AD #2957 – Nikola Served Grand Jury Subpoenas; Details of BMW’s All-Electric iX; Tesla Confirms Larger Battery Pack

November 11th, 2020 at 11:45am

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Runtime: 10:58

0:07 Nikola Served Grand Jury Subpoenas
1:10 Honda Putting Level 3 Vehicle on the Road
2:03 Details of BMW’s All-Electric iX
3:53 Why Fleets Won’t Want Electric Pickups
6:02 Ford Boosts Electric F-150 Production
6:29 Ford Invests Big in Its Electric Future
7:13 Tesla Confirms Larger Model 3 Battery Pack
8:20 Shoes Made From Recycled Airbag Material
8:58 Walmart Teams with Cruise for AV Deliveries
9:37 Meyers Manx Company Sold to Investment Firm

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17 Comments to “AD #2957 – Nikola Served Grand Jury Subpoenas; Details of BMW’s All-Electric iX; Tesla Confirms Larger Battery Pack”

  1. GM Veteran Says:

    I don’t understand why vehicle designers continue to style their vehicles as if license plates don’t exist. The BMW iX looks ridiculous with that plate stuck over the dual kidney grille. Perhaps this could be another reason to return grilles to more reasonable sizes.

    And, I have to say that the interior of the iX is pretty underwhelming. Why do designers think EV interiors need to be so plain and austere? I see very few luxury cues in those images. And the steering wheel shape is also comical. Its a design Chrysler tried in the 50s. I am sure customer response is the reason we have not seen this shape in more than 50 years.

  2. GM Veteran Says:

    It seems that Mr. Browne needs to update his information. The planned price for the Lordstown Endurance pickup is approximately $52,000, before any gov’t incentives. That puts it close enough to gas powered trucks to provide a savings over the useful life of the truck, estimated to be in the $20,000 range, depending on the future price of gasoline.

    Also, I am not sure why he brought up public charging stations (or the lack thereof) in relation to fleet sales. Most vehicles will be charged at the company garage overnight, not at public charging stations. That is why fleets are a desirable target for the Endurance and EV F-150.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    Not only will fleets not want electric trucks, your basic consumer isn’t going to be running to spend 20K more for a truck that requires 20 minute or more fill-ups still has range anxiety.
    These are niche vehicles that fulfill the needs of the very few.

    Airbag shoes look like they were already in an accident. I’ll pass.

    I had no idea the Myer Manx was still being produced. That’s cool although the VW chassis’s have to be pretty scarce anymore.

  4. GM Veteran Says:

    3 – I wonder if the Manx has been updated so it can be mated to a Golf chassis? That would help it to remain a relevant product, since Beetle chassis are not only becoming less commonly available, but VW enthusiasts would rather restore the Beetle than tear it apart for its chassis.

  5. ChuckGrenci Says:

    That BMW iX is certainly not a handsome vehicle; it better be so stellar in performance that looks don’t matter (but we do know that it does; styling matters).

    Those limited production shoes will fly off the shelves; not because they are recycled or better than anything else out there but more so do to the die-hard sports shoes collectors buying them up (for display).

    Honda’s level 3 should really be reeled-in and called level 2. If the driver is supposed to be ready, willing and able to take over, the slightest delay can make a very big difference. What is suggested (as a level 3) is not going to make the grade, and even alludes to what some Tesla owners have done; turned on Auto-Pilot and failed to monitor their presence of their environment resulting in some bad outcomes.

  6. Larry D. Says:

    Thanks Shaun for doing a show on today’s holiday, which actually had LOTS of interesting stories, which I did not happen to know already.

    A. Criminal Trevor Milton and his latest scam, Nikola Motors. I have lost count how many times I warned the Tesla Hating regulars and the Bankrupt GM wishful thinkers here that this is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. Anybody who Studied the LINK I gave you, the detailed homework the guys at Hindenburg did, and who has half a brain, would see it too.

