AD #2585 – Full-Size Van Sales Soar, Tesla Likely Needs A Capital Raise, Ford & Amazon Deliver Packages to Your Trunk

May 1st, 2019 at 11:38am

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Runtime: 6:20

0:06 Full-Size Commercial Van Sales Soar
0:59 Global Sales Slowing
1:25 New Car Prices Continue Climbing
1:52 Tesla Likely Needs A Capital Raise
2:35 SEAT Uses VR To Make Workers More Efficient
3:25 Ford & Amazon Deliver Packages to Your Trunk
4:34 Distracted Driving Becomes Massive Epidemic
5:22 Porsche Re-Prints Classic Manuals

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34 Comments to “AD #2585 – Full-Size Van Sales Soar, Tesla Likely Needs A Capital Raise, Ford & Amazon Deliver Packages to Your Trunk”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    April sales are already in for most automakers who report monthly sales, BUT Ford, GM and Tesla don’t.

    FCA had double digit declines in all its divisions, even Jeep, but a 25% rise in RAM sales made the overall decline smaller, around 6-7%

    Toyota sales were down, Honda barely rose, and Nissan were up 9% (thanks to fleet sales no doubt). Mazda had a dismal month (again).

  2. Drew Says:

    I wonder how the FTC/SEC views Elon Musk’s comment about Tesla possibly needing more cash.

  3. Larry D. Says:

    From FCA sales: FIAT was down 33% at only 930 units, almost the same as the 925 Maseratis, which cost five times as much…

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    Drivers who use their cellphones have 20% more insurance claims At least the ones that admit it. I’d bet that number is higher.

  5. Larry D. Says:

    iphone is an addiction esp for young people, not only when they drive but even when they walk they constantly have their noses in their phones and do not pay attention where they are going. Same in classrooms, instead of paying attention to the lecture, they keep looking down at their iphones. It’s 100% an addiction.

  6. David Sprowl Says:

    Distracted driving…. those devices that are installed are producing the Hawthorne effect. Not all bad.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I didn’t realize that Ford even still made the Econoline vans. I thought the big Transit completely replaced them.

    That’s interesting about the Promaster sales taking off like that. It always seemed like it would be good if you need interior volume, but don’t carry a lot of weight. The front-drive layout results in a low load floor, and the 3.6 V6 should have adequate power, especially for non-highway use.

  8. Bryan Williams Says:

    I would be interested to know if those Econoline sales are of the chassis-only or “rail” configuration where a cargo box can be put on the back…or maybe even to the motorhome manufacturers? Why buy the old Econoline when the new Transit is far superior in every way? Only thing I can think is because of the aftermarket manufacturers like U-Haul and Winnebago.

  9. Bryan Williams Says:

    Also that being said – when will GM join the party and bring out a new van? The Express and Savannah are ancient just like the Econoline.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 Some of the airport buses may be based on Econoline, and on the old GM vans. If so, I wonder if those sales are included in the numbers above.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    1 on closer inspection, Nissan sales were actually quite low, the 9% rise was due to poor sales in April 2018. Even including Mitsu, Nissan+Infi+Mitsu sold a pitiful 102,661 units in April, when Honda+Acura sold 125,775.

    All of Mazda models, BTW, sold a miserable 19,702 units, (less than just Lexus!) while SUBARU continues its amazing streak with 57,288 units and well over 4% market share, while Mazda has fallen below 1.5% again.

  12. Bryan Williams Says:

    My wife and I supported Subaru’s numbers in April – we bought a new Ascent. We were going to go with a Chevy Traverse, but they are so common now and that’s just not our style. I wanted to wait for the new Explorer to come out, but we needed a new car ASAP and we got the Ascent for a song.

  13. XA351GT Says:

    @ # 5 Agree with you 100% . This however is not a new condition. People have been addicted to cells even before the phones became smart and they became dumber. I worked with a high school senior at a part time job moving freight and he failed his senior year because he couldn’t stay off his phone. Not far from me a 16YO girl driving Excursion ran a red light while on her phone killing the driver of the other car. There was no adult in the car with her. just her 14 YO sister and 10 YO brother. She tried to argue she was only holding the phone in her hand , but about 10 witnesses disagreed and her phone log also disagreed. I believe she got a slap on the wrist and wasn’t allowed to have her license back until she was 21 , but someone else’s family had a funeral. It’s sad when you are so engrossed in the phone that reality around you disappears.

  14. Larry D. Says:

    13 Outrageous… but it is not just the teens, I see it in graduate students at top U’s as well, and once I was at a red light with several cars ahead of me, the light turned green but no car was moving, it turned out the driver of the car in front of the line was on her iphone, I assumed it was a young woman but she was not even middle aged, she looked like a white-haired 75 year old grandma.

