AD #3126 – Tesla Reports Record Profits; Hyundai Teams w/ Corning on AR HUDs; Chip Shortage Shows Signs of Easing

July 27th, 2021 at 11:45am

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Runtime: 8:35

0:07 Tesla Reports Record Profits
1:12 Several Tesla Projects Delayed
3:06 Hyundai Group Teams with Corning on AR HUDs
4:01 Baidu Launches Robobus Service in China
5:09 Toyota Teases All-New Tundra Details
6:31 Mercedes Testing Electric Garbage Truck
7:25 Chip Shortage Shows Signs of Easing

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38 Comments to “AD #3126 – Tesla Reports Record Profits; Hyundai Teams w/ Corning on AR HUDs; Chip Shortage Shows Signs of Easing”

  1. Rey Says:

    I guess we can put to rest the argument Tesla does not make money, but there will always be naysayers, and TSLA shorts,Oh well.

  2. buzzerd Says:

    @1 we can now say Tesla makes money. Stating facts doesn’t make you a naysayer or a hater, just a realist.

  3. Norm T Says:

    I’ll wait for a full year or more of profits as Financials are a nut-n-shell game.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    2 :-)
    Sean/John; On the MB garbage truck I see what looks like quite a few air tanks just behind the cab. Are the EV trucks still air brakes and not taking advantage of regenerative braking? Or do they work together?

  5. Lex Says:

    I hope the US Automotive Industry realizes that Chip Production is a essential component of 21st Century manufacturing technology and starts cultivating suppliers within North America.

    Taiwan is current in a precarious situation being eyed by the Chinese. Japan has already stated that they will go to war with China if they make a move on Taiwan. Japan realizes that nearly 50% of all Chip Production is located in Taiwan. This does not looking good!

  6. Lex Says:

    How has the flooding in German affected the production of ZF transmissions?

  7. Marshy Says:

    Gentle reminder that batteries with “125 kWh of power” isn’t correct, it’s energy. I might sound pedantic but you’d never say a truck has 100 gallons of power.

    Thanks for the great daily news!

  8. Lex Says:

    When is the regular length version of the new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee to hit showrooms?

    In other words, when will the current 2021 model Jeep Grand Cherokee end production?

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    4- continued
    Air brakes make sense for tractor trailer and the constant need to quickly connect and disconnect trailers with brakes. Hydraulics would need to be bled and Electric would have a significant draw. But on a garbage truck or anything without a trailer they could have gone to Hydraulic eliminating the batteries need to run a compressor along with the added weight of a compressor and tanks. But they probably still on an air suspension. Just have to imagine that a compressor to keep bags and brakes running has to draw a lot of juice.

  10. Rey Says:

    #3,I’m long TSLA up $300+over 8-9 ago, profits are good for now will hold long,Tesla will be profitable , longterm . No ICE to kill ,the future is looking good with batteries You can bank on it, or “take that to the bank”, as they say.

  11. veh Says:

    Electric garbage trucks sound like a fantastic idea. cut the noise down, short enough distances so that range isn’t a big problem (overnight charging)…

  12. Rey Says:

    Go see Sandy Munro in ” Munro live” in Youtube , he will educate you how Tesla saves money on everything in car production, and what Legacy Auto has to catchup on, “Tesla moves @ the speed of thought”- Sandy Munro.

  13. XA351GT Says:

    That’s providing that the hydraulic pumps that run all the rams for compression on the truck don’t drain the batteries there are a lot more things that require power on those trucks than just moving them down the highway.

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    12 Does Sandy cover the cost savings of building cars in tents cause your engineering project planners over-estimate what robots can do and you need to expand your production line out into the parking lot as you add work stations after production starts? Yea the Legacy automakers are taking notes on that one.. What not to do! lol
    Tesla is still a fairly small company and building 3 vehicles. Yes they can move and adjust quicker than the old dinosaur companies. They have less people less management and need less approvals to get things done. Much like suppliers to the OEs. Suppliers are able to approve funding and make changes almost always quicker than the OEs.

