AD #3056 – Citroen Unveils New C5 X; Car Sales Soar in China; LG & SK Reach Battery Settlement

April 12th, 2021 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 9:43

0:08 LG & SK Reach Settlement
0:48 U.S. EV Incentive Details
1:44 White House Chip Shortage Summit
2:52 Car Sales Soar in China
3:49 Citroen Unveils New C5 X
4:55 MG Reveals Cyberster Concept
5:26 Ford Expands Ranger Lineup in Europe
6:30 Cruise Signs Deal with Dubai
6:58 Rolls-Royce Creates Tailgating Feature for Cullinan
7:52 Mystery Car Revealed

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33 Comments to “AD #3056 – Citroen Unveils New C5 X; Car Sales Soar in China; LG & SK Reach Battery Settlement”

  1. Albemarle Says:

    At 4:45 Citroen “brings back the sensation of travelling on a magic carpet”. So I wonder what that felt like, long ago. I also wonder why the manufacturer of magic carpets went out of business. Finally, I wonder what the marketing type was consuming in order to channel all this.

  2. Rey Says:

    The Ford Mach e is made in Mexico, i guess the Ford fans on this website will claim Mexico is the 51 State of the USA.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    1 My only experience of a carpet ride was 1970s Cadillac’s, which were more like land barges and floated down the road with their huge/heavy chassis.

    Glad to see the EV tax incentive will be a rebate that hopefully can be applied at purchase so its a direct affect on payment rather than wait till you do your taxes and get a credit. Even though if the demand was there we wouldn’t need to subsidise EVs.

  4. Rey Says:

    LG and SKInnovation deal makes the end users a winner.
    Just revealed today that Rivian will use Samsung SD battery cells. So other than Panasonic and CATL the S Koreans the Chinese will control the market for battery cells, until Tesla Giga berlin and Giga Austin comes online with the 4680 cells,inhouse.


    To: Rey…No…the US is the 33rd State of Mexico…LOL

  6. Sunrack Says:

    Taking a bunch of Lincoln Mark IVs to visit Volvo is something only Henry Ford II could pull off!

  7. Lex Says:

    The current episode of “Autoline This Week” spoke about the the fact that “Canada Emerges as a EV Powerhouse”, so why hasn’t Elon Musk / Tesla set up a battery factory near the raw materials available in Canada?

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 Mainly, the incentive will be available to a lot more people, not just those who pay $7500 or more income tax.

  9. Lex Says:

    When are these Biden $10K EV vouchers going to be available? I need to get a new lease since my current lease will be ending in a few months! LOL.

    I have said it many times in the past, GM should have offered an electric version of both the Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain long ago. It is good to see the EV Hummer nameplate return under the GMC brand. This was a move in the right direction.

    GM needs to merge Buick into Cadillac for North American, IMHO.

  10. ChuckGrenci Says:

    3,8; Good points. This would help those who are in the new car market, have the money to buy but not the taxes paid at year end. This should include a lot of retired people, and by this I mean, might more benefit from a BEV, i.e., short trips, limited miles, owning homes and charging at their residence. Oh!, I just described myself (and quite a few others I suspect)

  11. Buzzerd Says:

    @9 I doubt GM would ever do that. That would really hurt the GMC dealers.

  12. wmb Says:

    While I support the local OEMs, it’s a little disheartening to have watched them send all the work and jobs over seas and away from they works who buy their vehicles, to then turn around and ask the US’s new President for help on supplies (which are sourced from another country) to build their vehicles. It seems that they put themselves in this situation with ‘just in time manufacturing’ and outsourcing to the companies around the world, who can build it cheaper then those can in their home market! All to save the company money. If this situation results in lay-offs, it will start, as it always does, with the factory works who are the farthest away from those who make these decisions that impact the company and its bottom line! The individual(s) that they should let go first, are the ones that made the decision that put the company in this situation. But since they are the decision makers at the top, that will never happen!

