AD #3231 – Ford to Double Lightning Production; GM Could Lose 90-Year Sales Crown; Mercedes Reveals VisionEQXX

January 4th, 2022 at 11:44am

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Runtime: 8:41

0:07 Ford to Double F-150 Lightning Production
1:06 GM Could Lose 90-Year Sales Crown
2:01 Low Inventory Keeps Pushing Prices Up
3:24 Mercedes Aims for New Levels of Efficiency with EQXX
4:59 Volvo Completes Test of New EV Truck
6:16 Volta Partners with HERE to Improve Navigation
7:23 TuSimple Taps NVIDIA for AV Computer

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16 Comments to “AD #3231 – Ford to Double Lightning Production; GM Could Lose 90-Year Sales Crown; Mercedes Reveals VisionEQXX”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Market prices are determined by what the market can bear; I’m wondering what that number is. I’m surprised that demand is still greater than supply and wonderous that these high-priced vehicles, both new and used, stays sustainable. And, as usual, the ‘common folk’, those trying to get along, are bearing the brunt of these high prices (where they have to have a vehicle so they can work to support themselves).

  2. Sean Wagner Says:

    I really like those three integrated tumblers in the Mercedes EQXXX’s dishboard. Nothing like an Old Fashioned to relax after 1000 km / 621 miles of travel.

    Beyond the tongue-in-cheek, I’d dearly like to know how close that CATL-supplied battery’s chemistry is to production. It integrates some advanced features.

    Significantly, the electric motors were developed in-house.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 With new car production still lower than normal, there is high demand for late model used cars, thus high prices. I’ve benefited from that, in selling a car, when my price was “locked in” for the new one I ordered more than a year ago.

    New cars are selling for MSRP and above because of shortages, but more than that, car companies are forcing “brand loyal” people to buy more expensive cars. A Ford loyalist who might have bought a Focus or Fusion is now forced to buy a truck, SUV, or Mustang, unless they want to abandon their company loyalty. My father was a staunch Chrysler fan for the last ~45 years of his life, and his last car was a Dodge Stratus. If he were still alive, he wouldn’t have much choice, given that he bought only Chrysler, and bought small to mid-size cars. I can’t imagine him buying a Toyota or Hyundai to get what he wanted, so he might have ended up with a Charger.

  4. GM Veteran Says:

    Sean, over the next few weeks, it would be great to see a recap of how the OEMs stack up worldwide in sales. Lots of markets abandoned, brands consolidated and brands sold or discontinued. Hard to even guess what that list looks like anymore. I’m guessing that Stellantis outsells GM. Ford might too, since they did not abandon Europe. Hope you can report on that when the stats become available.

    And, thanks for all the hard work by the entire Autoline team in 2021! Looking forward to another year of interesting stories.

  5. Bob Wilson Says:

    On the EQXXX, I stopped reading after ‘road legal prototype.’ It is a teaser and we won’t see it for sale. Like the VW electric MicroBus, all smoke no metal.

  6. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Too bad about the EQXXX; it has the range and a more manageable weight. If the general BEV could do what some of the EQXXX does (at a reasonable price) it would be game over for ICE; not yet though.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 Toyota, VW, Renault-Nissan, Stellantis, and Hyundai-KIA are the top 5 by units sold.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    GM,Ford, Honda, Daimler, and BMW are 6 through 10.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If the numbers I found are correct, I’m surprised no Chinese companies are in the top 10. I guess the “home grown” Chinese cars are from a lot of non-huge companies.

  10. wmb Says:

    A number of people at work, me included (though I can’t afford one!), are excited about the Lightning! The news that they are increasing production should really get some motivated, since they have already put down deposits.

    While it appears that the EQXX I will be the building blocks for the BEV versions of Mercedes A thru C-Class, I would not be surprised if those models not come anywhere close to the MPGe of the concept (nor do they need to, in order to be a success)! As I understand, the exterior dimensions of the concept is roughly the exterior size of the current C-Class. While the foot print may remain the same, the shallow rear roof line would no doubt be raise for production. There would probably be changes to the front and rear ends to make them better resemble their MB heritage. With the EV A and B-Class and their derivatives being narrower, along with a shorter wheel base and overall length, this will impact battery storage. Smaller storage, fewer batteries and still being relatively heavy, means less range. All that said, if they can still squeeze 200 to 300 hp and 350-400 miles of range, at a reasonable price using this tech, they may have the next hit on the hands, in the compact and sub-compact luxury vehicle segment.

  11. wmb Says:

    And while GM may temporarily lose the US sales crown, as in the case when the fell from #2 to #3 in sales of pick-ups, they are making more money per vehicle sell then they ever have! They may be selling fewer vehicles, but they are make A LOT MORE MONEY on each vehicle sold. So, i do not think that GM is loosing any sleep over being temporarily being knocked to #2 in sales. Especially, when they’re putting little to none of their own money on the hood to move the metal!

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 None of the several pickup drivers I know seem to be waiting in line to buy an electric one. I guess I’ll know in a couple years if they have thought differently, maybe after driving one.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Yeah, GM seems to be making money, and they are not overly concerned about market share, or they wouldn’t have dropped all of their mainstream cars except Malibu. The same applies to Ford, not caring about market share, given that they dropped all of their cars of any kind except Mustang.

  14. Sean Wagner Says:

    9 Kit – I think the allocation of production by Chinese joint-ventures may be the problem. I’ve heard their total output is added to the partners’ numbers.

    The Ford Lightning should be great for commercial fleet buyers who know their required ranges and calculate the total cost of ownership as of course.

    From memory, in other important news from the end of last year, Tesla is working with a partner to open a graphite production facility in the US. It’s used for the anode and usually comes from China.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    I could see many tradesmen buying the Lightning. Most own trucks already and are familiar with the cost of truck ownership. However the lighting has the convivence of what is basically an on-board power source they wont need to lug around a generator. Worry about it not starting or getting stolen. Having to carry gas cans and have the added lockable storage under the hood. So they may not need to add a bed cover or cap. It has a lot of features that would be attractive to them.
    If the battery can get them to the jobsite run some lights or a saw during the day and still get them home I could see it being popular.
    But I think you reported a couple weeks ago that Ford stopped taking reservations for the truck.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The vehicles I see a lot of, which would be an ideal EV application are delivery vans for Amazon/UPS/FedEx, and USPS. They would need trucks with different amounts of range, depending on the route. The Amazon ones I see, mostly Sprinter and Transit, probably come from a facility near Orlando airport, so might need 150 mile range to do the deliveries, but vehicles delivering in and near Orlando would probably need less than 100 mile range. All of them could be charged overnight.

    15 Yeah, the AC power capability of the Lightning could be very useful, if it’s reliable. Having that capability, and the frunk, could make up for the truck being available only as a 4 door with a short bed. We should soon find out who the customers will be, and how the vehicles are used.