    B. Go listen to the segment about BEV Pickups and Warren Brown several and WISE points. I fully agree with him. Very few fleets will order very few of these, which should spell HUGE trouble, and possibly bankruptcy, of all these monkey-see monkey-do outfits who think they are required to design a BEV pickup. I am not even sure that PRIVATE Buyers will buy many.

    C. Nikola, BEV Pickups, BEV BMWs: what do they have in common? THey are ALL in a HEAP of trouble.

    The so-called ‘flagship’ BMW BEV shown today is a FUGLY POS. Not only is its twin Esdel fake grille ATROCIOUS, it is not even serious, it looks like a Lego version of a TOnka toy. THe sides and the back of this breadvan are also poor looking, and, worse, SO IS ITS PERFORMANCE. A FLagship BEV doing onl 5 sec 0-60, when the ALMIGHTY TESLAS do … 1.9? It will die the same death that the FAR better looking i8 and the nerdy looking i3 died. Even if, like Merc, it prices this POS way below the 7 series, as Merc prices the GLS far below the S class.

    And since this has become long already, I stop here.

  7. Dave Says:

    What’s that Warren Browne been smoking ? Went back to listen to the show saying 40K ev trucks for 2023 and there is 750K preorders on cybertruck there is a bit of a disconnect. TeslaFan boys will buy up at least 40K trucks in 2021 if Tesla can make them
    With the semi the deposit is $20,000 each that’s some serious interest yeah the cybertruck is only $100 but we will know the answer in a year from now

  8. Drew Says:

    I’m ok with the BMW BEV’s front and rear styling. The rear lift gate uses a clamshell approach similar the Audi Qs and Lincoln MKC/Corsair. The interior is underwhelming (and that’s the best I can say about). I’m hoping the computer graphic imagery the interior lacks is only using 1/1000 of the normal pixel count, making the surfaces look so plain and 2-dimensional. JMHO.

    So Sean, tell us the truth. Is LD a computer-created neme with the sole purpose of stimulating heated debates? If so, it’s past time to reprogram the computer as it is stuck in an infinite loop. Also, I have noted the number of comments are much lower in the LD era.


    That BMW certainly exists. That is about all the nice things I can say about it.

  10. ArtG Says:

    6. The last sentence is your best thought so far.

  11. Lambo2015 Says:

    5 The autonomy thing is a joke. I think we are years from having a truly hands free self driving car and even further away from relieving manufacturers from the liability of such systems. Asking consumers to let their car drive itself but stay alert and ready to take over is like getting on a bus to Vegas and telling the passengers to pay attention to the road just in case the driver falls asleep. It will last for about the first hour and then they’ll be reading and napping and playing on their phone.
    I honestly think that any system that is not capable of fully self driving and is in this in-between stage of autonomy where it works some of the time and requires driver assistance is just an accident waiting to happen. Lawyers be happy!!

  12. Albemarle Says:

    I figure at least 40% of pickups are for recreational not business use. So that’s a big market right there for the BEV pickups; people making emotional decisions.

    I also have to disagree that fleets won’t look at BEVs. They are all about total cost of ownership, not initial purchase price. With the actual price difference much less than $20,000, I think this will be a good market.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    12 I would imagine it depends on the type of fleet purchase. Rental companies like Enterprise or Hertz could care less about fuel savings as that cost is passed onto the consumer. Plus most rental companies dump their rentals around 60K miles so overall maintenance costs wont be much different. EVs wear tires faster but ICE would need 6 oil changes.

    Fleet sales to electric companies, Amazon, UPS or alike probably would be more interested in total cost of ownership over a much longer period of time. However I would think those types of fleet sales would be more interested in Vans rather than pick-ups.

  14. Nick Thomas Says:

    If the Buick GNX is a car for Lord Vader… the BMW iX… …Bugs Bunny, your car has arrived.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    14 lol


    13) I agree. Van fleets as BEVs make a lot of sense assuming that they keep them for a very long period of time and can recoup the upfront costs.

  17. Sean Wagner Says:

    VANS – In addition, many commercial vehicles usually follow predictable routes. Those with lower daily mileage will be fitted with smaller battery packs. Still, for fleets, total cost of ownership rules.