AD #3179 – Mustang Mach-E GT & GT Performance Review; Mercedes Reveals EQS EPA Range; Kia Refreshes the Forte

October 11th, 2021 at 11:54am

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Runtime: 10:07

0:08 House Prices in Austin Soar
0:47 Nikola Partners with TC Energy on Hydrogen
1:36 GM Says It Can Make Billions Selling Subscription Services
3:03 Mercedes Launches Armored Car Based on the S-Class
3:53 Mercedes Reveals EQS EPA Range
4:24 Musk Says It Will Be Decades Before All Cars Are BEVs
4:50 BMW BEV Sales More Than Double
5:13 Kia Refreshes the Forte
6:24 Mustang Mach-E GT & GT Performance Impressions

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28 Comments to “AD #3179 – Mustang Mach-E GT & GT Performance Review; Mercedes Reveals EQS EPA Range; Kia Refreshes the Forte”

  1. matttheviewer Says:

    My apologies but the subscription gold rush is getting out of hand, especially when it applies to devices we’ve already purchased! These days, media, news, appliances, housing, and virtually everything is moving to demanding we pay monthly fees for something. Is rental (what a subscription is) the end all,and ownership now a dirty word?

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve had a number of GM cars, and have never spent a cent on Onstar, or satellite radio. When the “free trial” is done, I’m done. Actually, if GM has only 4.2M Onstar customers, that’s not many, considering there are probably ~50M GM cars on the road.

  3. Rey Says:

    #1 matt, please Google in Youtube Lynk Co, in Netherlands , they have rolled out LynkCo Subscription € 500 , all in Maintenance and Insurance included customer just pays for gas 3 cyl Hybrid powertrain , I believe, Lynk means linked and Co means Community , as in shared, I believe this method of car ownership is popular in China among 35 – 50 yr old demographic there, the car is owned by Geely Auto group/ LynkCo, tho the video says they can also sell the car. Not sure how successful this type of marketing works, with a lease one can buy out the lease and end up with car/ equity, a car can and will be a depreciating asset in most cases, keep in mind.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Ford must be allocating their chip stash to the new stuff. I drove through the local Ford store yesterday and they had a Mach-E GT, a Bronco, and a Bronco Sport, but no other new vehicles that were visible.

  5. Dave Says:

    Yes it will be quite awhile before BEV are the norm since one can easily buy a 30 year old used car

  6. Drew Says:

    Would I pay $135/month for subscription fees? I wouldn’t pay $5/month. When my “included” satellite radio subscription ends, I never re-up. I also refuse to pay subscription fees for online news, the worthless Ring doorbell, OnStar, Netflix, Pandora, etc. I also have never paid for any app on my phone or tablet. Cheap? No. Value sensitive? Yes.

    I believe when the next recession hits, those subscription “services” will find a sharply falling customer base. And some of those “services” will not survive the recession (as customers learn they can live without).

  7. Rey Says:

    maybe GM counting their chickens before they hatch ,not sure if they were able to monetized Onstar ever, I did have a GM IT Ontario tech as a neighbor two doors away from me , he said they (family)came from Detroit, rented the house for 4 years.
    I believe Hydrogen is a gas that has no smell, and piping it over land and a leak can be a
    fire hazard, and how to produce it cheaply without coming from Nat Gas? TC is Trans Canada pipeline?

  8. Sean Wagner Says:

    4 Kit – Maybe you missed the nouveau-primitif Ford Dunk-E. I’ve heard the genes still need a little tweaking.

    How long until subscriptions can be compared online, and certain clueless manufacturers make their offerings as byzantine as possible?

    I expect the A/C to just work.

  9. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I maintain OnStar on my ’19 Cadillac CT6 as this is my ‘travel’ car. I was on extended trial that had the ‘works’ on it (nav and app) but since it expired, I have gone with a cheaper option of Safety and Security at around $20 a month. I also maintain a Sirius account in which I negotiated a yearly fee of less than $10 a month (I need my classic rock). ;) I cringe a little even at those low prices for extras and certainly wouldn’t even consider numbers that GM is suggesting.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 Sounds like me. The only “subscriptions” I have are my phone, and cable TV/internet which is part of my condo association.

  11. ChuckGrenci Says:

    @7 Pretty sure they would add an odorant to the H2, like they do with natural gas and propane; I believe they use ethyl mercaptan. It still doesn’t prevent all gas explosions but that can give far warning.

  12. Drew Says:

    Chuck, the CT6 is a great travel car. But there is nothing in that $20 S&S plan that has value. I have talked with many First Responders and with the 911 emergency responder association. Your cell phone or eye witnesses will summon EMTs much faster than OnStar.

    As for enjoying rock music, I understand. But I plan my long trips with a cheat sheet of classic rock stations along my route (an easy internet search). I also have Spotify (the free version with advertising). In a recent trip thru the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana (it doesn’t get more desolate in the lower 48), i was never lacking for music.

  13. WineGeek Says:

    I don’t want GM or any other Big Brother watching my driving to decide my insurance rates. If I don’t get tickets or have an accident then leave my rates alone. OnStar monitors my speed and distance driven as well as who knows what else. Forget me ever buying anything from GM but maybe a vehicle.