  15. GM Veteran Says:

    12 and 14
    Tesla needs to be as efficient as possible because they don’t have the scale, resources or distribution that the dinosaurs have. The main reason the Ford Lightning is so competitively priced is because of the scale Ford already has in building trucks, and the suppliers that they can leverage that already have huge volume contracts. Tesla does not have that. Comparing Tesla to the traditional OEMs is hardly apples to apples.

    I agree that one quarter of true profitability is good progress, but its not a full year and it still doesn’t come close to supporting the sky-high valuation of the company. With the solar division losing money, chip issues lingering, two plants under construction and lots of vehicle development still ahead of them for their planned new vehicles, Tesla still has significant financial challenges.

  16. GM Veteran Says:

    7 I can’t tell you how many times I have read articles from other auto reporters that reference how much horsepower the battery produces. Drives me crazy, and builds doubt about how accurate some of their other reporting may be. EVs are here to stay and more launching every quarter. Its time the non-Autoline automotive press gets their terminology down and accurately reports information to the public.

  17. Rey Says:

    #14 & 15 Go see the latest earnings report, this 2nd qtr and what the margins were, this despite the pandemic and chip shortage and the Berlin Giga hurdles , the margins the legacy auto would die to have,its around 20-25%. That Porsche territory.

  18. Rey Says:

    #14 & 15 Go see the latest earnings report, this 2nd qtr and what the margins were, this despite the pandemic and chip shortage and the Berlin Giga hurdles , the margins the legacy auto would die to have,its around 20-25%. That Porsche territory.

  19. Rey Says:

    #14 & 15 Go see the latest earnings report, this 2nd qtr and what the margins were, this despite the pandemic and chip shortage and the Berlin Giga hurdles , the margins the legacy auto would die to have,its around 20-25%. That Porsche territory.

  20. Rey Says:

    # 15 legacy auto challenge is how to grow BEV sales without killing ICE, a balancing act if you may, that and placating Stealerships who will have less service work to SCAM poor sods, yes you heard that right , scam.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 GM was in the chip making business for years, and shut it down a few years ago, because their operations were not competitive. The very attractive building in Kokomo, Indiana might be for sale, if anyone is interested. Any remaining equipment would be obsolete, though, so restarting operations would take many months, or years.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    re. 42,43 from yesterday. T

    The Geo Prism caught fire years ago, when the car was only a few years old. I don’t know if there was any aftermarket stuff on it, but knowing the owner I’d be a little surprised if there was. I agree that it is rare for a car to catch fire spontaneously.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 Soon, the entire VW group, not just Porsche, will have 20-25% margins. No, I’m not serious.

  24. Rey Says:

    #14 Tesla and other Elon Co.s like Space X think out of the box ,disrupting everything from cars to Aero-Space industry when is the ULA alliance going to get to the ISS and be reusable? The Tent? Tesla has applied for it to become permanent,the Austin Texas giga factory is going to be bigger than the Kia factory in Georgia, Ten years ago when i was watching the Nat Geographic video who would have thought that Fremont would just be the start? There was this guy riding a trike in a dark Nummi ex Toyota/GM factory, I think his name was Jerome Guilen,ex-Toyota employee , seen the video?

  25. GM Veteran Says:

    Yes, like Porsche, its easier to have great margins when you only sell expensive vehicles. You keep wanting to compare Tesla to the other OEMs. Porsche would be a better comparison than Ford or GM. And, since the Taycan is currently Porsche’s best selling model, Tesla better watch out.

    With record sales and construction delays in Berlin last quarter (which means they weren’t spending much money on construction), this could be the high water mark for Tesla profits. As more Audi, Cadillac, BMW, Lexus, Lincoln, Infiniti, Genesis, Nio and Mercedes-Benz EVs hit the market, Tesla market share will continue to decline (as it already has in both the US and China).

