AD #2710 – BMW Reveals Plug-In Hybrid X3, October U.S. Car Sales Drop, Could Alfa Romeo & Maserati Be Spun Off?

November 4th, 2019 at 11:46am

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Runtime: 8:09

0:07 UAW President Takes Paid Leave of Absence
0:41 UAW Scandal Insight
1:30 October U.S. Car Sales Drop
2:57 Could Alfa Romeo And Maserati Be Spun Off?
3:49 Skoda Launches New China-Only SUV
4:29 Continental Offers Radar to Farmers
5:00 Mopar Stages SEMA Reveal
5:43 BMW Reveals Plug-In Hybrid X3
6:35 AIWAYS To Sell Methanol Fuel-Cell EV

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50 Comments to “AD #2710 – BMW Reveals Plug-In Hybrid X3, October U.S. Car Sales Drop, Could Alfa Romeo & Maserati Be Spun Off?”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    A million bucks, yeah, Gary Jones needs to go to jail.

  2. Don Wagner1239 Says:

    I’m surprised you missed a rather big news story that I just got on my iPhone. I.E., Roger Penske has purchased the IndyCar series AND the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Wonder what will happen with the series and the Speedway.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    Mopar news coming out at 7:26 PM Cause its 726HP maybe?

  4. MJB Says:

    “If you lie and stonewall and hold back information from the Justice Department, it will cut your head off. Just ask Volkswagen.”

    Ehhh… Unless your name is Hilary Clinton, that is. Sorry, but I just had to… ;)

  5. GM Veteran Says:

    Very interesting. Volvo sales up nearly 16% while Tesla sales drop 26%. Seems like we need to hear more about the things Volvo is obviously doing right!

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    BMW; Not real sure what the purpose of a 20 mile range hybrid is on a luxury vehicle. The performance is nothing special, and if you can afford a luxury car do you really care about that less than a gallon of gas you save having a hybrid?
    You either want it to boost performance or have a significant electric range and this car has neither. Just more weight and components to fail.

  7. Lambo2015 Says:

    5 Don’t highlight the drop in Tesla sales. Your poking the bear. I know someone stated that sales were being diverted to exports sales as the China factory got up to speed but I haven’t heard any news about people not being able to get a Tesla in the US that wanted one.
    Maybe just maybe sales are slowing as we have reached the peak of interest and all those folks that want an EV including Tesla have gotten them. Could sales be dropping simply because the niche is about filled?

  8. Gerry Says:


    GM and Ford continue to shrink into smaller and smaller auto manufacturers with very small market caps.

    GM will now be # 6 and Ford #7 after the PSA merger.

    Sadly GM will lose more ground due to this strike.

    Are we going to see a Ford/GM merger?

  9. bradley cross Says:

    That Skoda looks OK from the outside except except for that grill. But as BMW has learned, the Chinese like the extra large grills.

    How do those corrupt union folks sleep at night when stealing from the real workers. Very weird when all the UAW executives have “charities”. I mean how many folks have their own charities?

    Imagine if Alfa had been sold to VW several years back? Alfa & Masterati have some nice designs & power but what else? Their time is over.

  10. Brett Cammack Says:

    You mean the way James Comey announced they were reopening the investigation into her emails just days before the Presidential election? Yeah, that’s some kinda pass for the DOJ to give her.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 Hillary Clinton? Yeah, right.
    It turns out that one of my Florida senators oversaw tens of millions of dollars in Medicare fraud, plead the 5th a bunch of times in depositions, but, of course, only the company he lead was officially charged, and said crook, Rick Scott went on to be Florida governor, and now senator.

    6 Unless the BMW also gets a big mpg boost over the gas version, it doesn’t make much sense to me. I’d think there is a good chance that it will get significantly better city mpg than regular versions.

  12. Bob White Says:

    #4 MJB

    Why are you mindlessly fighting the last election? You are being manipulated to distract you from the real criminal who is blocking the current investigation. This morning the Trump administration are ordering government officials NOT to cooperate.

    Wake up FOOL!

