AD #2534 – GMC Refreshes the Acadia, Dealers Blast Trump Over Tariffs, Toyota Reveals New Hiace Van

February 18th, 2019 at 11:56am

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Runtime: 8:44

0:15 Rivian Gets $700 Million In Investments
0:45 Why GM/Rivian Partnership Makes Sense
1:30 Toyota Reveals New Hiace Van
2:30 Buick Drops the Cascada
3:10 GMC Refreshes the Acadia
4:02 GM Offers Canadian Workers Benefits
5:01 Dealers Blast Trump Over Tariffs
6:17 How Cadillac XT6 Differs from GM’s Other CUVs

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25 Comments to “AD #2534 – GMC Refreshes the Acadia, Dealers Blast Trump Over Tariffs, Toyota Reveals New Hiace Van”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I like the new face of the GMC Acadia.

    I’ve probably rode in one of those Toyota Hiace vans (obviously not the new one) on a Caribbean cruise excursion (I’m thinking). Other than it moved the people not much else I gleaned from the experience.

    I’m a bit confused with these plant closures; it was just last week’s “Autoline This Week” in which they said how hard it was to get workers.

  2. BobD Says:

    On the XT6. If you watched the whole show, the guest had to admit how many things “Cadillac” did not make it into the new XT6. Example, Super-Cruise. So I think there are more things in common with the other GM SUVs than different.

  3. Larry D. Says:

    Re the Volt, the Bolt and GM-Amazon’s Rivian partnership: The Bolt and the Volt were not good enough, obviously. In addition, few green Buyers would give the mainstream EV makers the time of day. Even Toyota’s fotrmer huge hit the prius has fizzled badly, despite every generation being 10% better than the prior one. From 20,000 a month, prius has plummeted to a disastrous 2,000 plus change (for the whole prius family no less) in jan.

    GM and Amazon would have done much better if they struck a deal with the (by far) dominant EV maker, Tesla. As it is, I am not optimistic that they will see one dime of their $700,000,000 ever again.

    Acadia refresh: Bad old GM interiors… really in poor taste. Thick pieces of plastic painted silver, (why? will the gullible buyers believe it is a metal?) and tiny slivers of what looks like really bad fake wood. Or real wood looking like fake wood? Not good, for the lofty prices buyers pay for these things. I am actually amazed GM has been so successful with SUVs (it sold a million of them last year), given their poor interiors and lofty prices.

    I doubt if Trump will slap the tariffs, but even if he does, I expect negotiations that will have far better results. And the Euro and Japanese makers always have the option to make their remaining models they sell in the US in their existing or expanded US factories in Ohio, Alabama, Tenessee, and all over the place.

    After listening to the XT6 presentation, I am actually less convinced that this is the “new flagship” as Motor Trend, if I remember well, pronounced it. Seems there is not a whole lot of differentiation between the XT6 and its clones, and the panel did a good job challenging the XT6 person in AAH.

  4. John McElroy Says:

    #1. Chuck, most of those GM workers are getting transfers to other GM facilities. Of the 2,800 hourly workers losing their jobs at the plants that are getting closed, GM says it has jobs for 2,700 of them at other plants. Some will choose not to transfer and others will retire, but GM hopes to keep as many of them as it can.

  5. Albemarle Says:

    I was under the impression that the United States was still the most powerful nation in the world.
    I thought national security was concerned with armaments, computer technology, planes and ships and military personnel, even spies.
    But if there’s national security worries about steel and aluminum from close allies and now even economy cars, things must have dratically changed. Such a fragile superpower after all. Sad.

  6. c wolf Says:

    I don’t think it will make much difference if tariffs are imposed or not. Almost all manufacturers make vehicles in the US. It might hurt GM and Ford most(IMO)because they would be doing the importing of cars; That is, what few models that remain.
    I like the exterior of the Acadia, but when I looked inside, then the sticker price it was obvious the Acadia unrefined and over priced.

  7. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Thanks John for the insight; that certainly sounds better than how some have reported all these lost jobs (so actually, not so much).

