AD #3186 – Honda Unveils All-New Civic Si; Zeekr Builds 1st Production EV; VW Reportedly Forming JV With Huawei

October 20th, 2021 at 11:47am

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Runtime: 9:24

0:08 VW Reportedly Forming JV With Huawei
0:46 Foxconn Wants to Be Major Player in The Auto Industry
1:25 Biden Nominates New NHTSA Administrator
2:35 Honda Unveils All-New Civic Si
4:04 BMW Upgrades 1 Series Hot Hatch
4:32 Porsche Creates New Bike Rack to Make Taycan More Efficient
5:53 Zeekr Builds 1st Production EV
6:37 Ford Patents Retractable Exhaust Tip
7:16 ZF To Compete with Automakers in Autonomous Mobility

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48 Comments to “AD #3186 – Honda Unveils All-New Civic Si; Zeekr Builds 1st Production EV; VW Reportedly Forming JV With Huawei”

  1. GM Veteran Says:

    The new Civic Si has a lot of impressive performance features. But, does it have retractable exhaust tips? Ha ha!

    If the price difference isn’t too great, the 306 hp of the BMW M135i seems like it would be a lot more fun than the 200 hp of the Civic Si.

    And finally, I have to say that I find the styling of the Zeekr 001 to be very appealing.

  2. GM Veteran Says:

    It occurs to me that a fleet of those ZF Shuttles would be a great replacement for Detroit’s People Mover. That way, routes could change as needed, shuttles can switch routes as demand changes throughout the day and on weekends, and it would actually take people where they want to go in the sprawling downtown areas of Detroit.

  3. Wim van Acker Says:

    @1 The Zeekr has a 3.8s 0-60 mph acceleration.

    It seems to me that most EVs accelerate faster than you can make use of in practice, there is no displacement volume or number of cylinders to brag about and it makes me wonder how EV makers will differentiate their products. I am curious to learn from the other viewers.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 The M135 won’t be sold in the US, but if it were, it would cost about twice as much as the Civic Si.

  5. Lambo2015 Says:

    WHAT! A Chinese BEV company accused of racketeering, stealing trade secrets from American companies and of having ties to the Chinese military? I’m shocked. I think I just mentioned this a day or two ago. Yet some people even on this forum cant wait for China to start selling their BEVs in the US market even at the demise of Ford and GM.

  6. Jim Haines Says:

    The Exhaust tip probably won’t be more than a 1000 US dollars when it breaks and turns on the MIL

  7. Lambo2015 Says:

    2 Agree the people mover has a very limited route, and anything with more flexibility would be an improvement and has to be cheaper than a elevated rail system. Although the ZF shuttles will need more ground clearance to avoid being swallowed by a Detroit pothole.

    3 Yeah it will be interesting to see how the HP war is handled when it comes to BEVs. In the past even as one manufacturer could tout a higher HP if the weight was too high (Challenger) it still didn’t correlate to fastest. So with BEVs actually presenting their 0-60 times its actually pretty nice. Takes away all those other factors like gearing, weight, naturally aspirated, limited slip, and HP. You can see plain and simple the performance.
    I wonder if they will publish EV range under normal driving and hard accelerations like City vs Hwy? No doubt the information provided needs to be different than the old ICEs.

  8. Bob Wilson Says:

    Steven Cliff is getting off to a rough start asking for a Tesla recall after Tesla OTA a fix for a preliminary investigation. Sounds like a kids game of ‘Momma may I’. But he may be a minor distraction.

    Missy Cummings, a new NHTSA safety advisor, comes across as ignore the facts and data … Tesla AutoPilot and Full Self Driving is wrong. She does not inspire confidence as an objective reviewer when she recently said Tesla crash data can not be trusted without citing her data source(s). A hatchet man in a skirt is still an assassin.

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    Hey Ford! Here’s an idea. Run the exhaust out the side and eliminate the need for a motor gears and bearings and about $500 worth of parts to achieve the same result. Or better yet if you need to go out the back. A removable 1/4 turn tip. KISS.

  10. Renaissance Man Says:

    Honda would sell a boatload more Civic Sis if they made an automatic available.

    I had an ’08 Si and didn’t like paying extra for premium gas or the too-loud droning boy-racer exhaust.

  11. Drew Says:

    If VW and Huawei team up, I wonder how that makes Ford feel about their partnership with VW. If I were Ford, I’d feel my American heritage being compromised by a partner (VW) who is insensitive to US security and business ethics. On second thought, never mind… Ford already knew they were in partnership with a company that lacks business ethnics (Dieselgate).

