AD #3161 – Cadillac Lyriq Design Highlights; Rivian Builds 1st Customer Pickup; Chery Introduces New Small EV

September 15th, 2021 at 11:59am

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Runtime: 11:40

0:08 Rivian Builds First Pickup for A Customer
0:32 Chery Introduces Small EV To Take on Wuling
1:31 Baidu Expands Autonomous Ride Hailing Service
3:12 AEB Could Drastically Reduce Car Crashes
4:06 Ford, Argo AI & Walmart Launch Autonomous Delivery Service
6:43 Cadillac Lyriq Exterior Design Highlights
10:07 GM Won’t Use Ultium Name in China

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23 Comments to “AD #3161 – Cadillac Lyriq Design Highlights; Rivian Builds 1st Customer Pickup; Chery Introduces New Small EV”

  1. Dave Says:

    Rivian 1st electric truck? Smith trucks Kansas City 2011-2017 then all the electric trucks early 20th century

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Last night I was flipping through Discovery channel and found “Celebrity IOU Joyride”. A car show where celebrities give a car away to someone they feel is deserving.
    Anyway Episode 2 James Marsden Electrifies a 1963 Buick Electra 225 with Ant and Christy Lee. If I remember right the donor skateboard is from Rimac. They cut a bunch of weight out of the Buick and got it like 300lbs lighter than the Rimac.
    Anyway was an interesting build and I believe Rimac was the donor car but couldn’t find anything about it online to confirm.

  3. MJB Says:

    It may be some time before the reduction of crashes due to the use of AEB is fully realized.

    I keep picturing the scenario where the AEB equipped vehicle brakes to avoid a collision, but the driver of the non-AEB vehicle right behind them may not be reactive enough to avoid hitting the rapidly braking AEB vehicle.

  4. wmb Says:

    Congrats to Rivian and Lucid for their accomplishments, both of which are easier said than done! It’s nice to see the fruits of such strides, especially when it is thought that those type of results happen anywhere but on these shores. Tesla, Lucid and Rivian show that BEV leadership and the US, is not as foreign a concept as some may have been led to believe. I’m not getting nationalistic, but it seems that many were waiting/expecting the next EV innovation to come from a different region of the world. Yet, surprise, look what we have here! My main point is that with good competition, everyone’s favorite brand will we the need to improve their product for those that buy their products and the consumer wins! So, instead of simply taking sides and tearing down the product that currently has taken the pole position, rejoice knowing that soon our favorite we’ll catch up and motivate their competition to do better! Congrats again!

  5. Lambo2015 Says:

    Why is it so hard to make a cheap EV like the Chery and Wuling but attractive? Something small like a Miata with just slightly larger tires under $6k would be a huge hit.


    I have not understood why Automatic Emergency Braking is not standard in more cars myself. With distracted driving at an all time high, AEB would solve most of the concerns people have when staring at their phone and not the traffic in front of them. I guess we all just now wait for the governments to mandate good ideas instead of just producing cars with good ideas.

  7. Rey Says:

    #4 wmb, while the US has Tesla, Rivian and now Lucid as main BEV manufacturers(VW aside) , China has more companies actually,and not just in tiny BEV segment, Nio, XPeng ,LiAuto and more, also Polestar from Geely and also ZEEKR another Geely brand and its Factory is about to come online, go see a an American living in China , his Youtube channel is Walkabout Rojo, he goes to many Auto Shows there and often tours and testdrives their cars,

  8. Rey Says:

    John and Sean McE , whats your take on the Cadillac and Dealer buyouts now that their Lyriq is about to debut,does GM want to cut down the number of Caddy Dealers with the $300,000 -$500,000 buyouts/opt out? Theres an article today in TTAC about it.

  9. Rey Says:

    #6 merkur,Maybe the NHTSA / Fed Govt, would rather hafe the foreign govts and the Auto manufacturer decide to make such things like ADAS/AEB their own undertaking, ABS , Airbags and Composite headlights come to mind.How long did those things become standard in the US vs Europe for example,I remember friends importing such European headlights into Canada to replace sealed beams

  10. Rey Says:

    #3 mjb, in your scenario the person behind would be at fault? Like our HTA laws in Ontaro Canada would say he was following too closely , and charged as such.

  11. Rey Says:

    Among BEVs Lucid is the most impressive, and that includes even taking Tesla in the group, their problem is getting to scale , but i think they will succeed, but will be a niche player for a few years, the base $60,000 w/ RWD wont be for a year or two,Chinese starups like Nio,XPeng and established Geely/Lynk Co.,& BYD are already in Europe.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 Those microcars are designed for packaging efficiency in a small footprint, not for style. The Wuling seats 4 people in a car only 115 inches long, 5 inches shorter than the original Mini. I’d think there might be a market for a “sportier looking” two seat micro EV, though. Maybe next year.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 I put Hella H4 headlights in my 1974 Plymouth Duster. They were much better than the sealed beams, and installed exactly the same way. They were 7 inch round lights.

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    12 Yeah I don’t know if there would be much of a market in China but here in the states something sporty for a go to work car would be hugely popular in that price range.
    Especially if they took a design like Miata removed the trunk and offered a back seat hatchback. I get the size is tiny and helps keep the weight down. Id be willing to give up a back seat to have it look like something other than a box on harbor freight trailer wheels.

  15. Merv Peters Says:

    9 as a Canadian I did that for many years on many cars.

  16. Rey Says:

    #13 & 15 The Europeans were always more advanced when it comes to lighting systems I have a 2001 Volvo that has better headlights than my 2009 Honda CRV,and if I’m not wrong ABS was in Mercedes cars way before they were required in the US, I’m Canadian and I also installed H4 Hellas in some of my cars and Hella or Bosch foglights too,made a difference in fog and nite time driving, not sure about the ABS impimentation, but from my memory it was the American Car makers or Justice System afraid of lawsuits, something like the ABS equipped car might be able to stop better and the car driver hitting it will sue for damages for running into it, at least that was one of the arguments back in the day,Also Volvo had 3 point seatbelts in the early 60s ( Invented in 1959), I remember my Uncle having a 72 Dodge Duster that had only lap belts

  17. Rey Says:

    #14 look for a good used Volvo P1800,

  18. Rey Says:

    #14 the Volvo P1800 Es is the best looking Volvo of all time IMO ,2dr wagon hatchback ,and fast for its day.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 My ’74 Duster had shoulder belts, but as I remember, they needed to be fastened separately from the lap belts.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 That “Dodge” Duster would have had shoulder belts in the outboard front seats if sold new in the US. They were mandatory, starting in 1968. They would have been manual. Yeah, laws may have been different in other countries.

  21. Sean Wagner Says:

    4 wmb – Agreed, good to see more American manufacturers. They need to scale rapidly or remain consigned to niches. A compact Rivian would suit global markets.

    12 & 14 – An electrified Daihatsu Copen! Total blast.

    In the category of space-saving metro conveyances, an Israeli startup introduced a 1+1 (I think in Munich) that can retract the wheels to slot into minute parking spots. It needs a design redo, but the idea is great.

  22. Juan Says:

    Diàndòng mǎshàng tōngyòng

    according to Google Translate: Electric Universal

  23. Ukendoit Says:

    Lambo, that show you mentioned was a good one. I’m pretty sure it was a Karma electric skateboard, and they said the old Buick Electra body fit on it with very little modification! They said they lucked out and the dimensions ended up working well. They told the vehicle owner he has the “only ever” electric Buick Electra, but if the swap is as easy as they claimed, I could see that as a great business; building a kit or selling turn-key electric Electras. I know I want one now!