AD #3275 – U.S. Gasoline Prices Soar; Elon Musk Demands More Oil & Gas Production; Detroit 3 Profits Threatened

March 7th, 2022 at 11:49am

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Runtime: 9:50

0:08 Russian Invasion Sends Gasoline Prices Soaring
0:48 Palladium Prices Shoot Up 79%
1:13 Detroit Three Profits Threatened
1:41 Elon Musk Calls for More Oil & Gas Production
3:01 Cradle-To-Grave: BEV Far Cleaner Than ICE
4:36 Cars & Trucks with Best Resale Value
5:25 Stellantis To Make Ethanol Hybrid
5:56 Peek Inside VW’s ID. Buzz
6:53 ELMS Runs into Real Problems
7:50 Battery Swapping in China Attracts Bosch
8:29 Continental Makes Video Screens Disappear

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31 Comments to “AD #3275 – U.S. Gasoline Prices Soar; Elon Musk Demands More Oil & Gas Production; Detroit 3 Profits Threatened”

  1. S65AMG Says:

    A. Gas prices. You say “over $4 a gallon on average. That’s the highest it’s been since 2008″

    Question 1, John and Sean: Are you seriously (not just you, but ALL Journalists and Anchors, auto or not) comparing 2008 Dollars (Watermelons) to 2022 Dollars (14 years of inflation later, ie oranges)?

    Question 2, are you also going, 1-2 days from tgoday, when the price exceeds the old record of $4.11 (in 2008 dollars!!), that tomorrow’s $4.20 is “greater” than the 2008 $4.11?

    Question 3, do you know this is a horribly wrong comparison, but you still (ALL of you in your field) do it, to attract our attention, since bad news sells, while good news, nobody cares about?

    So now let’s get serious please. In May 2008, when the ‘record’ $4.11 happened, the best selling vehicles in the US that month changed in a MONUMENTAL, earthquake way. The Perennial no 1, the F 150, went to no FIVE, 5, and the top 4 were 1. Civic, 2. Corolla, 3. Accord, 4. Camry (!!!)

    However, that huge change only lasted a month or two back then.

    In TODAY’s, 2022, money, gas prices will keep going up due to the Ukraine Disaster, and even more if we, as we should, and there is bipartisan pressure on the senile idiot in the WH to BAN RUSSIAN OIL IMPORTS. Only when gas prices exceed $4.11 in 2022 dollars, ie, $7.00 or so, (they are already above $7 in some CA gas stations, but of course I mean the AVERAGE gas prices US-wide), then MAYBE you will see the same huge switch away from the idiotic pickups and large SUVs to compact, fuel efficient cars, and some more BEVs.

  2. motorman Says:

    the liberal pols are causing a lot of problems just to get people to buy EVs.

  3. S65AMG Says:


    I assume Ford was the one who wasted their $ on this Joint U Michigan-Ford study (U M just wasted their time), to prove the OBVIOUS.

    This reminded me of a news item several decades ago, there was a similar study on Ecdysiasts ( for the illiterate Joe sixpacks here this means Strippers), and one of the most shocking, major findings of that study was that the subjects under study had statistically significantly larger breasts than the average adult female.

    Your tax dollars at work, then, and Ford’s dollars at work, now.

  4. S65AMG Says:

    Somehow I just lost part of my next post. It was about the TRULY RIDICULOUS “overall score” the New Auto issue of Consumer Reports has.

    No time to rewrite it all, but some individual scores, you can go read the rest, and LAUGH OUT LOUD.

    Tesla Model S, old CR score 99, NEW one.. 60!

    LEXUS. ANY Lexus. ALL are in the Dumps.

    At the same time, Porker BMW X5, 90!!!

    Genesis, the darling of Auto Journalists and Regulars here. Kit, why don’t you let us know how BAD their scores (ALL MODELS) were, esp the brand new “suv” the GX80, which got… 47!!!

    Jeep Wrangler, which made Stellaaa Billions, gets only 28 (!!!!), less than even that excremental FIAT 500 “SUV”

    It is INSANE.

    I want to see the photos of the geniuses who came up with these scores, and a short Bio for all of them.

    More important, I want CR to PUBLISH the ‘equation’, ‘Formul’, or, more likely, their Voo-Doo procedure, which adds up whatever partial scores, broken down in detail by components, and arrives at these LAUGHABLE “overall scores”.

  5. Buzzerd Says:

    That screen Conti has come up with looks really interesting, some of the tech that’s come out in the last few years is so impressive.

  6. motorman Says:

    elon musk knows if there is a depression in this country people will not be buying his teslas. Elon Musk Calls for More Oil & Gas Production

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I wouldn’t put much value int KBB’s resale value predictions for today’s vehicles in 5 years. Things, they are a changing, and resale value yesterday means nothing about what will happen in 5 years. I’d expect resale of Corvette to remain high, because it is a “niche” vehicle. Big pickup trucks? I wouldn’t count on their holding their value too well by 2027.

  8. Buzzerd Says:

    @7 I think resale values are very regional. Where I live trucks hold their value very well but sports cars not really but if I lived in Toronto then I can see it being the opposite possibly.

  9. Lex Says:

    I hope people finally realize that Elon Musk is a “Man on a Mission” to bring Renewal and Sustainable energy to the world.

    Elon Musk’s contribution of StarLink to the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters demonstrates that he is not your “Run of the Mill” Billionaire.

