AAH #523 – Polestar Elbows Its Way Into The EV Segment

August 28th, 2020 at 9:44am

Listen to “AAH #523 – Polestar Elbows Its Way Into The EV Segment” on Spreaker.

Gregor Hembrough
Head of Polestar North America

03:27 – Polestar Elbows Its Way Into The EV Segment
31:13 – Electric Cars

34:47 – Porsche Expands Subscription Offering: Does This Model Have Traction?
43:49 – Deloitte Finds 50% Will Keep a Vehicle Longer Than Expected: Is There a Recovery?
48:02 – Exxon Off the Dow After 92 Years: Remember When It Was #1?

- Joann Muller,
- Gary Vasilash, autobeatonline.com
- John McElroy, Autoline.tv

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2 Comments to “AAH #523 – Polestar Elbows Its Way Into The EV Segment”

  1. Bob White Says:

    From what I can see here, all Polestar vehicles are made in China.

  2. Sean Wagner Says:

    I liked Joann’s analogy of EV sales being on a (slow) ride up the rollercoaster – but nearing the next phaaaase. Hell, Tesla’s selling well over 10’000 cars a month in China now.

    As for making battery cells, the focus is on one basic component, manufacturing of which is parforce totally automated. And innovation continues.

    However, with batteries remaining the most valuable part of a vehicle, cheaper metropolitan runabouts (including budding commercial offerings) might come to reside at the lower end of wide cost-and-range moat.

    There’s room for experimentation.