AD #3067 – Tesla Reports Spectacular Q1; Virtual Tools Shorten GM’s Development; Next-Gen F-150 BEV Coming in 2025

April 27th, 2021 at 11:36am

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Runtime: 9:52

0:07 Tesla Reports Spectacular Q1 Earnings
0:51 Why Tesla’s Stock Didn’t Climb More
1:38 Toyota Buying Lyft’s AV Division
2:21 GM Using Virtual Tools To Speed Up Development
3:40 More Hyundai Kona N Details
4:29 Honda Reveals Future Interior Concept
5:07 Next-Gen Ford F-150 BEV Coming in 2025
5:40 Ford Investing in Romania Plant for New LCV
7:03 Buick Envision Nice But Pricey

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23 Comments to “AD #3067 – Tesla Reports Spectacular Q1; Virtual Tools Shorten GM’s Development; Next-Gen F-150 BEV Coming in 2025”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    I would say all CEOs should get paid like Elon however performance based salaries seem to make many decisions favor short term returns at the expense of the companies long term health.
    I do believe that Elon has a personal interest in the long haul for Tesla that may be lacking of other auto CEO’s.

  2. Fensterlips Says:

    Jeez, does Buick make much in this country anymore? I know they sourced a lot of components and sub assemblies from China in the last so many years so I guess this was inevitable. Hopefully “made in China” sells well here for their sake. It would just be nice to see more Americans put to work.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 Enclave is made in the US.

  4. Norm T Says:

    But you are forgetten those Buick discounts and that no pays MSRP. The Envision MSRP is lower for 2021 than 2020 for the 2.0T engine.

    The 2021 Envision 2.0T can be had for $24-26K on autotrader. As a premium, near-luxury brand why would consider an economy suv from Japan? The top spec Avenir is down to $35K.

  5. Lex Says:

    I saw a video with Jonathan Norman who was explaining Honda’s new interior design language.

    My comment to Jonathan is to take a look at the interior cockpit design of the new Subaru Outback, and rethink Honda’s interior design language.

  6. Lex Says:

    The 2.0 Liter Turbo engine in the New Envision needs to make it’s way into the 2022 GMC Terrain! Looking at the Sales Numbers comparing Q1 2020 to Q1 2021 the Terrain was down a huge -33.11%.

    The refresh of the front and rear of the 2022 GMC Terrain should improve sales along with the addition of the stop / start defeat button.

    Only having one engine choice, and being that it is the smaller 1.5 L Turbo, is killing Terrain sales, IMHO!

  7. wmb Says:

    2 & 3) It would be nice if everything sold was built here, but they have been following the trend from others like phones, TV’s and other electronics. Its just that a vehicle is such a big financial purchase, that it would be nice if the individuals who built it were in the same place where it is expected to be sold. But, with GM growing into an all electric manufacturer, the fact that Lyriq, Hummer SUT and SUV and other BEV’s are scheduled to be built here is good news. The question becomes, for how long will that be the case? China is already waaaaay ahead of the US in putting EV’s on the road and therefore may, arguably, be considered a ‘center of excellence’ to some. This and a lower cost to build maybe the recipe to move more work to Oceanic region of the world. Big business and their profits! Smh.
    With Ford just introducing the latest F-150 this year, I guess it would make since to update the new BEV version at the same time, even though it’s not due until next year. 2025 would be about the time for the this year’s 150′s mid cycle refresh, so to update the EV version on that occasion may improve efficiency during construction, maybe?! One thing is for certain, waiting until 2025 to introduce the actual BEV F-150 would put Ford so far behind the competition, perceptually. And trying to catch up with what is already on the market is a task easier said then done! Especially, if the competition turns out to be as good, as it is believed it will be.

  8. Archie1976 Says:

    2 There are plenty of jobs (of all types) currently unfilled in the US. Not enough people available or willing to fill them. This situation preceded the pandemic and I foresee it continuing until the stimulus dollars are fundamentally consumed.

  9. Lex Says:

    General Motors should be building the Envision here in the US and avoiding the 27.5% import tariff! Biden promised well paying jobs for who the Chinese or Americans?

    This whole Chip Shortage is due to the pandemic and corporate greed. Biden is coming up with another “Bailout” which will benefit the Auto Industry directly with taxpayer money. Sandy Munro is correct when he blames the MBAs for some of Detroit’s shrinking market share and quality.

    The Envision is just the first example of what high quality automotive produces the Chinese are able to produce. Without the 27.5% tariff the envision should sell at approximately $35K is built in the USA.


    That Honda Civic interior makes the equally boring TESLA model 3 interior look stylish. Way to go Honda!

  11. WineGeek Says:

    I wouldn’t buy any vehicle built in China. I want the jobs to be here in the US and buying Chinese built GM cars benefits only GM and the Chinese.

    Hey Lex don’t blame Biden for the Envision blame Trump and GM. This is a long term GM plan to cut US workers salaries. Most foreign manufacturers have opened US plants to bring jobs here GM has moved production to China to move jobs there. They could build the Envision in the US avoid the tariff and sell it for the same or less.

    One day the Chinese government will walk in and say OK we know all your manufacturing secrets, now we are nationalizing all your plants you can go home now. See you later…

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 The non-defeatable stop/start cost Buick the sale of a LaCrosse to a friend a few years ago. Stop/Start is defeatable, in my Cayman, but you have to push the defeat button every time you start. I’d rather it “stored” the defeat.

