 1 then jump to Level 4…anything in between is just asking for trouble.

  26. Larry D. Says:

    1 When I wrote the comments I had read the show transcript but had not seen the photos of the Jeep Pickup. Later I saw the daily video from Autonews which had it, and I’d like to revise my original opinion:

    The Jeep pickup looks good, and will satisfy its intended audience. It sure has Jeep (Wrangler) DNA, and will sell well.

    It will not mess with Ram sales, totally different styles, but it might affect sales of other Jeep Models, it may lower Wrangler sales in particular.

    When Subaru introduced its very affordable 3-row SUV or CUV the Ascent, it continued its streak of 68 or so months of sales gains, but only slightly. Which obviously means that many Ascent buyers would otherwise buy other Subarus.

    In Friday’s show I bet there will be an item about Honda introducing yet another CUV, the passport, slated between the Pilot and the CR-V. I predict it will have the same fate as the Subaru, it will mostly take sales from its siblings.

    And now Ford comes up not with one but two Broncos?

    I see more and more makers introducing more new light trucks. This can only mean their average profits will suffer, in the long run, and they will end up making the truck market (incl SUVs and CUVs) as bad as the car market, from the point of view that there are already too damned many models to allow them to be profitable.

  27. Larry D. Says:

    The name pinto has several drawbacks, first it points out the pint size of the truck, and this is exactly what its buyers hate to be pointed out, and second, the name Pinto on a Ford may still produce memories of poorly designed cheap 70s cars whose gas tanks caught fire just because the beancounters at Ford were too cheap to pay the $50 a vehicle to fix them (make it $250 in today’s $), but preferred to keep them unsafe and pay the damages to the victims families, which seemed less expensive to them.

    In addition, there are not only pinto horses but also pinto beans. (no pun intended w the above)

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23, 26 I wasn’t serious about Pinto being a good name, because of the crash and burn reputation of the last Ford Pinto. Maybe younger people wouldn’t know about that, but they’d probably learn about it if the name were revived.

  29. Joey Says:

    Is it just me or the old bronco has more form and vibe than the new-age bronco? Hope they just retained the look and just added some new cool features and truck accessories to make it more modern.