AD #2906 – GM Moves Corvette Engineers to EV Programs; Tesla Targeted in Cyber Attack; Bollinger Reveals Commercial Van

August 28th, 2020 at 11:55am

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Runtime: 10:11

0:07 Tesla Targeted in Cyber Attack
0:42 Tesla Stock Reaches New High
1:03 Another UAW President Charged with Embezzlement
1:52 NHTSA Rolls Out New Recall App
3:15 Clarios Makes Lead Acid Batteries More Efficient
4:23 GM Moves Top Corvette Engineers to EV Programs
5:35 Ibeo To Supply Great Wall with Solid State Lidar
6:20 Bollinger Reveals New Commercial Electric Van
7:04 Mustang Mach-E Sounds Remixed into Music
7:40 Viewer Responses to Autonomous Parking

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48 Comments to “AD #2906 – GM Moves Corvette Engineers to EV Programs; Tesla Targeted in Cyber Attack; Bollinger Reveals Commercial Van”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    What do we think about the Bollinger Van? What can we think if no info at all about the most important variable, ITS PRICE, is given????? Any comments will be worthless speculation.

  2. Frank M Says:

    It’s striking that the Bollinger van is so smooth and apparently sleek (except for the front wheels sticking out of the sides with blunt fenders over them), while the Bollinger pickup looks like a Hummer in a box. They must think that delivery people want efficiency while truck people care only about the tough image.
    What’s up with the AGM battery story? AGM batteries have been around for years. What is the new breakthrough?

  3. Larry D. Says:

    Just checked the link, still no info at all about pricing. They say, though, ‘contact us for more info”. I strongly suggest you do.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    AGM batteries are nothing new. My 2003 scooter came with one, which was great, lasting 12 or 13 years.

    I’d think the wide rear track of the Bolinger van would be mainly to allow a wider area of low, flat floor between the wheel wells.

  5. Bob WIlson Says:

    No doubt Martin Tripp (self described whistle blower) who is in Hungary is grinding his teeth. Of course the Russians were just trying to find what Elon called “Tesla pixie dust” that cause the stock price increase.

    BTW, I took some TSLA profits and am using it to diversify my investments. I’ve also got a cache of cash to pickup some bargains.

  6. ChuckGrenci Says:

    AGM batteries are not new though some of the beneficial claims seem to be; lighter weight and charging characteristics look better than the AGM’s of today.

  7. Drew Says:

    Regarding the reassignment of some Corvette team members, it makes sense if they are the electrical architecture engineers. As you may recall, one of the C8’s launch delays was ascribed to the development challenge of the new “connected” architecture. So, it makes sense to me to capture that expertise for the AV/EV work.

  8. Wim van Acker Says:

    @Larry D.: since your comment shown below was posted late yesterday, people may have missed it.

    “PS did you hear Musk is now worth 96 BILL $ US and still going higher? FInd how many arab NAtions (the entire nations) have a GDP which is higher than that. Juat for the fun of it in case Joe, Cwolf and Ziggy sees it.”

    You compare net worth with Gross Domestic Product. I thought it was very funny when somebody who lectures us each day how dumb and uneducated we are makes an outright nonsensical and stupid comparison like that. I would not know how to calculate the net worth of a country. Just for fun I calculated the value of the Saudi oil reserve: 267 billion barrels at let’s assume an average price over the coming two decades of $50/barrel: $15 Trillion. You may want to read up on Macro Economics 101. Try to pay attention, read it multiple times if it is difficult for you, learn what GDP is, etc. We are all looking forward to your future posts once you actually understand what you write.

    You do understand when you post in great detail about your parents’ Toyota Corolla in 1991, including their financing, but I may have to disappoint you: I could not care less. Others may be very interested to learn an old timer’s thirty years old stories about a Corolla, though.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Drew Says:


  10. Tony Gray Says:

    Zoe’s was more the “Godfather” of the Corvette. He wasn’t there for the birth but he made sure it got a soul.

  11. XA351GT Says:

    Sorry but I don’t find the sound of any electric vehicle cinematic. They sound like a giant slot car. Maybe if the made giant baseball cards and had spoke wheels they’d sound better or like anything at all.

  12. ChuckGrenci Says:

    10, Tony, agree; I’ve always called Zora the ‘savior of the Corvette’. As far as the father of the Corvette, I give that accolade to Bill Mitchell.

  13. veh Says:

    the Bollinger van is a concept. Not even close to a production-ready vehicle. They still have to build the pickup…let’s see how that goes before we get all bunched up about the Deliver-E.