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    12 You are exactly right! Companies will continue to buy components from the cheapest supplier and often times that is in China or some other country. Because corporate America is ran by stock holders that have only one concern, return on investment. No one looks at the big picture and what local sourcing does to our economy let alone jobs and tax base.
    They like the idea of global economy when purchasing or selling things but if you really want a global economy then take the salaries of all the countries and see if your happy with the mean. Being competitive means you have the same cost of living and similar incomes.
    I don’t know what the global average salary of any job is but I bet its significantly less than what you currently make. So we will continue to sacrifice our way of living in order to churn out bigger profits and buy cheap products at our own demise in the long run..
    OK off the soap box..

  14. Don Sherman Says:

    no such thing as ‘quite unique’. Strictly speaking, unique means ONE such item. You mentioned 622 262Cs built and sold. Your closing ‘pretty rare’ statement is more appropriate.

  15. Rey Says:

    The Detroit fans heads must be exploding, their legacy auto manufacturers are caught with no BEVs in full production , meanwhile Teslas Fremont factory is humming along and will be producing close to 450,000 BEVs this year, an Chinas Giga 3 Shanghai will build 300,000 units, yeah call me a fanboy , TSLA just got upgraded to $1017 by a a Wall Street analyst.

  16. GM Veteran Says:

    9, 11: If GM were going to make a move like this, they would need to merge Cadillac into Buick-GMC, which is already one marketing division that houses two brands. I’m not sure what the advantage would be for any of those three brands. Dealership combinations would continue to be a separate matter that is driven by local market needs and opportunity.


    9) I actually think the opposite. Buick should take the down-market position that Cadillac currently is trying to succeed in with the CT4/5/6 XT4/5/6. Those should all be Buicks in my opinion. They have the cheapness of a Buick at least.

    Cadillac should go upmarket and compete with Bentley/Rolls. They already have a large SUV that competes very competently in that space at least on price. They just need the rest of the line up to round that out. Basically make Buick a cheap Cadillac instead of an expensive Chevy.

    Chevy is already at where Buick used to be anyhow. Sad news for GM, they are no longer in the cheap car world that Chevrolet used to succeed in. They could have used Saturn for that, but that is gone too. I have no clue what GM is going to do about the affordable family car segment because Chevrolet is not in that space anymore. I guess that is why we have Kia and Hyundai these days and probably a slew of Chinese OEMs in the future.

  18. Lambo2015 Says:

    15 Is there no Tesla chat rooms where you can dribble on and on about Tesla? You do realize they only mentioned Tesla in todays show because the EV credit may be extended.
    Seems you are only able to positively comment on Tesla and rag on the other domestics for whatever reason. Have you ever heard the saying, If you aint got anything good maybe try saying nothing.

  19. GM Veteran Says:

    Yes, us Detroit fans are really down in the dumps about the legacy automakers that each sell 8-10 times as many vehicles as Tesla, and actually make a REAL profit doing so. Tesla has some impressive accomplishments but they are hardly leaving everyone in the dust. The legacy automakers may have the last laugh as they start to produce and sell EVs in volume, profitably. Many Teslaratis think that GM, Ford and others are late to the EV game, but another way to look at it is that they waited until technological advances made it possible to sell EVs and make money doing it.

  20. SteveO Says:

    1) Anyone who has had the experience of riding in the Citroen DS that was made up until 1975 (admittedly a small group of people!) will understand the “magic carpet” reference – and that includes John M.! That hydropneumatic suspension really did have “magical” ride qualities!

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17. Maybe the XT4 should be a Buick, but the CT4 and CT5 clearly compete with BMW and Mercedes, with their longitudinal engine RWD/4WD layouts.

    Buick is basically dead in the US, with not even one car in their lineup. Maybe they should sell one of those near-luxury sedans in the US that they sell in China.

