AD #2546 – Audi Unveils Q4 E-Tron, Trump Puts Pressure on Automakers, Goodyear’s Wild Tire Concept

March 6th, 2019 at 11:39am

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Runtime: 7:39

0:07 Trump Puts Pressure on Automakers
1:29 Carlos Ghosn Set Free on Bail
2:21 Uber Not Criminally Liable in Fatal Accident
3:26 Volvo Buses Tests 1st Autonomous, Electric Bus
3:50 Ford Updates Commercial Truck Lineup
4:40 Audi Unveils Q4 E-Tron Concept
5:36 Mitsubishi Shows Off SUV Concept
6:18 Goodyear’s Wild Tire for Autonomous Flying Cars

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27 Comments to “AD #2546 – Audi Unveils Q4 E-Tron, Trump Puts Pressure on Automakers, Goodyear’s Wild Tire Concept”

  1. Brett Cammack Says:

    The Mitsubishi would look darned nice without that thing on the roof and a little toning down of the front end. That black area above the grille needs some fine-tuning so it’s not so heavy-handed.

    It looks like a nice transition to a contemporary design language.

    Has anyone else glanced at an Audi Q5 and thought for a second that it was just another Mitsubishi Outlander Sport? The forms are very similar.

  2. Barry T Says:

    If the auto industry really wants a single national standard, (and why wouldn’t they?) they need to get behind the President because he wants the same thing. We will have different Presidents in the future but the precedence of letting California dictate to the rest of the country will be harder to change in the decades to come.

  3. Larry D. Says:

    1 Sorry, disagree 100%. The Mitsu is UGLY AS SIN, while Audis have the most beautiful exteriors and some of the best interiors in the business.

  4. Jim Haines Says:

    Not to be too mean but I don’t want anything Mitsubishi as I have worked on cars for many years and they used up owner like no other company I ever worked on just not ok cars

  5. Jim Haines Says:

    California as a state shouldn’t have the power as Carb over the epa they have. plus they have shown lots of mental illness issues over the years. Remember the gold reflective windows and the non-dark colored cars just to make a few .

  6. Albemarle Says:

    The drivetrain in the Mitsubishi concept looks to be the same as they are putting in the 2019 Outlander; a nice improvement over the 2018. Despite it’s poor performance and clunky dated design, the Outlander PHEV is very popular, particularly in Europe and Canada.

    Lets hope they clean up the outside before production.

  7. ChuckGrenci Says:

    My memory may not serve me well in this instance but didn’t the person that was killed by the Uber car come out of practically nowhere (being the pedestrian’s fault) in this fatality. If so, I certainly don’t agree with not citing Uber and possibly charging the driver with manslaughter. There is going to be a lot of money wasted on lawyers if this goes to court. And this all leads to what a lot of us were saying about liability, responsibility and litigation’s when autonomous is mainstream.

  8. ChuckGrenci Says:

    As shabbily as Carlos has been so far been treated by the Japanese legal system perhaps he may try to flee, forgot the 9 million (bail) and cut his losses. It sounds as they are going to find him guilty (that’s me perceiving a prejudice by events that have happened so far), put him in jail (perhaps for the rest of his life). Maybe flight and fight another day or just retire somewhere.

  9. Brett Cammack Says:

    You holding an opinion contrary to mine, Larry, is practically a badge of honor.

    I have 20+ years of experience with Mitsubishis that is contrary to yours.

  10. Ukendoit Says:

    I don’t remember if Sandy Munroe mentioned anything about Tesla’s tires, but I just saw a video (link on my name) where they took one off and showed the inside. It all started when he got a nail in his tire and his tire shop wouldn’t repair it because it was a Tesla. Turns out the Tesla run flat tires have an acoustic foam in them for a quiet ride. I’m not sure if the foam helps right quality or not, but they are very low profile.

  11. Phred Says:

    Great show! I also am struck with the design and execution of the new Mitsubishi. I also agree with the WH on removing California from using a non elected but Governor appointed committee to drive the USA fuel economy standards. The stated California objective is to eliminate all fossil fuels and force the country to “renewable energy ONLY” power grids. So how “even handed” do you think that outcome will be? Forget about economic impact to the consumer!

  12. Lex Says:

    It is outrageous the way prosecutors in Japan have been treating Mr. Ghosn in this matter.
    You would think he killed someone by the amount of time and effort being applied against him based upon a presumption that he willfully committed “Tax Evasion”! I do not believe Mr. Ghosn uses Turbo Tax to prepare his taxes returns, especially internationally. Why aren’t the Tax Professionals who prepared his tax returns sitting in the cells next to him? Ghosn must have paid a Japanese CPA to prepare his tax return?

    They let murderers out of jail with far smaller bail amounts. Also, the restrictions placed upon Mr. Ghosn are completely absurd!

    This was a Japanese COUP to remove Mr. Ghosn from his position and punishing him for some past leadership decisions which did not favor Nissan over Renault and Mitsubishi.