    Again, not being a hater or a short, just expressing a level-headed opinion based upon the facts in front of me and factoring in my 40 years in the automotive wholesale and retail market.

  26. Rey Says:

    #23kit, Sandy says VW id4 is 3rd after Mustang MachE,who is second best , see in Munro Live ,YouTube.”
    Tesla has something we don’t have – VW CEO Herbert Diess, back in 2016 or 17,yeah that was some years ago.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9,11 etc. Garbage trucks are an ideal application for EVs and hybrids, because of all the starting and stopping. If the motor-generators are big enough, nearly all of the braking could be regenerative, great for efficiency, and you’d barely need friction brakes, air, hydraulic, or otherwise.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 One thing Tesla uses that most others don’t, is cylindrical battery cells. I don’t know if their charge-discharge efficiency is different from pouch cells, but somehow, I’d expect them to be better sealed, and last longer.

  29. Rey Says:

    #27 kit, Lucid uses 2170 cyl cells and Rivian too, those two co.s have done their homework and R&D ,I would assume,and Lucid has proven their prowess by being in Formula E, they supplied the batteries early on to many of the teams
    I’m in construction many new tools from Milwuakee use those 2170 cells, the HD and HO line of batteries, and Makita as well, LG might be the supplier,besides Panasonic,The MIC Teslas do use LG cells for the performance and LR dual motor cars, SR or base use cheaper &heavier CATL LFP batteries.

  30. Sean Wagner Says:

    7 Marshy – Thumbs up, may the force [N] be with you.

    Once again some nuggets in Tesla’s report and webcast. Good to see a healthy GAAP profit.

    One of the more interesting, but not unexpected things to me is that they have quite a bestiary of chemistries by now, what with the new suppliers and their own legacy [!] cells. To the point it’s worth noting. The aim is to unify those lines into two types, which sounds much like Volkwagen AG’s plan.

    Scaling over three continents is taking priority, while R&D costs remain remarkably low.

  31. Sean Wagner Says:

    By the way, that Corning HUD would be an excellent way for semi-autonomous systems to indicate their path.

  32. Lambo2015 Says:

    24 Absolutely agree! Rey one of the aspects of Tesla I admire is thinking outside the box. Nothing more frustrating than doing something simply because that’s just the way its been done. However the caveat to that is many times its been done that way because its a tried and true proven best practice. Something that comes from years of experience of building cars. So step outside that box and you may discover a new and improved method. You may also fail miserably but risk takers are the ones that typically invent stuff.. The biggest risk can provide the biggest reward..
    So I think you misunderstand my position on Telsa. Yes they are doing great things and I am proud that an American company is a leader in the EV market. Elon is amazing and maybe even better described as eccentric person.

    However that to me doesn’t discredit the traditional automakers. Are they dinosaurs, Have they been around a long time, created huge debt, made huge profits, developed and invented products just as Tesla is doing now? Yep! They made people lots of money and they have also lost lots of money. But they also have been in business over 100 years some close to 150 years. So its easy to tout how great the new kid on the block is doing when he hasn’t really faced near the challenges that being in business with an ever changing global economy, and having thousands of retired employees, and making the transition from your core business ICEs into a completely different source of propulsion. The dinosaurs are continuing to design, develop and manufacture ICE while balancing that EVs They need to find the exact balance of producing enough of each product to support however quickly consumers adapt. Again nothing that Tesla has to worry about. They just build EVs and as long as nothing better comes along they have projected sales increases for years to come.
    Make no mistake I want Tesla to succeed but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of the traditional automakers. So its just your posts that Tesla is GOD and everyone is dumb and behind that is silly to say. As GM Vet said it not an apples to apples comparison. Tesla doesn’t deal with a fraction of the issues the other manufacturers have to still balance.
    If one of the manufacturers developed a great hydrogen system (unlikely) but if they did and everyone now had to scramble to launch HG cars where do you suppose that would leave Tesla? Would Elon’s ego prevent them from changing and the company go the way of Beta tapes when VCR came out? Or could he adapt and change like the dinosaurs are doing now. That’s all I’m saying.

