AD #3145 – China Sets Regs. to Protect Personal Info; Chevy Recalling All Bolts; Porsche Getting Rimac Tech

August 23rd, 2021 at 11:54am

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Runtime: 9:49

0:07 China Sets Regulations to Protect Personal Info
0:49 Chevy Recalling All Bolts
1:24 New Bolt Recall to Cost GM $1 Billion
2:35 Corvette Z06 Teaser Hints at New Engine
4:02 Porsche Getting Rimac Technology
4:54 Mazda Still Serious About Rotary Engines
5:25 Updated QX80 Adds Big Center Screen
6:50 China’s Charging Outlets Top 2 Million
7:29 Ford Helps Charging Company Locate Faulty Charger

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28 Comments to “AD #3145 – China Sets Regs. to Protect Personal Info; Chevy Recalling All Bolts; Porsche Getting Rimac Tech”

  1. Rey Says:

    GM Bolts “LG Inside” defective battery included.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Seems it should be pretty easy to place sticker on all chargers with a call or text number on the charging stations. Allow a users the ability to let the company know when a charger isn’t working. They’ll get notified immediately and know which one is the problem.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    All Corvettes have had the pushrod V8 with the exception of the first three years of production, which had a 235ci blue flame I6.
    Actually pretty amazing that its been around since 1955 in various versions of big block and small block. The new engine sounds great though.

    I like the direction the Chinese are headed with personal information.

    Mazda can bring back the rotary engine but it had better last a long time. Good luck finding anyone to rebuild it.. But car engines are pretty much disposable anymore. No one rebuilds them except racers anymore.

    Sean I really hope you guys have more from the dream cruise than this.

  4. GM Veteran Says:

    Let’s hope Chevy spends a little more time on it and comes up with something more imaginative than eRay.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 The C4 ZR-1 had a DOHC engine built by Mercury Marine.

  6. GM Veteran Says:

    Let’s not be so quick with the snarky comments. Production defects happen to everyone, especially as new types of technologies are coming to market. After all, its not like Tesla hasn’t produced more than their fair share of $100,000 marshmallow roasters.

  7. George Ricci Says:

    3. You are forgetting the C4 ZR1 which had the LT5 DOHC engine designed by Lotus.

  8. Roger T Says:

    On faulty chargers – I drove a Volt for a few years, and was only able to charge it on paid public stations one time, after calling and troubleshooting. Everytime I unavoidably ran out of patience before I could make it talk to my car, even when I planned with subscriptions, card, pre-balance, the whole thing. I was lucky I had a backup plan (gas engine) for that car. Even if the situation now is significantly better I would be very hesitant on regularly relying on public infrastructure with anything other than a Tesla, just because of my personal experience.

  9. Drew Says:

    The Infiniti QX80 looks 3 generation behind the competition (particularly far behind the Genesis GV80)… just a subjective observation.

  10. DToma Says:

    Only one that can collect personal information in China without your knowledge and consent is the Chinese Communist Party.

  11. Bob Wilson Says:

    Ford and the 3d party charging company revealed how vulnerable their EV customers are. The easy, expensive fix is to arrange 24×7, fast DC chargers at every Ford dealer. It is a shadow of the Tesla solution but good enough.

  12. Lambo2015 Says:

    5&7 Thanks! I wasn’t really sure if anything else was ever offered but I knew someone here would know for sure.


    I suspect that the corvette motor is a flat plane DOHC V8 in either NA or supercharged form. With the huge rear end the corvette has, they have room to fit a DOHC motor. They no longer need to rely on the package efficiency of pushrods to fit the engine underneath a low sloping hood line. A twin turbo would not “scream” as turbos do a great job at dampening volume. A naturally aspirated or supercharged DOHC flat plane would “scream” though. At least that is my guess.

    And E-Ray is a bad marketing name. Sounds like something a 1st year marketing student would come up with.

  14. Ken Hutzal Says:

    Is there something sinister with the chip shortage??? How can all the companies who make them be shut down?? Or am I just too Mistructing???

