AD #2986 – Toyota Launches New Compact EV; Tesla Sets Records in 2020; Mustang Mach-E Winter Range Disappoints

January 4th, 2021 at 11:44am

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Runtime: 8:49

0:08 Tesla Sets Delivery & Production Records
0:46 Chinese Made Model Y Now on Sale in China
1:07 China Slashes Subsidies for Electrified Vehicles
1:42 Ford & Mahindra End Joint Venture
2:21 Ford Names New Head of Sales
3:43 Toyota Launches New Compact EV
4:52 SEAT Creates Special Glasses to Improve Safety
5:27 Magna to Develop ADAS For Fisker
6:18 Mid-Engine Corvette Design Documentary
6:43 Mustang Mach-E Winter Range Disappoints

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32 Comments to “AD #2986 – Toyota Launches New Compact EV; Tesla Sets Records in 2020; Mustang Mach-E Winter Range Disappoints”

  1. Dave Says:

    About the range in cold weather in a EV use heated seats and steering wheel, keep cabin temperature as low as possible Nice to prewarm cabin by cell phone instead of jumping on frozen seats At least it always starts. but the battery warmer kicks on and uses electricity leave it plugged in. Yes learning the quirks of an EV can be a very bumpy ride

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    I will defiantly make sure to catch the ALW this week. Interested to hear Jeff, Gary and Johns thoughts on the future of autonomy.
    Been saying it here for a while and truly believe we are many years away from full on autonomy. I truly believe that these systems in their level 3 and 4 versions are lawsuits waiting to happen. I understand having to take steps before you can run, but offering a feature that only works in certain areas under certain conditions and still require driver intervention seems very risky to me. No doubt some features like auto braking collision avoidance and even lane departure assistance are all good features toward making a vehicle safer but they are just that “assistance”. Autonomy is only a good thing when it is dependable reliable and able to be used 100% of the time and we are many years away from that. IMO

  3. Jim Haines Says:

    The ford Mach e looks like a Tesla with out the performance to match I don’t see this a big sales deal unless it’s very low profit if any

  4. George Ricci Says:

    Some EVs (Tesla, Chevy Bolt) have a feature called Scheduled Departure where the the battery finishes charging at the time your normal leave. So the battery is warmed up (also interior if you want) and you don’t lose nearly as much range.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 Saturday, I talked to a guy with a Porsche Taycan, with whatever autonomous system they have. He said you have to have both hands on the steering wheel, which kind of defeats the purpose of having the autonomous function at all. He likes the car, though, which he uses, basically, as an expensive commuter car, which he charges almost entirely at home.

    3 The upcoming Mach-E GT should compete well with the Model Y performance.

    Does anyone here know how much range benefit Tesla’s heat pump for cabin heat provides over the resistance heating used by most EVs?

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    5 Does anyone here know which is more efficient on an EV. Cabin heat vs seat heater? And how does that change with additional passengers assuming the vehicle has 4 seat heaters. I wonder if any manufacturer has established or published an ideal setting for cold weather driving. Cause I’m sure you still need defrost function to keep the windshield clear but I could be comfortable with a cabin temp of 55 with a seat heater on otherwise would prefer the cabin temp about 71. But is the difference from 55 deg cabin and seat heater a larger consumption of energy than just setting the temp to 71 and no seat heater?
    My seat heaters are great from remote starts but I typically shut them off once I’m in the vehicle and the cabin temp in comfortable.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 Seat heaters don’t use much power, about 50 watts per seat. Cabin heat would take thousands of watts, if you raise the temperature significantly from ambient.

  8. Rey Says:

    Tesla prioduced over 500,000 cars sold 499,550 TSLA @ $ 720 today Jan.4,2021.Shorts just burned over $ 30 billions betting vs TSLA. About FSD and full Autonomy, Tesla has the ARBE 4d radar chipset,in all new cars, it is high resolution radar ,and together with Tesla cameras and HW3 Computer has almost human driving skills and responses, together with AI Neural net , The FSD with Beta update has had no major accidents to date and has actually avoided some.,We are closer to Level 3 and 4 than you Tesla haters think , Tesla has the billions of miles accumulated to backup its claims.
    Those who want further proof , please Google : ARBE Robotics, this Israeli designed 4D Radar Chipset is in all Tesla cars as of late Oct.2020 Lidar is not needed for FSD, 8 cameras and the ARBE chipset is what does the trick, and Tesla HW3 and Software
    I welcome All comments, after you do your research about that Israeli Radar chipset company.HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVEVRYONE!

