AD #2798 – Lucid to Sell Direct; NTSB Releases Final Reports on Fatal Tesla Crashes; Genesis G90 Impressions

March 20th, 2020 at 12:02pm

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Runtime: 11:42

0:07 Tesla Finally Shuts Down
0:28 U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Update
1:04 Why OEMs Don’t Want to Stop Assembly
1:53 Tap Skilled Trades to Make Virus Equipment
3:09 Lucid to Sell Direct
3:59 Bentley’s Mulliner Builds Bacalar in 9-Months
4:58 BMW to Hold E-Racing Events
6:07 NTSB Releases Final Reports on Fatal Tesla Crashes
7:05 How to Get an Enthusiast to Switch from Gas to Electric
8:58 4-Rotor Mercedes C 111 Celebrates 50 Years
9:40 Genesis G90 Rivals Mercedes’ S-Class

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68 Comments to “AD #2798 – Lucid to Sell Direct; NTSB Releases Final Reports on Fatal Tesla Crashes; Genesis G90 Impressions”

  1. Bob Wilson Says:

    California Gov. Newsom sent everyone home in the state (see link.)

    Meanwhile, it appears Gigafactory 3 is in the 3,000 cars per week production mode per InsideEV.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    John of that 50 Mil a day Tesla would lose they also are not paying the 2-3 thousand employees as well as huge reduction in utilities. So the 50 Mil is offset by some things, but yes still a huge loss.

  3. Brett Cammack Says:

    In David Halberstam’s book “The Reckoning” he pointed out that the Koreans refer to the Japanese as “the lazy Asians” and suggested that Detroit and Japan both should keep an eagle eye on what the Koreans were doing.

    Personally, I’d buy a GV80 or G90 in a heartbeat if I had two nickels to rub together.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    On the Genesis G90; it sounds like its a pretty nice car. Would serve them best to distance Genesis from Kia as much as possible.
    I think its difficult for any manufacturer that builds non-luxury cars to ever pull the kind of money makers like BMW and MB get. They started and always have been high end vehicles and manufacturers especially like Cadillac and Lincoln get a reputation of being just a loaded out GM or Ford. Mostly because they shared too many components (Even bodies) over the years and didn’t keep the brands separate enough. ie Cimarron. As long as Kia doesn’t mix the Genesis and Kia brands they might actually do pretty well this time around. As soon as they offer a Kia sharing the same body as a Genesis they will cut their own throat.

  5. cwolf Says:

    The G90’s is a good looking car at a good price.
    I believe it is not assembled in the U.S. unfortunately.
    The shape our economy will be in for the next several years, I think it wise for anyone making a car purchase to at least buy one assembled here in the U.S.
    This car does nothing to move our economy forward, nor put any American to work except the salesman.

  6. MJB Says:

    John, I must say I too really like that G90.

    I am certain that either it or the new GV80 will find its way inside my stable in the coming year. When a vehicle looks, rides and performs just as well as (if not better than) others in its class, I am not at all bothered by the lack of a European badge on the hood. I think they call that ‘value’ – (circa Lexus’s 1990 debut) ;)

  7. ArtG Says:

    Lambo-Genesis is actually a Hyundai product and sold by Hyundai dealers for now.

  8. Drew Says:

    NTSB is being disingenuous in their criticism of NHTSA (a case of Monday Morning QBing), and is being too polite in their criticism of Tesla. Tesla needs to own up to overselling their system… from the misnomer (AutoPilot)… to the launch hype that absolved the driver from driving responsibility… to the lack of monitoring the driver’s attentiveness… to using naive owners a beta-testers… to technology arrogance that failed apply Murphy’s Law to environmental “noise” factors (e.g., the semi trailer at night).

