AD #3182 – New Car Prices Soaring; BMW Ready for ICE Bans; Lexus Reveals All-New Boldly Styled LX

October 14th, 2021 at 11:49am

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Runtime: 10:10

0:07 New Car Prices Soaring
0:48 BMW Ready for ICE Bans
1:14 Renault Moving Out of Its Headquarters
1:34 Skoda Developing MQB-Based Entry-Level Vehicles
2:46 Lexus Reveals the All-New LX
4:51 Honda Electrifying China
5:59 Honda Improves Its Driver Assistance System
7:09 Good Headlights Reduce Night Time Accidents
7:46 Safety Systems Should Be Tested in Real-World Scenarios
8:28 Ford No Longer on Rivian’s Board

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30 Comments to “AD #3182 – New Car Prices Soaring; BMW Ready for ICE Bans; Lexus Reveals All-New Boldly Styled LX”

  1. Rey Says:

    That Lexus bold styling, it belongs to the 1800slooks like a Steam Locomotive s Cow Catcher grill.Bold indeed.

  2. ArtG Says:

    1. That grille looked better on the 51 Chevrolet pickup.

  3. Rey Says:

    Europe has the most advanced headlight systems, with Hella and Bosch being @ the forefront The Tesla modY will have adaptive headlights as an option it was revealed in Gia Berlin Fest, but will not be available in the USA due to regulations set by the US Reg I’ve said , when it comes to safety the US is usually behind the curve, just like in Airbags and ABS brakes, those were available in Europe way before being adapted in the US of A. I recall arguments way back then ,If a car with ABS brakes was able to stop better than one without,the person behind might sue because that Persons car was better than his and caused his car to have the accident, and the Airbag? Argument vs it was , it was not proven yet and what if it deployed and the driver could not see what is in front or around the car , most arguments were quite ridiculous.

  4. Rey Says:

    Beautiful classic

  5. Rey Says:

    ” Testing in real world scenario”, and that is why Tesla is collecting data with its cars and all in shadow mode , training its AI and coming DOJO Computer, Tesla has currently billions of miles of data of real world scenarios, and its FSD v10+ can navigate roundabouts now, take curves without a problem.

  6. Kevin A Says:

    … in the ‘Tesla vs dealers’ discussion yesterday, a significant point in Tesla’s favour was missed. GM can’t open its own dealerships and neither can Tesla, but Elon Musk can. As long as he owns it personally, he could open one ‘GIGA- dealer’ in each state and offer sales and service there.

  7. Kevin A Says:

    If Honda wants to expand into jets, maybe they should buy Bombardier. They could probably get it pretty cheap.

  8. Kevin A Says:

    Land and labour costs are too high in Paris to keep a major hq there, but Renault needs to have an hq somewhere in France to still be seen as French. Maybe the move is the chance to peel off admin functions to cheaper countries and only keep execs and design in France. My bet is on Romania for the rest; somewhere near the Dacia factory.

  9. Rey Says:

    #6 &7 Kev, Dealers were GMs choice way back then and Tesla does not want dealers models as they are mostly vs BEVs ,even today legacy auto dealers steer customers towards ICE cars when visited,and not interested in selling BEVs , Tesla wants to keep the purchase aspect simple, without all the dance moves necessary to make the purchase , #7, Bombardier the Aerospace and aircraft div was sold to Airbus, at least the C Series jets were, im sure the private jet part of Bombardier is bigger than Hondas market cap, or that BZNZ is probably doing fine , no need for Honda money, it takes huge amount of money and R&D to get jet programs done, that is what got Bombardier in financial trouble, Airbus got Bombardier for a song, all the development was done when they bought the program and the C Series jets are in a class all to themselves with Delta having options to buy a 100 more.Boeing had no comparable plane to sell and was trying to stop Bombadier from taking the market.,now most of the plane is made in Alabama, with final finishing /outfitting done in Quebec.

  10. XA351GT Says:

    Congratulations to Lexus , you now have the ugliest damn grille on the market.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Aren’t they dropping the better looking version of the Lexus LX, the Toyota Land Cruiser, from the US market?

  12. WineGeek Says:

    “New car consumers shifted away from lower cost cars” Sean you forgot to say that there are almost no entry level cars being produced as the manufacturers use scarce chips in higher priced cars where they make more profit. Please give a realistic picture of the market when you start with these bold shocking headlines. $45,000 moves many more potential consumers out of the market.

  13. Drew Says:

    @3 – You seem to know a lot, but not. NHTSA-based airbags are different than any ECE-based airbags. NHTSA required (and still requires) the bags to protect unbelted occupants. A lot more development was required to quickly engage an occupant who could be “out of position”. More sensors were needed to determine the occupants position, the bags needed to be bigger, and the deployment needed to be faster. Still, NHTSA rushed the bags to market, after which we learned the risks to smaller stature occupants.

