AD #2771 – Chery Jumps into North American Market; Daimler’s Earnings Are Alarming; Hyundai Partners with Canoo

February 12th, 2020 at 11:49am

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Runtime: 10:12

0:07 Hyundai Partners with Canoo
0:58 Volvo Trucks Shows Off All-Electric Semi Trucks
1:46 Daimler’s Earnings Are Alarming
2:27 Tesla Sales Up in France & Canada
3:24 ZF’s Cost Effective Level 2 System
4:41 Gordon Murray Design Creates Autonomous Pod
5:44 China’s Chery Jumps into North American Market
7:08 Used Car Sales Soar
7:36 Denso Using AI to Improve Production
8:16 Nissan Sues Carlos Ghosn

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31 Comments to “AD #2771 – Chery Jumps into North American Market; Daimler’s Earnings Are Alarming; Hyundai Partners with Canoo”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    A. With the Model Y arriving in just a few weeks, and with Musk’s belief it will outsell all existing Tesla models Combined, I see not a… “plummeting” but a DOUBLING of Tesla sales in 2021. Tesla sold 367,000 units in 2019. This means at least 740,000 for 2021.

    B. How much will this piggyback shaped “Motif” with its meager battery and range, sell for? Would you be willing to pay even $10,000 for this worthless POS? Not me.

    C. Chery. The CUV looks great, as do most CHinese made cars these days. In no way inferior to the also made in China Buick Envision, already sold in the US.

  2. Bob Wilson Says:

    “Volvo Trucks demonstrated its all-electric Class 8 semi” suggests a clever side effect of the Tesla semi. Speculative reports suggest the battery is in range 750-1,000 kWh. Even the smallest number would be enough for 13,600 Model 3 or 7,500 long range Model S and X or 10,000 long range Model 3.

    There have been speculations that the critical resource, batteries are best put in a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. But a class 8, semi trailer cabs would be an absolute battery sink. A handful of demo vehicles for R&D makes some sense but you really want large numbers of EVs with respectable margins. When the 10 announced, Chinese battery factories come online in 2-5 years, then an electrified semi trailer cab makes sense.

  3. Larry D. Says:

    1 B. I meant “piggybank” shaped, not “piggyback”.

  4. Larry D. Says:

    2 “750-1,000 kWh. Even the smallest number would be enough for 13,600 Model 3 or 7,500 long range Model S and X or 10,000 long range Model 3.”

    What is this, the new, politically correct math?

    As I understand it, even a 1,000 KWH battery can, at best, power TWENTY base Model 3s at 50 KWH each. NOT… thousands!!! Please explain.

  5. Bob Wilson Says:

    To add to #1, “Larry D” posting, the Shanghai factory resuming production means the Fremont line(s) do not have to be paused to run a batch of Chinese configured cars. As Shanghai runs additional lines for other models, the Fremont factory will become more efficient.

  6. Bob Wilson Says:

    Opps, slipped a decimal place. Thanks “Larry D”.

    Still one 750 kWh semi would need batteries not available for ~13.6 Model 3 (55 kWh); 10 Model S/X/3 (75 kWh), and; 7.5 Model S/X (100 kWh).

  7. ChuckGrenci Says:

    The Cherry SUV is certainly not off-putting, however, as with a lot of SUV’s these days, you could put any nameplate on that thing and it would pass as whatever the brand represented. These are so generic looking (not that China would ever steal a design) that the definitions of SUV’s are subtle at best.

    And with the introduction of Chinese cars will it reverse the trend of used cars sales soaring due to cheaper options when buying (or will the Chinese brands command a good enough price).

  8. Clarence Zahrobsky Says:

    With more people working and not all at high paying jobs that is why the used car business is doing great.

  9. Larry D. Says:

    6 No problem. Before you replied, I assumed you took into account the number of orders for these semis, which are well into the 100s, from major corporations.

  10. Larry D. Says:

    8 used car units sold were historically always FAR, FAR more than new car units, by a factor of 3 or 4. This is not something new.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2, 4, 6 When I first started reading the comments, and saw #2, I though “huh?”, or “WTF?” It would be about 10 cars worth of batteries for the truck, but I kept reading comments, and the error was quickly corrected.

    5 Yesterday, I tried to find out if the Shanghai plant was building RHD cars, and what I found was that, for now, it isn’t, but the Model 3 and, presumably, the Model Y are designed to easily build both LHD and RHD. They will probably do RHD cars there in the future, if the market is good in Japan and other RHD markets in Asia.

    10 Yeah, most of what I’ve heard, is that cars change hands an average of about times between new purchase and being scrapped.