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 I checked the Genesis inventory on the web site of the Hyundai dealer nearest me, and they have a few G70s and G80s, but no G90s. A large, Orlando dealer has one G90. I don’t know if that means only larger dealers can get G90s, or the smaller dealers just don’t want a ~$75K car in their inventory. I guess they still plan to have Genesis-specific dealers, like Lexus, but they need a lot higher volume for that to work. Their upcoming CUV should help, but, of course, no one is buying cars now.

  10. Drew Says:

    John, sorry you didn’t get to hold on to the G90 longer. The greenhouse, doors and quarter panels don’t look much different than the prior model. Is it all new or a moderate change?

  11. MJB Says:

    #9. I know this is an outlier instance, but a friend of mine just (3 days ago) made a luxury SUV purchase (not lease).

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Yeah, there are a few sales. We’ll know a lot more about how bad it is in a few weeks.


    11) Here’s hoping that he and a few million of his friends all bought vehicles :-)

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 I’m not a typical car buyer. I have not “needed” a new/different car in about 40 years, but I have bought a number of them. Both because of my loss of wealth over the last few weeks, and the impossibility of ordering what I might want (C8 Corvette, or possible a Porsche Cayman), I won’t be buying any new cars any time soon. I’m expecting days’ inventory of most models to stay about the same for quite a while, even with the plants shut down.

  15. Wim van Acker Says:

    @Genesis: Larry D.! This was about Genesis and you have not reacted, yet :-) Are you okay? I hope so. Stay safe. Have a great weekend.

  16. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I acknowledge that the G90 is probably a heck of a vehicle (at a very competitive price) but I chose to make my last purchase a Cadillac (CT6). I also acknowledge that the Cadillac may cause me more problems than the Hyn/KIA but I have shunned foreign cars as my choice (right or wrong) for all my vehicle buying life. Just sharing my thoughts (it may be a little more important when trying to get back on our feet). And that goes for a lot of manufactured products our short sighted businesses have outsourced to China.

  17. cwolf Says:

    Chuck, I think the wisdom we acquired over our many years has fallen to deaf ears. They may not come to their senses until they lose THEIR job or get a taste of what a real recession is.

  18. Roger T Says:

    Boy oh boy. That Genesys must be super nice, for John to hope keeping it. But I confess that over photos the thing just looks a bit creepy. Not as scary as that Bentley front end. Maybe I’m out of touch but these don;t look good to me.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    To me, that front end of the G90 is a bit much, but it may look better to me “in person” than in photos.

  20. Bob Wilson Says:

    First, read the NTSB report (see web link.) Owner of a Std. Rng. Plus Model 3, I agree with many of their recommendations but have both minor and two major objections.

    1) Every gore area should have a minimum of rumble strips, better a 3″ curb edge. – Paint fades and I’ve seen too many ordinary drivers violating gore areas to make a turn-off. Personally, I would like to see: (a) rumble strips in whole gore area, (b) 3″ raised pavement with curb (c) serious ‘pot holes’ built to wake up the driver.

    2) detecting stopped vehicles – My testing against semi-trailers reveals the car mostly detects trailer with metal side skirts but otherwise they are invisible. See my YouTube:

    There are other technical inconsistencies and mistakes but I’ll address those in a letter to NTSB, Mark Bagnard, Investigation Division Chief. I want a safer Autopilot as my life is on the line too. But Autopilot has already saved my family from five distinct crashes due to a medical condition.

    When the ratio of Autopilot-to-not accidents ranges from 3-10, killing Autopilot due to 4 fatal accidents when we lose +36,000 fatalities per year suggests someone has failed basic math.

  21. Drew Says:

    @20 – Radar-based collision avoidance systems can be confused by medium and heavy duty trucks. The trucks return two, confusing Doppler responses… one from the trailer/cargo… and another from the exposed rotating tires. This is why I prefer “warning” systems instead of “autonomous” systems… as I can choose to reject a false positive. False negatives also exist, so there is no replacement for an alert and attentive driver (where NTSB assigned the most blame… but the dead cannot defend themselves).

