AD #2900 – Trump Calls for Goodyear Tire Boycott; Lucid Claims Fastest Charging EV; London Black Cab Co. Expanding

August 20th, 2020 at 11:48am

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Runtime: 8:32

0:07 Trump Calls for Goodyear Tire Boycott
1:12 Ford Tapping Connected Cars to Improve Safety
2:52 Lucid Claims Fastest Charging EV
3:32 EV Startup Converts Land Rovers to Tesla Drivetrains
4:22 Nio Launches Battery Leasing Service
5:17 London Electric Vehicle Company Expanding
6:26 AV Shuttles Help Detroiters Get to Appointments
7:06 Mahle Develops Fuel Filter for Fuel Cells

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53 Comments to “AD #2900 – Trump Calls for Goodyear Tire Boycott; Lucid Claims Fastest Charging EV; London Black Cab Co. Expanding”

  1. Bob Wilson Says:

    Compared to other EV startups, Lucid appears to have a solid background and backing from the Saudi Wealth Fund. Their technology is attractive … once it goes on sale.

  2. Kerri Says:

    Trump calling for a boycott. Once again this twit acts like a petulant child. He never behaves in the manor of the POTUS.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Does Tesla sell powertrain parts to companies like E.C.D. as a regular supplier, or would they get their Tesla parts from crashed cars, or something like that?

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    What does extremely fast charging do for the life span of EV batteries? With smaller batteries, like for model airplanes, it seems substantially shorten the life.

  5. Alex Carazan Says:

    Goodyear boycott is done already…Trump already tweeted it. The stock is plummeting. Goodyear ignored the HR slide that it’s company did present to employees. So plant workers can wear a BLACK LIVES MATTER shirt but not a BLUE LIVES MATTER shirt. So OK to show racial division but not support for our Police. This is clearly bias by Goodyear Management towards support for Democrat narratives of “racial justice” and the known Marxist leaders of BLM. Do the police deserve equal justice? Do police deserve to be defunded and attacked across all major Democrat run cities in the USA?

    We need to protect FREE SPEECH in our companies and support the USA and our constitution which was made to PROTECT individual freedom. The first amendment does not go away when one steps foot into a company. Some companies in USA are even banning the American flag! What kind of nation are we becoming? A private or public company has no constitutional right to censor speech. Key is to allow free speech but also require treating each other with manners and professionalism in the workplace. Goodyear is going to have a bad year due to it’s own political bias.

  6. Larry D. Says:

    2 In the “MANOR” of a POTUS? Another great scholar here. In the manner of Joe Biden the senile gaffe machine no less.

  7. cwolf Says:

    Lucid seems to have a lot going for it, but at $150K ? Doubt there will bee many takers at that price.

  8. Lambo2015 Says:

    The AV shuttle in Detroit is helping people get to and from hospital appointments? Using a 1.3 mile preprogrammed route. How many people within a 1.3 miles could this possible help?

    5 Well said; Share holders of Goodyear will hear with their wallets much better than their ears. I see nothing wrong with sending a clear message that censorship will not be taken sitting down. Fools can say he is a twit but I for one would like to keep the freedoms I have left. What would really be good to see is an employee wear a blue lives matter anyway, Get fired and then sue the company based on its slanted policies. Another hit to the wallet but probably have insurance for the lawsuits.

  9. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Kit – I did a little bit of digging and there’s not much information on where these companies get their parts. I read one article that said some are new and some are used. I can tell you for sure that the battery ECD Automotive Design uses is from a used Tesla. But that’s about all I’ve been able to find.

  10. kevin a Says:

    5 Companies absolutely DO have the right to ban clothing that potentially results in production problems. If you are distracting other employees, you are a safety problem and need to leave, regardless of what your shirt or hat says.

  11. Lex Says:

    Whoever put together the internal Goodyear training presentation that included, amongst other things, a ban on employees wearing hats printed with “Make America Great Again” should issue an apology to President Trump and his supporters. Goodyear was quick to say the presentation was not created by or distributed by them, however they paid for it and used it as a training tool for their employees.

    President Trump is constantly under attack by the LEFT and the So-Called unbiased Media. I support the boycott of Goodyear Tires until they issue an apology and refrain for imposing political restrictions on their employees. Please remember this “ALL LIVES MATTER!”

    President Trump a fighter, and he is fighting to reverse decades of jobs loses here in the USA. Our elected officials have for too long allowed Corporate America to run our country into the ground and send our manufacturing jobs overseas. The Pharmaceutical Industry is a prime example of this failure in leadership by our former Presidents. We need to manufacture and produce goods and services here in North America and not be dependent and held hostage by Communist and Dictatorial Governments.