  13. John McElroy Says:

    #2. That story broke after we “went to press.”

  14. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Lambo & Kit – The X3 PHEV seems to me like little more than a compliance vehicle for all those European cities that say they will ban ICE vehicles. So, why not offer them in other major markets to sell as many as them as possible?

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    11 Yes it probably will get better city MPG but if you can afford a BMW do you really care about the 5mpg increase in the city? I would think that most people that buy luxury cars buy a vehicle that appeals to many more other criteria than a few mpg increase in the city.
    Sorry Kit but its as silly as when you say the Corvette gets decent gas mileage on the highway. That is a nice feature but far from the reasons people buy a Corvette.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    13 Sean if its a hybrid it still has a ICE and wouldn’t that still prevent it from entering these cities with ICE bans? If not how will European cities monitor if the car is within the city limits running on electric or gas? If they run out their 20 mile range they automatically switch on the engine.

  17. ArtG Says:

    #4 Unless you’re ignoring congressional subpoenas lawful requests for information.

  18. Lambo2015 Says:

    UAW; Hey I’m all for “innocent until proven guilty” so I’m okay with Gary Jones being on paid leave. However if found guilty he should be required to pay back the 1 million and his salary from the date he was suspended until he is dismissed.
    I’m just surprised that there is not more outrage within the union at the mismanagement of their union dues. Not only should Gary and other be required to pay back whatever was stolen it should go directly back to the union members and not back into the UAW general fund or training fund or wherever they took it from.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 If it gets 40% better than the 24 mpg city of the regular version, that would be appealing to BMW drivers. If nothing else, they won’t have to go to gas stations as often, even if they don’t care about the money or the environment.

    Like nearly all plug-in hybrids, except Chevy Volt, the gas engine will no doubt crank up, even with a full battery, if you push hard on the right pedal.

  20. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Lambo – It’s a plug-in so you just switch over to pure electric.

  21. Lambo2015 Says:

    19 I wonder if the manufacturers of these PHEVs offer a switch to over-ride that feature and force it to operate in BEV mode only? Even still, I’m not sure how municipalities would monitor and enforce such a ban if they allow the hybrids within the city limits.

  22. GM Veteran Says:

    @7, I think you are right Lambo. The big backlog of orders for the Model 3 has been filled and now they are experiencing “natural demand” for that model. Once that scenario plays out in China, it will be interesting to see what the worldwide natural demand for Tesla models is. I think with the increased competition from other OEMs now launching their EVs, it is going to be tough for Tesla to maintain their pricing levels and to pay for new product development, and make a profit. Only time will tell.

  23. Lambo2015 Says:

    20 Sean Oh okay. I haven’t driven any PHEVs so I wasn’t sure if they have that feature or not. So I guess the police will have to be equipped with heat sensing guns to determine if someone is using their gas engine within the city.
    Traffic cams with thermos capabilities to monitor for infractions maybe?

  24. Victor West Says:

    As to Tesla and range anxiety, Friday I saw a Tesla 3 In Petrified Forest National Park loop road in far NE Arizona. It had Ohio plates and the weather was chilly.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21 I think most do not. It might be a liability risk if you had a switch that would change the 0-60 time from 6.5 seconds, to maybe 18 seconds, as might be the case of the 4300 pound X3 with only 109 hp from the electric motor.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    My non plug-in hybrids have had an “EV” button, but about all it does is let you run a little longer at parking lot speeds without the gas engine starting. If you step on the gas for more than very leisurely acceleration or speed, the gas engine cranks up.

  27. JWH Says:

    #18 – Beat me to the punch. Totally agree that if Gary Jones is found guilty he should be forced to repay the “paid leave”.

    Never been in the union, however, I do recognize the good they normally do for the workers, & also recognize that union negotiations have had a major impact on my benefits & pay when at Chevrolet Engineering, & later supplier companies.

    #2 & 13 – Sincerely hope (& do believe) that Roger Penske will not take advantage of his new position as owner of IMS & Indy Car to provide his teams with a NG competitive advantage. Over the years Mr Penske has done a wonderful job of providing his teams with a legal competitive advantage.