    The U.S. may soon yield if it hasn’t already done so the most powerful nation over to China. One of the problems that the U.S. faces is that we have been appointed (by the world) as the world police and that costs a lot of money that we don’t have. How much benevolence do we see from China (not much); their money stays for their own gain. I know that is an over simplification (but you get my drift).

    The XT6 is a solid introduction even though it doesn’t break too much new ground; it is a contender. Cadillac could (and should have) done better but the lack of Supercruise is just a temporary omission. It will be included in the next XT4 and soon for the XT6. Yes, I’m conjecturing but that is what I gleaned from the interview.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Trump’s saying the importing of cars is a security threat is more Trump BS, like saying a need for a wall from Brownsville to San Diego is a national emergency. Maybe I need to buy a Porsche Cayman now, before the price goes up.

  9. merv Says:

    i noticed 6 bolt wheels on that Caddy,is 6 fairly common and I’ve just not noticed before?

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 I’ve noticed 6 on either a Traverse or Enclave. It must be mainly for show, as a heavy, 707 hp Challenger or Charger Hellcat gets by with 5.

  11. Drew Says:

    I watched the AAH episode which featured the Cadillac XT6 chief engineer. As I recall, his main defense for the Underwhelming style was that it researched well will the target customer. That translates into “it’s inoffensive”.

    The challenge with market research is how you react to the things you hear. As Henry Ford once said, “if I listened to the customer, they just wanted a faster horse”. Greatness comes from exploring the underlying, unexpressed wants.

    The XT6 Chief also said they picked the XT5/Acadia platform to provide a great ride/handling experience (presumably better than the larger Traverse/Enclave), yet he also said 2nd and 3rd row space and cargo space were a top priority. Given the slight contradiction of attribute priorities, I suspect available/open capacity was probably the key determinant of the XT6 platform. Can someone shed more light on this?


    11) The XT5 is on the short wheel base C1XX platform. That is the same as the Acadia. The XT6 is on the Long Wheel Base C1XX which the Traverse and Enclave use. So it will offer more room than the XT5 but not as much as the soon to be released Escalade when it debuts on the new T1XX platform.

  13. bradley cross Says:

    Lets judge the XT6 after a year of sales in China & US.

    GM should release EV trucks under the HUMMER brand, as a subdivision of Cadillac.

    Silverado & Acadia should dump the 2.5. Turbo has a good marketing image

  14. cwolf Says:

    My wife is interested in buying a new small or mid-sized Lincoln or Caddy, so we went comparing over the weekend. In as much as I like the XT5, we were more impressed with the Lincolns. When comparing the Nautilus with the six cyl. which had all wheel drive to the comparable Caddy, the Lincoln not only felt better to drive, had better acceleration and over-all handling, it was also less expensive by a good margin. The interior had a lot of soft touches that were lacking on the Caddy. I may have been more impressed with both Caddy’s if the seats were not so flat and hard. Never the less I still like both brands but will bet the wife will opt for the Lincoln.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Interesting perspective. HUMMER was the one brand I was glad to see go. I found the militeristic trucks with 3 foot high bumpers designed to kill people in other vehicles rather disgusting. Yeah, that’s why there are different vehicles on the market, for people with different tastes.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 Did you check out X3, GLC, or any Asian “premium” CUVs?

  17. WineGeek Says:

    Lots to say about today’s Autoline Daily. I tried to purchase a Volt from a local Chevrolet dealer it was almost impossible to get the salesperson to sell me one, all they wanted to do was move me to another model. I finally gave up on Chevy and purchased a Toyota Prius Prime. The new Caddy is a poor competitor to the any other Premium CUV, why didn’t GM build a new platform for the XT6 and then move it across to the Buick and Chevy rather than using an older Chevy/Buick platform and trying to make it into a “Premium” vehicle. Another mistake from a US manufacturer trying to utilize old technology in a 21st century world.