  14. George Ricci Says:

    The Nikola and TC Energy announcement is nothing more than a vaporware announcement that they leaned how to make from the former Nikola CEO. There talking about using natural gas and biomass (which is 2/3 methane) to make hydrogen. Some much for zero emissions! Oh, there going to use carbon capture technology to reduce emissions. Let’s see, how much hydrogen is TC Energy making today, NONE. How much carbon capture are they doing today, NONE.

  15. George Ricci Says:

    One other thing I forgot to mention. Have you seen the price of natural gas lately? Good luck, if that they can anywhere near $2 a kilo gram.

  16. Wim van Acker Says:

    Ford Mach-E GT: my son owns one and it drives phenomenally well. He is very happy with it. What a fast vehicle. This afternoon my wife will pick up her Mustang Mach-E (not GT). More than fast enough for us old ones.

    Over the weekend I test-drove the new Bronco off-road in West Virginia. I had seen the videos on Autoline TV of the off-road performance of the Bronco and the reviews were very positive. My own experience: the Bronco is amazing off-road. Very capable and the drivetrain is very smooth. A DANA Corporation engineer was next to me to coach me, because the off-road course is so steep that I would not dare to drive it without a very experienced coach next to me: at one point the decline was 27 degrees, which is 51%.

    So a lot of praise for Ford products. I am not a Ford Motor Company employee, not a supplier to Ford, and my own off-road vehicle is a Jeep.

  17. Roger Blose Says:

    I do have Sirius XM in two fo my cars. Every renewal is a negotiations with these folks. I just renewed my last car a week ago for $77/year down from the mailed rate of $247 /yr. I would never pay for installed accessory use like heated seats, better audio, or unlocked added performance. I am sure that the hackers could figure out how to work around these rip offs!

  18. GM Veteran Says:

    9 Chuck, negotiate a little tougher next time you re-up with SiriusXM. I have a one-year contract at $5 a month, that I will renew as long as its for $5. My sister has been paying that same rate for seven years. Since their costs are largely fixed, they would rather get $5 a month from you rather than $0. It costs them nothing to activate the signal for your car.

  19. GM Veteran Says:

    GM has a habit of thinking everyone will want to line up for their latest technology toys. When they launched OnStar, the subscription predictions were wildly optimistic. When subs fell far short, they took to just installing it in every car and offering the free trial period. I’m sure this worked better, but subs were still well below initial expectations. Ten-year projections are great, but typically not worth the paper they are printed on.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 Apparently the hardware is cheap, so they can install it in everything, and come out ahead, even with a 5% subscription rate.

  21. Barry Rector Says:

    I can’t imagine GM buyers willing to spend that much each month for various subscription services.

  22. wmb Says:

    Now that the official EPA rating has been announced, it seems that there is at least two things that need to be worked out. First is whether the Lucid Air is a true luxury vehicle, in the same class as the Mercedes, BMW and Audi! The Model S and Air have more range then the EQS, this is true. Yet, the Model S commands big dollars, because it’s tech is expensive and is more everyman in stature and only premium at best! Lucid claims that it is a luxury brand and the price of the Dream version would definitely put it in rare territory. Lincoln and Cadillac also say they are luxury brands, which they are, but few would consider them to be true rivals to the German Three! Now that the both the Air and the EQS will soon be on the road, a comparison test of these two luxury BEVs will be able to set the record straight. The second concern would be the range of the up coming EQE?! If the bigger batteries of the EQS gives it 350 miles of range, what does that for tell of the EQE with is smaller foot print? Don’t get me wrong, 350 miles is exceptional, but most were expecting more from the EQS and therefore may have expected and excepted 340-350 miles of range from the EQE! Yet, with the EQS falling short of expectations regarding range, which are is still incredible, one can’t help but wonder how it’s small sibling, and platform mate, will fair!

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It will be interesting to learn what the Lucid Air is actually like. I would expect more Camry than S-Class “luxury,” like Tesla S. We should find out soon.

  24. Roger T Says:

    The GM subscription I would pay for is autonomous tech. $100 to $150/mo seems reasonable if very effective. I, as others here, don’t see much value on existing ‘at fee’ services GM offers, including sat radio. In the past I also paid for internet service (cadillac has a modem built in with wifi), but since I changed my kids cell plan to unlimited data this became redundant so I cancelled.

  25. RADggs Says:

    Haven’t a need for additional services but when it comes to over the air, some can not get enough that ties into their phone. I’m dropping cable but my cell; I will continue low cost add-ons. Wonder what GM, oops gm has learned form their earlier association with VerizonWireless.

  26. William Nelson Says:

    We had On-Star for the first three months we owned our Impala. It helped us once with a car issue, but fell short as a GPS service. We made a wrong turn leaving a gas stop surrounded by one-way streets and On-Star said, “We will resume when you return to the route.” That’s when I needed it the most. Our Garmin can be annoying with, “Recalculating”, but it keeps trying to find your way and shows surrounding maps to help. I’ve tried using Google Maps several times, but has been confusing on country roads, telling me to make a turn where there isn’t a crossroad in sight. We do enjoy Sirius XM, but only at the ≈$6/month rate they seem eager to provide if you don’t respond to their initial offers.


    If I buy a subscription service from GM does that mean that their car will magically have decent quality materials, excellent reliability, and exceptional resale value like Toyota? No? I guess then there is no reason to spend extra per month on a GM car.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    But Toyota doesn’t make Corvettes. I won’t be doing any subscriptions, though. I’ll use the satellite radio while it’s free, and check out the Onstar, while it’s free.