    If the Media was “Not Bias”, then the President Trump would not need to resort to twitting to voice this opinions on issues!

    I long for the days of news people like Walter Cronkite, and not this current bunch of Uber Liberal and opinionated presenters current on the national news stage.

  12. JR Says:

    @5 Now is probably a good time for you to brush up on high school civics. Free speech has never applied in companies. If you go tell your boss to F-off, the company is well within their rights to fire you (unless you are protected by a contract). And the same is true for internet sites like this one. Autoline can censor our comments as much as they want since they are not a government entity. Anybody who doesn’t like it can pick up and leave, just like the Goodyear workers are free to take their talents elsewhere.

  13. clem zahrobsky Says:

    GY did what they did to keep BLM from boycotting them which is standard procedure for BLM if you do not side with them. trump is just doing what they do and seeing how the companies respond when the conservatives do it

  14. Victor West Says:

    Cut the political crap on this site.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    12 You might want to brush up on your HR knowledge. Companies are within their right to limit or restrict clothing. However they cannot pick and choose. Allowing BLM but not Blue lives is like saying the women can wear shorts but the men must wear pants. People cannot be discriminated against based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, POLITICAL AFFILIATION, belief or other discriminatory factors. It has to be equal opportunity policy. Saying no political clothing is acceptable but picking only certain ones will likely land them in court.

  16. cwolf Says:

    14) Vic, Auto Line didn’t have to bring the subject up in the first place; yet it is auto related. Nothing wrong with the subject matter, just the “crap”(as you say)in ones views.
    Think I’ll put some new Goodyears on my Lincoln before Winter hits.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9. Thanks for info, Sean.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5,11,15 etc. A lot of companies, not just Goodyear, don’t allow employees to wear clothing, buttons, etc. regarding partisan politics. Heck, my condo doesn’t allow political signs in the windows of the apartments, which is fine with me. Yeah, the Goodyear video should have also shown a Biden cap, or Hillary something, depending on when the video was made.

    If the Trump lovers boycott Goodyear, in most cases, they will be buying their tires from a French, Japanese, German, or Chinese company. If that’s what they want, go for it.

  19. Gerald Thompson Says:

    ” while the sensors will detect near misses on the road” To me this is an oxymoron; if something is a miss it didn’t hit therefore a near miss means it hit…

  20. XA351GT Says:

    Nice on Goodyear to punt. We didn’t know what was in the presentation. BS. It’s your name on it it’s your responsibility to know. They knew damn well what was in it now they are back peddling because someone made a stink. I’m fine if it was across the board wear nothing political or offensive, but when you pick and choose what is allowed and what is not you are not inviting a equal and even playing field. You are inviting a hostile work environment.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19. Yeah, “near hit” would better term for the way “near miss” is commonly used.

  22. XA351GT Says:

    @ #18 Kit. I haven’t owned a set of Goodyears since my 89 GT came with them in 1989. They lasted less than 30K and were expensive to replace so I went with a Laramie tire that was 1/3 the price and lasted twice as long. Many people that I have talked to that had them found the same result , High priced garbage. I used BF Goodrich tires on my muscle cars and got great results with them. Goodyear isn’t the only US tire maker if you’re hung up on buy American. I will and buy American where it is deserved. If you sell junk I don’t care where it’s made I’m not spending my money on it.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20. It IS across the board, as we all knew, or should have known all along. Goodyear responds to backlash from Trump tweet, acknowledges that ‘we ask’ employees not to wear political attire.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22. I haven’t had any Goodyear tires in a long time either, and have bought them as replacements only a couple times, ever.

    BF Goodrich, along with Uniroyal and many others are now part of Michelin Group. As Sean mentioned, Cooper is about the only US-based tire company, other than Goodyear, and a few specialty tire companies like Hoosier, that make only racing tires.

  25. DenMor Says:

    Everything Trump touches dies. During his 4 years, manufacturing and the trade deficit has worsen significantly. His 7th bankruptcy will be America with a 4 trillion $ deficit this year to date with at least 2 more to come.

  26. Larry D. Says:

    25 “has worsen significantly.”

    another illiterate, socially promote product of our WAY overfunded, failed public schools…

  27. Larry D. Says:

    25 “has worsen significantly.”

    another illiterate, socially promoted product of our WAY overfunded, failed public schools…

  28. Larry D. Says:

    11 NOBODY can, with a straight face, say that the US media is unbiased, ESPECIALLY after TRUMP entered the race in 2016, winning over ALL 15 other Republican candidates in the primaries, and even defeating the substantial Clinton Machine in the election.