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 I thought I had a fairly extensive vocabulary, but I didn’t know “gore” meant anything other than things related to blood.

    It looked like that was something pretty nasty to run in to, that probably didn’t need to be there. As far as semi-autonomous systems saving lives, I’ve never used “autopilot,” Cadillac’s “super cruise,” or any other such systems, but if they can’t see a tractor trailer without skirts, I wouldn’t trust them too far. It’s been years since I’ve had a serious “close call,” and I drive about 15K miles a year, spread over multiple vehicles. Anyway, that report was interesting.

  23. MJB Says:

    #16,17. Chuck, I almost hate to even say this (because I completely see where you’re coming from), but not all businesses who outsource (to China or others) are being short-sighted.

    A number of years ago, I developed a new product that I tried bringing to market. In the process, I sourced production quotes from enough U.S. manufactures to walk away with the rock-solid conclusion that if I had only domestic manufacturers to turn to, my product simply would NEVER see the light of day. Why? Because the cost to produce here in the U.S. would have not only eaten up all my profit margin, but actually put me deeper in the hole on every single unit produced.

    For me, it was either have it made in China, or give up on that dream altogether and close up shop before even making my first sale. Presented with those two options I had no problems with and felt zero guilt about doing what I had to do.

  24. ChuckGrenci Says:

    23, MJB; I certainly respect your decision, and my ‘blanket’ comment was a generalization and not meaning an all encompassing statement. Other than just dropping it and moving on, if I were to be a little more specific, I mean the big corporations selling industrial knowledge for a one time profit and moving on. And I certainly don’t wish any ill-will on the Chinese; they have a right to survive. I don’t dare for ‘some’ of their cut throat tactics (but I suppose we have been guilty of that to).

  25. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Last sentence “care”, not “dare”; sorry (either faulty fingers or an auto-correct I missed). :D

  26. Larry D. Says:

    Hi John, I really appreciate you keeping doing the show. If everybody kept doing what they were doing, we would still have the best economy the world has ever seen, but alas…. we are shooting ourselves in the foot (not to mention becoming barefoot and pregnant, as well as destitute)

    About that skinny guy who thinks he discovered the wheel (BEV Performance), TESLA has sold a MILLION Cars already based on exactly that idea, the breathtaking performance of THEIR (NOT the Nissan Leafs or the Chevy Bolt’s) BEVS, and in particular of the Triumph of the Model 3 over the 3 series, which defeated (must be) 20 rivals before it itself had to capitulate to the same-priced, far greener, and FAR better performance Model 3.

    But I was disappointed at your very brief review of the G 90, the only Genesis I would bother test driving (But as the nearest one was 22 miles from here, I never did). The video is helpful, but you really did not tell us even the most basic things, ie, did you \drive the 6 cyl turbo (preferred by C&D over the V8) or the V8 (preferred by ME, but C&D sez its heavier weight makes the already heavy car more cumbersome to drive)?

  27. Larry D. Says:

    ps Bentley would do MUCH better dropping this silly little convertible and putting its $ into developing a BIG SUV, much bigger than ther Bentyaga, to rival RR’s CULLINAN which was off the charts in sales in 2019 (it DOUBLED Rolls’s sales and sure fattened its profits).

  28. Larry D. Says:

    9 That’s the point, even when business was normal, you could not even test drive the damn thing (and as for being… an S class rival, John, you really are way off base here, not even the OUTSTANDING Lexus LS400-430-460 ever became a serious S class rival. Let’s get serious here. The S class has no real rivals, the 7 series, the A8, the LS and the tiny sales XJ Jag (about as many as your G 90) are several steps down.

    Genesis will only benefit (when the econ is back to normal) from its SUV sales, and THAT vechile will sell as many copies as the three PITIFUL Selling sedans Genesis makes (and don’t forget one of these, the G 70, is a cheap, mass market, ’3 series rival (LOL)’. All 3 together barely sell 2,000 a month, and with this pitiful unavailability, there is NO hope they will ever have SERIOUS sales numbers.