    “Behind the curve”? Not really. The curve was not fully developed when it came to air bags. With respect to ABS, you forget one of the trail-blazers in ABS was Ford’s Sure Track in the Lincolns and Thunderbird of the early/mid 70s… a technology ahead of it’s time.

    Yes, lawyers have an influence on the rate of technology deployment in the US. They will sue for “failure to equip” and they will sue for “faulty equipment”. So, an OEM can only develop robust technologies (designs, sourcing, assembly, HMI, etc.).

  14. GM Veteran Says:

    3 – Not to toot their horn, but GM offered airbags in some 1974 model Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles. I am not aware of any in European or Asian makes anywhere near that early.

  15. pgl Says:

    Thanks for showing us a picture of an Australian model Lexus LX with the kangaroo catching grill. Can you please show us an USA model front grill !!

  16. pgl Says:

    Thanks for showing us a picture of an Australian model Lexus LX with the kangaroo catching grill. Can you please show us an USA model front grill !!

  17. pgl Says:

    Thanks for showing us a picture of an Australian model Lexus LX with the kangaroo catching grill. Can you please show us an USA model front grill.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The ’71 Imperial was thefirst car with electronic 4 wheel ABS. The first car I had with ABS was probably a ’91 Chevy Beretta.

  19. Rey Says:

    #18 a quick search in Google shows Mercedes was the first in mass production cars w/ 4 channel ABS, you better correct Google then.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 You’d better correct your M-B bragging. About a quarter of the way down here.

    “Anti-lock Brakes: Who Was Really First? | Hagerty Media”

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:


    Imperial, 1971, M-B, 1978

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Yeah, the Chrysler/Bendix system was three channel, but the fronts were separate, which is what matters for steering control.

  23. Earl Says:

    2…I can’t help but say I prefer the grille on the ‘51 Chev pickup or as they said then 1/2 ton. I recently commented how Lincoln has really impressed everyone with their new grille. Uniformity has everyone believing they are really selling a boat load in the market place. That’s what’s bring people to their dealers not the free coffee and cookie like some of their dealers offer now. As for Lexus they undoubtedly have the market cornered on ugly.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I don’t understand what Lexus is thinking with their front ends. Some Lexi are decidedly bad buys compared to their Toyota counterparts, but some are not. In both cases, they’d sell more if they didn’t deliberately make them ugly.

  25. Lambo2015 Says:

    I cant decide if the Lexus grille is something that will grow on me in time or not. Its a dramatic bold design that does make their SUV stand out from the all very similar designed SUVs. For now it seems too much and not attractive but I wonder in 2 years if I’ll still feel that way.

    New car prices: Well that’s only seemed to state the obvious. With this chip shortage and manufacturers funneling their limited availability to their high end vehicles and not much else being left on lots making some vehicles sell over their sticker, what did you expect? This shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone.

    The only thing move obvious was the article on safety systems needing to be tested in real world environments. How many times on this site alone has it been mentioned in the comments that Av is great in sunny Cali. When it works in February in Michigan then let me know.

  26. Sean Wagner Says:

    20 Kit – A good read! I was also under the erroneous impression Mercedes-Benz had pioneered the use of ABS in cars.

    23 – Earl. Interesting observation regarding the uniformity of grills and their consequences.

    Try as they might, Toyota and Lexus can’t scare away their customers. The latest incarnation again goes for more size, but at least it’s fairly straightforward.

    Fins progressed in the exact same manner, and one day were just gone.

    There’s a slew of new Chinese EVs being introduced, and some will find their way overseas. Check out the Leapmotor C11.

  27. Sean Wagner Says:

    While I’m on Chinese-made EVs:

    Leapmotor C11 – upscale SUV at an amazing price

    Ford Equator – Very stylish Buick ripoff.

    Farnova Othello – more than a fever-dream

  28. XA351GT Says:

    They should call that Lexus the Cylon. All it’s missing is the red tracer light .

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26 I don’t find any Toyota or Lexus actually attractive, but I buy Toyotas anyway, because I like the way their hybrid system works.

    I’m contributing to the increase in new car prices, because as I get older, and less concerned about running out of money, I’m buying buying Corvettes instead of Cavaliers. I bought the Cayman slightly used, but my buying it probably resulted in another fairly expensive new car being sold.


    3) On safety technology. Lets see…the 1950 NASH was the first with seatbelts(lap only). Volvo was the first with a 3 point belt in 1954. Oldsmobile was the first with Air bags in 1973. Chevrolet was the first with a collapsible steering column in 1967. Tucker was the first with shatterproof windshield and padded dash in 1948. Mercedes was the first with “Electronic ABS” in 1978, but the first ABS equipped car was the 1966 British Jensen FF as a mechanical system. From there Mechanical ABS was equipped on the 1971 Chrysler imperial, and Ford had mechanical ABS on the Continental/Thunderbird in 1969. Mercedes was the first with crumple zones in 1958.

    When it comes to safety tech, I don’t think you can say any continent was really ahead of another.