AD #3165 – Ford Reveals New Expedition; BMW & Daimler Sued Over Emissions; Honda Drastically Cuts Production in Japan

September 21st, 2021 at 11:52am

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Runtime: 9:52

0:08 LG Chem Resumes Chevy Bolt Battery Production
0:57 BMW & Daimler Sued Over Emissions
1:42 Honda Drastically Cuts Production in Japan
3:05 New Honda Civic Hatchback Now on Sale in U.S.
4:06 REE Automotive Develops Modular EV Platform
4:54 Twinner Offers Vehicle Scans to Find Issues
6:32 EV Tires to Make Up Most of Bridgestone’s Sales By 2030
7:19 Ford Reveals New Expedition

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31 Comments to “AD #3165 – Ford Reveals New Expedition; BMW & Daimler Sued Over Emissions; Honda Drastically Cuts Production in Japan”

  1. Rey Says:

    GM should help Bolt owners find parking for their cars that need 50 feet of social distancing from other cars if that’s their recommendation to the owners.

  2. Ron Paris Says:

    So what exactly is an “EV tire”???

  3. Rey Says:

    Yesterday ,in Insideevs was news that Akio Toýoda,CEO and Chairman of Toyota is pleading with his Govt . He fears there will be millions of Japanese employees affected by the switch to BEVs, Outside of Nissan the Japanese giants have no concrete plans for EVs, and their technology is sorely lacking, Panasonic exceptedcwho had to be lead by the nose to supply Tesla with their GIGA Nevada Factory ! Panasonic is basically a tenant there and sells every Lithium Cell they make to Tesla , who now has contracts with LG for cylindrical cells for its China Shanghai factory and CATL who has a contract for LFP cells.

  4. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Ron Paris – EV tires are optimized for rolling resistance to eek out the most range possible and are usually of stronger construction so they don’t rip apart or wear out too quickly due to all the torque EVs generate.

  5. Rey Says:

    Beyond 2026-28 selling new ICE cars is going to be hard in countries that will ban ICE ,why? Because a cars life is 8-12 years on the road,nobody will want a new ICE car in 2028 that has no used car resale value when 2030 comes around, let alone a couple of years after, a Plugin Hybrid might extend that ICE for a couple of years ,but why?maybe GM knew why, the reason for the death of the Volt?

  6. MJB Says:

    Sorry but…completely unimpressed by every single aspect of the appearance of the Expedition Stealth Edition.

  7. Rey Says:

    The REE concept is very interesting, lets hope they are successful in bringing it out

  8. Marshy Says:

    Re the expedition: RWL! I spy raised white letters on those tires. Nice.

  9. Marshy Says:

    I’m surprised and at bit curious how in that REE unit they use a spider/lovejoy style coupling in the steering final drive.

  10. Marshy Says:

    The other interesting points in the REE video are linear suspension travel (no camber change) and that the video shows no rear steering components yet the animation depicts rear wheel steering.

    Videos like this tell me that the company has issues as their engineers didn’t approve the marketing.

    Zero camber suspension will compromise handling and safety unless this is only a 30 mph style chassis.

  11. Rey Says:

    Honda Civic@$30,000 US$? wow!
    Price of CAT/MIR scan for cars?, serious sellers should provide that, I don’t think buyers will pay big bucks just to find defects, maybe negotiate it into the selling price, of course antiques and collectibles are anther matter.

  12. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, Did GM say anything about who will be eligible for free Bolt replacement batteries? Does it include only original owners or also subsequent owners? Bolts are offered everywhere for huge discounts, but would only seem to be worth it if you got the free battery replacement.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    5 Rey most of these regulations are in the sale of any new ICEs being banned. Don’t believe its has gone to the lengths of banning used car sales, so used ICEs will be around long into the start of these ICE bans. Which by the way are very likely going to be pushed back. They can set aggressive targets which is all good. But when consumers aren’t willing to buy an EV for more money and less convivence the used ICEs will be in high demand. Unless governments subside them to the point of making them more affordable than an ICE.