  29. Larry D. Says:

    15 Healthwise I am still fine, thanks, hope you are too. This is the one i wanted to test drive, but John’s review is not only extremely brief, it is also way too lenient on the car.

    For a detailed review, see Car and Driver:

  30. Larry D. Says:

    Went shopping early yesterday (for the week) 9 AM or so, Kroger and Aldi (across the street from Kroger). At Aldi, both the guy in front of me and the attractive woman behind me bought only ONE item, big boxes of paper towels (apparently they had enough TP or the store was out), while I bought everything else EXCEPT TP or paper towels.

    Unlike last Fri, there were fewer people in the store (perhaps the lazy bums had not woken up yet) and no long lines at the checkout.

  31. Larry D. Says:

    Here is some helpful advice for Hyundai, if it really wants Genesis sales to ever pick up, and specifically G90 sales:

    Many years ago I think it was Lexus that would bring an LS400 or 430 to potential buyers (a short list) HOMES and leave it there for a full day extensive test drive, AND pick it up again.

    THIS time, with dealer stores closing down in FL and elsewhere, it is the perfect time to do the above for the G90. IF the car is as good as John believes, it sure will help. IF the car is flawed, the potential buyers WILL NOTICE. These are no fools, to waste $80k-90K (with options taxes etc) on some inferior POS.

  32. Larry D. Says:

    tried to watch the latest ATW but really it could not get my attention and after 10 mins I stopped it.

  33. Larry D. Says:

    Good Job, CHinese Volvo-Geely with your 0.5% US market share!

  34. cwolf Says:

    We had our first death reported in Erie County, Ohio. The guy was 85 and his son has the virus too. Don’t know yet how it was passed on. They lived only about 15 minute drive from me (Milan, Ohio).
    On a positive note: My town had a blood drive which included several other near by towns. The donors came in in droves and lasted several more hours than scheduled.
    It is a blessing to see so many others doing their part. This is the kind of participation needed to bring this nasty thing to an end.

  35. cwolf Says:

    The guy lived in Milan

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 Do you pronounce Milan MY’-lun, as with a town of the name in Indiana, or like it’s pronounced for the city in Italy?

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The film ‘Hoosiers’ is loosely based on Milan HS winning the 1954 state basketball tournament.

  38. cwolf Says:

    Yes My- lun. Birth place of T Edison.

  39. Larry D. Says:

    36 It’s Milan (accent on the a) or, to be accurate, Milano (also on the a), as in “Alfa Romeo Milano”. The soccer team is Milan (accent on the i)

    BTW Italy is by far the no 1 in fatalities world-wide with over 4,800 deaths due to the CV.

  40. cwolf Says:

    The other day I mentioned I sprayed truck bed liner under the deck of my push mower. I cut a small area of lawn yesterday to see the results and it works great! None of the clippings stuck to the inside. It was as clean as a whistle. I assume the need to spray the underside with a hose will be minimal as well. It’s kinda fun finding other purposes for things.

  41. cwolf Says:

    37). Kit, I didn’t know that! Milan is a very small, but growing community. The HS is so small they place mirrors in the halls just so the students don’t feel lonesome…lol
    It is a farm community but there is a lot of money in that town!

  42. Kit Gerhart Says:

    41 The film is about Milan, Indiana, but it is probably similar population to Milan, Ohio, about 2000.

  43. Larry D. Says:

    There is also a Milan MI abt 15 miles south of here, a colleague lives there in a farm and usually drives pickups (which he legitimately needs at home) but has also owned a Dodge Charger and maybe a Cruze. I have only stopped there once for a library sale which had too little of interest to me.

  44. Larry D. Says:

    CV update, Europe is by far the worst region in the world, not just ITaly, thousands of cases in every little bitty EU state. Spain is becoming the 2nd Italy, with over 28,500 cases and already 1720 deaths. France’s dismal numbers are also growing fast, and even tiny clean Switzerland has already had 80 deaths.