  28. Drew Says:

    Just spent 4 hours clearing the yard from leaves, for now. Started reading today’s ALD, saw the Volvo October sales info, and fully expected to see a piss and vinegar comment from LD. Hmmm, LD….. perhaps he’s turning a new leaf :)

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27 Penske’s most memorable thing to me, was taking full advantage of the rules for the 1994 Indy 500. Penske had Ilmor build Mercedes badged turbo pushrod V8s, specifically built to take full adavantage of the rules intended for “stock block” engines like the Buick V6s. Dominate they did, and were, of course, a one year thing, as the rules were promptly changed.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    29 For those who might be interested.

  31. Bob Wilson Says:

    I’m driving our 2014 BMW i3-REx that has 72 mi EV and a 640 cc motorcycle engine. In contrast, the X3 looks like a copy of the Prius Prime we traded in for our Model 3. It has no appeal as long as there are BMW i3-REx, especially end of lease versions, available.

    The Model 3 is parked waiting on a Tire Rack delivery of new wheels and tires. Reducing suspended weight and performance tires can improve any car.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31 Are the new wheels and tires the same size?

    Yep, the X3 hybrid is, basically, a regular hybrid, only it won’t get nearly the mpg on gas of a Prime. The i3 REx is basically an EV, but the scooter engine/generator allows you to keep going.

  33. Larry D. Says:

    5 Don’t make me laugh, poor apologist of Bankrupt GM. Ask your loser GM why it is not reporting Monthly sales any more. Because it was CLOBBERED.

    ‘You seriously cite…. CHINESE VOLVO GEELY??? That UTTER LOSER who, just because it sold 2 cars this month and one last year, you can claim it went up… 100%? Pitiful. John should have also given you the REAL NUMBERS, NOT just the percentages.

    TESLA is a WORLD-WIDE EPIC SUCCESS STORY. I said it because, as an AMERICAN, I assume you would be GLAD to hear it.

    AND Tesla BIGGEST MARKET IS NOT your Horse-and-Buggy Michigan but CHINA and then EUROPE and THEN, a distant THIRD, the US.

    Not that you will ever learn anything…

    PS you ASKED for it.

  34. Larry D. Says:


    I just saw the transcript, the video is loading slow and I got to go soon, but I believe that while you wasted time with that VOLVO loser, whose zillion models together barely sell half what the TESLA Model 3 alone sells,

    You forgot to mention HONDA also had an excellent month, as much as Hyundai-Kia, both due to strength in Crossovers.

    PS I can’t wait to hear CWOLF’s latest (I first wrote “lamest”) excuses for the CRIMINAL so-called “leaders” of the UAW.

  35. Larry D. Says:

    8 Are we going to see a Ford/GM merger?

    Yeah, it would be grand to see the lame leading the blind… or vice versa… perhaps they should get Chinese VOLVO GEELY, GM Veteran’s favorite loser, with its 0.6% market share, to help them… HAHAHAHA

  36. Larry D. Says:

    24 High Anxiety… or Range Anxiety

    Now where is Alfred Hitchcock (or at least Mel Brooks) when you need them?

    PS in this very new and giant campus (they moved from downtown Shanghai in 2008) practically every parking spot has an EV Charger, AND it is still FREE to charge here.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    36 If every parking spot at my condo had a charger, even a 3.5 mile/hour 120 volt charger, I’d have an EV as one of my cars.

  38. Larry D. Says:

    28 What are you and GM Veteran, are you CHinese Citizens loyal to the Party, or are you AMERICANS??

    AND if you are Patriotic AMERICANS, Explain to me why you seem so Jubilant that CHINESE Volvo Geely allegedly did well for this month, while 100% AMERICAN Tesla (VERY Allegedly) did not?

    I and everybody else are very curious to hear your lame excuses.

    PS John should ALSO give you the RAW NUMBERS. VOlvo is UTTERLY INSIGNIFICANT. Even Lincoln with its warmed-over Ford Clones sells more than VOlvo’s pitiful 8,000 units a month!