  9. Jim Bielecki Says:

    Reduced battery range in cold weather is another reason why EV’s will be a tough sell in the northern states. 25% to 40% range reduction at 32 degrees (which really isn’t all that cold) is unacceptable.

  10. Rey Says:

    Headline should have been “Toyota launches a $16,000 2 seat Tonka toy BEV”

  11. Rey Says:

    I have a Heated M12 Milwaukee, 12 volt 2amps, in the car i have to reduce the heat setting to lowest as i start to get too warm ,at lowest setting the battery is good for about 1.5 hrs this for resistance heating and Teslas Octovalve heatpump is very efficient, it takes waste heat from the battery & traction motors as it discharges,”pumps” it into the cabin.

  12. Rey Says:

    Heated M12 heated Milwaukee Jacket.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Do all Tesla models have the heat pump setup?

  14. Ukendoit Says:

    There is a Mercedes convertible that has heat blowing on the passenger’s necks from the seat, so the passengers are comfortable when it is cold outside even when the top is down. I think it was reported here as favorable results from this system, and I could see this being used in EV form to keep passengers comfortable without having to heat all the unused space. Has any EV maker looked into this or a combination of neck & seat heat to save power?

  15. XA351GT Says:

    For everyday driving to and from work 175 miles of range should be no issue. So even at the 25% loss should be more than enough for a daily commute. long trips are always going to be the Achilles heal of EVs until they match or exceed the range of ICE and can be recharged in a reasonably short time. Obviously they will never be able to match the time it takes to fill a gas tank and immediately have all the range back. The issue will be how many people want to plug in every day to get even the 25% loss of range. People anymore prefer to set and forget. Hell how many can be bothered to check oil levels and tire pressures which is the basic responsibilities of ownership ?

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    8 Rey I see you just joined the forum today and your posts look a lot like a previously banned member (with the exception of having actual technical content) however your comment about the Tesla haters here. Who said anything negative about Tesla?

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 I thought exactly the same thing. If it weren’t the actual real information about the autonomous hardware in #8 and the heat pump in #11, I’d be almost sure it was him.

    I’ve been seeing more Lucid TV ads on various types of shows, so they must have some money to spend. Maybe they are getting a lot of reservations. Reservations are cheap, only $300 for the cheapest version. The web site says “available early 2022.”

  18. merv Says:

    I’ve also noticed a drop in winter mpg even when its not cold outside. I’m pretty sure the blending of the gas changes. Most of the year i can get 650k on a tank. In the winter months even when not cold around 550k.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 Even with 75% range loss, most people would have enough range for their normal commutes, if they charge overnight every day. Not having an EV, I don’t know how much of a pain it would be to plug in a car, but I can’t imagine it would bother me. I plug my phone in, sometimes multiple times a day if I use it a lot, and that doesn’t bother me.

  20. GM Veteran Says:

    Lambo 2 & 16 – my thoughts exactly!

    Well, the votes are in and its now official. No, not Trump. I’m talking about Stellantis. Both companies board votes took place first thing this morning and so they are now merged. All of the regulatory bodies signed off on it over the last two months. So, this begs some interesting questions.

    1) Will Opels soon be sold in U.S. Chrysler showrooms rather than Buick showrooms?

    2) Will Stellantis now be quoted more frequently since FCA went from being the smallest of the Big 3 to the biggest?

    3) Will Lancia survive? Will Fiat? After all, Carlos Taveras is a guy that likes to make money on the products he produces.

    This new world car company will undoubtedly spur more questions of interest as the months roll on.

    Happy New Year to all Autoline viewers!

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 The more volatile winter gas has less energy content. Also, even 20 degrees colder makes a some difference, both because the engine takes longer to get up to temperature, and the higher air density creates more drag.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 I’d expect the mass market brands to stay, but with a lot of badge engineering with the Polo and Golf size Fiats, Peugeots, Opels, and Vauxhalls, and small CUVs of those brands. I’d expect Fiat to stay, as a brand, because they sell well in Italy. Fiat has the biggest market share at about 15% market share there, with VW second at about 9%

  23. Drew Says:

    I believe one of the key reasons ICEs are less efficient in the winter is the need to initially operate very rich to heat-up the catalytic converters.

