AD #2526 – Chevy Reveals Heavy-Duty Silverado, Pickup Truck War Heating Up, Is This Rivian’s Design Inspiration?

February 6th, 2019 at 11:51am

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Runtime: 7:27

0:15 GM Posts Mixed 2018 Earnings
1:32 Pickup War Heating Up
2:25 Toyota & Nissan Get Left Behind in Pickup War
3:04 Chevy Reveals Heavy-Duty Silverado
4:22 Are Passenger Car Sales Finally Bottoming Out?
5:34 Renault-Nissan & Waymo Partner on AVs
6:05 Brose Power Liftgate
6:38 Is This Rivian’s Design Inspiration?

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21 Comments to “AD #2526 – Chevy Reveals Heavy-Duty Silverado, Pickup Truck War Heating Up, Is This Rivian’s Design Inspiration?”

  1. Albemarle Says:

    From watching Autoline over the years, I have concluded that there is too much volatility in the monthly sales figures to draw any meaningful trend conclusions from them.

    Sort of like running a lemonade stand and analyzing sales each hour.

    For a lemonade stand, probably daily sales would be a good indicator; for car sales, probably quarterly.

  2. Buzzerd Says:

    GM- $8 billion dollar profit, meh, not enough, start closing plants.
    Are new trucks ever going to stop getting larger and more powerful? Are there that many people who need to tow a medium ocean going ship or similar?

  3. Brett Cammack Says:

    I was idly speculating on a satirical piece stating “Ford introduces Super Heavy Duty the size of Paraguay.”

  4. Barry Says:


    I didn’t like the looks of the 60 Edsel taillights and don’t think they work on the Rivian either. Just my take.

    Thanks for the great show/reporting!

  5. BobD Says:

    I was talking to a long-time Chevy salesman yesterday. He stated that their dealership (one of the bigger ones in the state) sold only 55 new cars last month, the lowest in a long, long time. While part of the drop was due to the colder than normal weather, he said even on good weather days, the floor traffic was terrible.

  6. lambo2015 Says:

    #5 I’ve been a long time fan of GM vehicles and powertrains. But currently GM doesn’t have anything all that exciting to bring people into the showrooms. Plus with the ability to search so much online and get a quote without even entering the dealership your friend might be working for a dealership that isn’t cost competitive online or not even competing online.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 By cars, do you mean cars plus pickups plus SUVs, etc.? If so, yeah, that sounds kind of bad for a big dealership.

  8. Bradley A Says:

    One or a few (simultaneously) of those 15 cameras sure would look good on a large display in the dash.

  9. XA351GT Says:

    BobD , I wouldn’t be surprised by that . With the cost of a new vehicle today they are pricing many people out of the market . When the average price is well into the 30K range and wages haven’t really moved all that much at the low end of the scale. Something has to give.

  10. Larry D. Says:

    Nothing exciting in today’s show for me. Most news are on pickups I could care less about. Re passenger car sales, the 17,000 drop is smaller than the sales of the Model 3 in january alone (28,000 by one estimate). The important number is car sales if you DEDUCT the huge Model 3 sales, and then they are continuing to be pretty miserable.

    The Rivian is a bad joke and the inspiration for it even worse.

    There WAS a very important article today, and it was about VW.

    WV will invest 80 BILLIONS (BILLIONS!) on EVs, to be able to make them profitably.

    You understand this is not just the billion or two every maker and his mother-in law invested in those unimportant, underwhelming “compliance EVs” like the Fiat E 500 and the older E golf and the like.

    They mean business, and they are betting the whole farm.

    It looks like VW will attack Tesla from below (price wise) and Porsche (which is in the VW group), Audi (same!) and Merc will try to grab share from the S and the X.

    The winner will be the almighty CONSUMER.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    VW should immediately also build a plant in China with 1 million per year EV capacity. They will buy every single one of them there, and at a lofty price too.

    Because they have no alternative. If you live in any of China’s big cities, a new dirty car license fee will cost you $15,000 while an EV will license will cost you a big fat ZERO.

    it is obvious that the boys in Beijing are sick and tired of inhaling pollution and want to outlaw dirty cars and trucks from the big cities (they can go to the country)

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Maybe VW will start building EVs in the plant in China that has been building Santana for 30-some years. Santana is the 2nd generation Passat, the one that was called Quantum in the US. Surely, the market for those is tapering off, especially since they probably won’t be allowed for taxi use in the cities much longer.

  13. David Sprowl Says:

    VW betting big?! I agree that the market place is not determining what cars are powered by. But when I think about it, the cost of a Rivian is not that much greater than a high content pick up or SUV. $20-$25 to fill up(charge) vs $45 – $60 for gas, the battery might be winning me over. No oil change – big plus for me. Bad A$$ fast acceleration, No need for the Corvette now. Sure the time to charge is greater than them time spent refueling, but that could change. Even if it doesn’t road side cafe’s have a new business model to explore. Now the bigger more important question in VW’s gamble: Can you produce and sell a vehicle profitably at say $27 – $40K?

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I still think the cost and availability of raw materials for batteries and motors will be the big factor in EVs’ becoming price competitive with ICE cars. Manufacturing efficiency can improve at a rapid rate, but if you can’t get the materials…

  15. ChuckGrenci Says:

    13, ” Bad A$$ fast acceleration, No need for the Corvette now.” Blasphemy, I say! :D

    14, I agree, from what I’ve read, battery (making) materials may continue to rise in price, especially if demand continues to grow. To paraphrase: ‘It’s the battery stupid’ ;)

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13,15. I don’t see too much connection between Corvettes and pickup trucks except that, in some cases, they have similar engines.

  17. FSTFWRD Says:

    13 “No need for the Corvette now.” What ??? What % of people cross shop Corvettes and Trucks?
    I think very few people buy a Corvette just for acceleration as they offer so much more. Corvettes are in a class by themselves. Spoken by a dedicated Blue Oval guy.

  18. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Kit, I have been searching for data on the Ford 7.3; haven’t found much but there are some speculatated videos out there for the asking. No power rating but it seems some of the reasons for development is cam in block for narrower footprint and more power at the lower rpm range. Sounds Chevrolet’esk now, don’t it.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18. Maybe Ford, after years without them, has decided that cam-in-block aren’t so bad after all.

  20. BobD Says:

    7 – Sorry, I should have said 55 new vehicles (cars, pickups, and SUV).

    6 – The dealer does have a strong on-line presence so I assume “floor traffic” includes those coming in to finalize the deal.

  21. David Sprowl Says:

    Rivian is stating a 0-60 time comparable to entry level vette. While some vette owners are using the car for competition, others only for the acceleration. while I’m certain the vette will out race a Rivian, there are few factory trucks that will equal that performance.