  14. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I went to the link for Ford’s Mustang E sound remix, and other than some Ford stuff for lyrics, I’m hearing the Steve Miller Band “Fly like an Eagle” (at least the intro). It goes down hill from there. :D Hah! Maybe Ford got some Press for the Mustang E but not much else.

  15. merv Says:

    helped my neighbor with his dead battery in his pickup. the battery was so big it came with a built in handle,but was still a grunt to lift out and replace. Any weight savings I’m sure would be appreciated by many.

  16. Larry D. Says:

    13 Exactly. What are we, 12 year olds to be teased with these cute concepts with little or no substance underneath and then asked what we think? What can we seriously think?

  17. Larry D. Says:

    8 worthless nitpicking and ankle biting. How narrow is your head? You miss the forest for the trees. Go play with Joe (who believes that in the 21st century NASA ‘gave Musk the BLUEPRINTS” actual blueprints, blue paper and all, as if it was Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg Drawings… LOL.

  18. Larry D. Says:

    8 PS silly person, how does YOUR net worth compare with the GDP of even the poorest Arab Nation? DO you see my frigging point now? ANd are you really THAT dumb, or are you acting?

  19. Wim van Acker Says:

    @17: deflection

  20. Wim van Acker Says:

    @18, continues to compare net worth with GDP, so still an ignorant.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 They could cut battery weight to half or less with with lithium batteries, but maybe they would still cost more than lead acid. Lead acid car batteries last a lot longer than they used to. The one in my 2010 Mini lasted almost 10 years. In the 1960s, three years was about it. A lot of the increase in battery life might be that today’s cars start quickly, so the battery is always near full charge, which is what lead acid batteries like.

  22. Wim van Acker Says:

    @18, let me help you understand it: a Chevrolet Cruze has 140 HP, a Cadillac Escalade has a 14 MPG fuel consumption. So the Chevrolet Cruze is ten times better than an Escalade, right?

  23. Drew Says:

    Wim, I always assessed my financial security by my net worth. Income is only a partial barometer as it does not account for debt. Ultimately, I declared success when my net worth exceeded my vision for spending it in my lifetime. My kids will be very thankful benefactors in the distant future.

    As to the finances of nations, GDP is an annual metric of output (not an assessment of amassed worth). The closest personal finance metric may be AGI. Even that is a stretch. So, I completely agree with your argument about not comparing net worth with GDP.

  24. Wim van Acker Says:

    @23: thank you Drew, we are aligned. Following
    Larry’s “logic” TESLA with its $412 BB market cap would be more or less equal to Royal Dutch Shell with its $350BB/yr revenues.

    In reality Royal Dutch Shell has a $115 BB market cap, a quarter of TESLA’s. Ah well, Larry will probably continue to ignore the facts and come back with a question about my net worth compared to the GDP of Kuwait. I have said it before: a mentally unstable airhead.

  25. Drew Says:

    Market cap is flimsy metric as it is based on “Wall Street” stock values. BTW, I struggled not to vomit when writing that… as stock values are only partially based on the performance of the company. One of the factors has nothing to company performance… psychology of the masses. For Elon, the bulls have been running. I think Bob was wise to lock-in some his profits from the run-up.

    IMHO, I think Wall Street underestimates brick & mortar, IP, and other boring attributes of corporate finances. Why? Brokers make money when we buy and sell. So, brokers love volatility and overlook the long term stabilized factors. They privately love hysteria.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25. Market cap is based mainly on gambling, some by “professionals,” some not.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Enron had a market cap as high as ~70B.

  28. Bob Wilson Says:

    I too wish reviews would lead off with ‘Demo’ for press car reviews or ‘Production’ for those with a Monroney sticker. The press cars are like the old Beta software releases to trick buyers to wait.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Front drive vans should be the ultimate “easy to do” EVs. If you’d remove the exhaust system and gas tank from my 1989 short WB Dodge Caravan, there would probably be room for 100 kWh of batteries underneath, without intruding into the floor at all. It would need stiffer springs, though.

  30. Larry D. Says:

    While I was doing some work, I had the TV on and they had their weekly auto and bike show on the “PBS” equivalent channel here. While some of the models were interesting, the overall show was utterly RIDICULOUS in the sense that they always praised everything about all the models, never pointing out a weakness, and calling mid- or low-priced models like Subarus “Luxury Cars”. they kept it up calling the Renault Clio’s interior (the fat hatch looks like a clone of the Versa or the Leaf in non-EV form)as having ‘the best materials’ while these were ugly, hard plastics. It was worse than >MOTORWEEK” on our PBS, and that says a LOT.

