AAH #574 – The Auto Market in Q3: Have We Hit Bottom?

October 8th, 2021 at 7:49am

Listen to “AAH #574 -The Auto Market in Q3: Have We Hit Bottom?” on Spreaker.

GUEST: Charlie Chesbrough, Cox Automotive

02:39  Auto Market in Q3
37:00  GM Investor Day
52:11  Ford Blue Oval City
57:57  Do Consumers Want EVs

PANEL: Joe White, Reuters; Keith Naughton, Bloomberg; Gary Vasilash, on Automotive

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One Comment to “AAH #574 – The Auto Market in Q3: Have We Hit Bottom?”

  1. Richard Amacher Says:

    #1 The discussion about Q3 didn’t address lease returns which drive customer returns and repurchases. What is being done to shorten or extend the term to line up the buyer with a new product?
    #2 The lifestyle changes to drive EVs are not so great as perceived by buyers, this will only change as prospective buyers are convinced by research or trusted friends’ experience. When women realize they can plug in at home and never go to a gas station that will be a big perception change. ‘Hybrid’ owners will not buy HEVs or PHEVs. They will own one EV for daily use and commuting. They will retain their ICE for security until experience shows they no longer need it. In the meantime, EV manufacturers( at least Tesla) have a clear field to satisfy a niche that is growing into a segment faster than they can keep up.