AD #2502 – Congress Won’t Extend EV Credit, Carlos Ghosn Might Make Bail, European Industry Entering a Crisis

December 20th, 2018 at 12:03pm

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Runtime: 7:28

0:26 Congress Won’t Extend EV Tax Credit
1:00 Carlos Ghosn Could Be Out of Jail Soon
1:34 Nissan Arrests a “Power Grab”
1:50 More Signs of an Industry Slowdown
3:02 Toyota Resorts to Peer Pressure for Airbag Recall
4:11 BMW/Daimler Tie Up Could Go Deeper
6:33 Kia Wants to R.E.A.D. Your Emotions

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19 Comments to “AD #2502 – Congress Won’t Extend EV Credit, Carlos Ghosn Might Make Bail, European Industry Entering a Crisis”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    So the EV tax credit will continue to be for rich people, but only rich people who buy EVs other than Tesla, and soon, GM. I doubt that it will have much effect on buying habits, but should save the treasury money, because without the credit for Tesla buyers, a lot fewer of the credits will be used.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Seems the general consensus from yesterday was that most people also agreed it was time to remove the tax incentives, so that’s good.

    Carlos didnt do anything wrong? Humm I could maybe buy that had he not spent a month in jail. Folks with his level of resources don’t do time unless there is something pretty compelling to keep them. Guess we will see.

    The airbag recall was also compounded by the fact when it first happened people were told it would be months before a replacement would be available. What has it been now 2 maybe 3 years? After that long you start to wonder do I really need my cars interior tore apart?

  3. Buzzerd Says:

    Sandy is back! sweet.

  4. WineGeek Says:

    I look around with wonder each day lately. Where are we when we deny that the climate is warming, deny pretty much everything that we see with our own eyes, but give giant tax cuts to the richest among us. Where has our collective conscience gone over the past couple of years.

    Now we cut EV credits that might assist in keeping our planet livable for our children for a couple, of additional years. Hey maybe we can find a way to give Trump and his kids the money we save on EV credits so they can keep the crooked foundation going or pay their legal bills.

    What a shame…a depressing state of affairs

  5. Larry D. Says:

    1 , 4 The EV tax credits were VERY poorly conceived, they should NEVER have been a TAX CREDIT that only the WEALTHY could use (see yesterday’s comments!), but instead a REBATE that would be 100% for the poor, and decline and eventually be eliminated as the incomes rise. The way the corrupt Congress legislated them, they benefited ONLY The rich. WINE GEEK, do you ever read the other comments? Do you get the above? I must have repeated it 10 times on yesterday’s show.

    EV Credit LIMIT to 200,000 vehicles was ALSO a TERRIBLE and STUPID idea, rewarding the LOSERS like NISSAN who make the ugly Leaf nobody wants, and Punish those who made BEST SELLER EVS everybody wants, like Tesla. (GM got to 200,000 largely with the non-pure-EV Volt)

    2 I don’t know the extent of Ghosn’s crimes, but the Japanese themselves have said what motivated them to kick him out as CEO, not only was he making ridiculous amounts of $ compared to the most successful CEOs at Toyota and Honda who do not make 1/6th what the little Lebanese dude from Brazil who ..thinks he is French makes, Ghosn had the audacity to fire Japanese in Japan by the thousands, a no-no in their culture.

  6. Buzzerd Says:

    I think the elephant in the room is world over population. We now have 1.4 BILLION cars on the road! Whether they are electric on not when you think about the energy used to build them, create or harvest the fuel, roads….. There are no easy answers.


    Guess Jaguar introduced their electric I-Pace at the exact right time. Buyers of the I-Pace will have at least one year of full incentives. By all accounts on-line it is considered to be better then TESLA at a cheaper price….before the incentive.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Someone I know in Florida has a 2011 Fusion hybrid which was, essentially, impounded for a few months, waiting for the air bag replacement. She was given a late model Focus sedan as a loaner, but didn’t like it nearly as well as her own, well treated Fusion.

    Making it worse, the Fusion was parked, without the 12 volt battery being disconnected. The ~2 year old battery was not only dead, but permanently dead, and she had to buy a new one. When any car is parked for months, the battery should be disconnected, and with some hybrids, even more than regular cars. The dealer, or Ford should have given her a new battery. The one in my 2010 Prius lasted the entire 7 years I had the car, but I disconnected it the few times that I wasn’t going to drive the car for a few weeks.

  9. Dwight Barnes p Says:

    5 – Larry D.
    Why do you insist on being a JERK.
    State you opinion and others will state theirs.
    This is on open forum and everyone’s input is welcome.
    I know you have been removed from this site before – apparently you are a slow learner.
    Dwight Barnes.

  10. Len Simpson Says:

    Lambo re: air bag reconstruction–rebuilt a GM CUV hit hard in the front , spent almost as much on airbag replacements ( including rigid head liner) as I did on sheet metal, cooling & grill

  11. Len Simpson Says:

    I predict asking prices will be lowered to reflect the tax credit loss

  12. bradley cross Says:

    Ghosn looked like he stayed too long. If he was smart he would have retired years ago with crazy money when he could tell trouble was brewing.

    Be ironic if his greed was used as a means to bring him down. Legally or otherwise.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    #4 I know every little bit helps but the US having EV credits is a drop in the bucket toward saving the planet. Its a fraction of the global EVs. Especially when the folks that bought EVs probably would have anyway and the credit was just a nice perk.
    Besides the idea was to get the ball rolling so that larger sales would make EVs affordable and I don’t really see EV prices dropping. In fact the model 3 that was touted to be a 35k car has yet to be sold. I do wonder since the tax credits are going away if any Tesla orders will be canceled too. I doubt it as like I said I think most buy the EV regardless of the tax credit

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If I had a place to plug it in, I might be tempted to buy a Chevy Bolt. Since I started taking substantial IRA distributions last year, I’d actually be able to get the whole $7500 credit.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Ghosn re-arrested

    Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn re-arrested in Japan – reports

  16. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I too might be interested in a Bolt as a second car for my running around town vehicle. I think the size and the zippiness would be fun and the ability to recharge with the standard plug-in (as I wouldn’t need the fast charge) would also appeal. The gasoline savings really wouldn’t be a factor in operation, but over 30 grand for purchase for actually a vehicle I don’t need, is a bit much. My state does assess an EV yearly fee under the guise of road maintenance, etc. (which I do think is fair). But alas, my wife just bought a Mini, so that’s going to be our runaround vehicle with that same zippiness I mentioned earlier.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 A Bolt accelerates a little quicker than a current Mini S in CR’s tests, 6.8 vs 7.2 seconds 0-60. The Mini would handle better, but the Bolt is still pretty good.

  18. ChuckGrenci Says:

    My wife’s Mini is a 2 door coupe, with the three cylinder turbo; she’s says it is plenty fast (and it surely does ‘zig’ and ‘zag’, when requested).

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 My Mini is a 2010 with a 1.6 non-turbo 4. From what I’ve read, the turbo 3 like your wife’s is significantly quicker than mine, but even though not quick, mine is fun to drive. It is a 6-speed manual.