  14. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, Why wouldn’t the few economy cars available use EV tires too? Wouldn’t lower rolling resistance help them claim better fuel economy number? Ditto for hybrids. It seems a much cheaper way to get better fuel economy numbers.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    I can see Twinner vehicle inspection being a valuable tool for online used car purchases. Times are a changing and as manufacturers will be forced into the Tesla model of new car sales. This would give dealerships or private buyers a way to evaluate a car sight unseen for trade in.
    I foresee people taking their used car to a scanner get a report which sounds like just appearance evaluation and attach a battery check and then a dealership can give you a reasonable offer based on condition. Drop it off and pick up your new car that you have ordered online. You could also get offers for your used car from anywhere in the country. Really depends on the cost.

  16. wmb Says:

    The concern with REE’s all in wheel design is, if you hit a curb, pot hole, speed bump or hump, have a tire blow out, or very minor accident at or around the tire/wheel area, this may result in a very expensive repair! This may also be the case with Rivian and I think Volvo future EV’s for I believe they are also going to have their motors in the wheel hub as well.

  17. Kevin A Says:

    I hope that this comment is not too politically incorrect, but I read about that lots of chinese EV startups built brand new state of the art factories and now are bankrupt. Is this not an opportunity for multinational companies to buy new factories on the cheap? Maybe Ford buys one of these chinese companies for nothing and manufactures VW ID3 based cars for Europe. (ie new Capri) If it sells, they build a factory in Europe, if it doesn’t, they haven’t invested anything significant.

  18. GM Veteran Says:

    5 – every ICE ban I have read about is a ban on new car sales. This obviously does not include used car sales or the operation of an ICE vehicle. There are a few areas where the operation of ICE vehicles or just diesel vehicles have been banned, but they are very limited areas.

  19. GM Veteran Says:

    14 – low rolling resistance tires have been around for quite awhile. These may be a little more durable, as Sean indicated, to stand up to the EV torque better. Some previous high-mileage cars have used low rolling resistance tires. I think the Prius originally did and the Chevy Cruze high mileage trim level, among others.

  20. Rey Says:

    # 18 GM vet, I’m talking about used resale value as in 2nd hand cars will have little value when BEV are affordable and used BEV with still usable range are good enough for around town, while nobody might ban that ICE TCO of next generation of BEVs a re coming, there is an article today in one BE publication that an Audi Etron4 is $36,000 with the Fed tax grants, that my friend is quite compeling when a Honda Civic in deluxe form is $30,000 and when it costs half as much to “fuel” TCO-as in cost of maintenance and ownership, is a no brainer.

  21. Rey Says:

    # 18 GM vet, I’m talking about used resale value as in 2nd hand cars will have little value when BEV are affordable and used BEV with still usable range are good enough for around town, while nobody might ban that ICE TCO of next generation of BEVs a re coming, there is an article today in one BE publication that an Audi Etron4 is $36,000 with the Fed tax grants, that my friend is quite compeling when a Honda Civic in deluxe form is $30,000 and when it costs half as much to “fuel” TCO-as in cost of maintenance and ownership, is a no brainer.

  22. Mac Says:

    Really like the new Civic hatchback, but wondering why the fuel economy rating for the EX model is 10% lower on the highway compared to the sedan. Looked up the final drive ratio — 4.81 vs. 3.24 for the sedan. It’s spinning the engine over 600 rpm higher at 70 mph compared to the sedan; no wonder the poorer EPA score. Wonder why they’re doing this?

