AD #3242 – 1st Felony Charges Involving Automated System; Honda’s New Battery Deal; GM Takes Parts Catalog Online

January 19th, 2022 at 11:48am

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Runtime: 9:54

0:07 1st Felony Charges for Driver Using Automated System
1:06 Ford’s Rivian Investment Worth Billions
1:42 Audi Could Partner with McLaren in Formula 1
2:33 ELMS Expanding Delivery EV Lineup
3:58 Renault Starts Using VR in Design
4:42 Ford & ADT Form Vehicle Safety Joint Venture
6:22 VW & Bosch Team to Boost Battery Cell Production
6:46 BYD & FAW Create New Battery Joint Venture
7:10 Nikola Will Use Proterra Battery Systems
7:26 Honda Announces New Battery Partnership
8:26 GM Takes Its Parts Catalog Online

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21 Comments to “AD #3242 – 1st Felony Charges Involving Automated System; Honda’s New Battery Deal; GM Takes Parts Catalog Online”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    That’s really sad, that two people had to die to bring attention to this huge mistake by this owner of this Tesla. Depending on the defense strategy I wont be surprised to see Tesla named in a future lawsuit by the owner. This very well could be the tipping point in changing the name of FSD. Hopefully other manufacturers are taking notes.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    I am curious to see if the GM parts catalog will carry dealership pricing or will it be more like factory direct? I wonder how it will compare to places like Rockauto, Autozone that already carry AC Delco parts.

  3. ChuckGrenci Says:

    @1, I saw a news article in my daily paper referring to this, and yes, I believe a second suit will be filed against Tesla. I don’t know in what capacity, but certainly, the operator is at fault; Tesla not as much but since it is already under scrutiny for the Autopilot, this will certainly not be dropped.

  4. ChuckGrenci Says:

    @2, Agree, that GM will have to offer competitive prices for their cataloging and sales; Amazon also carries discounted GM parts so competition is already in place.

  5. S65AMG Says:

    Rivian Stock has been in a free fall recently. The NYT had a big article about it today, including Bezos’ 100,000 Amazon order. Amazon also owns 20% of Rivian, and has ordered cargo vans from other, far lesser, makers (who probably would be bankrupt if not for these orders).

    the Article claims Rivian stock has fallen 57% recently, either from Jan 1 or some other time. So the obvious question is, what share price for Rivian did you use to come up with that $8.5 bill figure? Still, even if it is half that, it is still 8 times Ford’s investment.

    However, when Ford starts realizing its Rivian gains by selling its $500 mill investment, it may by itself bring down the shares more, or much more, depending on market conditions. And right now, and in recent weeks, including yesterday, markets have been really lousy (no surprise given genius Joe Biden’s 40-year record inflation and ‘promise’ to raise rates 4 times (instead of the ONE time expected earlier) in 2022. This has hit the high-flying tech stocks particularly hard.

    Still, FOrd did far better with its investment in RIvian than with all its silly ICE investments in the past (after it made lots of $ with the Taurus, it bought everything that walked, and most many many billions in all of tthese unwise investments. (Volvo, Jag, Aston, you know) Maybe it should get out of Rivian while the going is still good and finally make some $.

  6. S65AMG Says:

    Re 5 above, the article has Bezos emailing the Rivian CEO “now, (name), where are those vans?” since Rivian has delivered very very few, if any, of the 100,000 so far. (If this was Tesla and not Rivian, you would hear the complaints and the crocodile tears of the haters very loud and clear)

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If Ford sells all of their Rivian stock, the share price will REALLY crash.

  8. S65AMG Says:

    An example of the very high used car prices, esp the enthusiasts and specialty cars (and camper vans!), I follow an auction site called “Cars and Bids” (google it), it is operated by that loud reviewer of cars, DOug de Muro, who has made a ton of $, all from the buyers, they have to pay 4.5% of the sale price. This site is great for Sellers, NOT for Buyers, as is true in generakl these days, it’s a seller’s market. Some of them are getting too greedy, place a high reserve on the junk they sell, and the auction has no sale. The site has all kinds of cars, a huge number of Porsches, also AMG and M5s, even the occasional Ferrari, Lambo, Mclaren, many cheapo Maseratis, and even a few ROlls Phantom and Ghosts and Maybachs from 2003-9 that hold their value very well. Camper vans are way overpriced, due to covid and the (wise) desire of travelers not to get it using ,mass transit or even staying in motels when they travel.