    Ghosn merging (saving) Mitsubishi into the Nissan – Renault Alliance must have been such a blow to the Japanese Psyche, that they needed to take Ghosn down in a very public and humiliating way. I hope his new Japanese Attorney demonstrates that this was a concerted effort to damage the reputation of Mr. Ghosn and destroy his legacy, IMHO.

  13. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Chuck – Here’s what I remember about the Uber crash. The woman walking her bike did not cross the road at a dedicated cross-walk. So, yes, what she did was illegal. The sensors and cameras on the vehicle “saw” an object 6-seconds before the crash. But it miss-identified her, which is why the vehicle didn’t slow down at that time. The vehicle never hit its brakes even after she was properly identified as an object in its path because Uber had deactivated the vehicle’s factory auto emergency braking system for less erratic testing. The in-vehicle video released showed the driver looking up and down at a device leading up to the crash. I’ve seen reports that say the backup driver was streaming Hulu on a smartphone before the accident. To me it seems like there were a number of factors and if Uber was is not being held criminally liable, what should happen with the driver?

  14. joe Says:

    California is a state gone mad. They wanted to separate from the rest of the states, but that didn’t work out. Plus, they’ve been doing many other dumb things. Trump is right and I hope he succeeds.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    California should be able to do what they want to clean up the air, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If too many of the car companies decided not to sell cars there, the CARB rules would adjust, because consumers would demand it.

    9 My sister had a Mitsubishi car once, a ’78 or ’79 Dodge Colt. It was an RWD 2 door sedan with a ~1600cc engine, 4-speed manual, and no power steering. It was a decent car, for the time, but rusted badly in only a few years of Indiana road salt.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 To me, it seems that Uber should bear some responsibility, since they disabled safety equipment in the car they were using.

  17. Ed Says:

    #13 The pedestrian was a grown woman, what about a child? Kids don’t know all the laws and rules, sometime they just run. These types of accidents happen with regular cars and individuals. I think that a company or autonomous vehicle that has equipment turned off and hits a pedestrian, or just a child should be held criminally liable for removing a safety factor. And the backup driver failed to show due diligence in this situation, (being on the phone). This should make anyone wanting to be a backup driver re evaluate personal liability in agreeing to be the oversight for any system.

  18. Victor West Says:

    California’s rules have resulted in vastly cleaner air. I have seen the smog clouds over some middle of the country cities. Those of us who like to see the mountains and breathe should be allowed to have that quality of life.

  19. bradley cross Says:

    If CA still has pollution issues then they should retain the right to set their standards.
    If they cant agree with the Feds then both sides should meet in the middle.

    If they dont they should lose that power and revert to National standards.

    Ghosn tried to have Renault take over Nissan, aint going to happen. Plus he was massively overpaid like most senior executives.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Ghosn was paid more like an American company executive than a Japanese one. Maybe that is partly why he ended up in jail for a while.

  21. cwolf Says:

    There should only be a national standard set by majority of vote by the 50 states. The 37 MPG standard is nothing but BS. There are very few 4 and no 6 cyl’s that get this kind of mileage. The way the rules are set up makes them bogus at best.
    The flying car tires are an impressive innovation in the automation, but if they are not solid enough to hit a big pot hole without warping, I don’t think it would fair well flying. The vibration at high rpm’s would destroy the car/plane in a heart beat.

  22. cwolf Says:

    I don’t see many Mitsubishi’s along the Erie shores between Toledo and Cleveland, but I can spot one when they are near; They usually are rusted at the rockers and wheel wells. They are thought of as a poor man’s desperation vehicle around here.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21 If the national standard had been set by a vote of the 50 states in the late ’60s, the air in America’s urban centers would still look like this.

  24. cwolf Says:

    23) Kit, I’m sure there is truth in your comment. Maybe if the law included not only included air quality but also water and mineral/oil contamination, each state would have more of an incentive to set realistic standards without creating a monetary catastrophe. as an example; Ca. could bargain for cleaner air, but the central states could seek something more agreeable by wanting CA. to stop draining the aquifer beneath them just to make their arid land farmable. By broadening the scope of what is called “environmental”, all states will have various eco problems that will make them more equal and more willing to find compromise.

  25. Lambo2015 Says:

    If California has issues with their air then maybe they should pass laws that only affect the people of California. They are certainly within their right to mandate a percentage of EVs or force the use of public transportation within the cities. Make the use of electric busses, trains trollies more available.

  26. Lambo2015 Says:

    The issue I have with CARB is the typical California mindset that they want to do everything and have everything without balancing it with reasonable cost restraints. Setting a separate standard alone cost money and a higher standard cost money. They could make significant impacts on air quality if they spent the money to reduce traffic jams with thousands of cars sitting idle on the Calf freeways everyday. If they want to achieve higher MPG they can mandate a state wide speed limit back to 55. I mean are they serious about fixing their problem or just want to do the things that can be shared by the whole nation?

  27. Larry D. Says:

    The way CA is buying half the EVs of the whole USA, it does not need any stupid MPG rules, it will far exceed the highest MPGs in a few years anyway, if current trends continue. Imposing 55 MPH would be a TERRIBLE idea. A hefty gas tax is far better, if needed.