AD #2623 – BMW’s M Division Looks Into the Future, Ford’s New Technology is a Tattletale, Chevy Silverado HD Impressions

June 25th, 2019 at 11:40am

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Runtime: 7:20

0:07 Old LEAF Batteries Could Power Soccer Stadiums
0:44 Paris Considers Flying Taxis for 2024 Olympics
1:18 BMW Vision M NEXT Unveiled
3:11 Barn Find Revealed
4:23 Ford’s Belt Monitor System
5:17 Chevy Silverado HD: Quick Impressions

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19 Comments to “AD #2623 – BMW’s M Division Looks Into the Future, Ford’s New Technology is a Tattletale, Chevy Silverado HD Impressions”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It looks like the new 6.6 gas engine for the HD Silverado is a stroked version of the gen V small block 6.2, but with an iron block.

  2. Brett Cammack Says:

    The interpretation of the twin kidney grille on the BMW Vision M NEXT is pretty compelling. I can imagine that as becoming more prevalent on future models.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    As for the flying taxis; I cant really see that being feasible unless they get approval to fly them without a pilot onboard. The weight capacity needs to be saved for passengers alone. However not sure why they couldn’t provide Drone like capability as a back-up with a pilot on the ground capable of taking over remotely if necessary. Seems a bit risky that they would want to first try this flying over a heavily populated area as Paris during the Olympics. Certainly there will be many trials in all kinds of weather conditions before they get the okay. I think its cool but doubt I would get in line for a ride quite yet.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    Old Leaf batteries; Are there that many used Leaf batteries? What is the advantage of having a battery supply? I assume they are charged during “off peak” hours and then used during peak hours for power.
    Does everyone not think that as EVs and systems like this become more popular that eventually there will not be an off peak hour to save on your electric bill. At that point the storage of power will be of no advantage.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4. If the area in question has solar arrays and wind turbines, they could charge the batteries when the sun is shining and/or when the wind is blowing. As you say, though, I wouldn’t think there’d be that many leaf batteries floating around. The car has only been around about 10 years, with a total of about 300,000 sold globally. Do the batteries last less than 10 years of normal use for a car?

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    5 Well a quick search on Ebay and 75 used batteries showed up in just North America. anywhere from $80 to $1500. Some were single cell others were multiple cells. Seems like it might be a good option for all those people moving toward living off the grid. Wonder how long that could power a fridge and LED lights?

  7. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Kit & Lambo – Eaton does not re-use the LEAF battery packs as a whole unit. The packs are broken down into cells. Eaton currently offers a number of home units, the largest being 10kWh. 1st-gen LEAF batteries are 24kWh, so Eaton could make nearly two and half of its large home units out of one old LEAF battery pack. I’m not sure how large it plans to make the packs that could help power a stadium.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I found that a refrigerator uses 1-2 kWh of power a day, so if a “retired” Leaf battery has 15 kWh capacity, it would run a 1.5 kWh/day fridge 10 days, if your dc/ac convertor is 100% efficient (it’s not, of course) Still, I could see how someone could spend a few thoussnd dollars on a Leaf, or Eaton battery, some electronics, and some solar cells, and get by “off the grid,” especially if they don’t use a/c, or just a small window unit or two, and use gas for cooking and heating.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 They’d probably need several of those batteries to power a stadium, if it’s lighted for night games, but LED lighting, if used, would be much more efficient than older lighting tech.

  10. Drew Says:

    I love that belt monitor feature.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    BMW concept: All Hat and no Cattle, as they say in TX. it is not looking into the future. It is looking to get the attention of the teens which will be its future customers.

    A few years ago when I took my 740 iL to a free clinic at the dealer, I looked around in the showroom and no car there was good enough for me to want to drive it. The interiors were all industrial looking, not a square inch of wood veneer, among other flaws. And of course the prices were ludicrous.

    And while my7, which I donated to charity (Mother Waddles, which let you deduct the full Kelly Book value back then), is now a bit dated, here is a review by a omnipresent Youtube reviewer (he has done 100s of reviews of everything that rolls)

    “Here’s Why the 2001 BMW 7 Series Is the Best Luxury Sedan Ever”?