    @22 – Fiat is also a leading brand in Brazil. So, I agree the Fiat brand is likely to survive the merger. Sadly, I can’t forecast the same survival for the Chrysler brand.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 I’d hate to see Chrysler go away, but if the 300 goes away and it not replaced, the minivans are all that would be left. Should the vans even be Chryslers in the first place, or should they be Dodge Caravan?

    Dodge doesn’t have much left either, Charger, Challenger, and Durango. I almost expect Durango to go away when the 3 row Grand Cherokee arrives. It will be about what a Durango is now, and Jeep has more “brand equity” than Dodge, at least with SUVs.

  25. Rey Says:

    #16 lambo ,never been banned ,not sure who that is , always see comment about Tesla going BK and such,TSLA/ Tesla will prosper and grow, despite all the naysayers out there It will be a Trillion dollar company in less that two years from now , Jan 4 2021, mark my words.I E will die a slow painfull ddath, along with those that dont adapt.

  26. Lambo2015 Says:

    25 Having only 7 posts before yours, none of which said anything negative about Tesla in fact all were very supportive and nothing about their financial state or future state.
    I think you’ll find most folks here are supportive of Tesla doing well and are not naysayers. I think the only negative thing said here often is that many feel their stock is over-rated and wall street treats Tesla like a tech company which is quite different than an automotive company.

    I don’t think that the stock opinions are to throw shade at Tesla but more cautionary concerns.
    Personally I think it would be great to a see the US automaker become a Trillion dollar company. However being a bit more skeptical doesn’t mean I dislike Tesla, I’m just not as optimistic about the whole EV craze as many predictors seem to be. I think they have their place and they will continue to become a huge part of transportation but I don’t believe that will be in the everyday personal consumer market. To me EVs make sense for businesses for taxi’s Uber’s, Food and package Delivery, Police, and mass transit vehicles. They will find a nice demand as the inner city commuters that are within a 100 mile range and plenty of charging locations nearby. I honestly think that this pursuit of replacing the family car in the US is a misdirection. But time will tell.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    To me, EVs would make good commuter cars for a lot of people, if they can charge them at home.

  28. Lambo2015 Says:

    27 Yeah they make great commuter cars for 1) people that have a home. 2)Have installed a home charger. 3)Can afford to have a second car to use for trips outside their cars range. 4)Are willing to pay the premium price over an equivalent ICE vehicle. 5)Have an understanding boss that will be okay with them being late or not coming in because the forgot to plug their car in a couple nights a year.
    I think that takes the “lots of people” down to a small percentage of people. I’m willing to bet EVs will not account for 20% of sales even in the next ten years. Unless we have a huge change in battery technology that allows for 300 mile range and 5 minute charges.


    24) I could see a possible future where Chrysler is an “electrified” and/or EV brand using Peugot platforms that are already electrified. I could see dodge being a good brand for Peugot platforms to be sold in the USA as well for the lower tier price points. Chrysler/Dodge have both an established name and more importantly an established distribution network in the USA that Peugot would not be able to replicate cheaply. I don’t see a future for FIAT in the USA. FIAT makes sense in markets outside of the USA. Alfa Romeo can make sense in the USA if they can execute their products far better than they are doing today. Of course JEEP and RAM will be left alone but I suspect the low end tier (renegade/compass) will probably use a Peugot platform in the future.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    28 I mostly agree, as things are now. As far as the price premium, though, a lot of people pay a big price premium to drive a $60K pickup truck when a Corolla would serve their purposes. If more people come to “like” electric cars, the same would apply to them as with expensive ICE vehicles now.

    The number of commuters for whom electric cars would work will increase dramatically when/if home charging becomes available for large numbers of apartment dwellers.

    I, too, would not expect EV sales to account for 20% of sales in 10 years. There are too many people who still wouldn’t have a good place to charge them.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    29 The biggest problem with the two current Alfa products is horrible reliability. They get generally good reviews, but it’s embarrassing when a magazine can’t complete a 40K mile long term test, because the car is broken all the time.

    Yeah, FIAT does not make sense in the US market. The FIAT version of the Miata looks good, but the powertrain in the Mazda version works better.

  32. Santanu Nandi Majumdar Says:

    Last week, the Indian minister confirmed Tesla coming to India. Around the same time, Mahindra and Ford called off their JV. How would a partnership with Mahindra or Tata Motors (which hived off its passenger car business into a subsidiary earlier) work out for Tesla in India?