  22. cwolf Says:

    Buick is no longer an American brand. Their best selling car, The Encore, has only about 20% US content. They used to design their cars to suit American interests, but no longer. I could care less about them. Buying a Buick is like buying a wolf in sheeps clothing. At least if you bought a Yugo at least you knew what you were getting

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 Who is buying Encore? Is it old people who bought Buicks when they were big, semi-luxury cars, but now, they never leave town, and want something small and easy to park to drive to the grocery and church? The Encore does have a nicer interior than its Chevy Trax sibling.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    My observational evidence keeps adding up, that very few people drive EVs on the highway, including Teslas. Today, I drove from from Cape Canaveral to Jacksonville, about 165 miles. I saw a bunch of BMWs, both CUVs and cars, a lot of KIAs, and zero Teslas. After I got to my destination, a large medical facility, I saw two or three Model 3s, probably used as commuter cars by employees, but none on I-95.

  25. wmb Says:

    The MG Cyberster is an incredible looking vehicle and I hope it goes as fast as it looks. But it looks expensive and I do not know if MG has rebounded enough to ask for premium prices for the vehicles. They seems to be coming back to life in Europe, but whether anyone should drop big bucks on a vehicle with an MG badge is a head scratcher.

  26. Sean Wagner Says:

    The Citroen Xantia Activa built until 2002 in France had a computerized, active hydropneumatic suspension and passed the infamous Moose test faster than the Porsche 997 GT3 RS. A singular automobile.

    Buick could have well used the sadly defunct Atlas I6, but giving a brand beyond Cadillac some actual character wasn’t in GM’s remit.

    Teslas are all over the highways in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and people do use them for long trips across Europe. But I think (from memory) that superchargers are located closer together over here, which is not astonishing giving the population density.

    I just zip around the region in a Renault Zoe – while I have access to a Model S, I’ll be &*( if I navigate that thing out of a multi-story European garage.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26 I thought Camaro would have been a good home for the Atlas I6, unless it was too long, but all they ever used it in was those kind of obese SUVs.

    I suppose highway trips being generally shorter in Europe would make EVs popular. Today, I saw a lot of New York plates on I-95 in Florida, so most of those people would have been making 1000 mile+ trips. There would be enough superchargers to make the trip, but it would take a lot of stops.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Also, when driving across Europe, most supercharger stops be a “destination” more than in Ohio or Kansas.

  29. joe Says:

    You are absolutely correct. GM’s waiting for better tech, especially batteries, will pay off big time when they come out with all these new EV’s planned to come out soon. How many new EV’s does Tesla plan to have in a few years? None that I know off. If I’m correct, GM will dominate the electric vehicles market then.

  30. Lambo2015 Says:

    19,29 Many people have questioned when is the right time to invest in EV and AV. Seems someone set a wildfire a couple years ago to have everyone get partnered up with a tech company. Many of those deals have fallen apart and tons of cash was wasted positioning themselves. There are lots of jokes about how GM and Ford are scrambling to eco-boost everything and electrify new models while FCA is putting Hemi’s in a minivan. Not really but the point is sometimes waiting can be the best move especially when that rush to be first is premature. No doubt Tesla showed it could be done and sold volumes that indicated there was a market. I’m just not sure the market is as big as some think. Everyone here already knows the limitations of an EV and its just not for everyone so they cant think of the market in terms of the 17 million vehicles sold each year. For many more years its only ever going to be a percentage of that and knowing what that percentage is will be key. In the US Id say if EVs can account for 20% of sales in the next 10 years that’s aggressive. So how much should you invest for that 3.4 million vehicles? FCA may end up being the big winner by not wasting money and just buying a battery and motor from a supplier after the volume drives cost down. Both strategies have their advantage and only time will tell which one is best. Either way its anyones game this early on and I’m not saying mis-management couldn’t make GM, Ford into the next Kodak but I think they’re on track to stay competitive.

  31. Roger Says:

    Why bother reporting on a new Citroen model when the brand isn’t sold in the US?


    31) This show covers auto topics from around the globe so you may see many models on here that are not sold in the USA. In the case of Citroen, it may become a US model eventually through Stellantis’s Chrysler/Dodge division. You never know what the future holds.

  33. Lambo2015 Says:

    First sentence of every show.
    “This is Autoline Daily, the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry.”