    For the 27 Eurozone/EU states, this is not just a failure of individual states and their populations (Italy, Spain) but ALSO the useless, incompetent “Federal” government in Brussels and the club of well-paid idlers, the European Parliament, which is a complete joke ( and a good reason why Brexit happened).

    The worthless bureaucrats in Brussels and the populous Western Europe nations remind me of an extinct Dinosaur, with a huge body and a tiny brain. They never had a chance

  45. cwolf Says:

    Milan, Mi. Was about a 10 minute drive from my old house.
    A family friend works at the prison there.

  46. Larry D. Says:

    In the above CV link, many third and fourth world nations, with huge populations, have very few cases and deaths. I wonder if later they will also reach and far surpass the numbers in CHina, Europe and the US. In the US, New York has the vast majority of cases, followed by WA, and CA despite its huge population is far behind.

  47. Larry D. Says:

    I saw briefings by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on C-span and was very favorably impressed, he reminded me of his father’s great persuasive and oratorical skills, he showed a well prepared powerpoint and made excellent comments, brief and to the point.

    It is amazing that the Dems had 24 or so candidates ranging from bad to much much worse, and of these 24 two of the worst, a socialist and a clueless geezer who does not know what US State he is campaigning at any time, has clinched the nomination.

    I wonder if Cuomo has any skeletons in his closet, if he does not, the Dems would do FAR better nominating him than any of these above senile or crazed geezers.

  48. cwolf Says:

    Cuomo is doing a good job keeping everyone informed with honest and accurate information, unlike the president. Even Cuomo briefings are given precedence over the presidents lather.
    The senile and crazed geezer you mention have one huge advantage over the president…..they are not Trump!!!

  49. Kit Gerhart Says:

    48 Yeah, Trump is a senile, crazed geezer, who happens to be truly evil and a pathological liar as well. I still wonder if he ignored, and called the virus a hoax for weeks because of stupidity, or if he just wanted to generate a health crisis and economic depression, so he could claim to be a “war time president.”

    The EU has a lot of confirmed cases and deaths, because they actually test a lot of people, so they know who has CV. Of course, the “touchy feely” Italians might be worse than most at spreading it.

    46 The “3rd and 4th” world countries test almost no one, so they don’t know who, and how many people have it. Also, most of those countries would have less international travel than Europe or North America, so the virus might not have found its way there as much as many places, yet.

  50. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If neither Biden nor Sanders have a majority of pledged delegates entering the convention, I think the rules would allow the Dems to nominate someone else, like Cuomo, but it’s extremely unlikely that they would, even though they probably should.

  51. cwolf Says:

    What kind of person cuts health funding, eliminates the pandemic group, then does nothing after learning of the virus in late January? He’s in denial and tries to hide the number infected and , at the same time, his inner circle is selling stock. Tricky Mitch excludes Dems from the 3rd funding measures, yet is more concerned about getting more far right judges into office before the election rather than focusing on the American people!
    What an evil bunch!!!!

  52. MJB Says:

    #24. It’s all good, Chuck ;)

  53. MJB Says:

    @ #28. “…the S-Class has no rivals…”?

    I don’t know, Larry. I think these guys would beg to differ…

  54. MJB Says:

    Pay particular attention to what the one reviewer says at around the 17:20 mark

    “…Getting out of the G90 and straight into this, the S-class is a little bit better. Definitely faster. But OVERALL, in terms of ride, noise and how smooth it is really not that much different.”

  55. Kit Gerhart Says:

    53,54 Interesting review.

    The only reason I’d consider any of these cars, would be for the ultimate in comfort and quietness, short of $200K+ Rollers and Bentleys. For comfort and quietness, it sounds like the Benz and Genesis are about equal. CR tested both cars with the same powertrains as the cars used for the video, and the S560 did 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, and the G90 in 6.0. Both are far more than adequately quick. Both got 18 mpg “overall” in CR’s tests, but the Benz wants premium, while the G90 uses regular.