  10. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Cradle to Grave: does that include disposal/recycling of the batteries; I don’t think that was included, especially since there are no large-scale operations instituted yet. I’m not saying that EV is not more ecological, just saying it may not be as dramatic as stated in Ford’s report.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 This is what CR’s “overall” score is based on:

    “Overall score reflects a vehicle’s performance in our road tests, predicted reliability and owner satisfaction from our annual auto surveys, the availability of front-crash prevention systems, and crash-test results from IIHS and NHTSA, if tested.”

    Many buyers don’t care about the latest crash prevention tech, crash test results, or even reliability. Some cars, like Tesla Model Y and Corvette have very low reliability survey results, and Corvette lacks many driver assistance features. As a result, Model Y got an “overall” rating of 59, and Corvette got 57. The CR score that car enthusiasts, and many other buyers should look at is “road test” score, where the Y got 90, and the ‘Vette got 97. CR’s car tests, as with other reviews of vehicles and other products, are most useful if you actually look through all of the information, not just one number.

  12. Albemarle Says:

    I think, in order for us to see significant change in the model mix the buying public want, we need both fuel price shock and a sense that the prices are going to remain consistently high for at least a year or two.
    I think we have those conditions currently, so it will be interesting to watch the market respond.
    One big topic in the EV world is when will we reach the tipping point for EVs over ICE. It may be much sooner with this war than it would have been otherwise.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 Resale value is regional, but the outfits like Carmax remove a lot of the regionality by transporting vehicles they buy to where the value is best.

    9 Yeah, I’ve heard that Starlink has been very valuable in Ukraine, and even in parts of Russia where internet access has been cut off, or is heavily censored.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 I’m wondering if those “cradle to grave” estimates are based on some guesses that effective recycling of batteries will exist by the time currently sold EVs are scrapped.

  15. Bob Wilson Says:

    We drove 386 miles for $16.74 on Tuesday March 1, 2022 in our 2019 Tesla Model 3. This included all home and highway charging from our default 75% back to 75%. It would cost the same today.

  16. DanaPointJohn Says:

    1. You probably had many readers agreeing with you until you took an ugly and completely unnecessary turn by attacking the President. Stick to the facts, which your baseless assertion is certainly not.

  17. XA351GT Says:

    Does that cradle to grave include the emissions from mining and refining the ores that make up the batteries and the disposal of batteries at end of life or we just talking about production of the vehicle and the emissions it produces over it’s life span ?

  18. Wim van Acker Says:

    @16 I don’t think he was attacking the President of the United States: I read it as him referring to himself as a senile idiot.

  19. motorman Says:

    gas prices will be the least of your monthly costs as there was a food producer on TV saying food for a family of 4 will be $1500 a month soon as his cost to raise it have more than doubled.

  20. Bob White Says:

    I’ve been involved in the energy industry for over 40 years. (all types of energy). Oil consumption in the world is up 60% in the last 20 years. Even if some wealthy countries switch their wealthiest inhabitants to electric cars, oil consumption worldwide will not decrease unless economic activity or population growth decreases. Keep in mind that plastics and a multitude of other materials are derived from oil.

    Elon Musk has an insatiable appetite to be in the news every single day and his latest comments are far more selfish in nature. He must be aware that significant sudden increases in energy costs, historically, ALWAYS lead to a significant recession and a decrease in consumption. In his case, luxury high priced personal vehicles.

    In have never bought into his false narrative of saving the world by taking us off oil and saving the planet by moving us to Mars… I’ll admit he does have accomplishments but he’s more like P.T. Barnum, Ponzi and Trump all rolled into one.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 Road vehicles are, by far, the biggest user of oil, with petrochemical production a very distant second.

    Over time, oil consumption should decrease as big, thirsty vehicles die off, and are replaced by EVs and more efficient oil burners, but that will take years, or decades to change much.

  22. ArtG Says:

    18 LOL +1


    20) He is definitely self serving as he knows a global recession will kill sales of anything above $30-35K which is everything he makes. The OEMs that still sell products in the below $30K range will be able to weather the storm. He also knows a global recession will kill EV investments and all tax incentives/schemes related to EV development as countries look to prioritize cash to feeding people and not paying for $45K+ cars.

  24. Merv Peters Says:

    a great show to kick off the new week,cheers

  25. Lambo2015 Says:

    I really like the Continental screens being integrated into the trim. Finally cars may start to look like they were designed with a display in mind and not thrown on the dash like it was an afterthought.

    Gas prices never really follow inflation and the general public has to have it. Buying a new house or a car or TV is a choice. But most everyone needs gas electric water and of course we all want those as cheaply as we can get them because it’s not like you can go without. You can conserve and try and use less yourself but you still end up being affected when prices go up because it will affect everyone else too. So the farmer the truck driver the grocer and everyone in between gets hit with that increase cost. It all gets passed onto the consumer so yep hold on everyone cause we about to pay more for everything.

  26. rick Says:

    while waiting for electric revolution the 3 detroit automakers need desperately an extremely fuel efficient vehicle. even if they had to collaborate with each other and the national laboratories.

  27. rick Says:

    like the volkswagen XL1

  28. rick Says:

    but with affordability in mind. not so exotic materials.

  29. Drew Says:

    Core inflation averaged ~2% per year… about 31% cumulative. So, $4.11 in 2008 would be ~$5.40 today. Simply math.

  30. Lambo2015 Says:

    Maybe we will experience a new VW bug. Not necessarily from VW but any automaker that can launch an affordable EV. Could a cheap no frills “people car” EV sell?

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    30 I’d think there’d be a market for a cheap, basic, short range EV as a commuter car for people who can charge at home. I’d consider one to use when I’m in Indiana, charging with a 120v outlet, if the car was cheap enough.