AD #3180 – China Has Most Vehicles in the World; Ford Reveals All-New Tourneo Connect; GM Settles with LG Chem

October 12th, 2021 at 11:43am

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Runtime: 9:22

0:07 China Has Most Vehicles in the World
0:47 China’s Electrified Sales Soar
1:39 Toyota to Use Solar Panels in Cars
2:51 Get to Know the Latest Automotive Vocabulary
4:11 Ford Reveals All-New Tourneo Connect Van
5:18 Honda Takes New Civic Si to the Track
5:38 Mopar Teases SEMA Concepts
6:38 GM Settles with LG Over Bolt Batteries
7:16 More Ultra Cruise Details

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23 Comments to “AD #3180 – China Has Most Vehicles in the World; Ford Reveals All-New Tourneo Connect; GM Settles with LG Chem”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    That Ford van looks pretty nice. With the 1.5 turbo and 6-speed manual, it would be great “modern” replacement for my 1989 Caravan. Sadly, it will not be sold in the US.

  2. matttheviewer Says:

    Ahhh Honda do love dem rubber band tires. Thought: perhaps a future AL After Hours can delve into the burgeoning subscription world and find out how soon us drivers will be required to pay monthly fees for various car “features”?

  3. GM Veteran Says:

    I noticed Ram and Jeep renderings for SEMA, but no Dodge, Chrysler or Fiat. I’ll be quite surprised if there is no Dodge representation. However, its become a three-vehicle lineup, while Chrysler is technically two until the 300 is finally discontinued, and Fiat is a one-vehicle brand here in the States. Stellantis in the US is becoming a three-brand vehicle company. (I’m not counting Maserati or Alfa Romeo – just volume brands.)

    I think that they will come to regret the shrinking of Dodge from a full line brand. It used to compete for 3rd, 4th or 5th place in our market. Now its much further down the list. The billions they spent trying to revive Alfa would have been much better spent on creating some attractive crossovers for Dodge. Jeep has done well, but not everyone wants one. They could be doing much better in vehicle sales and profits if they had just let Alfa go. I think it may eventually follow Lancia into the history books.

  4. Rey Says:

    China along with Tesla will lead the world into BEVs, along with helping transforming the Electric Energy Storage thru Batteries , BYD and CATL and Tesla Inc. will be amoung the biggest players with Teslas 4680 battery cells in the Terawatts range of production, each Giga factory going forward will have its own Tesla 4680 cells in production, on top of buying from LG and CATL for cars and Semis and Stationary Storage, each Tesla SuperCharging station will have a few MegaPacks eventually for demand charge and grid stabilization and give the charge to cars, equivalent to the gas tanks burried in the ground @ all gas stations.

  5. Rey Says:

    There is an interesting interview of Tesla cofounder JB Straubels of startup Investor Jason Calanus about ONE EV focus , he says “They haven’t done the math fully”. Something about the supply chains, all the way to the mines, Tesla is probably in negotiations now on that, as Tesla is amoung the most vertically integrated, whatever it is building.

  6. pgl Says:

    Solar panels on cars, great idea !! BUT don’t park under trees !! small branch falling on them will crack them. small parking lot dents !!
    Repair cost and insurance ratr will be HIGH !!
    Short wheelbase Tourneo would be perfect for me and US-Canada market so would other lengths !

  7. XA351GT Says:

    So if they are doing solar panels , when will they use integrated windmills? The cars in motion would spin the windmill(s) to generate power back into the battery like the solar would. The solar would be good when the vehicle is stationary or in daylight and the wind mill would work whenever in motion. They could mount them behind the grilles and ducted to the brakes and make them a dual function.

  8. Merv Peters Says:

    Dashboards have sure come a long way,and changed a lot. Its fun watching whats all available.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Solar panels produce about 20 watts per square foot in bright sunlight. If you cover the roof of a Tesla S with panels, you’d get maybe a mile of free driving per hour parked in the sun. The cost, and durability of the panels would determine if it makes sense to put panels on cars. A lot of people could do their commuting without plugging in often, if they live in a sunny climate.