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Instead of a retracting exhaust tip, why not just have the exhaust pipe angle down from in front of the bumper like my Camry, and my first car, a 1957 Chrysler? It’s cheap to do, and the tailpipe will not be the first thing to drag.


    7) There is a HP war going on already. It is just not obvious to the consumer. It all has to do with the design of the motors and inverters and the numerous nuances that occur within those 2 pieces of technology. One war that is more obvious to consumers is battery tech. That is the BEV version of a HP war that the consumer currently has knowledge on.

  14. Danny T Says:

    The idea of a retractable exhaust tip is something an engineer decided a car needs. People have to justify there having a job at the automaker so they come up with things to show the boss I’m doing my job. # 12 had a simple solution but he’s not employed at a car company now having justifie his reason for being there.

  15. Rey Says:

    #5 lambo , need to watch the video again, VW makes cars , Huwawei make Telecom equipment and infras, and yes Chinese cars will come to North America , actually they are hera already , like Volvo and Polestar are part of Geely who also owns the new ZEEKR brand, and E buses are assembled in Calif,good luck stopping the Chinese invasion, better yet stop buying stuff from Dollar Stores and Walmart , Lowes , Home Despot,and Harbour Fright, and Best Buy,stop using that I Phone too, as it is MIC.Oh, my cordless Milwaukee power tools are all MIC, and so are my EGO yard equip,even my Honda ICE Snowblower and Lawnmower are MIC.

  16. Rey Says:

    #11 drew talks about ethics , LOL Ford has JV in China and will build the Mustang Mach e there,what ethics?

  17. ArtG Says:

    14. No one decided a car needs a retractable exhaust tip. It’s designed for off-roading clearance. Except for the Mustang, Ford no longer sells passenger cars, and I don’t think anybody’s taking a Mustang off-road. Although they do sometimes go off the road unintentionally.

    As noted, this may never see the light of day anyway.

  18. Rey Says:

    Not all EV motors are equal , Lucid and Tesla are a few steps above the ladder, and the design of the rear motors of the Plaid are something else, permitting insane multiple runs without overheating and maximum sustained top speed beyond 160 MPH,Lucid has the most efficient ones capable of over 500 miles range,and very compact,Legacy auto have nothing equal at the moment to those two Co.s,and Tesla new battery design will take density to a whole new level ,add to that the structural battery pach, doing away with the can ( encasement), and BYD cell to pack is also a game changer, You Fossil lovers have to boneup on BEVs, the world is changing, spearheaded by Tesla, the Chinese and some European battery experts, with the Koreans not far behind.

  19. Kevin A Says:

    You guys should read the definition of multi-national again. Ford and GM are no more American than Toyota or Stellantis are. HQ in the US is a historical fact only. As Chrysler demonstrated, HQ location can quickly and easily change.

  20. Rey Says:

    Ford does not need retractable exhaust tips if they make the Bronco a BEV, and will get 90 MPG e, and make no noise in the wilderness.

  21. Lambo2015 Says:

    15 Developing chips and software for BEVs or making BEVs doesn’t matter. Anyone willing to partner with Chinese manufacturers will get what they deserve. Yes China makes vehicles already, none of which I would own or even consider. And your correct that its almost impossible to avoid buying products made in China. Why? Because we are dumb and will sell our souls for a quick buck. I thought US automakers were crazy to agree to make cars in China with the stipulation they had to hire 50% Chinese workers. So for the ability to avoid tariffs and cheap labor we went in and basically trained them and gave them the ability and skill to undercut us years later. Now the old automakers can pull out of China as these new Chinese start ups fire up their own plants and start making cars cheaper.
    The US just continues to get further and further away from manufacturing and trades. Everyone wants to be a manager or service related. We cannot all be consumers without any manufacturing. GDP is what allows China to continue to grow so rapidly. Making it worse is many Chinese companies will blatantly rip off patents or copy with inferior components to undercut the price.
    You could develop the next best battery that would be worth Billions of dollars. Once into production all they need to do is buy one reverse engineer it and with their cheap labor make their own version undercut you costing you huge profits. What you going to do about it? That’s my issue with China. At least other countries will honor PCTs I believe China agrees to, but if they don’t. too bad!