    Trump DOES fight, that is his best quality, instead of disgracefully putting up NO fight at all, as both MCCain (ubcharacteristically for him) and especially Mitt ROmney did in 2008 and 2012.

    MANY, many millions of votes Trump will get in this election, as well as he got in the last one, are NOT from people that “LOVE” him. There are a few who do, many more that just like it, AND many, many more who ALWAYS in US politics vote for the LESSER OF TWO EVILS, as in Bush VS Gore in 2000 and especially Bush vs KERRY in 2004, and above all in TRUMP VS the hated and despised COrrupt HILLARY in 2016.

    The DEMS keep nominating more and more AWFUL candidates. Look at BIDEN for god’s sakes. AND they will keep losing.

  29. Larry D. Says:

    And another thing, there should be an AMENDMENT that ANY candidate for POTUS should have SERIOUS EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE. JUST a member of the “boys club” known as the US SEnate is NOT good enough! Even less for a member of CONGRESS. They need to be SUCCESSFUL GOvernors and not of ‘s-hole states” like AR but major states like CA or TX or FL or NY, AND have record of success there.

    OR have a serious managment experience from the Private sector.

    An ‘odd couple’ like “I never had a real Job” senile Joe Biden, OR a prosecutor who became a senator like the far left extremist Kamala Harris have NO qualifications for this all-important job..

  30. Joe Says:


    For once I totally agree with you. Trump will win in Nov.

  31. Joe Says:


    You are absolutely correct. You can not say, for example, it’s okay to wear a Biden hat, but not a Trump hat or vice or versa. If companies did this, they’d find themselves losing in court.

  32. TERRY Says:

    Set aside Trump, rather think of how stupid it was for Goodyear to do what they did, even if Trump didn’t exist. They claim that they are not allowing political messages at work, but but if you don’t think BLM or LGBTQ isn’t political, you, Goodyear, are being naive. To say that Black Lives Matter is okay but Blue Lives Matter is not okay, you are just plain stupid. I’m not big on boycotts, but I’d sure wouldn’t buy Goodyear stock until they come out with a response that makes any sense.

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26,27. Of course, you never make typos, double capitalize, mis-spell, or, uh, double post here.

    28. The media were sure good to Trump in 2016. The gave him tens of millions of dollars of free media, allowing him to become president.

    29. And another thing, there should be an AMENDMENT that ANY candidate for POTUS should be a DECENT, CIVIL HUMAN BEING. Yeah, that would be hard to specify in objective terms, but it’s clear that someone we know wouldn’t qualify.

    32. LGBTQ wasn’t political, until evangelical Christians, like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others made it political, and melded it with the Rep. party.

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31. …but as I said, and linked in #23, Goodyear doesn’t do that, nor would any other company. They say you can’t wear either. Well, they “ask” that employees not wear either. I don’t know what the penalties are.

  35. cwolf Says:

    Goodyear clarified their position on NPR. No political preference but BLM and support for police is acceptable.
    I don’t care who one votes for but I doubt any Trump supporter can factually state anything positive of his achievements. For a spell he built upon an already growing economy only to destroy it by his inactions towards the virus. Over 170,000 deaths, growing unemployment and a total lack of knowledge to run a government are just a few failures he wears on his sleeve.
    He fires anyone who challenges them puts a crony in place having no experience and no direction other than to destroy our country. Bannon is in jail until he becomes pardoned like the others and the senate report verified Russian collusion.
    This devil is an oligarch and a Putin wannabe.
    You supporters are really making America great again!

  36. Roger T Says:

    Didn’t PSA have a lease program for their electric vehicle’s battery before? I think in that case the battery was not swappable, instead it was just a way for making their vehicles more accessible and people more comfortable with having a forever warranty in their battery pack.

  37. Roger T Says:

    Sean, I feel Nio has a big advantage over others with swappable battery tech. This means customers will have a chance to easily update their vehicles with the latest battery chemistry with a simple swap, it also enables Nio to experiment with new chemistries and accelerate development too, by launching beta units on the market. Try that in any other electric car. Even is packaging is slightly compromised, this seems like a very interesting advantage.

  38. Kit Gerhart Says:

    36. Of what I heard, the main reason the GM EV1 was lease only, was to take battery replacement out of the equation. The first ones had lead acid batteries, which probably would have been good for about 3 years at best, if they were frequently run fairly low before being charged. The later ones had NiMH which would last longer, and had better energy density. I’d think battery leasing, or a “life of the car” battery warranty would be a good thing for any EV, as they get old.

