AD #2555 – Ford Riding Success of Big SUVs, Tesla Cancels Mid Range Model 3, Maybach SUV Headed for Production

March 19th, 2019 at 11:36am

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Runtime: 6:18

0:07 Another Charged in FCA/UAW Scandal
0:45 Ford Riding Success of Big SUVs
1:23 Skoda’s Clever Washer Reservoir Cap
2:04 Battle Heats Up Between SEC & Elon Musk
2:53 Tesla Cancels Mid Range Model 3
3:23 Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser
3:29 Karma Teases New Revero
3:41 Fisker Shows Off Affordable Electric SUV
4:29 Maybach SUV Going Into Production

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28 Comments to “AD #2555 – Ford Riding Success of Big SUVs, Tesla Cancels Mid Range Model 3, Maybach SUV Headed for Production”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Personally I don’t like the looks of the Rivian, but putting that aside and with all the other competition in the wings, unless it is a good effort (make that a very good effort), perhaps we are looking for a “flash in the pan”. We’ve got all these electrics coming, but the big question is: “if they build them, will they (buyers) come”.

  2. lambo2015 Says:

    I really like the Skoda reservoir cap design. One of those products that make you wonder why it took do long for someone to figure that out.
    Tesla truck teaser is not much of a tease.
    Elon, like many CEOs has the huge ego to assume he wont have to follow the SEC settlement rules? Or maybe has so much money he doesn’t really care.
    Fisker: Good luck jumping into a highly competitive market of SUVs and trucks where the buyers not only have a long history of brand loyalty but have some really great products to choose from.

  3. Brent Jatko Says:

    I think Rivian has the potential to be a long term survivor, provided they can get the batteries they need to produce in meaningful volume. I really like the looks of both the pickup and SUV models.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Given Fisker’s really crappy attempt at a plug-in hybrid, I don’t give them much of a chance. The same applies to Karma. Isn’t that a renamed old Fisker.

  5. Larry D. Says:

    A. Larry D’s “separation theorem”:

    This is just a fancy name for the wise saying “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Any resemblance of the above with the buyers of $110,000 Navigator-Expedition clones and $100,000 Aviator-Explorer clones is just an unfortunate coincidence.

    B. The no-good clowns at the SEC should get a life, or do something productive and constructive for a change. To blame Musk for stating the obvious and 100% true fact, that 11 years ago Tesla made just one vehicle, and in 2019 it will make over 500,000, is 100% unjustified. I Hope Musk has a legal case and takes these clowns to court to leave him alone.

    C. Tesla Pickup Tease. I’d care less. From tease to unveiling (like the Model 3 Unveiling last week) will take a year or two, and from that to production, if any, another 2 years.

    D. Karma Fiskers: What are these animals? DIrty Plug-ins, Pure EVs, or 100% dirty gas hogs? They look like they will sell 3 units a year, if any.

    E. FIsker’s alleged $40,000 Pure EV SUV. Really? Even if this is down from $47,500 (losers like Fisker still get the $7,500 tax credit), I will believe it when I see it. Who else will subsidize it so it can be sold that cheap?

    F. Mercedes Maybach SO-CALLED “SUV”. What SUV????? This is the ugliest SEDAN Mercedes ever made. I don’t doubt its quality and performance and ride and all that, but FOR GOD’s SAKES do NOT build this EDSEL!!!! Plus its interior looks LAUGHABLE and would only excite a silly 5-year old.

    G. You asked me about Rivian. I noticed that GM and Amazon gave it a ton of $. I don’t see it having the comprehensive, integrated plan for efficient and cost-minimizing production, if any, that made Tesla dominate the EV field. I predict Amazon and GM will lose all their $ and will not be much wiser for it. PLUS the exterior styling of the Rivian is LUDICROUS. And I use the word in a BAD sense.


  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Other than the weird front end, I like the looks of the Rivians ok. If they actual build them, and if they are any good, they should do ok until the electric F-150s and Suburbans come along.

  7. Drew Says:

    With respect to your question about Rivian (“does it have what it takes…”), the answer will hinge upon its technical, production, supply, distribution, and financial resources. Does it have the technical depth to design-in quality and comply with regulatory (primarily safety) requirements? Does it have production capabilities to assemble at scale volume iwith quality, with a safe/ergonomic set of work rules and with a reliable flow of quality parts? Does it have a network of customer-facing outlets for sales/delivery/service? Does it have access to enough capital to pay employees and suppliers during a relatively long gestation while retaining reserves for “business glitches” and re-development in future products and/or growth?

    Fundamentally, the cards are stacked against them unless a benevolent and very patient billionaire jumps-in.

  8. Brett Cammack Says:

    That Maybach is eye-wateringly ugly. I recall a comment long ago about people whose only taste is in their mouths. That vehicle should appeal to the rich members of that cohort.

  9. DonWagner1239 Says:

    A few thoughts: An SUV isn’t a sedan (Tesla Model Y or the similar BMWs) or has a “bustle” (that Mercedes). Like Larry (for the first time) I think Elon should win the SEC case. His swagger is rather off-putting, but I respect his accomplishments. Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler, Preston Tucker, and even John DeLorean are brought to my mind in comparison. Created a car company AND a rocket company that delivers supplies to the Space Station. Unbelievable.

