AD #3118 – Used Prices Returning to Normal; Airless Tires Continue to Make Progress; New Civic All Grown Up

July 15th, 2021 at 11:50am

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Runtime: 11:08

0:07 Daimler Has Strong Q2 Outlook Despite Chip Shortage
0:45 Used Car Prices Returning to Normal
1:25 EV Startup Has Long Way to Reach Goals
2:01 BAIC’s NEV Sales Stink
3:16 Chevy Still Having Bolt Fire Issues
4:02 Goodyear Continues to Develop Airless Tires
4:34 VW Golf GTI & R Prices Set
6:12 Lucid Reveals Warranty & Service Plans
7:22 New Honda Civic Review
9:55 Pininfarina Designs Wild Concept Virtually

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16 Comments to “AD #3118 – Used Prices Returning to Normal; Airless Tires Continue to Make Progress; New Civic All Grown Up”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    It appears that the car shortages are taking on the ‘toilet paper’ syndrome of the early pandemic; buy something at any cost. Cooler heads should do all right if they just have a little patience.

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    $30,500 for a VW GTI sounds like a pretty good value, when a Civic with a CVT with idiotic fake “shifts” costs $29,300. The Type R starting at $44,500 seems like a big premium, though, for a more power and 4WD.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 That’s what I’ve been thinking. A lot of people have been buying cars they don’t really need, because there is a “shortage.”

  4. Albemarle Says:

    So our Bolt is still not fixed. It’s disappointing. We will give the company a bit more time to come up with a solution. Our dealer has been very supportive and we like the car and continue to drive it. No problem leaving it outside this summer but it’s not acceptable when the weather turns cold. I feel everyone has been trying their best but perhaps a whole new improved battery is the only workable solution. Clock is ticking.


    There will be a little lag time between the reduced Manheim auction pricing and the actual retail price consumers will see. I would wait to buy a used car until this time next year if you can. Pricing should be normalized by then.

  6. Albemarle Says:

    Frankly I don’t understand car reviewer’s need for fake gear changes with a CVT. Personally, I know it’s a CVT so I want the two biggest benefits; fuel economy and faster acceleration from not faking shifts. Don’t slow my car down to pretend it’s an 8 speed. Kind of like making vroom noises yourself when you drive an EV.

  7. R. Bruce Melton, Jr. Says:

    I am very disappointed to see that the new Honda Civic will have a CVT transmission – wonder who the supplier is (“in-house” design &/or outside manuf., Nissan, etc.)? Unless there is a Honda endorsed warranty of at least 10 yrs/120,000 miles, I would not buy ANY “CVT automobile” from Honda, or any other manufacturer. In my opinion, having a CVT that has “simulated” gear shifting by jumping the belt is even dumber than leaving the “tranny” in “DRIVE!”

    I am sure that one day in the future, the reliabilty (or lack of it!!) will be corrected for future buyers of CVT equipped vehicles. It amazes me how marketing people are caught up in the CVT-hype, and the public is also dumb enough to buy into it – GO FIGURE!!!

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 Do the fires occur while charging? I’d think it could be a problem with the charging electronics, that is overcharging some of the cells. Other than physical damage, overcharging is the usual cause of most lithium battery fires.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 Honda has been using CVTs in Accords since 2013, and Civics since 2014. They are apparently “in-house” Honda items. At least I’ve read that they are. They show up as reliable in CR’s surveys, but reliability data at 250K miles is probably limited.

  10. Albemarle Says:

    8. They don’t know the problem. The Vermont fire was someone that had charged their Bolt from 10% to full. It was not charging at the time but was still plugged in. Lots of speculation. General thoughts are not too low and not too high. This is ok for us currently, but not what we need or paid for long term.

    Fires seem to start under the back seat where the battery is double high.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 I hope they figure it out soon. That’s not good for owners like you, or for future sales. If the car in Vermont was plugged in, something could have been wrong causing it to charge to 110% when it thought it was 100%.

  12. Albemarle Says:

    we will see. don’t think it’s that simple but i have no idea. We will get another Bolt if we need to change, but in Canada GM only offers a low spec Bolt model as they want people to move to the EUV. My wife is not keen on giving up surround view, leather, etc..

  13. Sean Wagner Says:

    Ford is having some teething problems with the Mach-E – in Norway, several cars stopped going (back) downhill due to overly aggressive recuperation. But it’s a sorely needed upmarket sales hit in Europe – currently number one in Norway, and number three overall in the Netherlands.

    Like the Taycan, they’ll have to recall the cars to update their software. But the Taycan is selling extremely well this year – 19’822 globally in H1, with China being the largest market.

    I remember when it was news that Porsche had broken through the 100’000 sales per year – they’re on track for triple that amount now. No wonder their profits contribute substantially to VW AG’s overall record numbers.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 Porsche has really been successful with CUVs, and now with the Taycan, but the Porsche I have, a Cayman, is on life support with a global production of Cayman + Boxster at barely over 20,000 units.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    That’s global annual production for Cayman/Boxster.

  16. Sean Wagner Says:

    15 Those are pretty low numbers, especially as a percentage of the total. Looked it up, and it seems the best year was 2017 with 26K sold globally. They are the most attainable fun to drive cars the marque has on offer.