  39. cwolf Says:

    Swapping batteries cannot be justified in the US, even for taxies.

  40. cwolf Says:

    Batteries take up too much space and after the year end inventory, the taxes on them will deplete profits.

  41. cwolf Says:

    Small SUVs and trucks seems to be the near future, but I believe if a manufacturer makes a quality upgraded smaller mid-size sedan, they will find a Lasting profitable market. I’m thinking more of Honda and Toyota.

  42. cwolf Says:

    I’m trying to see where EVs fit into my future , thus have been reading and reviewing blogs that may direct me.
    I am getting the feeling the Bolt may be the best choice even though the Tesla has gained more acclaim. They say dealers are offering good prices on the Bolt and the negatives seem to have been minor considering it’s intended purpose as an around town car. They say the new one has more comfortable seats, feels spacious for its size and is able to go a good distance when needed.
    I’m adding it to my “ next car list.” Thus far, the larger used Lincoln , a new Ridgeline and now the Bolt are in consideration.

  43. cwolf Says:

    I’m trying to see where EVs fit into my future , thus have been reading and reviewing blogs that may direct me.
    I am getting the feeling the Bolt may be the best choice even though the Tesla has gained more acclaim. They say dealers are offering good prices on the Bolt and the negatives seem to have been minor considering it’s intended purpose as an around town car. They say the new one has more comfortable seats, feels spacious for its size and is able to go a good distance when needed.
    I’m adding it to my “ next car list.” Thus far, the larger used Lincoln , a new Ridgeline and now the Bolt are in consideration.

  44. DenMor Says:

    28 Larry D

    You are such a douche. When you can’t counter an argument, you find something to nit pick and attack the individual.

    Instead of spending all your time writing your incoherent nonsense here, why don’t you find something useful to occupy your troubled mind.

  45. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m still waiting for home charging options at my Florida condo, but for operating cost and general “pleasantness,” the Camry hybrid is pretty good. I’m on track to get 650 miles from about 12 gollons of gas from the current tank. I always get good mileage, but it gets really good when all of my driving is on roads with a speed limit of not over 55. Still, I’d like driving an EV, with the immediate acceleration, and very quiet powertrain.

  46. cwolf Says:

    Kit, you talk about your Camry so often I am including it for consideration. Think I’ll test drive one

  47. cwolf Says:

    Larry, once again, please state factually one positive ANYTHING Trump has achieved for the best of country.
    You won’t find one and , if you are smart, won’t challenge me on economic or market issues. You are as dumb as a brick on this issue.

  48. Bobby T Says:

    #33: Amen, amen, amen.

  49. Kit Gerhart Says:

    46. The reason I bought the Camry is the hybrid powertrain, which gets the great gas mileage I mention, and it works very seamlessly. You hear the engine at times, but not annoyingly so, at least to me, and at steady speed, you don’t hear it much at all. The main downside of the hybrid is that the brake feel can be jerky and non-linear at low speed, especially at about 0-5 mph.

    My car is the LE, the lowest trim level hybrid, which gets somewhat better mpg than the fancier versions. In 2018, the year of my car, the LE used Li batteries, while the higher trim hybrids used NiMH. That accounted for part of the mpg difference, but also, the LE uses skinnier tires which help mpg, while compromising handling a little. For 2020, I think they all use the same batteries, but the LE still has substantially higher EPA ratings.

    It’s hard to believe that the tire difference would account for all of that. I’m guessing that the real world difference would not be as great as the EPA numbers indicate. Anyway, since you are used to a more premium car, you might not be happy with the Camry LE with cloth seats, only one USB socket, etc. but the XLE and SE are nicer. Anyway, check them out. I like cloth seats, at least if they are dark color, so I like the LE just fine.

    All of that said, if I were buying a non-hybrid sedan in that market, it might have been something else, like an Accord, or maybe even a Malibu. I probably would not have bought a Fusion, because it was already officially headed for orphandom.

  50. Ed Says:

    I remember a story here years back about a battery company that changed out / refilled the electrolyte. For a quick recharge, does anyone know if that was viable or still going?

  51. Kit Gerhart Says:

    50. This?

  52. 1949view Says:

    Suggest Goodyear modify its business plan to include purchasing shirts and hats displaying the Goodyear logo for all employees. Mandate wearing of only Goodyear shirts and hats on the shop floor. Problem solved. (Bonus: Should also lead to better productivity and worker morale as all pull as one team.)

  53. Kit Gerhart Says:

    52. Great idea.