  15. Ken Hutzal Says:

    sorry Mistrusting

  16. Joe G Says:

    11- I think that idea is a good one. Easy enough to locate a Ford dealer almost anywhere and if you know there is a fast charger there it could go a long way in reinforcing the advantage of a dealer network to support the product vs none. It would be easy enough to identify a Ford vehicle is plugging in via the Ford Pass Network phone app. I work at a Ford dealer and it would also help us to demonstrate the fast recharging capability to prospective customers uneasy about making the switch to EV’s.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 A Volt would be a good plug-in car to have, if you depended on public charging, since you have the convenient backup of an engine that will take you, what, 350-400 miles on a tank of gas.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11,16 It would be great to have DC fast charging at every dealership, with availability for everyone to use. Not having home charging in Florida, the Ford (and Chevy) dealers would not be very convenient, being ~20 miles and a bunch of stop lights away, but the Chrysler and Lincoln/Jaguar/Land Rover dealers are only about 4 miles away. The Cadillac place is about midway in between. I might consider an EV if I could fast charge it at the Chrysler dealer, even at 20cents/kWh, about twice the utility’s rate.

    As far as Tesla, unless things have changed, they don’t have fast charging at their recently opened store near the Chrysler and Lin/Jag/LR places. Most of the Tesla owners would primarily charge at home. I suspect lack of charging at my condo is why there are zero EVs of any brand at the complex with 240 units.

  19. cwolf Says:

    18) Wouldn’t it be great if dealershios had a supply of vehicles to sell and not marked up and overloaded.
    It is just too strange not to thing the chip shortage thing isn’t deliberate.
    The biggest thing wrond in building EV’s is the battery. Seem like the manufacturers are paying a heafty price for this learning curve.
    Only proves to me that the wise stay away from them for awhile longer.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 I don’t know about now, but normally you can order a GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicle any way you can spec it on the web site and get it in 4-6 weeks. You don’t have to buy an “overloaded” vehicle. Well, not as overloaded as the ones normally on dealer lots, though you don’t have any real option choice like you did as recently as the 1970s. Unfotunately, you can’t actually order a Toyota, or I have been lied to by two different dealers.

  21. Sean Wagner Says:

    The ZR-1 was instantly recognizable from the rear due to its subtly squared-off lights.

    I think gm needs to step up effective communications – including from the very top – about the Bolt battery mishap and recall, or else all their imminently arriving new EVs’ sales are at risk. Call it an auto-da-fé.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    A year or two after the C4 ZR-1 arrived, all Corvettes started using the squared tail light rear end, which didn’t make ZR-1 owners happy. Those ZR-1s had spectacular performance, for the time, but today’s base ‘Vettes have 100 more hp, with pushrods, albeit with an extra half liter of displacement.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21 Sean, do you know if they plan to replace all of the batteries in the Bolts? Is it conclusively determined that defective cells have caused the fires, or could there be something else, like faulty electronics overcharging some of the cells? I suppose that may be hard to know, with only about 10 fires out of ~80,000 cars.

  24. Sean Wagner Says:

    Kit – I’d completely forgotten the C4 ZR-1′s taillights were copy-pasted. A real sin.

    As for the Bolt ‘situation’, I’m clueless. Good of you to mention the current count for its spontaneous combustion.

    Here’s a link to the gm corporate news blurb:

    Since they can seemingly determine which modules are faulty, replacing all modules in all cars certainly smacks of insecurity.

    They should at least attempt to have a tiger team updating the software so the Bolt may safely run with one updated module (which isn’t ideal electrically, but obviously potentially faster and substantially less expensive).

    There must be clarity about these issues and resolution before the new EVs are out.

  25. Rey Says:

    #6 GM vet , the difference is Tesla buys its cylindrical cells by the thousands per car, does its own BMS , each cell is fused, if it fails, it is isolated from the rest of the other cells,has a very negligeable effect on the pack itself.To date there hasnt been any falling out between Tesla and Panasonic,and Panasonic is glad to have Tesls as a client, it battery business with Tesla hax made it weather the hardships that the Samsung and LG appliance and Electronics share by those two S Korean taken

  26. Rey Says:

    #25 The S Korean Chaebols have stolen a lot of the Japanese market share in Electronics, Home Entertaiment stuff, and appliances, need proof ? Go to Home Depot, survey the appliances there 25-30% are LG and Samsung and hardly any Panasonic, even your GE is Chinese owned, by the Midea group, oh most of those Whirlpools and Maytags and Fridigaires and others are Made in China,with a few from Mexico.Check out where those split type ACs are made , all MIC, heck all mh American brand power and cordless tools

  27. Rey Says:

    #26, all my cordless Milwaukee tools are MIC,Dewalt= “made in USA with global materials”
    Harbor Freight? You’ll get a fright ,if you check .

  28. Sean Wagner Says:

    According to the gm press release I linked to above (24), quote: “Out of an abundance of caution, GM will replace defective battery modules in Chevrolet Bolt EVs and EUVs with new modules,”.

    So not entire packs, but individual modules?