  10. Rey Says:

    #7 xa I know you’re being sarcastic, but it is a good idea , the perpetual machine! What not to like, speaking of Solar owners in a car it is usually not worth it as the miles added is minimal but there is a zero peanut startup doing a EV with this feature, but probably in the $80,000 range , claim is w/ added miles owner might not even to plug in except a few times a year, Sonos is the Company I believe.

  11. Rey Says:

    oops, EV Startup, not zero peanut.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 If you live where it’s usually sunny and don’t drive much, like 10 miles a day, you wouldn’t need to plug in much, or ever. Still, based on some “lots of guessing” calculations, at $.12/kWh, you’d get about $175 worth of power a year. You’d need to park your car outside all the time when it’s sunny, which you might not want to do. Unless solar panels and electronics to go with them are cheaper than I realize, and the panels are very durable, I’m not sure it makes sense.

  13. XA351GT Says:

    Rey @ 310 not really being sarcastic . I don’t know how much power could be gained , but anything is a plus ,no? I have often wondered why the wheel that are in motion couldn’t power some type of generator to recharge . Like you said perpetual motion . It would act like regen braking in reverse. If it could be done it would possibly replace the need to plug in.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7,10,13 Windmills on moving vehicles would add drag, probably more than eating up anything you’d get from them.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    In the RV arena the use of solar panels has been around a while. Basically to help maintain a battery bank for boondocking. They can get some serious SQFT on a large RV but its still like a trickle charger. One of the biggest problems is people typically permanently mount them on the roof of their RV. Then they go camping, eye up a perfect spot in the shade to help out the AC units and get basically nothing from the solar panels.
    So how many EV owners recharge at home in the garage. Even if not recharging they’ll park in the garage. So they’ll get nothing from solar panels at home and a miniscule amount while out.
    Seems like a nice idea with minimal return.

  16. Sean Wagner Says:

    15 Lambo – “A nice idea with minimal return.” Yup.

    BYD has also been doing very well lately. Not only are EVs taking off in China, but some nice ones keep getting introduced. The BYD Dolphin, the bigger Wuling (maxi?), and then there are names I can’t recall but should become more familiar.

    I hope gm and LG can put the Bolt battery fiasco behind them soon and get cracking. It’s getting late even for joining the second wave, especially regarding international sales.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15,16 A guy in a local model airplane club built an RV out of a Promaster van, the long, tall version, and completely covered the roof with solar panels. I think he said they produce about 1.5 kw in strong sun. He has a lot of batteries and electronics for charging them, along with an inverter to run the a/c, etc. He has a lot of money in it, and probably did the panels/batteries “for fun” more than to save money, compared to a generator, but starting with full batteries, along with the power from the panels, he can run the A/C all day without plugging in or a generator. Then, when it’s not in use, the batteries can be charged to full. His use is ideal for that setup, going to a one-day event, and parking outside, not in the shade.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 Yep, GM needs to get the battery fiasco behind them, or serious damage will carry over to the Lyric, Hummer, and other future GM EVs. There will be damage no matter what, at this point, even if all of the Bolts were properly fixed tomorrow.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Bezos “tourism” rocket launch in about 17 minutes, featuring Rivian trucks.

  20. ChuckGrenci Says:

    19,……………and Captain Kirk (William Shatner).

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19,20 and completely autonomous. Autonomous space ships are much easier to do than autonomous road vehicles.

  22. Rey Says:

    #13 xa351, when i was 12yr old 6 grader i was interested in batteries and motors, I en visioned a simple generator, and a motor with a single pulley,and a battery for storage, once started and running it should run forever, a perpetual generator, free electrical energy,

  23. Rey Says:

    #21 kit , if it was that easy , what is taking Boeing so long to get to the ISS, after all they are veterans in Aerospace,and Space X has been @ it just over 10 years, if that. And yes true that space should be easier than roads as there isn’t much traffic up there, other than Space is littered with satellites, compared to Terra firma with crazies all over the place.