  23. Rey Says:

    #13 lambo , i agree ICE will be around for a long time but TCO will make them expensive to run daily, and they will find a home, in Jay Lenos garage, he likes all things on wheels , and the Smithsonian and Peterson Museums to and Amelia or concourse Auto Drive & Shows we do need to keep in touch of thd past, where we’ve been,as we drive into the future., oh yesterday i had a chat with an owner of a 1974 Camaro, he loves his car that has Mickey Thompson’s on, almost mint and the tires are 18 yrs Old , and is a weekend driver, we have nite “Old car Park & Show” here in my place of Oshawa , Ontario, Canada,yes , “Oshawa, the Town GM Built” and abandoned and now GM has come back to, to build gas Pickups,i hear,We get the Crumbs , Detroit gets the Steak,( Hummer EV) and Mexico gets the Burritos.
    FYI ,i was witness to GM bringing 3 Nexican management trainees and their families in the 90s to Oshawa ,i worked for a rental company, we eqquiped the 3 houses GM rented for a whole year, i oferheard one guy saying “We are not welcome here,they know we will take their jobs”.
    GM Closed Oshawa in Dec 2018.
    Want to see a good Docu? Please see CBC doc POV” Company Town”
    Like i said , i live in this town. Been here since 1997, i delivered the rental stuff in 1994, i think

  24. Rey Says:

    #17 Kevin, there are over 300 Chinese auto companies, not all of them will survive, only those that are well run and profitable will be supported by the Bational govt,. Most of these companies are small and dont have the economies of scale and most are supported by the local and or provincial govt, Chairman Xi wants or is doing a carrot and stick approach , but he is loate to get into squabbles wihh local politics, one has to know the Chinese culture and their politics to understand what i talk about, I have Mainland Chinese friends and associates, as for those who will survive? BYD, Geely, FAW ,Saic, and about a dozen or two more, but there will be culling of the herd in about 5 to 6 years,Chairman Xi will get it done.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 That’s strange that they would do that. Are the gear ratios like that with both the manual and automatic? I guess they wanted to make the hatch “sportier” but part of its competition would be that other hatchback, Prius.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 Traction and treadife are compromised, at least somewhat, with LRR tires. Also, they cost more. All of that may be part of why they are not on the cheapest economy cars.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 My Camry LE hybrid came with LRR tires. The other trim levels of Camry hybrid may not. They have substantially lower EPA numbers, but that would be partly because of their 30mm wider tires.

  28. Bob Wilson Says:

    Tesla learned that a ‘free’ factory is worth what you paid for … nothing. The Tesla tent proved that if you design your manufacturing, you can be more productive and profitable.

  29. Rey Says:

    #13 lambo, it matters not what you or i think ,what happens inthe future will be the Europeans going all the way to BEV & asap, pushed to compete with the Chinese, who aim to dominate in BEVs, question is do the Domestics of GM and Ford and half of Stelantis-the former FCA risk going like in the 80s to the present? Like losing to the Japanese and then S. Koreans? Please tell me the market share today of Detroit vs 80s, 90s vs of those import back then, The Chinese BEVs are coming ,do we stay Fossil powered until they completely take over?
    I have a feeling Sandy Munro and Elon Musk are more qualified to answer that question than you or I.
    Hey, John McElroy and Sean, if you are reading this , care to give your opinion?TY

  30. Lambo2015 Says:

    29 Hopefully the domestics learned something from the 80s. But I doubt it too. There has always been this ego that Ford and GM will just have customers no matter what they kick out. However I also believe they would have lost domestic shares even if they had produced decent small cars in the 90s. Globalization has effects and yes the Chinese getting into the car market is going to make an impact. Even if the Domestics including Tesla can make as good or better products. The Chinese will hit us with low prices and sadly that often times rules over quality. If the Chinese can import EVs that are good quality and low price yes GM and Ford will soon be struggling to split 10% of the US market.
    I think they are approaching the EV market cautiously and introducing just enough product to support demand. Which is smart and they don’t start building huge quantities of EVs they cant sell. The coming years will be interesting.

  31. Rey Says:

    #30, Toyotas CEO Akio Toyoda and Hondas Execs begging their govt for relief and direction should give those who doubt the future of BEVs and its impact on ICEMobiles $37,000 Audi EVs after incentives vs Honda $30,000 loaded Civic that might have no used car value beyond 5-6 yrs gives one food for thought.
    Go to today Inside Evs,”Used EV prices continue to climb as used car prices begin to drop”…. signs of things to come. And also on the same website Redwood ex Tesla exec signs up Ford to eliminate battery waste, So there goes the argument that dead batteries are pollutants or landfill material, now go tell that to all the commenters that spread BS here.