  22. Rey Says:

    #21 BYD and CATL are @ the forefront of their technology , and Tesla is using the CATL for batteries for its SR- cheaper and base mod3&Y,the Chinese aim to bypass ICE completely and go pure BEV, @ least going into the future,and that is why Legacy auto is @ a crossroads, abandon ICE overnite, and be leaders, or stand aside and let the likes of Lucid , Tesla , Rivian take leadership and ownership of that market, along with whoever takes charge going forward.
    VW having been caught cheating with Diesels has realized the game is up and turning as fast as they can is a monumental task, notice VW has given up or has no FCV / Hydrogen program( to my knowledge) yet GM still has, one fact remains , it takes a fortune to install infrastructure and produce Hydrogen efficiently, and that is not going to change in the future,only Fossil co. Like Shell and othet Nat gas co.s are backing Hydrogen, one has to ask why.
    Common sense? Like i said dping DD would have been smart befor thinking of a Nikola alliance/ partnership by GMs head honchos, who backed away from that deal ASAP , with egg on their face, oh about that military contract for Hydrogen FCV that GM has? How does one get that fuel in a battlefield like Afghanistan or Iran?

  23. cwolf Says:

    21) I couldn’t have said it better.

    I and my family were devoted Ford buyers, but I think I’m done with them for I no longer consider them American. What do they make here in the U.S. besides large trucks? The iconic “American Mustang” has turned into a farce with the Mach-e by having the least American content of any vehicle in the U.S. @ 15%. What a joke!

  24. Merv Peters Says:

    Huwawei were a major sponsor of hockey night in Canada for a season (or maybe 2?)then vanished. I don’t see their advertising anywhere else.

  25. Drew Says:

    @16 – I didn’t disparage China or the people of a China. My comment was directed to the unethical business history of two companies… VW and Huawei. But that wouldn’t stop you from disparaging anything that’s not Tesla.

  26. rick Says:

    vw reportedly forming jv with huawei, this is exactly why i dont know why anyone would ever buy anything german on our shores.


    26) The lack of long term reliability and excruciatingly expensive repair bills is enough reason for me to not buy any German car in the USA, especially VW. The Huawei deal isn’t going to help out with VWs long term reliability issues so I don’t forecast there being a VW in my driveway.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    All large companies are multinational;they sell, source, and manufacture many places around the world. All of them have ethics issues, some, like VW probably more than most. Huawei seems to be politicized more than most Chinese companies, maybe because they are among the best in the world at some things, like 5g mobile networks. As far as VW and Huawei, I suppose the deal, if it exists, will cause VW/Audi/Porsche to lose a few US sales, but it might help them in China.

  29. Lambo2015 Says:

    28 I doubt it will affect sales. So many products are manufactured with parts from all over the world that its gotten to the point that even American made could mean just assembled in the US. I don’t think most people really care where their products are made and much like corporations it just comes down to who has the lowest price.

    Working for various suppliers in my career including one of the OEMs it just amazes me how quality issues are handled domestically vs imported products. In most instances when a defect is found its common practice to sort any bad product, determine the root cause correct it and replace bad product in a nutshell. The OEMs expect this correction in a time manner that doesn’t affect production. Which since most suppliers are just in time that means you get about 24 hours to fix your problems. A particular OEM had sourced their emblems with a company in China. I wont name the company but the emblem has many colors in it and they were off. The OEM expected it to be fixed quickly yet the firm in China said they would make the change and place new product on a boat they would have corrected emblems in 6-8 weeks. The OEM said this completely unacceptable and the firm in China came back with that’s the best we can do. I was amazed as I know any of the companies I work for would be air freighting product in and replacing emblems in the hold area. Yet they shipped out sub quality products and I just thought to myself that’s what you get for sourcing it overseas. The consumer will never know who was actually at fault they just know their new expensive vehicle has a crappy faded looking emblem and its a sore eye to the OEM.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Is the Civic Si going to be sold only as the sedan, and not the hatch? How stupid is that? I guess they’d do that to sell more of the $40K Type R.


    28) A bit more than politicized. When I lived in Europe Huawei was found to have embedded spyware into the cheap USB based devices that they would flood the market with. A little USB powered fan from Huawei came with free malware that sent whatever they wanted from your PC to them. How fun. They are on a list of devices that are not allowed on any of our work PCs as they are hell bent on embedding any accessory or software product with malware.

    The fact that they are highly connected to the Chinese military means that this data will find its way to the Chinese military, on accident of course(wink wink). Huawei is a bit of a dangerous company that has much more wrong with it than questionable ethics. Not everything is political.

  32. Rey Says:

    #21 lambo , patents mean zilch, it is just a way for companies to stay ahead for months or years,and lawyers to make money too,everything and anything has a work around.
    China already has class leading safety and chemistry in battery technology, they are even willing to sell the cells, BYD makes their own microchips , they are not stealing anything.One stays ahead in the game by innovating and moving fast, that is why Tesla is ahead and valued more than any automaker who takes decades before making changes, but those same automakers will change the style ,shape of metals, because that is what they know,Stamping Steel,a new style every 4 years , as if that will goose sales, meanwhile the Century old ICE tech lives on, one tiny small improvement at a time, and hoping it will have another 100 years of life left,throwing good money after bad.