    If you really care about the brand mystique, and don’t care much about warranty, you can get a 3-4 year old S-Class, 7 Series, or A8 for about the same money as a new G90. I might be inclined to do that, if in the market for an “ultra luxury” sedan, but the G90 deserves to sell better than it does.

  56. MJB Says:


    I’ve got a friend who recently (less than a year ago) purchased a 2013 S-Class. And, yes, with any European of high (or even low) mileage, one must be very aware of the cost-of-ownership situation one will be getting oneself into with such a purchase.

    Just one month into his purchase he encountered an item (he never told me what it was) that the stealership wanted over $4,000 to remedy. Fortunate for him, he already had ‘a guy’ who’s worked on Mercs for decades, and got it done for around $1,200.

  57. Kit Gerhart Says:

    56 So you know if it was powertrain related, or something else?

  58. cwolf Says:

    I read Rivian is making Lincoln’s first EV. Ford was to start delivery of the Mach e by the end of the year, yet this is delayed by the virus. My point is this: why doesn’t Ford and Lincoln wait until things become more normal and until they can start production much faster after the introduction ?
    At first the EV sounds great but before they are ready for production they are already outdated. I think Ford and GM needs new blood if they are to have a future. The present CEOs make around $20M and for making what?…..Trucks!

  59. Larry D. Says:

    This morning they stopped giving stats for the state of NY but broke it down by regions (counties?). NY CITY alone has more than 10,000 cases and 99 deaths so far.

    Italy now has 5,500 deaths and adds another 500 daily. ( 60 mill vs 350 mill US population).

  60. Larry D. Says:

    59 they did the same for MI and the other states, so now I know we have 35 cases in my county (no deaths so far).

  61. Larry D. Says:

    51 yeah, he is the Antichrist all right. Unlike your favorites, Vlad (Dracula) Putin and Shi Jin Ping or whatever. Look at the fools in SPAIN, ITALY and FRANCE, deeply ignorant person, and count your blessings, before senile Sleepy Joe Biden of the fake hairplugs, his constant fairy tales (a polite word for dishonest LIES) and his ill-fitting denture gets elected…. Hopefully the founding Fathers made this system IDIOT PROOF… or else, you are in deep doodoo.

  62. Larry D. Says:

    53 WHo cares about ANECDOTAL evidence? Why don’t you TEST DRIVE One and understand what you are talking about?

  63. Larry D. Says:

    56 My experience with TWO E class diesels with a ton of miles and a lot of years, since 2016, is the exact opposite, BULLETPROOF reliable, even more reliable than my 1990 simple 5 speed accord coupe. I doubt they made the S class less reliable than that. The people who have the kind of $ to buy these vehicles are not stupid, you know.

  64. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The latest S-Class for which CR has reliability data is 2018, and it did not fare well, with “red dots”, (bad) for suspension, body integrity, in-car electronics, and power equipment. I’m surprised abut the body integrity, but I suspect the other “trouble spots” relate partly to the extra complexity cars like that would nave compared to most cars.

  65. Kit Gerhart Says:

    61 Did your lying idol call the CV pandemic a hoax for weeks because of stupidity, or because he wanted to help enable the American Plague of 2020, and maybe Great Depression 2.0, to allow him to claim to be a “wartime president”?

  66. cwolf Says:

    Larry, you said,” The people who have the kind of $ to buy these vehicles are not stupid,you know.”
    Well I not so sure about that, Larry. You had 2!

  67. MJB Says:


    I don’t need to touch the stove to tell that it’s hot, Larry. I trust those guys to give me an objective review of the G90 vs S-Class.

    Not to mention, even John said he would love to have held onto the G90 for a good while longer.

  68. MJB Says:


    I wish I knew. And it’ll be a while before I see him again…