  39. Kit Gerhart Says:

    38 Forget Volvo and Geely. Larry, you should be aware more than most of us that China is doing a lot right. While they have many issues, they are using public money to make things better, rather than only making the rich richer, as with the Trump/Ryan tax cuts. There are those 6 lane highways you mentioned. When I was in Shanghai 25 years ago, they were just starting to build a subway system. By now, I’m sure it has become very comprehensive and useful in that huge city.

    Yeah, Tesla is a bright spot in American industry, and they know what they are doing, setting up shop in China, and soon in Europe.

  40. Larry D. Says:

    BTW, that BMW X3 plug-in hybrid, with a 20 (twenty, not two or three hundred) mile range, is 100% PATHETIC. It will cost a pretty penny and it is USELESS. I bet it was built purely for old towns in Europe, where the downtown area is only a few square miles, so the vehicle has no emissions during downtown errands.

  41. Larry D. Says:

    39 The highway had 6+1 lanes each way, total 14, 10 cars, 2 bikes and scooters, 2 pedestrians. Street names are in both English and Chinese.

    25 years is a huge time for China, if you visited again it would be unrecognizable to you.

    The Shanghai Metro was huge and excellent even in 2006, too bad it has no stop near my hotel, need to take a taxi to it.

    They also said that Shanghai is the China of the Future, Beijing is that of the present, and the CHina of the past still lives in Xian, the city with the army of terracotta soldiers and all that other ancient stuff. So the rest of China is not as up to date as Shanghai.

    PS Under the Trump so-called tax “cut” the US government actually got MORE, not LESS, revenue, but the irresponsible, incompetent and corrupt Congress spent even more, so the deficits keep growing. Congress, not the President, spend the $.

    Also, for me and all my colleagues, while we have far more than average salaries, the Trump Tax “cut” was a huge increase, and it would be even bigger if I lived in a high local tax, high real estate taxes area like Liberal NY and CA. Maybe the Trump team purposely wanted to decrease their deductions and increase their taxes.

    But my taxes, while higher, were vastly simplified, so I only paid about $400 vs $700 to the tax preparer, even though in 2018 I also filed taxes for my company, which I started just to fight the Trump tax INCREASE and elimination of the “employee business expense deductions” for me.

  42. Larry D. Says:

    Another huge winner in Oct Sales, with a grand total of 1,935sale for all its models together (one of which is a Model 3 or 3 Series rival)

    “October 2018 was the brand’s worst sales month in its brief history, with just 372 vehicles sold. So yes, Mystery Brand can brag about its 420-percent year-over-year sales increase, but to do so without an asterisk seems a little misleading..”

    Which is this brand?

    End of my “Dr Data” impersonation.

  43. Larry D. Says:

    That is, from the current 20,000 charge points, to 1,000,000, in just 10-11 years.

    Thus said Angela. We’ll see if she follows up.

    Clearly, Europe’s biggest car market is serious about entering the BEV age. Musk should be pleased.

  44. Kit Gerhart Says:

    40 While the X3 plug-in’s not much as an EV, it might be ok as a hybrid. I can’t find any information about mpg ratings or road tests, though. Maybe in a few months.

  45. Kit Gerhart Says:

    41 Yep, it sure seems that one aspect of the tax “cut” was to screw people in places with high real estate values.

  46. Kit Gerhart Says:

    42 Alfa Romeo?

  47. Kit Gerhart Says:

    42,46 No, Genesis. The numbers don’t make sense, though. Why would they go down like that for the last half of 2018, and then go back up to a little better than they were in the first half of 2018, unless there was something going on with the dealer arrangements?

  48. cwolf Says:

    41) Did the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act pay for itself in 2018? No Larry it did not.

  49. cwolf Says:

    41) And once again Larry, you are wrong about the deficit blame, too! Trump is the culprit!

    I’m kinda glad you are spreading your wisdom in China and not the U.S. —- that should really
    fu#*’em up!

  50. Kit Gerhart Says:

    48,49 Good, informative links