    Maybe they no longer have the 2.0 turbo in the Terrain, to help sell more Acadias.

  13. Rey Says:

    Just read in one of the EV websites that Elon Musk says they are more of a robotics and AI company,the FSD with beta upgrade did impress Sandy Munro in his test ride along with one of the Tesla owners it was released on,you can see it in Youtube in Munro live, and watch his interview with Elon Musk during their stop in Texas in the SpaceX HQ.
    Ford? They are being forced to make F150 EPickups, or lose quite a bit of sales to the CYBRTRK, and 2025 will be quite late by the Teslas CYBRTRK will be selling all they can make, allowing for 4680 battery cell supply constraints, Elon just said recently to all the battery cell suppliers that Tesla will buy all the cells they can make @ an affordable price.

  14. Rey Says:

    Aboutthe Toyota investment in LYFT,I believe it was Honda or Acura who is offering something more advanced or equal to Tesla Autopilot, but only in Japan and select highways, i thought Toyota had something similar, what Tesla is working on in FSD is going to be Vision based , like in cameras and AI along with its on board HW3 computer, the most advanced installed in any car.Teslas Autopilot and FSD are two different things,FSD being a $10,000 option.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Cybertruck’s main competition will be Model Y, and maybe Model X for the “loaded” Cybertruck, not F-150.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    By the specs Cybertruck competition should be any of the 250-350 trucks and not so much in line with 150s.
    However much like my 1/2 ton the towing capacity exceeds what I could actually tow due to tongue weight being properly adequate % for the amount being towed.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The main market for the Cybertruck will probably be as a really funny looking, really big sedan, with a big trunk. The roll top desk bed cover will make it handy for hauling “normal” stuff, and about 100 cubic feet of it.

    It will be capable of towing, but it’s not something you’ll want to use for a cross country trip pulling a big Airstream. The long range versions will have a ~200 kWh battery, and unless it is set up to charge using two superchargers at once, the charge time per mile, if towing, will be quite slow. Also, in most cases, you’d probably need to unhitch the trailer to charge the vehicle.

  18. Sean Wagner Says:

    1 Lambo – Tesla always had the advantage of a very clear mission that goes hand-in-hand with overcoming obstacles and opposition. If Elon Musk seems pushy, that’s sometimes the only way to move things.

    I don’t know if that focus can be replicated, but fully agree that the long-term competitiveness of a company should be a key metric of management remuneration.

    There are many US companies that have been swallowed by their foreign peers who learned to serve and thrive in the world market.

    17 – Cybertruck as a sedan – now there’s a thought I need to remember. Smooth and silent propulsion does add refinement. Definitely only in America.

    What about an Airstream with its own battery pack that might be connected to the truck? Anyway, a costly setup for now. One could make a dozen or so metro-runabouts with all those cells.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Yeah, an Airstream with enough batteries, connected to the truck, to give enough range for a long days driving, and hookups at R/V parks capable of charging the entire rig overnight. When a new Airstream can easily cost more than $100K, what’s another $40K for batteries, if the weight could be dealt with.

  20. Lambo2015 Says:

    17 You thinking the trailer would need to be disconnected solely to park at the charging station? Yea never thought about that but yes most of the charging stations I have seen are set up for a single vehicle and a trailer of almost any length would be a problem.

    It actually quite a funny paradox that EVs have fallen into. They started out as these econo-box commuters that didn’t sell well because of cost and consumers felt they were paying luxury car prices for a entry level car. So everyone started to make performance luxury EVs and then the biggest issue was range, cause who doesn’t want to be able to take their luxury car on long trips. Also sedan sales started tanking so they looked to making EV pick-ups cause they can obviously support a 50-60k price tag and so everyone jumped on making an EV truck that no one asked for. So now they will realize that if you plan to do any towing the range will make them useless and they will probably be looking to the large SUVs like a Hummer. EVs trying to find the niche that will support the high cost yet deliver some of the features expected of a 60K vehicles is a problem.
    Bringing that cost down is still key and at least to me still makes fleet local delivery vehicles the ideal candidates for EVs. Amazon, UPS and Fed Ex as well as our USPS should be looking at making the switch.

  21. Sean Wagner Says:

    Creating plus-size charging stations really isn’t a problem.

    While it definitely was Tesla who showed the world EVs could be hellishly quick off the mark. And unlike ICEs, the penalty in decreased efficiency is small, though added costs remain.

    Fleet EVs should be happening right now. Perfect market.

    I actually came back to say something of import. Sigh… anywho, how about an Airstream with an integrated generator? Kinda neat – when you need to move the trailer long-distance, your Cybertruck becomes a hybrid.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21. The generator in the Airstream for long trips is a great idea. It would take some special electrical interface between the generator and vehicle, but would be much lighter weight and less expensive than 200 kWh of battery in the trailer.

  23. Stephen Says:

    If Elon can order any extra battery volume from the main battery makers, it means the “old” car makers must fund their own battery plants and that takes years. Meantime they keep paying tesla carbon credits as they cannot source the batteries. WinWIn for Elon. All these extra battery plants must source the raw materials and presto China either mines it or owns the mines worldwide. Even solid state will need other raw materials.
    The US invented solar panels, nuclear power yet an alergic reaction to gov investment meant China took all the inventions and took the industry.