  10. lambo2015 Says:

    The Maybach looked okay from the front but any other view including the side profile it reminded me of something a backyard mechanic might do when slapping a 4WD unit under a sedan. Exceptionally ugly is the large gap over the rear wheel right out of the 70s with a fender flare below the chrome. The trunk is stubby and reminiscent of an econo-box.
    Essentially this was a design failure and at $200k it will also be a sales failure.

  11. Dave Arn Says:

    I Think Ford should Buyout Rivian and use Their
    Technology; that would put them about 20 years ahead of where they are now. I own Ford stock and
    wish that I would have bought Tesla instead. I’m
    tired oil leaks, oil changes, smelly gas,brake changes. Rivian 400 miles on a charge in 15mins, It’s Fast and as powerful as a F150, and ready to eat Ford’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. I look forward to driving over a Wireless Charging plate
    at home no wires. The dinosaurs died off and left
    their juice “Gas”. It’s time for EV’s – Dave Arn

  12. veh Says:

    Re: Rivian. We have an F-150 specifically for towing a small RV, and have travelled as far away as Kentucky (from Michigan) with it, with plans to take more extended trips when we’re retired.

    If a Rivian could tow a 5000 trailer WITH A DECENT RANGE (towing it for 100 miles is not enough, and range will degrade considerably while towing), AND recharging infrastructure existed so that it would be pretty easy to recharge it near most major roads, AND be competitively priced, it would be a market leader.

    I just don’t see all three of those things co-existing.

  13. Larry D. Says:

    9 RIGHT, Merc should NOT call this ABOMINATION an SUV when it is in fact a FAT SEDAN. But most important, the FOOLS who designed it should be all fired and this MONSTROSITY should NEVER be produced. It really looks terrible, and it is all in the proportions.

    PS Full disclosure, I say this as a very happy owner of TWO Merc SEDANS, both E 320 Bluetecs, 2007 and 2008, which I bought in 2016 and 2017 and paid for BOTH (both in excellent shape, and with a warranty) less than some poor shlemiel paid for his Abominable Hyundai Elantra (aaah…. this new car smell!)

  14. Larry D. Says:

    schlemiel above. (also Schlimmazel)

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe Daimler used a ’90s “whale” Caprice with 22 inch wheels and a lift kit, as inspiration for the Maybach “SUV.”

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 No, the Caprice looks much better.

  17. Albemarle Says:

    One of the jobs of the SEC is to ensure the information coming from a public company is accurate. So a quick look at Tesla, (have the money to take it private, or closing all the loctions and dropping prices on the cars, or perhaps some guestimate on manufacturing volume) would make a normal investor pause about the veracity of the news.
    We all know this level of truth doesn’t need to apply to Tesla investors because only true fanboys see this Tesla as a reasonable investment rather than a casino bet. Investors with Bernie Maddoff were happy as clams too until they weren’t.


    That merc is awful. Not sure who it will appeal to but agreed with others, it is not an SUV. The caprice did look better too.

  19. Albemarle Says:

    I would have expected Mercedes to have thrown some more money into the design budget for this car considering how much profit they will make from each one.

  20. lambo2015 Says:

    18 From all 20 they sell? Maybe that’s why its going to be the most expensive vehicle built in the US.

  21. Robley Melton, Jr. Says:

    I personally find the front end of the Rivian abominable & if cannot tow a 5000 lb boat and trailer, it’s out!

    P.S. I own a Honda Clarity Plug-in hybrid (it will not to anything!); still compiling data on it, but can easily reach 400-420 mile range on one charge w/full tank of gas.

    NOTE: You have to drive as it was intended to be operated to reach these ranges!

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 Does the Clarity have the tiny gas tank to “make a statement,” or is there not room for a bigger one than the 6-7 gallons?

    You have a lighter right foot than a friend who has one, and gets only a little over 300 miles.

  23. w l simpson Says:

    Spent my working lifetime in auto repair—-I would want a 4WD EV SUV w/a small Batt , an ICE gen,& a big gas tank——if I wasn’t 88 yrs old & stuck in a ” Retirement village”

  24. Larry D. Says:

    “..As we’ve reported, consumers around the world are ditching sedans in favor of SUVs and pickups. So it makes sense for Maybach to jump into that market…”

    As you can see, we are unanimous in condemning this abomination. Tell us it is just a concept. Even if it is ready for production, hopefully there is an executive at Merc with half a brain who will cancel this project, or replace it with an ACTUAL SUV, NOT a Sedan like the one you show. Merc needs to act fast or it will lose billions here.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe they made it a lifted sedan, rather than a wagon, because sedans are more “elegant.”

  26. Larry D. Says:

    25 not this one. Despite having its wheels at the four ends of its footprint, it is less elegant than any SUV. Many offered luxury SUVs recently, and they range from the bland (Cullinan) to the insignificant (Bentyaga) and the Lambo “SUV” that looks like it was in a fender bender, but none looks as ugly and graceless as this MM “SUV”. And at the end you can do better than any of them with a high end Range Rover (Autobiography, XL version for about $200k)

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 Of course, I was not serious about the Maybach thing being elegant.

  28. Ukendoit Says:

    I agree that “SUV” does not accurately describe the Maybach, maybe crossover? I don’t think its as hideous as most have said though. I tend to like the “tall cars” that others don’t, though not enough to buy one. Maybe they have researched the demographic they are going for (which does not include most of us) and that is what they like? The link under my name is a rendering of it with a more SUV rear end, like the GLS. That may sell better to a bigger demographic. Sean said the Maybach was based on the GLS, but it looks more like the Mercedes EQC which is on the GLC platform.