AD #3137 – Audi Unveils skysphere concept; EV Battery Costs Plunge; There’s More Inventory Than What’s Been Reported

August 11th, 2021 at 11:52am

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Runtime: 9:54

0:08 U.S. Senate Passes Big Infrastructure Bill
0:54 EV Battery Costs Plunge in Last Decade
3:13 There’s More Car Inventory Than What’s Been Reported
4:18 Bridgestone Expands Potenza Tire Lineup
5:28 Ford Using Robots to Test in Extreme Conditions
7:08 OnStar Expands Partnership with RapidDeploy
7:52 Audi Takes Wraps Off skysphere concept

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16 Comments to “AD #3137 – Audi Unveils skysphere concept; EV Battery Costs Plunge; There’s More Inventory Than What’s Been Reported”

  1. Norm T Says:

    You can see inventory for sale and ready to buy on the major for sale websites. Aside from high volume sellers like trucks there are too many new Outback’s and CX-5′s sitting on dealership lots compared to others in theri respected segments.

  2. Clem Zahrobsky Says:

    The biden charging stations is the govt. competing with private industry which already have charging stations.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    Democrats want 85 Billion to meet a goal of EVs. There is 331 million Americans total and 255 Million over the age of 18. About 90 Million are below standard cost of living leaving 165 Million. Which means they want to spend about $515 of your tax dollars to help people buy EVs.

  4. Albemarle Says:

    Instead of spending tax dollars to incentivize people to buy EVs, I think they should just tax all items that add to the world’s co2 and let the markets decide the alternatives. Politicians are really bad at guessing what taxpayers will choose to do. Unfortunately bribing us with our own money works.

  5. XA351GT Says:

    So EV battery costs plunge, anyone willing to bet the prices of the vehicles won’t?

  6. XA351GT Says:

    Instead of charging stations they should focus on getting the grid up to modern standards if they expect it ever to reliably carry the extra load that they are wishing for. Ask a Californian how they like their rolling brownouts due to power issues. Also with the cause of many wild fires due to poorly maintained equipment the money may have been better spent there 1st. Not much use having a charging station on every lamp post if there isn’t any power to even run the light.

  7. Clem Zahrobsky Says:

    The libs are trying to make owning a car too expensive and people will have to move back into the cash strapped cities, ride public transportation and pay taxes to cover the big city govt. pensions instead of living in the suburbs and driving to work and shop.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 The US “grid,” as in the power distribution in California starting fires, needs a lot of work. Generating capacity, not so much. Adding 100M electric cars in the US would add only ~7% to power usage, and that probably already exists, if the cars are mostly charged overnight.

    The idea of co-locating charge stations with wind and solar generation, not connected to the grid makes a lot of sense, especially if the site would include batteries for storage. If you had batteries at the site, one big wind turbine should handle several chargers with varying use patterns. The big wind turbines produce 1.5 megawatts of power with 12 mph wind, an up to about 3 Mw with higher wind speeds.

  9. Joe G Says:

    7 – True…The infrastructure bill includes research into taxing a driver per miles driven, so bad news for working suburb dwellers and more money to be funnelled into the cash strapped cities…just another tax to help pay for upcoming guaranteed income.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Yeah, taxing per miles driven, so EV drivers pay their equivalent of gas tax.

  11. wmb Says:

    This is a striking design and the stretchable wheel base is all concept car show threater. To me, though, if the wheel base is to lengthen and it not add any useable space for the passengers or storage inside, what exactly is the point? Great driveability? Maybe. The styling, though, IMHO, is better suited for a Bentley Continental GT BEV, then a coupe from Audi. The Audi coupe that I was expecting was a R8 replacement and not one that would seem to be better suited for a Bentley gallery.

  12. Sean Wagner Says:

    5 XA351GT – EV prices have been falling ever since the original Tesla Roadster hit the market.

    I think we’re already forgetting what a breakthrough useful, mass-produced EVs not far from the average purchasing price are.

    It’s not that long ago Tesla was laughed at for building their eponymous Nevada Gigafactory – and now the founder of Chinese battery company CATL is one of that country’s richest people.

    The Audi study is silly. I love long hoods, but there needs to be a matching engine under it.

    To keep a government from selecting winners while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the smart solution is a revenue-neutral levy that increases in non-arbitrary, foreseeable increments.

    The European Union is doing some of that, though I think their tried-and-tested Emissions Trading System functions more like a simple tax. Incidentally, they also are working on a battery recycling mandate.


    The US infrastructure bill actually includes substantial allocations for grid improvement, though lately more money has finally been flowing that way.

    The capital is there, as wind and solar power make money – some obstructive states need to facilitate permitting for more of the planned connections from the windy plains to the West coast to be built.

    I don’t think the mentioned little solar-cum-wind tower solves anything much. Utility-scale solar is the cheapest source of electricity, and smartly situated wind power not far behind. Though some of the big Tesla Superchargers integrate respectable quantities of solar cells.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I can imagine the wind noise, creaking, and rattling from the seams of the variable wheelbase Audi. Of course, concept cars are rarely very serious, but this one less than most.

  14. XA351GT Says:

    #10 That’s provided only EV drivers will get hit with a miles driven tax and not everyone. My guess is it may start that way , but eventually everyone EV owner or not will get fleeced. My question how would they implement it . In states that have inspections it may be the mechanic that records and sends the mileage when issuing a new sticker. Now in few states where there may not be inspections it maybe based on registration renewal , but requires honesty from the person sending it in. Some states already tax the vehicle per year based on it’s value. How much tax burden will people continue to put up with? This government acts like a teenager that grabs their parents credit card. Runs up a huge bill that someone else will have to pay for.


    12) That was my thought also. That and the added weight of all those mechanisms just to change the wheelbase. Maybe it looks sportier with the shorter wheelbase, but you are still carrying the heft of the long wheelbase car so there is no point in it. Of course as you state, concept car features rarely make it into production. In this case, for good reason.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 Newer cars could have over-the-air reporting of miles driven, but hacking could/would becomr a problem.