AD #3117 – Mercedes-AMG Reveals New SL Interior; Santa Cruz Pricier Than Maverick; Can Tesla Survive Without Musk?

July 14th, 2021 at 11:59am

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Runtime: 9:25

0:08 EU ICE Ban Looming
0:49 Volkswagen Boosts Operating Profit Target
1:17 Volvo & Geely Create JV For Powertrains
1:53 Nissan Studies Race Car Driver Brain Functions
3:19 Audi Shows Off Future Design Direction
4:04 Mercedes-AMG Reveals New SL Interior
4:43 Mitsubishi Adopts Mercedes Electric Truck App
6:28 Porsche Sees Potential but Many Hurdles for VTOLs
7:25 GM Invests in New Advanced Design Center
7:53 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pricier Than Ford Maverick
8:23 Can Tesla Survive Without Elon Musk?

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24 Comments to “AD #3117 – Mercedes-AMG Reveals New SL Interior; Santa Cruz Pricier Than Maverick; Can Tesla Survive Without Musk?”

  1. Kevin A Says:

    When you say ALL ICE engines, did they specifically mention which fuels? Clearly, diesel and gasoline are intended, but does that include biodiesel? What about CNG? What about size of vehicle. I suspect if someone did the calculations, they would find that a Honda Civic running CNG is cleaner than an electric Hummer because of the size.

  2. Scooter63 Says:

    I read that BMW and VW were fined again in regard to working together on the emissions defeating software and BMW this time was fined $1Bln. It was claim of collusion between the two automakers. I don’t know if this is new news / old news or BS. however, I don’t recall hearing it here. Which is unusual.

  3. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I do believe that some of Tesla’s mystique is Musk (fan admiration, etc.,etc.) but whether Tesla makes it or not will be determined by its next introductions. I believe some of the uniqueness has worn off and the Cybertruck is not going to be as much of a hit as some might be saying. The next generation Tesla’s should tell the tale.

  4. Kevin A Says:

    I see lots of ‘performance’ EVs being advertised, but no one seems to offer an ‘eco’ EV. A while back, I thought someone posted that a Honda Fit sized EV, with one motor and narrow, hard eco tires, would use less than half the energy of a Tesla Model 3. Have you ever seen a calculation like that? Based on the performance of gas cars, I would have thought it would be less than a quarter of the energy.

  5. Buzzerd Says:

    Looking at the VTOLs I can’t help but think- where do they plan on parking those things if they become popular? they take up the room of 10 cars but the looks of it with necessary clearance and it’s not like big cities have surplus parking.

    Tesla die with out Elon??? I highly doubt it, it may not do as well or maybe it would but die?? No one is irreplaceable.
    Did Apple die when they lost Steve Jobs?

  6. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Other than design, I don’t see the Santa Cruz offering more than the Ford Maverick. And definitely not enough to justify the difference in price. Though the Honda Ridgeline is more of a midsize, the Santa Cruz is cruising in that same price territory; might be more than they can chew (with the ‘Cruz’).

  7. Rey Says:

    Elon is the Tesla CEO, and is what makes Tesla tick, but the Co. is now well established, and the stock could take a hit if he goes, but Amazon is still going despite Jeff Bezos stepping down, You might say the critter is alive and will do well, and Elon and Tesla has made BEVs desirable, oh todays WS headline, the Tesla mod S Plaid beats all ICE comers and way surpasses them, but don’t believe me, I’m just a Tesla fan,and a cultists.LOL

  8. Albemarle Says:

    With fingers in so many pies I doubt Musk is that critical to Tesla. In fact, he may be the holdout on new designs and models, something that is essential for Tesla to maintain a leadership position. The current design language is boring. What worked on the ‘S’ doesn’t work on the others. The ‘Y’ looks positively awkward coming towards you on the highway, like an all white minion from Despicable Me. Just needs suspenders.

  9. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Scooter63 – We reported on this back in May:

    BMW, Daimler and VW were all the subject of diesel collusion. BMW set aside 1.4 billion euros to pay for the possible fines. The European Commission recently dropped most of the charges, but still fined BMW about 375,000 for talks that took place between the automakers about the size of AdBlue (urea) tanks and how much of the liquid that the cars consumed.