    Models shown: A Polo “R” with 150 HP looked good in sharp bright silver exterior but was a sea of black plastics and fabrics inside. It looked like a GOlf and was sure bigger and heavier than the GOlf II I drove all around German for 6,000 km back in summer 88 (two separate three day weekend rentals)

    The Clio, has been around 30 years and put on a ton of weight and size. Best with a diesel and a 6 sp manual and an MPG of 5 lt per 100 km, if you can stand the interior.

    There was a bigger, SUVish, ungainly Citroen CUV which they also praised to high heaven, while the efffing thing was plain UGLY. (the French school of auto design).

    They had a Honda 650 Motorcycle, did not look good to me but I guess performed well, plus another I forget.

    That tiny Polo R, thanks to a 24% VAT tax, sold for 21600 Euros, which is far more than $25k with options. For that money, I bought TWO excellent, beautiful inside and out E class diesels, for $10,500 and $11,000 respectively, immaculate, with 3 and 6 months free warranty respectively. That left me with $3,500 for a couple dinners accompanied by some serious $1,500 wines each.

  31. ChuckGrenci Says:

    “Motorweek” does a real nice job in their reviews. What is required is to listen very closely for something they don’t particularly care for (admittedly, their criticisms are subtle). I like their news segment, and used to like the Pat Goss segment, (but I think Pat has run out of interesting topics as they’re not very good lately).

  32. Larry D. Says:

    26 NONSENSE!!!!!! Market cap is, as I have stated 10,000 TIMES, and as EVERY FRIGGING TOP RANKED BUSINESS SCHOOL Will tell you (but fall on deaf ears) is NOT a measure of ANYTHING CURRENT in a company, BUT of INVESTOR EXPECTATIONS of the company’s Future profitability. There is NO STUPID GAMBLING involved. This is like saying all MDs are EFFING QUACKS. Just because you don’t agree with the market cap of a company does NOT mean it does not reflect the company’s future.

    AGAIN do not just talk about TESLA and the UTTERLY different case of ENRON (a deliberate insult to the bright engineers who advanced the state of the art at TESLA to compare them with 100% high risk speculators at ENRON. TESLA is the exavt opposite, Musk has been ranting and raving against the shorters when his company was still struggling.)

    AGAIN, COMPARE TESLA’s cap with APPLE’s GOOGLE’s FACEBOOKS, TWITTER, AMAZON, MICROSOFT. ALL, in your book, are hugely overvalued. Some of them make frivolous, silly products, but the STUPID Apple Phone, like apple computers, where you can buy an almost identical competitor for much less, make much less sense than TESLA, for whose excellent products the rivals are FAR inferior.

    the lack of learning in this forum makes it less and less enjoyable to waste my time repeating that 1+1=2 10,000 times.

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    32. Yes, you’ve stated that 10,000 times, but the fact remains that market cap is highly related to what is, basically, gambling. In September of 2000, Enron had a market cap of about $90B, about $135B in today’s. money. 15 months later, it was zero. That is a case where the gamblers lost. No, I don’t expect Tesla to do that, but whatever you say, buying the stock at today’s prices is highly speculative.

    Amazon is clearly benefitting from covid, as more people than ever are ordering stuff, rather than going to stores. I am among those people. As far as Facebook and Twitter, it’s anyone’s guess where they will be a few years from now.

  34. Joe Says:

    Larry D
    I hate to tell you this, because I don’t want to hurt your feelings. What GM did with the C8 Corvette, GM will do with the Cadillac Lyriq. (I know you’ll say the C8 stinks, but you can not ignore the awards and praises it’s getting). Now that GM is serious designing EV’s, the top engineer at GM will work on them. GM could have done this years ago, but they wanted a superior battery which they now have.
    It’s too bad your Almighty Tesla will now have some true competition. Tesla having nothing but EV’s to fall back on during bad times, they could easily find themselves in a bind. GM on the other hand will still have many products with ICE and not Tesla.

  35. Larry D. Says:

    31 Sorry, but Autoweek is an AWFUL show. The only reason I endure watching it is that I really am interested in the subject matter. Goss is not the worst of the staff, maybe the best of a really weak and lame bunch, but the guy is really ANAL. If you did everything he warns you to do maintaining your car, you would be DESTITUTE. (plus you would have lost tons of time doing it). I have friends who take far better care of their cars than I do, but even they find him RIDICULOUS.

    ANd it gets worse. Apparently there are restrictions imposed on the show to hire all kinds of auto-illiterate town criers just because PBS dictates they have that many women or this or that group. The women on the show give off the impression that they do not know a damned thing about cars.

