AD #3103 – VW Drafting New U.S. EV Plan; Battery Costs Could Hurt EV Growth; Jeep Grand Cherokee L Review

June 17th, 2021 at 11:42am

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Runtime: 9:43

0:07 VW Drafting New U.S. EV Strategy
0:48 European Car Sales Continue to Recover
1:16 Bridgestone Invests in AV Truck Company
3:01 Battery Costs Could Hurt EV Growth
3:59 Diesels Still Popular with Some Europeans
4:30 Lincoln’s EV Strategy is Obvious
5:59 Honda Dropping the Clarity
6:42 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Impressions

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21 Comments to “AD #3103 – VW Drafting New U.S. EV Plan; Battery Costs Could Hurt EV Growth; Jeep Grand Cherokee L Review”

  1. Jim Haines Says:

    If Biden keeps handing out money when inflation kicks in to high gear nobody will be able to afford a new electric car even with the other hand outs for buying one the tax payers already shouldn’t be but even won’t help

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Another successful SpaceX launch and booster landing just happened. Payload is a GPS satellite.

  3. wmb Says:

    Using the Lightning hardware for a Navigator BEV makes since and I think it was Autoline that said that Lincoln will have an EV the size of the Aviator (maybe that one will/could use the platform of the Rivian R1S?). While it’s pretty clear that an EV the size of the Nautilus could easily use the bones from the Mach-E, the question becomes, where will the four BEV come from? Lincoln/Ford doesn’t have a small EV to cover the space of the Corsair, so that makes me wonder if their fourth model may occupy a different, larger space in their portfolio. They will build a small EV CUV from the VW Groups MEB, but that for Europe and China. Will Ford build a new small BEV platform to cover that end of the market, even for Lincoln? I highly doubt it! Even the most inexpensive EV’s right now start in the mid $30K, which is where the Corsair price point begins, from a platform that began as $25K Escape. I do see how Lincoln/Ford can do that with the tech and batteries being so expensive right now.

    The new Grand Cherokee L, looks great and I’m sure they sell everyone they make! Hose luxury touches will certainly add to the appeal of this premium vehicle. I still do not think that buyers of luxury vehicles of Land Rovers,

  4. wmb Says:

    ….of luxury EV’s like Land Rover, the German Three and the like will cross shop the Grand Cherokee L with those vehicles. It looks like it will be there lose if they do not, For the Jeep line up has certainly added another winner to their hand!

  5. Bob Wilson Says:

    I hope we see a review of this: “Automakers’ lawsuit to overturn Massachusetts vehicle data access law goes to trial … The trial has begun in federal court to hear the challenge brought by the vehicle manufacturers against the voters of Massachusetts on the data access law.” For example, John Deere all but forbids self-maintenance and repair by farmers who bought $100,000 equipment that broke down in harvest or planting season.

    I’ve always preferred to repair and maintain my own cars but even Toyota made Prius repairs more and more difficult over time. I don’t mind paying a reasonable cost for diagnostic equipment and a hardcopy/electronic maintenance manual. But don’t bleed me.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3,4 Even the outgoing Grand Cherokee is a worthy competitor to X3 and GLE in most ways, for a lot less money, but it probably isn’t often cross shopped much with those German, expensive brands.

  7. Lex Says:

    When is the current 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee model scheduled to end production? I would hope not before the end of the calendar year since between the COVID-19 and the Chip Shortage they have lost many unit.

  8. Lex Says:

    Will the Honda Breeze (in Asia) be replacing the current CR-V in North America?


    I too think that the Grand Cherokee L will be a hit for JEEP. It finally solves the one thing GC buyers have been asking for which is the all important 3rd row. Before now they had to step up to something far more expensive to get a 3rd row. This should help them keep if not conquest buyers to JEEP.

  10. Lex Says:

    I would like to suggest to KIA that they reduce the number of trims currently offered on the Telluride from 4 (LX, S, EX & SX) to 3 (LX, EX and SX) this would increase and streamline production.

    KIA should add Fog Lights to both EX and SX trims, while allowing Dealers to add them on other (LX) trims. LED headlights should be standard on all trims.

    I am not a fan of the NightFall Edition. I prefer shiny chrome grill, trim and polished bright aluminum wheels.

  11. XA351GT Says:

    # 1 It’s like having a pick pocket steal your wallet and give back some of your money and you’re supposed to be grateful. I’m sorry , but you shouldn’t have to bribe people to take something whether it’s a vaccine or a EV. If it’s so good people will get it on their own. If they don’t want one they shouldn’t be forced to pay for someone else to get it.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Is the 3rd row “all important”? I guess it is if you have 5 kids, but people I know would like a 3rd row delete option for Traverse and Pilot.


    12) In this segment 3 rows of seating is what sells. It isn’t important to me, but it is important to the segment.


    12) In this segment 3 rows of seating is what sells. It isn’t important to me, but it is important to the segment.

  15. DanaPointJohn Says:


  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13,14 The people I know who’d like a two row Traverse and Pilot want aslightly bigger vehicle for the extra cargo space, a “mainstream” brand for a better price, want a six cylinder engine, and would trade the 3rd row for a little more cargo space. Yeah, that doesn’t fit in with “segments” of CUVs, in the day of no choice of real options. Unlike in 1989, if I ordered a minivan now, two row seating would not be an option, and it’s not in bigger CUVs.

  17. Ziggy Says:

    Do you think the big AV trucks with no safety driver will be programmed to play lane police like all the other big rig drivers when the lanes are narrowing down and the most efficient way to merge is the zipper method, totally wrecked by the big rig drivers who think they have a better solution?

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I just saw a Sandy Munro video about the plumbing, and “frunk” parts of the Mach-E, and he was not favorably impressed.

  19. Sean Wagner Says:

    From a cursory look, Alix Partners is heavily biased towards North America, with Asia and Europe being more of a sideshow, which seems to feed right through into their forecast.

    Inflation – has been picking up in Europe too, just like parts and sectors in Asia. It should be transitory startup hiccups. While one of the reasons for the cip shortage has been hoarding by Chinese suppliers after sanctions were announced.

    EV incentives – They are meant to jump-start the transition by providing some certainty to business. Details and views on their implementation vary widely. Regulation or pricing in emissions (say in a revenue-neutral manner) are imperfect measures too. I’m on board with the goal and also think the US would pay dearly for missing the boat. Many “olde” industries are sunsetting.

    I do think Ford/Lincoln could build some nice, really powerful big SUV hybrids with their present building blocks, even if they only bridge the next couple of years.

    18 Kit – That’s the show I talked about some days back. Very instructive. Goes to show the internationally successful (and vital to Ford of Europe) Mach-E presently could only be built in Mexico at a competitive price. While the Tesla Model Y has superior engineering of the thermal systems that allow it to be made in CA and soon TX. Some larger takeaways right there…

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19,18 I just saw the Munro video last night, when it came on youtube after I watched AAH. Unless I heard something wrong, he said the ID.4 was even worse than the Mach-E in design inefficiency. Yikes.

  21. Michael S Says:

    I really wish Lincoln and Cadillac would consider a traditional hybrid. I don’t want to go with a full electric for the vehicle I need for long drives.