    Generally not much else to comment on today.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Interesting video, and a nice looking car. He didn’t get into gas mileage, which wouldn’t have been very good, but that V12 would have been smooth. I like the simple wheels, kind of like Prius wheels with the plastic covers removed.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    11 All things considered it would be a stretch to say the the 2001 BMW 7Series was the best luxury car ever. Following actual data from owners on sites like True Delta 39% of owners had engine problems and 24% had electrical and A/C problems not to mention the car was recalled 4 times by the NHTSA for what they deem as serious safety concerns recalls.

    I was only aware of the engine problems as many of the guys on the Lamborghini replica site I’m on have cautiously used those engines to maintain a V12 in their build. I remember there being a particular engine code in the VIN they would always say to avoid. Cant remember what that was as I had no plans to used one. But either way not the best ever.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 Videos like that are for entertainment value, rather than to be serious. Saying any car is “the best luxury car ever” is highly subjective. One could say a 2010 Lincoln Town Car was “the best luxury car ever,” and come up with some valid reasons, handling not being one of them.

    To me that BMW looks good, and I’m sure drives well for a car that size, but it had too many useless gimmicks, as is standard for cars in that class. It looks like the owner of that car has done a very good job of maintaining it, and fixing what has gone wrong. I’d like to see a car like that at a show, along with the half dozen ’67 Camaros, not that I have anything against ’67 Camaros.

  15. Larry D. Says:

    12, 13, 14

    Lambo, did you watch the whole 22 mins? Even as he calls it that, he gives it a total score of only 53, he is a very harsh grader and biased against older models as you can easily see.

    Re the MPG, the 5 lt V12 is only 0.6 lt larger than my misnamed 4.4 lt V8. THe HP differenc is puny, 18 and 22 HP on either side of 300.

    I am quite familiar with the mpg of the v8, it would give 23-25 MPH HWY at fairly high speeds, it begs you to go three digits. Of course, around town in the winter, half that for short trips. But who would care about the MPG of a flagship sedan? One would not use this car for 100 mile daily commutes, and if one did, one would get the above 25 or more at lower speeds.

  16. Larry D. Says:

    14 it is NOT for entertainment value any more than your opinions here are. This is HIS well-documented in a 22 min video, personal opinion, and he is not only fully entitled to it, I would put much more weight on his opinion than on the opinion of any of the commenters here, not because Munro is any smarter, but because, if you look at youtube, he has more such detailed tests of all kinds of awesome cars than even Jay leno.

  17. Larry D. Says:

    “To me that BMW looks good,”

    Actually I liked the color of mine much more, it was Arctic Silver (Artktissilber in German), a truly spectacular sky-blue mettalic kind of color. My interior was greenish-hrey leather that at first reminded me of the uniforms of Nazi generals in war movies, but later I got used to it and liked it better than tan or other usual colors.

    ” and I’m sure drives well for a car that size”

    This must be the understatement of the year. You really need to drive one to find out, as you clearly do not believe the tester in the video. The Impala may drive well for a car that size. THis one, as most BMWS, this is their biggest strength, even better in this aspect than the zmuch more expensive S class nd FAR better than assorted Caddys, Buicks and the LS400-430-460.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 The EPA numbers for the V12 were 12/18, and for the V8 were 15/22. Yeah, anyone who bought these cars, especially those who bought them new would not care about the gas mileage.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 It was for entertainment, just a “worst cars ever” lists are entertainment, especially when they include stupid stuff like including the Model T Ford as one did. Yeah, the Model T was primitive, but when it hit the market, it cost about 1/4 as much as other cars, but was more reliable than most.

    Was the video REALLY even his true opinion? I doubt it. Best luxury car ever? It would have been the best driving high end luxury car at the time, but in ways that most people would define luxury, an S-Class, an LS, and maybe even some Cadillac or Lincoln might have been better.

    In all liklihood, I’d like that 7 series better than it’s contemporaries, because of the way it drives, but that doesn’t make it the “best luxury car ever.”

    15 I’ve seen a few of his other videos, and yeah, he is really harsh with the numbers he assigns.