  33. Rey Says:

    #29 Lambo, if you think American auto is sacred and will stay American , think again,bankruptcy makes for good bedfellows, FCA is now part of Stelantis, Volvo is now Chinese owned ,and more than 3 times valuable than when it was bought, GE appliances div.are now owned by the Midea group , who also owns a German robotics company ,Kuka.Best to tell you grandkids to learn Mandarin, they could end up ahead in the game, as Managers in some Chinese owned company based in the USA.That is one way many Canadians get cushy jobs in the Federal Gov’t here in Canada,be Bilingual in French and English.

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31 I’m not finding anything about Huawei USB fans spreading malware, but whatever. Huawei would be more of a threat to western interests than Cisco, but western countries, and companies are hurting themselves by refusing to deal with them.

  35. Lambo2015 Says:

    Wonder if there will be anything about this in todays show. GM’s new crate motor 1004HP naturally aspirated V8.

  36. Lambo2015 Says:

    33 I don’t think American auto is sacred, its sad. The dilution of American content is just a the way of doing business anymore. I haven’t denied that its the direction we are heading and you are probably right that much of what we know will be Chinese owned soon enough. Again because we value the dollar over doing the right thing.
    Bye Bye American Pie drove my Dongfeng to the levee but the levee was dry.. Just doesn’t have the same ring?

  37. ChuckGrenci Says:

    @35 Interesting engine, great numbers and should do well at the drag strip.

  38. Rey Says:

    Yesterday in Munro Live , Sandy was on a rant, now all the Veterans here please don’t shoot the messenger, he was just being Paul Revere sounding the alarm bells , like I have been for months & years about the complacency of US Co.s and the coming waves of Chinese invasion, of everything, from Dollar store items,appliances,TVs,Cellphones, and now cars.
    The West ,and USA have been using China for slave labour and their sweatshops, the Chinese have woken up, realized that the World is theirs to conquer,and do it without a single canon shot,they just have to do it with trade,and buy American companies, like I said , please bone up on your Mandarin skills and learn some Chinese culture, being a manager of a US based Chinese owned company ain’t half as bad as being a Walmart greeter.

  39. Rey Says:

    #35 GM is good @ getting more life out of Dinosaur technologies, I guess squeezing every little bit out of ICE is a good thing, they should sell that engine to Ferarri and Lamborghini and Mclaren $10,000-$15,000 a pop sounds good.

  40. Rey Says:

    # 36 I like listening to some Chinese pop songs, many start with ” Ni Hao Ma, Wu Ai Ni”, but be careful who you say that to.

  41. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 Interesting. I’m surprised there is enough volume to justify developing that engine. Of course, it won’t be cheap.

  42. Kit Gerhart Says:

    38 I doubt that the workers at the GE appliance complex in Louisville, KY are learning much Mandarin, even though GE Appliance is owned by Haier.

  43. Lambo2015 Says:

    41 What I found interesting was a few years ago AD did a story that no automakers had any new engines in development. Seems that was only true for production vehicles. But yeah how many crate motors do they need to sell to even make this a worth while endeavor? you can get a Hellcat motor from Jeds for like 18k without the electronics. I’m guessing this motor will be at least 20k.

  44. Lambo2015 Says:

    37 I wonder what more can be pulled from it with say a turbo or supercharger and a shot of NoS. It has 12:1 compression as is tho.

  45. Kit Gerhart Says:

    44 They’d need to lower compression if boosted. Even unboosted, though, it has a rather short projected life, with their bragging about it lasting 50 miles of drag racing. Boosted, they could get similar power at lower revs than 6600.

  46. Rey Says:

    #42 kit , sorry ‘ bout that mixup , I do know that GE was bought by Haier a while back, so many Chinese companies buying Foreign Co.s can’t keep track.Being bilingual does have its advantages,@ least here in Canada it does, my wife works @ home and she often needs a translator,while Online, that person probably works by the minute, and they can be Spanish, Chinese, Russian , French , or any of the over 20 major languages from the World.

  47. Ukendoit Says:

    That GM crate motor is impressive. I guess the HP wars are not yet over. I know the 426 Mopar Hellephant crate motor is also 1000 hp, although it is supercharged. Does Ford have any competition for the 1Khp motor club?

  48. Ukendoit Says:

    That GM crate motor is impressive. I guess the HP wars are not yet over. I know the 426 Mopar Hellephant crate motor is also 1000 hp, although it is supercharged. Does Ford have any competition for the 1Khp motor club?