AD #2559 – BMW Shares New Info About Upcoming EVs, JLR Wins Copycat Case, Nissan Cuts Outlook in China

March 25th, 2019 at 11:44am

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Runtime: 6:11

0:23 Chinese Court Rules in Favor of JLR
0:59 Nissan Cuts Outlook in China
1:51 BMW Testing Electrics in Sweden
2:59 Mercedes eSprinter Undergoing Winter Tests
3:25 Mercedes In-Car Gaming Challenge
4:28 Mazda Tight Lipped About When U.S. Will Get Skyactiv D & X Engines
5:22 Ford Ranger Adds New Appearance Package

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21 Comments to “AD #2559 – BMW Shares New Info About Upcoming EVs, JLR Wins Copycat Case, Nissan Cuts Outlook in China”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I think Ford is smart by coming into the mid-sized p/u market with both guns a blazing (full availability of options). They are showing that they are fully committed to be a player in the segment. Chevy/GMC better keep on their toes and react and surpass what Ford might be bringing.

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 It will be interesting to see how the “smaller” pickup wars turn out. Ford has a lot less choice than Chevy/GMC, with only one powertrain choice, but I suspect a very high percentage of Colorado/Canyon buys get the same powertrain, 3.6 automatic. Also, GM offers one more body-bed choice, but neither offer a regular cab version.

    So far, Toyota rules the “mid-size” pickup market in the US (and globally) even though the current Tacoma has been around a long time.

  3. Larry D. Says:

    In the parking lot at work I saw a recent Ford Raptor in its trademark blueish color. Up front it looked very wide, well over 80″, maybe more. There are light trucks up to 96″ wide but these must be the ones with four wheels in the back (six total)

  4. Larry D. Says:

    This should be a slow news week, but next Tue April 2 I expect March and Q1 auto sales are out and it will be very interesting to see how the $35k Model 3 has been selling.

  5. MJB Says:

    I don’t know how many takers there will be of that $2,000 Black Appearance Package on the Ford Ranger when all it takes is $20 worth of black automotive paint to achieve the same effect on the stock grille, wheels and running boards…

  6. MJB Says:

    Sean, that idea of the steering wheel and pedals in autonomous cars (while at park) doubling as video game controls might not be a bad idea if used as a driving simulator for teens. Especially if the entire windshield could become like a giant head-up display for the simulator.

    Of course, it still wouldn’t be able to recreate the sensations of acceleration, braking and cornering, but it’s a start…

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It looks like there will be a second generation 86/BRZ. I’m a little surprised, given the slow sales, but they apparently consider it useful as a “halo” car.

  8. ChuckGrenci Says:

    7, Strange that Toyota would use a Subaru variant as a Toyota halo car; but whatever. Don’t ‘halo’s’ usually say, look at we can do?

  9. Bishop Says:

    #5 I think that it also includes a spray-in bedliner and running boards / nerf bars

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 Yeah, companies usually do want to show what they can do, but Toyota seems to like to outsource their “halos” these days, with the BMW Supra, and the Subaru engined 86. I wonder if they will offer a turbo in the new 86/BRZ. People have been whining about wanting more power in those cars since they were introduced, about 7 years ago. The car isn’t that slow, comparable to a Mini Cooper S in acceleration, but people buying sports cars want them to be quicker than that.

  11. Phred Says:

    Playing video games in a moving vehicle. playing games car to car while the cars are moving….I want to own stock in that law firm that specializes in those accidents!!

  12. Larry D. Says:

    8 The Toyobaru was never a halo car, it was an affordable sports car. The old Supra was more like a high-end “halo car”, maybe the BMW-Supra will be too.

    11 Me too.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 I don’t consider the Toyobaru a halo car either, but in the article I linked, Autoweek alludes that Toyota considers it to be one.

  14. Albemarle Says:

    Toyota owns 16.5% of Subaru. It’s quite common for Japanese manufacturers to have holdings in their Japanese competitors. Sort of “Japanese against the world”. Very sensible, I think.

    I’ve always liked the new Ranger and it’s good to see Ford is trying to keep the interest up on it. Sort of like what Tesla does with price changes and version drops.

  15. Gary Narten Says:

    Did I hear you correctly, the new sprinter van will have a range of 100km’s in winter conditions before a recharge is needed. If that’s the case it pretty much renders the vehicle as next to useless, especially up in Canada. What’s the point?

  16. GM Veteran Says:

    Next week’s Tesla sales news may be a little surprising, and not in a good way. Not sure they will break out how many Model 3′s are the $35,000 model, but registrations for all Teslas in Q1 so far, in the 23 states that report registration data, fell way off the pace of Q4 2018. Elon’s references to adjusting prices on the “inventory units” also seems to indicate that they have a number of unsold units at their sales centers. Perhaps another reason that they decided not to close so many of those stores.

  17. cwolf Says:

    I read somewhere that Tesla is also limiting its warranty.; Most likely to save $.

    After recollecting my teen age years when one had to borrow the family car, I don’t think I would give Merc. gaming idea any thought.
    All that was on my mind was my date, a bench seat and a drive-in! Oh how times have changed.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 Tesla has reduced warranties on some older used cars, but I couldn’t find anything about the new car warranties changing.

  19. Larry D. Says:

    If this conspiracy theory GM veterans wish to believe was true, then we would see $5,000s and $10,000s on the hood of Teslas as if they were Ford, GM and FCA models nobody wants. On the contrary, Teslas COMMAND the Highest used prices, no Tesla S is below $35,000 (even 6 year old basic models) while a 6 year old used Caddy can be had for $5k, and even an awesome S class for $10k.

    Numbers do not lie. Tesla sold 400,000 cars in 2018, up from less than 200,000 in 2017. It is on its way to make more than 500,000 cars in 2019, and four million cars when its Shanghai Gigafactory is producing at full blast, and China is twice as big a market for EVs as the second biggest, US market.

    I mentioned this before, but repetition is the mother of learning.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If deliveries are down, even as the cheaper versions become available, that doesn’t sound good, but deliveries to Europe and China are only beginning. Tesla may be a mostly Chinese company in a couple years, after the Shanghai factory gets up to speed.

  21. Larry D. Says:

    The cheaper they become, new or used, in the US, the bigger the market penetration and sales increases Tesla will see.

    I also heard in the morning edition of Auto News that Tesla won some kind of legal victory yesterday re its presentation of production numbers or sth, there was a Judge Bryer (sp?) who sided with Tesla in a lawsuit.

    Tesla could become a major player in Europe too, as they want to go away from diesels and into renewables etc.