AD #3191 – Chevy Unveils New Corvette Z06; General Motors Struggles in Q3; New Range Rover Revealed

October 27th, 2021 at 11:56am

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Runtime: 9:49

0:08 Hertz Forms Partnership with Uber To Rent Teslas
0:57 GM Struggles in Q3
1:57 Car Sales Expected to Improve in October
2:57 Chevy Unveils New Corvette Z06
4:47 New Z06 Engine Much More Powerful Than Previous Engine
6:25 Stellantis To Get Great Scale from New EV Platforms
7:23 New Range Rover Revealed

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19 Comments to “AD #3191 – Chevy Unveils New Corvette Z06; General Motors Struggles in Q3; New Range Rover Revealed”

  1. Rey Says:

    Who knew convincing some Caddy dealers to sell Electric cars would be so hard? Good to know Stelantis will be selling 2 million BEVs every year.

  2. wmb Says:

    The new Range Rover is Incredible, just simply Incredible! If they have address the reliability issues and electrical gremlins, this new RR certainly puts the Bentley Bentayga on notice. For all you get at this size and price, despite how nicely appointed the Bentayga is, against this it comes across as a glorified Q7, IMHO.

    Regarding the W/GW, as great as they are, the RR is in another league. The W/GW are the first Jeeps that can honestly compete and be crossed shopped with the Land Rover Discovery. Both of them are family vehicles, with a heavy helping of luxury! Yet, the RR is on the higher level then the Jeep.

  3. MJB Says:

    Okay…The Z06 is warming me up to the C8 styling now. ;)

    @2. YES! Beautiful vehicle. I hope Range Rover continues in this theme of understated (near ultra) luxury. This new offering has taken that model line to a new level of refinement. But, as you alluded to, if they’d just get their reliability issues in check, then perhaps they’d enjoy even greater success.

  4. Drew Says:

    For tomorrow’s ALAH, It’d be interesting to know if Mr. Morrison is completely happy with Jeep Gladiator sales. Incentives were rich before the chip crisis. Yet, I can imagine the Ram brand manager is making a strong case for a higher volume Dakota midsize pickup.

    For Kit, I hope you are enjoying your C8. How do you feel about the Z06? I tend to have a preference for the guttural song of flat plane crank, but am not sure if the added engine imbalance and cost is worth it. Again Kit, your views?

  5. Lambo2015 Says:

    The new Range Rover looks to me like a 10 year old Ford Flex.

    So what could someone expect to get from a ZO6 engine with a supercharger? You know its going to happen. Pretty amazing tho 680 HP and meets emissions and probably gets 24mpg.

  6. Merv Peters Says:

    New Corvette…wow. I’ve had corvette fever since the summer of 1955.

  7. Frank Meinert Says:

    On Monday I naively went to the local Chevy dealer (one of the biggest in SE Michigan) to ask about the process to reserve a Z06. The salesman informed me that they have been accepting deposits for two years. Based on the number of deposits and their best guess at their allocation, if I put down a deposit now, I will never get a Z06. If that is typical of most dealers, it means that every Z06 that will be built is already spoken for. The car looks phenomenal but apparently it is unobtainium.

  8. Bobby T Says:

    5, I thought it looked like a Flex too. I worked on one of the early iterations of the Flex program. Ford owned Land Rover back then, and Ford designers took a lot of their cues from the Rover lineup, especially the roof line.

  9. Sean Wagner Says:

    Kudos to gm for choosing to build an engine that transcends the raw numbers game and simply promises to exhilarate. Well done.

    The new Range Rover has style and panache in spades. Although the rear might benefit from a little tweaking, in my humble opinion.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    What V6 are they going to use in the Range Rover? BMW doesn’t do V6s, and isn’t Land Rover’s latest in house six also in-line?

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I did about 650 miles of road trip in my non-Z06 C8 today. Other than being kind of noisy, it’s a great highway car. The seat is comfortable, the steering feel is great, and it has good range, a very safe 450 miles, going as fast as I figure I can get by with.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I saw 3 Range Rovers on the road today, two real ones, and a convertible version of the Ford Escape Range Rover. Those convertibles must be really rare.

  13. Sean Wagner Says:

    Kit, it seems “The New Range Rover” (is that the official moniker now?) continues on with an I6 and V8.

    The higher slab sides must be there to make room for the optional 38 kWh battery in the hybrid, combined with a 105 kW motor. Not a minimalist implementation.

    It’s nice being able to cruise along in a sports car that can escape the mundane on command, with the feedback and control to match!

  14. Sean Wagner Says:

    Kit, it seems the “New Range Rover” retains an inline six.

    They did opt for a hybrid with longer range and a relatively powerful motor – I’m guessing the underfloor 38 kWh battery contributes to the body’s extra height.

    It’s nice to eat miles in a car that pairs torque with control, while at the same offering the chance to escape along a twisting byway.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 It must be a plug-in hybrid with that big of battery.

    I was on some twisty road in the Smokey Mountain area yesterday. It was good in the Corvette, but I would have needed to go much faster for it to be really fun.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    7 That’s really disappointing to hear. Maybe GM can up production some if the demand is that great. Surly they have a decent margin on that car and they should make as many as they can. I haven’t heard that it would be a limited run or anything that would upset those that already plopped down a deposit.
    Personally though I don’t feel bad for anyone that buys them to try and scalp a higher price or buys one as in investment. Those are amazing cars and should be driven. So if they thought GM would only make 5000 and they double production good. Anyone willing to pay the MSRP should be able to get one.
    As for you Frank if you really want one I would be calling other dealerships to see if you get the same story as there may be one out there that will be getting one that isn’t already spoken for. Might be out of state.

  17. MJB Says:

    @9. Interestingly enough, I think the rear is the strongest part of the styling.

  18. Scott-in-Cleveland Says:

    @6 And the only prescription is, more Corvette!

  19. Sean Wagner Says:

    @MJB – It’s very well done and fits the subdued design theme. There’s just something about the rear lights’ lines and integration that makes me think of the Mini. My take will not impact the vehicle’s success!