AAH #462 – The Auto Industry So Far & The Return of the AutoExtremist

May 3rd, 2019 at 10:51am

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05:33 – Did April showers help sales
(or was it the extra selling day)?
27:35 – Why does GM want an EV pickup (Ford envy)?
41:35 – PHONE CALL: Cadillac CT5
58:11 – Mazda: Should they be considered Premium?
1:04:50 – PHONE CALL: Built Ford… Proud?
1:15:10 – Post-show Discussion

- Stephanie Brinley,
IHS Markit
- Brett Smith, Center for Automotive Research
- Peter DeLorenzo, AutoExtremist.com
- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production

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2 Comments to “AAH #462 – The Auto Industry So Far & The Return of the AutoExtremist”

  1. Stephen Says:

    GM could sell the Volt tech to Peugeot. While Pug is officially going EV like everyone and offers some good small petrol engine (ecoboost like) they need a replacement for diesel in bigger cars. Volt tech would allow Pug to compete with Toyota and replace diesels (toyota-lexus has done well in europe selling hybrid as a direct diesel alternative and they have no pure EVs). BMW-Merc have launched PHEV on near every model they sell as they have to offer an emission free mode as ICE cars are charged to enter ever more cities (london is doing it and its coming fast to more cities). Other buyers would be Fiat-Renault-Mazda-Subaru-Mitsubishi. If they wait too long to sell, then the budget will have gone to EVs. Ford Europe could do with it too…

  2. Stephen Says:

    China wants to compete with the west on cars. One way is to be the leader in battery power. They can drive the market to EV and every foreign car company will need competitive product to sell which they can then reuse in home markets. China also has to import all its transport fuel. Coal may generate alot for power but the potential to reduce imports as the economy matures and move powergen from coal to Nuclear-renewable is very tempting. Slightly more cleaner cars in China is not going to help when you’re selling to ever more drivers buying ever bigger cars so even if cars are cleaner, you still choke your cities and Xi Jinping made cleaner air and environment his biggest committment to its citizens and losing face is not done in China so the push will be relentless and it has the backing of everyone in China even if they are faced with finding ways of cutting energy intensive industries like steel-cement etc.