  18. cwolf Says:

    Kit, many neighbors have one of these Asian brands and I have been in them all. They tend to have better contoured seats and leathers, drive and handle really well but they are not very roomy and seems they are in service too often and cost of repairs are higher than my perspective as reasonable. I do like the Lexus best of the bunch.. a lot actually. We’ll buy a Linc. or Caddy because I get GM discounts and my father-in-law gets Ford. Unfortunately, the only way to get the best discounts on a GM product is based upon thee added packages offered. Now days vehicles are pretty well loaded with most of what is needed. If you desire something more it requires you to buy another package that always cost a thousand or two more. this is not for me! I don’t need heated or rain sensing wipers, 30 speakers, or any of the toys and gadgets that take the pleasure out of driving and being in control.
    My biggest peeve is with all the 4 cyl.’s being standard on most everything. IMO, I am convinced a 6 or 8 cyl. gets just as good overall mpg’s overall and lasts much longer.
    I also wish vent windows would return cuz I am not fond of air conditioning unless necessary. I like radio’s with knobs so I can tune my own stations and feel almost positive if manufactures rid themselves of most/all electronic safety/driving aids, it would lessen total weight, increase mpg, severely reduce recalls and make driving as it should be… a privilege yet fun to be in total control and fun!

  19. cwolf Says:

    After too many years, my “69″MGC will finally be restored this Spring. Though it has a 6 cyl., it is as basic as driving gets. But isn’t this what driving is all about and should be? Only you old guys know what it is like to have complete control. For sure, many creature comforts, like cruse control, instant start and the like spoil us, but as long as there are guys like me the youth will never know what it is like to experience true driving pleasure.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 A neighbor has an Acura CUV, I think MDX, 2006 or so, and has had electronics and suspension problems, but the powertrain has done well. As far as four cylinder engines not lasting as long as engines with more cylinders, I don’t think it’s that simple. My friend’s “cheap Chevy,” actually badged Pontiac, is going strong at 240K miles with its 2.2 liter pushrod four. Today’s turbos would be stressed more, but might be well enough designed to take it. I guess time will tell.

    I had one of the last cars with vent windows sold in the US, a 2006 VW Golf Cabriolet.

    Your MGC sounds like a fun car. Years ago, a friend had an MGC GT, which was a cool car. There probably weren’t many of those.

  21. ChuckGrenci Says:

    The Cadillac XT’s ARE on unique platforms and only initially shared with the GMC Acadia and now with the upcoming Chevy Blazer. What I think Cadillac offers above and beyond other GM offerings is an upscale material used, as in glass, plastics and trim material. Also offered in Cadillac IMO is a more timelessness in stying. Look at Caddy from two or three model cycles and for the most part styling is still relevant. The DTS and the STS still look pretty darn good; this is seen in most of the premium brands, i.e., BMW, Jag, Merc, etc.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21 To me, the Cadillac styling theme has aged well. It started with the 1st generation CTS, which replaced the ill advised Catera in about 2002.

    As far as crossover SUVs, I don’t buy them, but it I did, it would probably be an X3 or GLC, because you can get them RWD.

  23. Dave Foley Says:

    The defence of GM moving jobs to Mexico, by citing how ‘long’ they’ve been building there, is frankly pathetic.

    GM is salesproof to me. I’m not even interested in buying a used one – even if it was originally built in US or Canada. Their reputation is that damaged.

    Selling out the Canadian and US citizens who literally GAVE GM money to survive, is a slap in the face, that should not be forgotten. The departure packages are for the most part, a joke. Another insult to the people to the folks in Oshawa that made that plant one of the literally best assembly plants in the world.

    With even more job losses and GM plant closures going on in the US, AND the expansion of GM Mexico’s plants, I have no idea why anyone north of the Rio Grande, would ever want to buy one. They took your tax money, and screwed US workers too!

  24. NormT Says:

    The 2.0T option is welcomed choice for turbo-4 junky like me with a 3-row. The Traverse RS 2.0T is too big based on out current 2017 Acadia Limited and the smaller Acadia might be just right.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    My ’89 minivan had a turbo 4 long before they became so popular. It has a feature that is not very popular these days, a manual transmission.