  10. Rey Says:

    the Maverick might be a best seller, but the dealers tend to load up the options to get the most out of every sale, gett ready to be robbed,, STEALERSHIPS .lol

  11. Rey Says:

    #8 The mod Y is sold out in Canada and the good ol’ USA for the 3rd Qtr, ” Ugly” you have slept with a frog named Nissan Leaf , or Chevys’ Dolt.LOL

  12. MJB Says:

    Great tilt feature on that Mercedes flat screen.

    Contrary to those who may think Elon is ego-tripping, I agree with his take. At 18yrs old, I think Tesla is still too young to navigate it’s own way through the remaining hurdles ahead without the man who launched them quite successfully off the starting block. It’ll be there one day, but not today.

    For comparison, I doubt Ford Motor Company would be where it is today if Henry Ford been yanked after just 18 years.

  13. Rey Says:

    #11 “ugly” , have you ever slept with a frog named Nissan Leaf or Chevys Dolt?

  14. Rey Says:

    #11 “ugly” , have you ever slept with a frog named Nissan Leaf or Chevys Dolt?

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 If I were in the market for an EV (I’m not, but if I were), it would be a Tesla, because of the charging network. As charging infrastructure improves, and more EVs hit the market, Tesla will decline in overall desirability. They still have the best EVs in some ways, still have the “cult” following, and will continue to the the best charging network for years, so I expect them to continue to sell well for some time to come.


    12) Well since you mention it, Henry Ford did leave the first company he founded “Henry Ford Company” after 1 year. This company survived and is now known as Cadillac. I think TESLA will be just fine without Musk. They would need a marketing team though since Elon and his antics that get published by the media daily is the entirety of their current marketing strategy.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 It seems that performance is very “cheap” in lost efficiency for EVs of a given size, as the difference in MPGe between a Model S Long Range, and Model S Plaid is only about 20%. Wheel size makes a big difference in efficiency of the Model S Performance.

    A small, light EV should be able to more than double the efficiency of any Tesla at low speed, but I suspect it would need to be narrow and low, with skinny hard tires, to be able to double the efficiency at 80 mph.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 Also, the Maverick has the huge advantage of being a hybrid, which will about double the city mpg of the Santa Cruz.

  19. XA351GT Says:

    When you ban sales of ALL powered vehicles are you talking new vehicles only or all ICE vehicles? In other words would someone who owns a ICE vehicle be barred from selling it to someone else after that date? basically obseleting every existing vehicle that isn’t electric forcing everyone either buy electric ( which will be a failure on that scale) or forcing people you use mass transit where available or traveling by self powered means or horse. The tinfoil hat in me says this is the 1st step to pushing people back into cities where they can be easier controlled. This kind of thing i going to send the one New World Order theorists into overdrive.

  20. Lex Says:

    My Prediction is that Elon Musk will be focusing the majority of his time and energy in the near future on SpaceX and Mars.

    The other exciting new venture Elon my be looking into is harvesting rare precise metals and materials for near Earth objects. There are asteroids composed of many precise and rare metals and other elements just waiting to be brought back to Earth. These missions might cost billions but the payoff might be in the Trillions!

    Unless there is a quantum improvement in Solar technology Solar City will remain a very small player in the Green Energy Sector.

  21. Steve Henderson Says:

    Elon Musk is replaceable … he’s the life of the party now but for how much longer? I’m glad he’s successful & hope he stays with them for many more years. And no I don’t own one.

  22. Drew Says:

    Regarding Tesla’s survival without Elon, I does Tesla have an equivalent to Job’s Tim Cook? When do competitive supercharging networks become much more prevalent than Tesla’s?

  23. joe Says:

    The day of reckoning will come one day for all the lies and deceitfulness he’s done in the past. Plus with all the competition coming in, I don’t think Tesla will survive with or without him.

  24. Sean Wagner Says:

    On a different tack, German businesses are beginning to chafe under the travel ban with Europe that’s still largely in place. There are over 5’000 present in the US, and investment decisions need to be made.