  15. Larry D. Says:

    10 The minimum cost shuttle service, door to door round trip from my home to the airport, which is 26 miles one way, for still $62+tip if you pay cash, 64 with c card (they have not changed the price in more than 8 years), has a fleet of minivans, some Chryslers, one Odyssey, with a ton of miles most of them, once I was given a ride in a Crown Vic but it may have been somebody’s own car and not part of their fleet.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 I guess Uber is a better deal than O realized, $77 for the 48 mile trip to Orlando airport.

  17. ChuckGrenci Says:

    According to GM Authority, GM will not fall behind in an electric pickup. Here’s a link (but no real details yet):

  18. Larry D. Says:

    16 it’s not a better deal, I pay $62+tip for the round trip of 2*26=52 miles, Uber charges $77 for only 48

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Uber costs a few percent more per mile, but you can travel when you want to, and take 4 people if you want to. At least here, you can figure on adding an hour or two to your trip, each way, if you use the shuttles.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    H/D is taking deposits for their electric motorcycle.

  21. Lambo2015 Says:

    The HD bike has the looks and performance but with a combined city/hwy range of 88 miles and a starting price over 28k good luck.

  22. Larry D. Says:

    April sales were down, 16.4 mill SAAR only, which will make inventories even worse.

    The RAM sold 10,000 units more than the Silverado, a major black eye for GM.

    The Civic was a few units behind the Camry as the best selling car, but if you exclude the 1,000s of Camrys that go to the daily rentals, the Civic was no. 1 by a wide margin. Same story for the Corolla and Accord for the 3rd place.

  23. Larry D. Says:

    19 nothing like that here, 75% of the time I am the only passenger in the shuttle, and taking more passengers usually adds barely 10 extra mins to the 30 min drive to the airport.

  24. Larry D. Says:

    22 Apparently this will not even have fake Harley exhaust sounds. good luck with trying to sell them for $28k. Do they get the $7,500 tax credit? They sure will need it.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19,23. I was being generous about how much time using a shuttle would add for me, compared to Uber, or driving and paying $10/day to park at the airport. Here, using a shuttle adds more like 3 hours on average to the outgoing trip. Also, I need to go to a hotel to get picked up, though that’s close, about 1/2 mile.

  26. ChuckGrenci Says:

    The Harley page states starting at 29800; I’m guessing Harley isn’t serious in this venture. Either that or they are ‘nucking futs’.

  27. Larry D. Says:

    25 I’m sure you can find a much better shuttle than that. My shuttle picks me door to door. No hotels or walking with my luggage more than a few feet.

  28. veh Says:

    “The RAM sold 10,000 units more than the Silverado, a major black eye for GM.”

    Where are you getting Silverado numbers? GM doesn’t report monthly

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27 It seems that airport shuttles are better in Michigan university towns, than in Florida beach towns, and you are very lucky with yours.

    The shuttles here make a few runs a day, scheduled in a way to get several passengers in the van. Then, when you return on your flight, you often wait an hour or more for people from other flights. There are “extra runs” certain times, like for cruse ship passengers, but generally, if you value your time at all, you don’t use the available shuttles here.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Here is the electric bike I’d consider when I go north for the summer.

    The base “Zero S” with the bigger battery has 179 miles of city range, 90 miles of range at 70 mph, and costs $14K. With less battery, and 89 mile city range, it is $11K.

  31. Larry D. Says:

    28 From the self-appeled “Bible of the automotive industry”, They are estimates, but they seem very accurate estimates, not rough ones like the ones they post for Tesla which have three zeroes at the end.

  32. Larry D. Says:

    29 that’s probably true. The U also (finally, after decades of asking) has a bus service at next to zero cost, that also has a route to the airport, but you need to pay a taxi or uber to take you to and from it. There is also a parking lot where it makes more sense to drive your car and park, if your trip is just a few days. The U always had a ‘free’ U – bus service joining the three campuses (Central, South and North), and in recent decades our U card allows us free rides also in the town’s extensive bus network, but I rarely use it.

  33. Larry D. Says:

    29 The thing I feel luckiest about is the parking lot at work, we have a commuter lot very recently paved, immaculate, only 300 feet from my building’s entrance, which costs less than $100 a YEAR (orange sticker) while other colleagues have to pay $500 and $1000 or more for their “blue” or even “gold” parking stickers if their buildings are not close to commuter lots. Of course, in NYC, they would pay $1,000 a MONTH for a parking space, and they would be lucky to find it too.

  34. ChuckGrenci Says:

    30, Zero motorcycles seem much more on where the electric motorcycle should be. Harley should have at least offered an entry model to get some interest.