    But the worst of all is this idiot who does the show, and has this headache- causing voice (not to me, I never had headaches in my entire life), saying little nothings and NEVER taking ANY maker to task for the crap they produce.

    AN AWFUL show.

  36. Larry D. Says:

    34 HAHAHAHAHA!!! You utter fool, you keep addressing me, and keep making a total fool of yourself. Go out and play, ignoramus. Waste of my time.

    You utter fool, EVEN if Lyriq is not a total failure, IT IS NOT A MASS MARKET MODEL, they will only sell a few, competing with other LOSERS like AUDI and JAG. Musk should not lose ONE SECOND of sleep with those idiots. I do NOT expect you to understand ONE IOTA of what I am saying, AND I am NOT a special needs teacher to have the patience, EVEN if you paid me handsomely, to explain anything to you. Go eat some … ‘blueprints’.

  37. JWH Says:

    I keep wishing the infamous Mr D would stop SCREAMING in his posts, & go start his own website blog so he can preach his bs to the three or so followers that sign up for his site.

    Hopefully leaving the polite people to follow John & Sean at Autoline Daily.

    Have a good weekend to all.

  38. Joe Says:


    Your must memory must be bad because you are the one who keeps using my name when I’m not even on the forum. Some commentators even have told you to cool it along with other negatives addressed at you. You are nothing but a sophomania and need help.
    I bet because of you many commentators are not coming here out of fear of being put down by a sophomania.

  39. stephen Says:

    Just like autopilot in planes, pilots let the autopilot work on the boring parts of the flight and take over when more nuanced control is required. So autonomous driving will be the norm on highways where high speed, smaller distances between cars is preferable, longer trips also benefit. Lets be honest, we’re not good at parking even with sensor-cam assist. Much better to get out at the door of your destination and let the car go off and park and pick you up. It can then fit in tighter spacing, parked correctly and is not distracted.

  40. Bob Wilson Says:

    Piles Peak was this weekend. I hope you’all can put together a program or story about it.

  41. Bob Wilson Says:

    Pilkes Peak

  42. Bob Wilson Says:

    Pike’s Peak interview of the fastest Tesla up the mountain (see web link.)

    Bob Wilson

  43. Kit Gerhart Says:

    42. That is pretty wild. That road, where you could drop off a couple thousand feet, would be a little scary at 30 mph, never mind driving it for time near the limit of traction on the curves.

    He’d get some charge back in the batteries driving back down. It would be interesting to know what percentage of the charge used for the climb would be recovered.

  44. Bob Wilson Says:

    TFL group did that test and I remember 80% but they drive up tourist style. On the way down at the brake checkpoint, they were cool.

  45. Bob Wilson Says:

    The web link is to the TFL Cars, 18 min, YouTube. I recommend playing it at 1.5 times speed. A ‘stretch’, it was an attempt to compare and contrast a hydrogen fuel cell vs Tesla Model 3 on Pike’s Peak. Good production but the story line remains predictable.


    39) I am amazed by the amount of people that can’t park with all the assist features in their cars. Walking through any Kroger parking lot makes me concerned about who I am sharing the road with LOL.

    I was watching a youtube video of a trans am car show. There was a guy backing his trans am into a spot and was using a spotter like he was backing in a 5th wheel trailer. I was perplexed that this person couldn’t back up a 1978 trans am without assist but there it was. I figure he is a driver of one of the crookedly parked vehicles I see at Kroger LOL

  47. Lambo2015 Says:

    32 If the lack of learning on this forum makes it unenjoyable for you I do have the perfect solution for you.. You could simply leave the forum. Beside the fact that most of the people on here are quite smart and could actually teach you a few things if you’d let your ego take a break. Just a suggestion.

    34 I agree that that Cadillac very well may finally taking EVs serious. Well I guess I wouldn’t say they weren’t serious they just didn’t have the right combination to grab sales. This Lyriq should make Tesla nervous as it will be a direct shot at the Model S which is where Tesla started. So much like Tesla I expect GM will be able to turn what they learn from Lyriq into a mass market car and go after the Model 3. No the Lyriq isn’t going after the Model 3 but don’t be surprised if the next EV from GM doesn’t.

  48. Kit Gerhart Says:

    45. Maybe I missed something, but did they say where the guy gassed up the fuel cell car? Did they truck the car in from California with a full tank of gas?

    44. If the Tesla recovers 80%, even in “tourist” driving, that’s impressive. Probably the energy usage going up the mountain would be about 5 times as much in “racing” mode, as the battery conversion efficiency, the motors, and the electronics are probably less efficient under those conditions. Also, there would be the aero drag at high speed, but there’d be a lot less than normal, at the high elevation.