  33. Rey Says:

    #31 lambo , GM finally recalling their Bolt, and one owner not happy that he is stuck with payments of that defective Bolt,that he can’t use,GM never stood by their product,defective ignition locks and more, heen there with a defective Buick GN,and that was one of their better brands,we also had a Chev Celebrity with a Iron Duke 4 cyl,what a joke of a car,no wonder GM went BK , they haven’t changed,” Fool me once, shame on me……….”oh, done with the STEALERSHIP experience

  34. Rey Says:

    About Elon and his ego , Sandy Munro has criticized the mod3,improvements were implemented within a year or two , or less, and he often replies to Twitter comments and suggestions of Tesla cars from owners, improves them i mediately if possible, which is more than I can say of legacy auto, and I have had all kinds of autos from domestic 3 to most of the imports,been scammed by all of them Stealerships too.

  35. Lambo2015 Says:

    33 Your seriously holding onto crap that Gm built in the 80s? You know things have changed in 40 years? GM, Ford and FCA’s quality is as good an anyone else out there including Tesla. Do they have issues and recalls? Sure they do just as Tesla does. In case you didn’t know Tesla has had to recall all S and X models prior to 2018 to replace a chip. Model X and S steering assist bolt recall. They’ve conducted safety updates OTA for both. along with two other recalls.
    I totally get your dissatisfaction with dealerships too. Anytime you can eliminate a middle person that doesn’t really add value then why not. I would say their days are numbered. There will always be dealer service centers to offer warranty and service work but sales like many things are done easily on-line.

  36. Rey Says:

    #32 lambo , We all know Hydrogen is going nowhere, it cost more energy to produce than we will get out of it, yet GM has them Fuel Cells and is still pushing for it , that deal with Nikola was to try to recoup investment?I think we know where that went! Trevor Milton , ex CEO and exChairman is MIA, guess Mary Barra didn’t see that train coming, or was it the Nikola one Semi that blinded her, maybe it was the Nikola Pickup deal? Let me know when someone comes up with the technology to make Hydrogen cheaply and without trucking it to refueling sites, and compressing it into the tanks, again and again, until then that is a fuel that is going nowhere

  37. Rey Says:

    #35 Please notify me when Michigan allows Tesla to open service centers in that State, Texas too, and tell me why they lobby politicians to keep that BZNZ model, oh GM is part of that deal and a staunch supporter as well, as long as GM and Ford and others support those crooks you will have people who had bad experiences with STEALERSHIPS buying and trying Teslas and other startups, oh there’s a Ford Mach E Buyer who they tried to scamm something like $10,000,admin fees or some such thing, It is on YouTube, go watch it.

  38. Lambo2015 Says:

    Dude Money makes the world go round. Be good bad or indifferent when it comes to investors they going to do whats best for their pockets. So there is tons of money in dealerships and to protect that investment and the owners they will continue to support any laws, bans or legislation that protects that.
    That’s the sad world we live in as whats best for the betterment of man does not over-rule business decisions or ethics anymore. Whats best for the bottom line takes precedent over being the right thing to do. You spin it to sound like you care and its to protect jobs or whatever you need to sound concerned and then you do what makes you the most money.

    Why else we would find cancerous products in our food? Or find out that our food isn’t even food but some synthetic chemical blend? Companies strive to find ways to cut costs improve margins and turn better profits. Does the change make the product better for the consumer? Not even a thought anymore.. They’ll buy it anyway. Just make sure your making money. That goes for the CEO the board will replace as soon as sales dip to the guy on the floor who spent 25 years with the company. There isn’t loyalty to employees or to their customers. So when will Michigan and Texas be able to sell Tesla’s? When someone in office actually cares about the people they represent. So probably never.