  9. S65AMG Says:

  10. Jack Beckman Says:

    Audi and Porsche don’t have to buy a team to get into F1, they can just partner with an existing team. If they are supplying powertrains they will need to supply at least one (or it might be two) other teams (or be able to if asked). They also could start their own teams, but that’s very expensive, as they’d have to pay a franchise fee to all the existing teams just to get in.

  11. XA351GT Says:

    #10 Seeing as both Audi an Porsche are part of the VW group. I wouldn’t be surprised if they develop a new power package for 2026 and badge one team as Porsche powered and the other Audi powered with the exact same drivetrain . Would be a extremely smart way for VW to get both brands maximum exposure for minimal investment. having both companies building different packages for the same formula would be foolish and expensive for no good reason.

  12. Wim van Acker Says:

    @10, 11: any thoughts on why VW would have Porsche and AUDI in F1 instead of Porsche and Lamborghini?

  13. Bob Kinnee Says:

    GM should have invested into Rivian when they had the oppo
    rtunity they truly missed the boat !

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 I think they should use VW and Skoda for their F1 teams.


    1) TESLA should be held to account for their irresponsibly named FSD and Autopilot. If it goes to court though, TESLA will hide behind their legalese and blame the driver who was not in control of the system as per the terms of service that they agreed to. They will shoulder no burden and never have shouldered any burden even when the owner of the TESLA has died because of these irresponsibly named systems.

    Maybe TESLA owners will realize that FSD and Autopilot are only operating the steering wheel and pedals. The hard part of driving still has to be done by the person sitting in the drivers seat. That hard part is determining where the car should go and correct if and when FSD/AP fails to do as the driver would intend. I literally see no point in paying $12K for a system that only controls the easy part of driving but can land you in jail or worse kill you if you rely on it to do as they market it.

    Use it responsibly though like a cruise control system where you still pay attention…then it is fine. That is why Ford calls their system BLUE CRUISE and GM calls their system SUPER CRUISE. They are trying to inform the driver that it is an assist device like cruise control and not a “SELF DRIVING” car or even worse a “FULL SELF DRIVING” car. What an irresponsible company TESLA is.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12,14. No, I wasn’t serious with #14. I’d think Porsche and Lamborghini would make the most sense, though Audi-badged cars have done some racing recently, and they sell a sports car.

  17. Wim van Acker Says:

    @14: :-)

  18. Bill k Says:

    With all these battery manufacturing relationships developing, is there any talk about what tecnologies the batteries will have or will they all be the lithium-ion?

  19. XA351GT Says:

    #12 My guess would be that Porsche an Audi sell more units than Lambo and that it’s a boutique brand with a limited reach for real buying customers Everyone likes them , but very few could ever afford any model sold. Where as Porsche an Audi have super cars but also models that someone could reasonably afford. Also when Lamborghini was in F1 with Laroouse it was a huge flop.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It seems that “branding” of racing teams and cars kind of goes with the series. GM and Honda call their Indy Car engines Chevrolet and Honda, while they call their IMSA cars Cadillac and Acura. With F1, it’s all over the place with boutique marques like Alpine, pricey, low volume brands like Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston-Martin. Then, there are the totally non-automotive ones like Red Bull, and owner vanity team, Haas. You wouldn’t think he’d want his name on the cars, given recent performance. Maybe that will improve next year, with everyone kind of starting from scratch with the new rules.

  21. Marshy Says:

    Finally an OEM putting this parts catalog on line! I’d buy more oem parts if I could actually shop them and not call and talk through the parts with a person. Closest I’ve come is a Mazda dealer in Arizona has parts on line and will ship.