  12. Larry D. Says:

    11 The Shanghai plant needs to build RHD cars even just for the significant Hong Kong Market. HK is still RHD and the CHinese have some imaginative solutions for the highways that connect HK to the Mainland, where you start driving LHD and have to switch to RHD as you enter HK.

    I assume another affluent market nearby, Singapore, has RHD, and they would want to export to them too.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 The article saying the Shanghai plant wasn’t building RHD car yet, said Australia is actually closer to Fremont, than to Shanghai. not that it matters much, as it is cheap to move things long distances by cargo ship.

    Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, and a number of other countries around the world drive on the left. Several Caribbean islands drive on the left, but unlike the US and other more “developed” countries, they will let you register anything, and many of the vehicles are LHD, and brought used from the US, Mexico, and other places where they can be bought cheap.

    Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world, but of what I know of it, probably not many new cars are sold there, especially fairly expensive ones.

  14. Cycles Says:

    Regarding ZF’s Level two system. To say that it is less expensive than other systems is not accurate. When you say that the Tesla system costs $7000 that is the price for the “Full Self Driving” package which is the price to enable the software for those more advanced features. All of the hardware is on every new Tesla sold. And, all Tesla’s now come with basic autopilot which includes lane keeping and adaptive cruise at no additional cost. Now the discussion about the actual cost of the system is interesting and not reflected when we are comparing the cost to consumer.

  15. Larry Skellion Says:

    I wonder if Ford and GM are going to think it was really worth it, cracking into the Chinese market, when tbe Chinese cars come here with all their partnership learnings and undercut their sales. Interestingly, When Chinese cars come here there isn’t any “partnership” requirements. No technology sharing. Heck, they could get tech from GM one day and disguise it into their car and sell it here effectively the next!

  16. Wim van Acker Says:

    @1C: Since the Buick Envision is produced in China, I suggest GM to rename it “Invasion”

  17. XA351GT Says:

    Chery’s “better than competitive pricing” Read that as we are dumping them at a loss to get people to buy them drive down our competitor’s prices until they lose money and withdraw from the market place like everything else China does. I guess it is just round three of SE Asia’s plan. Japan in the 70′s , Korea in the 80s & 90s Now the Chinese in the 20′s

  18. Tony Gray Says:

    I think Chery is missing a golden marketing opportunity by just using their existing name. It’s simple, easy to remember and pronounce and would immediately put a product in the consumers mind.

    Just like Apple.

  19. Larry D. Says:

    16 Like Ford, GM seems to want to start all its buick CUV names with “E”, Enclave, Encore, Envision.

    17 And it will be easily confused with another fake word, Camry (Chery)

  20. veh Says:

    I feel like Bullwinkle pulling the rabbit out of the hat when it comes to Chinese company announcing they’re entering NA market:

    This time for SURE!

    Someday it will be true.

  21. Larry D. Says:

    19 and why not? Haven’t the Japanese and even the Koreans done it? Why not the CHinese, who have a far superior civilization that the Koreans always LOOKED UP TO????

    After all, the 20th century might have been the American Century, but the 21st, if things continue as they are, will be the Chinese one.

  22. Larry D. Says:

    A sporty looking Skoda EV. This is probably not the one who will do it, as it is priced at well over $50k US.

  23. Larry D. Says:

    Chemical Giant BASF’s new battery materials plant fits in nicely with the nearby Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg.

  24. cwolf Says:

    Japan and Korea are not a threat to our country. This should be enough of a hint.

  25. Brett Cammack Says:

    We are an empire in decline, for certain.

    Still awaiting the first model with a Welsh name.

    Cruelly disappointed that Mercury never offered a De Sade trim package for the Grand Marquis, too.

  26. Larry D. Says:

    24 Seriously? Ever heard of Pearl Harbor? When did “Red” China attack us, oh clueless one?

  27. veh Says:

    Still awaiting the first model with a Welsh name.


  28. Larry D. Says:


    I did not mean to imply the US is now in decline, only that China will replace it as no 1 at some time. The US is still far better than Old Europe.

    CHina has 5 times the US population. The US also has 5 times the UK’s population. The same way the UK was replaced by the US as No 1 in 1945, it’s possible, if they don’t go back to that fool Mao and his disastrous policies, China will surpass the US at some time, maybe 2075, maybe 2100.

  29. Larry D. Says:

    27 would ya like extra vowels with that?

  30. Jim Head Says:

    Thanks, Sean!

  31. Brett Cammack Says:


    Pronounced “huh?” :)